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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 11 (v.1) - The City Of Lights

Submitted: September 04, 2014

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Submitted: September 04, 2014



The City Of Lights:


(The City Of Lights - Also known as, 'The City of Sin', this is a City that never went to sleep. Flashing lights, thumping Club music, and the small hint of danger that lingered in the alleyways lured in sleek, young people to test their luck. There's a saying that goes, 'If you can make it in the City Of Lights, you can make it anywhere'.)


We made our way through the remainder of the Elder Forest throughout the rest of the day and came upon the City of Lights soon afterwards.

“We don’t have to stop for the night do we?” asked Trinity as we walked down the streets. “I’ve heard the hotels here are gross—

“Oh look, a Casino!” exclaimed Amberlin. “And over there, that guy is scratching his ass in the middle of public! Ah, so alive this City!”

 “We have to stop,” Millicent said to Trinity. “I have an old friend here that can hook us up with a free stay at her Hotel! Don’t worry, Trinity, it’s one of the best Hotels in the World, so it’s clean!”

“Well, we have been walking all day,” I said. “Where is this Hotel?” I asked Millicent.

“Not too far from here,” she added. “It has such a beautiful view of the city from the Lounge Room, you’ll love it!”

For another five minutes, we walked down the crowded streets, taking in the sights and admiring the view. I had to admit, it was pretty impressive.

“Nizhoni,” Rose sighed as she craned her head back as far as she could to see the top of one of the many Skyscrapers. “This city is full of joy and wonder!”

“Oh yeah, this is your first time here, right?” asked Trinity. “Maybe Millicent, Amberlin, and I can take you out to do some shopping later!”

“But I have no method of purchasing anything. In my village we would trade but it appears that would not be the case here,” said Rose.

“Oh, we’ll hook you up!” Millicent yelled excitedly. “Right girls?”

“Sure,” said Trinity.

“No the hell we will not,” said Amberlin. Millicent and Trinity gave her a death glare. “I was kidding! Rose is like my best friend, of course I’ll treat her with shopping!”

 “I am your friend?” Rose asked nervously.

“Sure ya are!” said Amberlin as she threw her arm around Rose. "We're amigas forever!"

“Hold on,” said Hunter. “Is that the Hotel?”

He was pointing to a grand building that towered above every other building in the city.

“Huh,” said Millicent. “That's way bigger than in the Postcards Launa sent me. Hmmm, it must’ve grown over the years.”

There was a crowd of men standing in front of the Hotel, nervously walking around, as if trying to decide whether or not they should go in.

“I dunno, man,” said one person. “I heard it’s really expensive.”

“But you’ll spend the best night of your life in there,” another encouraged. “Come on!”

"Well...ah what the hell, I've got some Credits to burn, why not?!"

A man I passed looked up at me and ran to keep up with my pace.

“Hey, hey buddy, you wouldn’t happen to have a couple Credits to lend me, would ya?” he asked me.

“What for?” I asked. “To stay in the Hotel?”

“Yeah,” he sighed. “You here to stay in it too?”

“Well, yeah,” I replied. “Are you homeless or something? You really should go to a Shelter-

“No man!” he exclaimed. “I just need at least one night in there to get me back on my feet. Wait a minute, don’t you know what this place is?”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s a Hotel.”

“Ho, ho,” he laughed. “Sure it is. So enough chit-chat, lemme see them Credits!”

“Sorry,” I said as I shouldered past him. “I don’t have any to give out.”

“Argh,” he roared. “I just need 2,000 more!”

"Jackass," I murmured.

“What a weirdo,” Millicent whispered as we reached the door. “Why are all these people so eager to stay at this Hotel? It’s like they’re giving something away in here.”

As she opened the door, we were greeted to a sight that explained the crowd of eager men outside. There were girls dressed as maids walking around, girls that looked up and simultaneously yelled,

“Welcome to the Hotel of Light, Master!!!”

“Holy crap!” yelled Amberlin.

This wasn’t just any old Hotel…

It was a Brothel…



(The Hotel Of Light)

“I think we have got the wrong building,” said Rose.

“No, this is the place,” said Millicent. “Must’ve changed direction since my friend last talked to me. I swear, it was only supposed to be the Suites that came with your own Prostitute.”

“Welcome, Master,” said a tall female who stepped forward and bowed. She had long blonde hair that went down to her hips, and was wearing a blue bunny suit (Ears and all) along with shiny black tights. “We hope you enjoy your stay here—

“Launa?!” Millicent exclaimed. “Launa, is that you?!”

Launa gasped.

Launa Love.jpg

(Launa Love)

“Millicent!” she cried as she ran forward and hugged her. “It’s been so long!”

“I know,” Millicent laughed. “What happened here?”

“It’s great, isn’t it,” said Launa. “I decided ever since I opened this Hotel that I needed to come up with a way to compete against the other Hotels in the city. What better way to draw in men than to have their wildest sexual desires fulfilled, know what I mean?"

"Hee-hee," Millicent giggled. "I know!"

"How's Paradise Lagoon?" Launa asked. "Is it dead in there since I left?" she added with a wink.

"Well, actually, yes it is. We've been doing terribly lately. Just the other day I was passing out flyers and coupons for free lap dances!"

"Say no more, my love," said Launa as she pulled Millicent's head in to rest on her chest . "You can come and work with me now. You've always been my special friend Millicent, I'll take care of you. I'm always happy to take in stray kittens."

"Oh, that's alright," Millicent laughed. "I can't work anywhere right now since I've been on the road these past couple of days!"

"On the road for what?" Launa asked. "Oh!" she exclaimed as she leapt into the air after noticing us. "Who are these people?”

“They’re my friends,” said Millicent. “This is my boyfriend, Lance—

“Millicent,” Trinity snapped.

“Okay, he’s more like a friend with benefits,” Millicent laughed.

"I see," Launa said as she walked up to me. She placed her fingers under her chin, sized me up and down, and circled around me three times, as if taking into account every limb and body part that was attached to me. "Not bad," she mumbled as she lifted my shirt up.

"Hey," I exclaimed. "What are you-

"Hmmm," she sighed as she suddenly took a peek down my pants. "Impressive-

"Listen, lady!" Trinity snapped. "I'm warning you!"

"Millicent," said Launa. "This is a fine man you've brought to me! Lance, right?"

"Yes," I said nervously, feeling like I should dial 911 for Sexual Assault.

"I'm shooting a Film this weekend, and as it turns out, I'm short on a Male Lead. How about it?"

"I've always wanted to star in my own Movie," I admitted.

"Lance," Trinity thundered. "Do you have any idea the type of Movie she's talking about?!"

"Sure," I said with a nod. "A Chick-Flick, you know, like a Romance Comedy Movie. I would have preferred to have been in an Action Movie, but I don't mind."

"You are such an idiot," Trinity said. "Why do I even like you?"

"Do this Gig for me, Lance honey, and you can get anything you want," said Launa as she ran two fingers down the planes of my chest.

"He-he-he," Millicent laughed nervously as she gently pulled Launa off of me. "He's not for sale, Launa."

"A shame," said Launa. "And who are the others?"

“That’s my friend, Trinity, my friend Hunter, my other friend Amberlin, and my Aunt Rose. We were hoping to stay here the night!”

“Well,” Launa said. “Okay, since you’re my good friend I can let you all stay here for free, but just make sure to give the girls a nice tip,” she added with a wink.

“A tip?” I asked. “No, no, we just want to—

“Follow me,” Launa said strongly.

She led us over to a row of girls that hastily lined up at the snap of her fingers.

"Girls, front and center, we have guests!" Launa commanded.


Girls lined the walkway to the stairs and could be seen standing behind of railings on other floors, all of them attentive, all of them at the ready.

"Bow and Curtsey," Launa ordered.

At her command, the girls bowed, curtsied, folded their hands in front of their laps, lowered their heads, and closed their eyes.

"Welcome, Master, how may we serve you?" the girls recited

“Oh man,” Trinity muttered.

"Damn," said Amberlin. "These sluts put on a pretty good show!"

“Now, these girls over here at the front are tonight’s special,” said Launa. “All of them are half price!”

“Half price?” I asked. “But—

“This is Rosetta, known as Candy-Lust,” Launa said.

“They say between my legs tastes like berries and cream,” said Rosetta with a wink. “I’ll happily let you eat whip cream off of me.”

“Next is Samantha, known as Princess Silver-Thighs,” Launa introduced.

“Treat me like a lady and I’ll do anything you want me to do,” said Samantha.

“There is also Rebecca,” Launa continued. “Known as Fantasia Leather-Tower.”

“I’m just dying for someone to spank me,” Rebecca purred. “I’ve been such a naughty girl!”

“And then there’s Alexia,” said Launa. “Known as Montana Stretch-Rope.”

“Tie me up in any position you want,” Alexia winked. “You can stretch me out like a rubber band!”

“Last and certainly not least is Charlotte,” Launa concluded. “Known as Chesty Tight-Whip.”

“Um, I’m really small and tight,” Charlotte said in an innocent voice. “And I can do all sorts of things with my tongue. If you’re rough, I’ll scream your name in the sexiest voice to please you.”

“And there you have it,” said Launa. “If these girls don’t do it for you, we’ve got a Menu filled with classy girls that will fulfill your wildest desires. As you may know, our girls are clean and STD free. We ask that you always use protection; there are Contraceptive Dispensers on each floor, all of them free of charge. We also sell Performance Enhancers to give you the boost you need for that wonderful climax," Launa said, winking as she did so. "So…are you ready to choose?”


“Give it to me straight, toots: Do you have any Lesbian Specials?” Amberlin asked suddenly.

“Why yes we do!” exclaimed Launa. “In fact, all of our girls will happily have sex with both men and women. But don't worry, girls get a Free Night!”

“Excellent...EXCELLENT!” Amberlin exclaimed. "Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

“Amberlin, you’re lesbian?” asked Trinity.

“Of course not,” Amberlin answered.

“Then, are you bi?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said simply.

Everyone paused.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said Millicent.

“Sure it does,” said Amberlin. “I’ve always wanted to order around my own slut!”

Amberlin then looked around the room, sat on a chair, and crossed her legs. Almost instantly, five girls stood at the ready for her command.

"How may we serve you?" the girls asked.

"You," she yelled at one. "Bring me a copy of today's newspaper! You! Get me a drink! You! Come over here, get on your knees, and be my foot rest. And you two," Amberlin said as only two remained standing as the other girls ran about to do their respective tasks. "Fight to the death!"

The two girls faced one another, bowed, and threw themselves against each other, clenching each others hands as they fought to push one another back.

"I've always hated you, Mishima-San!" the girl with dark hair groaned.

"I've always wanted you to die, Mikoto-San" retorted the blonde girl.

"Haha," Mikoto laughed. "You have a wrinkle above your eye!"

"Really?!" Mishima exclaimed.

"Fool!" yelled Mikoto as she flipped her over her shoulder and slammed her on the ground. She then proceeded to put her in a choke hold.

"Grr, a dirty trick. You old whore!"





"Your boobs are small!"

"My boobs are small!"

"Here is your drink, Master," said the girl who proceeded to bow down and hold Amberlin's drink up on a platter.

"Dance puppets, dance!" Amberlin laughed.

“So what’s it gonna be?” Launa asked me again.

“Uh,” I began. “Can I just get a room without a girl?”

“Oh no, no, no,” said Launa. “You’d hurt their feelings if you did that.”

“Oh,” I said. “Can’t be having that—

“Lance,” Trinity whispered. “You can’t—

“I’ll take Alexia,” I said suddenly.

“Alexia costs 3,000 Credits,” said Launa. “Your room fee is removed, but you still gotta pay the girls!”

“Wait,” said Millicent. “Launa, Lance is off limits,” she explained. “Can’t you get him a room with just me?”

“Hey!” Trinity yelled.

“Well I sure can!” said Launa. “But Alexia has to come with you.”

“Threesome!” yelled Amberlin from her throne, where two other girls were now fanning her with giant feathers. “Trinity, quick, room with me so we can have a threesome too!”

“No!” she yelled.

“Wait, I’m married!” yelled Hunter. “I can’t be staying here, I have a wife that I love!”

“You shouldn’t have said that,” said Millicent.

“And why not?!” Hunter snapped.

“Don't you know?" asked Amberlin. "Married men are a whore's expertise!" Amberlin sipped at her drink. "Hey! What the hell is this?! I asked for White Russian! You gave me Black Russian!"

"Master, forgive me!" the girl sobbed.

"UNACCEPTABLE!!! As punishment, you must now massage my feet!" said Amberlin.

"I will do whatever I can to make you proud, Master!"

“We have Mistress-Laguna who is very discreet,” Launa said to Hunter. “Your wife will never know—

“Hell naw!” Hunter yelled. "I want nothing to do with this place!"

Suddenly, a door to one of the rooms opened, and we were treated to the sight of a girl on her knees in front of a middle aged the middle of business you could say...

“Not again,” Launa groaned. "Mimi! How many times do I have to tell you to lock the doors?!"

"I figured that everyone should see how good I am!"

"Oh you beautiful, stupid little whore," Launa sighed. "My girls are lovely, but they lack brains."

“Lance, look away,” said Trinity as she covered my eyes. “Hunter, take Rose.”

“Wait, wait,” Rose said excitedly as Hunter started leading her out. “That woman appears to be trying to suck some form of white poison from that man. It looks like a severe snake bite! We must help him!"


“Here you are,” said Launa as she led me to my room.

“Lance, wait!” exclaimed Millicent.

“Sorry, I have work to do,” said Alexia as she shut the door behind of us.

“Hey!” yelled Millicent from behind the door. “Lance, don’t do anything stupid!”

Alexia pushed me down on the bed, smiling at me as she did so.

“Are you gonna lead, or am I doing all the work?” she asked me.

“Uh,” I began as she crawled on top of me. “Couldn’t we just cuddle or something—

"Can't we do that afterwards?" she cooed as she tugged at my shirt.

"Hold on, hold on," I stammered. "No foreplay?"

"Oh foreplay is for the weak, Master," Alexia laughed.

Slowly, my shirt was removed, and I soon found myself lying in bed with her completely shirtless. Her hands found their way onto my stomach, tracing my abdominals down....down...down...until she reached the waist line of my pants.

"You have such a nice body Master," said Alexia. "But I wanna see more-

"Wait, wait, wait," I said as strongly as I could. "I have really bad performance anxiety. It's just that-

“Drink this!” she said as I was suddenly force fed the end of a bottle.

In all my years I would never find out what it was that she gave me to drink that night, but whatever it was, it had the taste and smell of wine, but went down as rough and jagged as oil.

“W-w-wait,” I gagged. “What are you (Glug) doing?”

“A little bit of this gives you courage like you wouldn't believe,” she giggled. “It'll make things so much more fun...”


I bolted straight up, feeling completely sore.

“Oh Jesus,” I sighed. “Oh no, oh no,” I muttered.

“What is it, Master?” Alexia asked as she stirred next to me. “Care to tie me up again?”

“Tie you up?" I asked. "Please don’t tell me we did it."

“Yes, we did,” she laughed. “Three times actually…in a row; you’ve got some pretty impressive stamina.”

“Oh God, this is why I don’t drink,” I said as I got to my feet.

Slowly, I pulled my clothes back on, guilt wrapping me like a sheet of blankets.

Oh, it might've been funny to someone else. But if I was the one that forced her into a room, threw myself at her, and shoved some kinda Alcohol down her throat, then the Media would be all over this shit.

“Here,” I said as I gave her five Rhodium Cards.

“2,000 Credit tip,” she laughed. “I should spend the night with you more often, Master.”

“Don’t count on it,” I mumbled. “Ah shit, it’s only midnight—

“Eeeeeeeeeeeek!” I heard someone scream. “Lance—LANCE!!! Open up!”

“What?” I asked as I opened the door.

It was Millicent.

“It’s Trinity, she,” she paused to sniff me. “Why do you smell like alcohol and,” she sniffed me again. “And guilt?”

“What’s wrong with Trinity?” I asked.

“It’s horrible!” said Launa as she appeared behind of Millicent. “The Mafia came and raided my Hotel!”

“Of money?” I asked.

“Money?” Launa scoffed. “The Mafia doesn’t want my money—they want my girls!”

“So they took Trinity?” I yelled.

“Well, yeah. I mean, I’m not one to gloss but she’s a mint that girl. Oh man, and I wanted to see if she wanted to take part in my Swimsuit Movie. The breasts on her, can you imagine what it would be like to use them as buckets and drink Tequila out them?"

"Launa," Millicent said to bring Launa back to the topic at hand.

"Oh yeah," said Launa. "Anyways, The Godfather’s son has been looking for a bride recently, and my girls must’ve been primary candidates. I mean, where else are you gonna find rich, classy, and easy females?”

“Where would they take her?” I asked.

“W-w-wait, you’re going?” asked Launa.

“Yes, I have to get Trinity back,” I said. “How on Crisis did they even get their hands on her? She’s a Master Martial Artist—

“She was protecting the girls when one of them snuck around and put a bag over her face,” said Millicent.

“You two alone can’t take on the Mafia,” said Launa. “They’d slaughter you—

“Hey, we’re the ones who took down the Diamond Basilisk,” Millicent boasted.

“You’ll need some tact to take on the Mafia,” Launa explained. “I’d wager that you go see the Godfather for a Favor.”

“But he won't grant us a Favor to get Trinity back," said Millicent. "They'd quicker break our legs than let us take her!"

“No, I mean it gets you alone with the Godfather,” said Launa. “Take him captive, and then you can free your friend!”

“That’s a great plan, Launa!” Millicent yelled. “Come on Lance, let’s go get Trinity back!”



(The Godfather)

We were welcomed to the stench of cigar smoke as we were led into the Godfather’s Office.

“Godfather, these marmalukes need a favor,” one of the Goons said. “They’re clean, no weapons on them.”

“No weapons?” the Godfather asked. “I’m insulted. Shut the door,” said the Godfather.

“It’s an honor to make your acquaintance, Mr. Godfather,” Millicent began as she curtsied. “I just have to say that—

“Sit,” the Godfather said with a puff of smoke.

“Yes, sir,” Millicent replied.

“So, you come to me, at one o’ clock in the morning, telling me you need a favor,” the Godfather said. “What is it you think that I can do for you?”

“We have a friend that you took as a potential Bride for your son,” I said. Millicent looked over at me sharply, but I didn’t break eye contact with the Godfather. “I want her back.”

The Godfather didn’t reply, but instead, he took another large draught from his cigar before belching out smoke.

“You come into my House, sit on my chair, come before me, and you demand of me to return a potential Bride for my son? Haven’t you insulted me enough tonight?”

“Haven’t you smoked enough for a lifetime?” I snapped back. “The girl you took isn’t just any girl—she’s my girl, and I’m here to bring her back. Now there are two ways out of this: Either you cooperate and give me Trinity back, or I make you give her back to me.”

“Now you’re threatening me?” asked the Godfather. “Ha, ya got balls, kid. But I’m afraid that I’ll take neither one of your options.”

He pressed a button on his desk that caused Millicent and I to get tied up with a cable that spewed out the sides of our chairs.

“How about I take your little Pink-Haired Friend too?” the Godfather asked. “And then I have my boys flip you like an Almond Moscati from Tino and Franks on 54th, best in town.”

“Let me go!” Millicent screamed.

My chair sunk lower under the floorboards as I struggled to break free from the metal cables.

“Millicent!” I screamed.

“Lance,” Millicent yelled back as my head disappeared under the ground…


The chair shattered as I hit the ground, freeing me from the bind that was holding me. I instantly got to my feet and gathered my bearings. I was in a sewer by the looks of things, a sewer that was a makeshift cage at the same time. Human bones and carcasses as well as the skeletal remains of some form of animals littered the floor, hinting at me that I was gonna be in for a fight.

As I looked up I saw a fearsome looking Blue Dragon literally blowing steam out of its nostrils while looking at me.


(The Blue Dragon)

Instinctively, I raised my right hand and summoned my Sword to my grasp so that I could fight back. The beast reared onto its hind legs and gave an almighty stomp that shook the ground and sent me flying onto my back. Vulnerable, the Blue Dragon crawled after me, clapping its jaws longingly, as if imagining placing my skull in between its teeth.

As I scrambled backwards, my fingers scuffed a human bone and it went rolling around the ground.

That’s when things started to get weird. As it looked at the bone, the Blue Dragon stopped in its tracks hunched over, and started to wag its tail back and forth happily as its tongue hung out of its mouth.

“Oh,” I gasped as I picked up the bone. “You want this, boy?”

He started nodding its head in approval while panting like a dog as I shook the bone back and forth. I tossed the bone some ways down the sewers and the beast went running after it, shaking the ground as it did so. With its teeth, the Blue Dragon picked the bone up and came running back to me before dropping it and pouncing on me.

It licked me across the face and continued to pant.

“You aren’t so scary, are ya?” I asked as I scratched its chin. “You just want someone to play with. Tell ya what buddy; I need you to do me a favor…”




(The Godson)

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I struggled. “Lemme go! Do you know who I am?”

“Yeah, we know exactly who you are,” said one of the men who were dragging me away from the office. “Millicent Wind, daughter of President Diamond,” he recited. “The Boss’ son is gonna be ecstatic to see someone like you lined up to marry him.”

“More arranged marriages,” I grumbled. “Can’t you people just let him go out and date like any normal guy?”

“You should be honored to have been selected as a wife for the next Godfather,” the man continued.

He opened a door and shoved me into a room where four other girls were lined up in front of a young, vibrant man in his twenties.

“Another one,” he exclaimed. “Perfect!”

I was escorted to the edge of the line and was forced to stand next to a girl with dark hair, a girl who looked similar to—

“Trinity!” I exclaimed.

“Millicent?” Trinity asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Me and Lance came to rescue you,” I answered. “But, well, things didn’t work out so well. Trinity, they’ve got Lance, I think he’s in trouble—

“Shush!” yelled one of the guards. “The Godson is trying to make his decision.”

“Hmm,” said the Godson as he looked at all five of us. “Delicious,” he sighed. “A scrumptious selection of babes.”

He walked right up to me, raising his eyebrow in approval as he inched his face closer to mines to get a closer look at me.

“Uh,” I groaned.

He wasn’t particularly bad looking, but he was certainly creepy with the way he was eyeballing me and Trinity.

“I’ve made up my mind!” he yelled. “The woman that I’m gonna marry is—

He was just about to choose, just about to point at what appeared to be me when the ground suddenly burst open and a Blue Dragon flew up through the hole in the floor and landed right in front of us.

“Trinity—Millicent,” yelled Lance, who was riding on top of the Dragon. “Get on!”

“Lance,” yelled Trinity. “Where did you get that thing?”

“Hey!” screamed the Godson. “What are you doing with my Papa’s pet Dragon?!”

The Blue Dragon turned around to face the Godson as Trinity and I clambered onto its back. It gave an almighty roar before swiping the Godson aside with a powerful blow.

“Madonna!” yelled one of the guards. “Kill it!”

They pulled out pistols and shot at the Dragon, but its scales were so thick that the bullets merely bounced off of it.

“Get us out of here, boy!” Lance commanded.

With that said, the Dragon gave on last roar before plummeting upwards through the roof and into the sky above, soaring its way to freedom…



“How can we ever repay you?” Launa asked me. “You saved my girls! As we speak, they’re all making their way to their respective homes from the Mafia’s hideout.”

“You can take care of our new friend here,” I suggested as I pointed to the Blue Dragon that was curled up asleep right outside.

“Uh, though I’d love to,” she lied. “My Hotel doesn’t quite come with a Dragon-Daycare. But tell you what: I have a friend in Sapphire Town who can take care of him. He’ll give him the treatment he deserves. The poor creature is probably dying for some fresh air.”

“That’s perfect,” said Millicent. “Sapphire Town is where we’re headed next, and it’s a ten day journey on foot. We can fly him there!”

“It was so nice seeing you again, Millicent,” said Launa as she ran forward and hugged her.

“You too,” Millicent asked. “When we’re all done saving the World, we have to get together just like when we were in School!”

After that, we bid Launa farewell before taking flight and flying upwards into the dark night…

© Copyright 2020 S.R.B. Gray. All rights reserved.


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