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Lance's rampage tore right through the Hell Dimension and damaged a portion of Crisis. Things take a turn for the worse as Lance awakens, and Kiri's fate is confirmed. His entire world is now
crashing down around of him.

Chapter 106 (v.1) - The Hell Dimension (Verse 5) - Miracle

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



Inferiority - by Makoto Miyazaki*



Verse 5: Miracle


I lay unconscious at the bottom of a very deep crater that was left behind after my attack broke through Hell’s Dimension. By now, several Diamond Soldiers had gathered around the pit to observe what had happened. When I began to stir, they rushed to my side in order to assist me.

They knew who I was…

However, from the moment I got to my feet, I held Kiri close to me and frantically looked around for some form of medical aid.

“Calm down, Sir,” one of the Soldiers said.

“Out of my way!” I screeched. “Someone, get a Doctor, she’s hurt!”

“Please, Sir, just take it easy,” another said as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

“LET GO OF ME!” I snapped while head-butting him. “I need to get her help!”

“That’s it,” he grunted. “Restrain him!”

“At ease, men!” we heard someone shout.

“Commander Rosalia,” they gasped while clearing the way and saluting.

“Marlette,” I gasped as she briskly slid down the crater to me. “Marlette, please, Kiri needs help! She needs help!”

“Of course,” she said. “Ayane!”

“I’m coming,” Ayane declared as she appeared over the ridge and leapt down the crater. “Lance, rest her down.”

“O-okay.” I put Kiri’s body on the ground, and Ayane knelt right next to her before placing her palms on her chest. “Kiri!” I yelled. “Can you hear me?! It’s Papa! Please, Kiri, open your eyes!”

“Kiri, hang in there,” Ayane said.  Even as Ayane casted her Healing Spell, I knew at once that something was wrong. The light that illuminated her palms became distorted after a few seconds. “Oh no,” she muttered. “This is bad.”

“Ayane, hey, what’s going on?!” I questioned.

“Her wound isn’t Physical, it’s Spiritual,” she explained. “I can’t heal it.”

Suddenly, Ayane’s Spell shattered; leaving Kiri lying there with unmoving eyes and ghostly white skin…

“Ayane,” I mumbled as she froze. “Hey, Ayane, what’s happening?”

“Lance,” she gasped as her fingers gently grasped my own. “I’m sorry—

“NO!” I moaned. “NO! DON’T SAY IT!!!”

“She’s gone…”

Tears welled up in both of my eyes as I could only hunch over to hold Kiri’s cold body in my arms…

“KIRI!!!!” I wailed as I hugged her…


It was a terribly rainy day out as I made my way home…

I stopped walking at an intersection, and waited for the cars to stop driving, all while getting soaked to the skin.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a small girl curled up into a ball at the edge of an alleyway. Wondering why no one was even stopping to look twice, I approached her…

“What are you doing out here all by yourself?” I asked while kneeling, to better talk with her. “Where are your parents?”

She simply shook her head.

“Gone,” she answered.


“It’s just been me and Shiro for a long time,” she continued while looking over at a cat that was near her. Closer observation revealed to me that it was already dead. “There were a lot of big booms that day. All I remember is seeing Mama and Papa under a lot of rubble. They weren’t moving. So the two of us have been living together since then. But then Shiro stopped meowing. Now, he’s still like Mama and Papa were.”

Hearing her recount this tale tore my heart in two.

How many young lives had been uprooted because of that Rebellion? How many kids had live through losing both parents much like I did?

“Hey,” I heard myself say. “Are you hungry?” She didn’t answer, but the little girl nodded. “Really? Because, you know, my Wife makes this wonderful Pasta Casserole. The thing is, she always makes too much of it. Think you can help us out?”

She looked up at me, and her bright eyes lit up with life for what I had to assume was the first time in a long while.

“Really?!” she gasped.

“Yeah,” I smiled while holding my hand out to her. “My name is Lance.”

“I’m Kiri,” she replied while taking my hand.

“Kiri,” I repeated. “Let’s go home and eat dinner…”


I could only sit cross legged in the little tent that they put me in, with Kiri’s body right in front of me. My eyes were closed, and I was deep in thought…

“Lance, are you alright?” Chaz asked as he looked me over. “How’s your body feeling?”

“Don’t worry about me! Help Kiri! Please, Master Chaz! There must be something you can do!”

“Lance, Hell is not a place that we dabble in,” Indira said. “This wound is not of our World—

“THERE HAS TO BE A WAY!” I screeched. “There must be a way for us to save her, I’m not losing Kiri—

“LANCE!” Ramshah said strongly, which forced me to stop panicking. “We are terribly sorry that you have to go through this, but right now, there are more pressing concerns. Because you four went rushing into Hell without a plan, things have gotten worse. Due to your actions, you’ve destabilized the entirety of the Dimension. It’s going to start merging with Crisis just to sustain its existence. I don’t have to tell you why this is bad. Reapers are going to go wild with fury upon the denizens of the Planet. We instructed you to keep out of trouble. Do you not realize the amount of scrutiny we were already under before you went and blew up a critical Dimension? Remember, we still have foes out there that must be dealt with, but we need Olympus’ help. If we aren’t deemed fit enough to protect our own Planet, then the Battle for the Universe will be out of the question.”

“We understand that it is a painful thing to go through, but you cannot give into your anger so easily,” Indira began.

“What kind of shit are you asking me to do? Seeing my little girl die in front of me like that—at the hands of some animal; do you expect me not to react?!”

Indira paused.

“I know better than anyone what you’re going through,” she replied calmly. “But you must remember the importance that you hold. Realize that had you not broken down like that, your friends may have escaped as well. Seth, Rose, and Amanda sacrificed themselves for you to make it home. I’m going to have to ask you to reflect on that…”

“The hell was I thinking?” I murmured aloud. “Talking back to them like that, what’s wrong with me?”

I messed up big this time…

Because of me—Seth, Rose, and Amanda were stuck there with that maniac looming over them…

“I’m coming in,” I heard Marlette declare as she entered. I didn’t look up, but she simply knelt right next to me and closed her eyes. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I replied.

“If I might say something,” she continued. “You should stop sulking.”

“Marlette, now isn’t the time for that brutal honesty of yours.”

“These are the only times for brutal honesty,” she said simply. “When you make a mistake, you’re not only supposed to learn from it, you’re supposed to rectify it as well.”

“You came here to lecture me, didn’t you?”

“Lance, you should know that I’m always going to stand by your side. I haven’t wavered in this conviction for seven years. Seth, Rose, and Amanda are the same way. Don’t give up on them just yet, believe in your friends.”

“I know,” I began. “It’s just that I swore to Kiri that she’d never be alone again. Every time that I try to protect someone, they always slip away.”

There was silence between the two of us for a while as we both remained still with our eyes closed. With the two of us currently not looking, a strange, glowing figure dressed in white hovered down in front of Kiri’s body and touched her forehead before disappearing just as quickly as they came. The room suddenly became illuminated as Kiri’s flesh started to regain its color. With all of the bright lights, Marlette and I were forced to open our eyes. We were both shocked by what we saw.

“Kiri?” I gasped. “Kiri!” I screamed again while rushing up to her side.

The little girl began to cough repeatedly as I held her.

She was alive…

I don’t know how but she was alive!

"Papa, you smell funny," she uttered.

"Oh, Kiri," I cried while holding her in my arms tighter.

Marlette’s eyes widened in shock for a second before she got to her feet and exited the tent in the hurry.

“Marlette, what’s wrong?” I heard Ayane ask from outside.

“Get in there, right now,” Marlette replied simply…


A few hours later saw Kiri resting comfortably with Trinity in her bed upstairs. I, meanwhile, remained downstairs while deep in thought.

When Ayane came down the stairs, she brushed a lock of her dark hair out of her face before joining me where I sat.

“How is she?” I asked.

“Sleeping like she’s never slept before,” Ayane smiled. “Trinity was glad to have her back. She told me to tell you something. She said: ‘Make sure that he remembers to thank Millicent’.”

I smiled.

“That Millicent,” I began. “She’s always looking out for me when things get bad.”

“You’re going back in there, aren’t you?” Ayane then questioned.

“Yeah,” I replied while getting to my feet. “Seth, Rose, and Amanda need my help. It’s the least I can do for them.”

Ayane smiled at me again.

“Just don’t keep your family waiting too long,” she said…


Night had fallen by the time I had gotten back together. With my Sword sheathed on my waist, I stood atop a rock plateau while overlooking the Portal that led right back to Hell.

“Oh no you don’t,” Colt declared from the ground. “Ramshah told us not to let you back in there, Lance! And oh yeah, why did I not play a bigger part in this Special?! This is my only scene, damn it!”

“We demand more screen time!” Miranda agreed.

I said nothing as I stood there looking at the pair of them…

“I’m not gonna fight you two,” I said.

“You better not, as if you could beat me!” Colt declared.

Suddenly, from within the Portal, a Reaper’s hand emerged.

“Colt, we gotta fight!” Miranda yelled.

“I can take that thing!” he began while taking out his Sword. “Say Good Morning—MR. TERIYAKI!!!!” As Colt swung his his Sword about like a maniac, I dashed past him and drew my own blade. “GWWWWHOOAAA!!!!” he screamed as he went flying.

“Fang Of The Moon,” I chanted while swinging my Sword.

With a simple Moon Fang, I casually eviscerated the Reaper before continuing forth to get back to Hell.

“Colt, we done goofed,” Miranda sighed. “He got away—


(Play Here)

I went through the Portal and fell straight through until I was right above the Red Sea on Hell’s Moon. The craters from the explosions I caused while using Corrupted Instinct could be seen all the way from up here.

Dropping like a meteor, I fell through the Ocean Portal and found myself plunged back into Lucilia’s Fortress, which had been brutally ravaged by my rampage. I scowled before striking the ground, kicking up clouds of smoke as I did so.

After coming to a stop, I looked up and glared right at Judas, who had been sitting on Lucilia’s Throne to wait for me.

Judas fused with the Forsaken Jewel, and already, he had Transformed into a more powerful state. Garbed in thick, elaborate armor, Judas grew to be almost eight and a half feet tall, and only had one eye. His white hair was much longer and spikier.

(Ascended Judas)

All that he could do was smirk at my arrival.

Then, he started to laugh…

“So you have come, Lance Blade,” he taunted. “Returned to the scene of your daughter’s death for vengeance—

“Kiri’s gonna be fine,” I said swiftly.

“W-what?!” he gasped.

“The only thing that I’m here for is my friends.”

“HAHAHAHA!!! You really are foolish!!” Judas mocked. “But I was counting on that. Your friends are over there.” I looked to my left and saw that Judas strung Seth, Amanda, and Rose up off the side of a cliff nearby. “Win or lose, I’ll let them go. Right now, I want one thing and one thing only…a fight with you. I’m going to destroy you for what you’ve done.”

“Judas, I’m sorry for what happened to your daughter. I’m sorry for my recklessness,” I began. “There’s nothing I can say that can make things all better. But you’ve lost all sympathy from me because of the things that you’ve done.”

“I’m not interested in scoring sympathy points from a fellow child-murderer,” he replied. “Vengeance is the only thing that interests me now.”

The ground rumbled as the two of us glared at one another…

“Fine,” I hissed. “Bring it on!”

Judas then grinned a dark smirk as he rushed forward with blinding speed…



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