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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Palm Island

Submitted: September 07, 2014

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Submitted: September 07, 2014



Palm Island:

(Palm Island-Also known as Palm Island Resorts, this is an Island located within The Bay Of Good Hope right off of the Western Continent's East Coast. It takes a week of travel by ship from Port Royale to reach. Known for its warm weather, tropical beaches, and peaceful setting, it is the most popular Vacation spot in all of Crisis. )



“Sun! Sweat! Sea! Six-Packs!" Amberlin yelled as she threw off her clothes to reveal that she was wearing a two piece green bikini with white pokadots. "Come on everybody—IKUZO!!!!” She then proceeded to jump right off the starboard bow and plunge herself into the water with a mighty cannonball.

“Quite the lively one that girl,” Franklin muttered.

“Amberlin!” Trinity exclaimed. “You can’t swim in the harbor! Boats are here!”

“Then I’ll just swim around to the beach!” Amberlin exclaimed. “Vroooom,” she sputtered as she swam along the harbor.

“Does she realize that she’s making the sound of a car instead of a boat?” Millicent asked with a shake of her head.

“Alright lads,” began Franklin. “We’re staying here for the night; so if you’re sick of sleeping in the Crew Bunker, go ahead and feel free to stay in one of the overpriced Hotels in town. The Storm we got caught in a few days ago damaged Alexandria, so we’re going to need the Carpenter to give her a good fixing.”

It has been about a week since we left Port Royale, a week at Sea…and I hated it. The Bunkers were small and cramped, and like Amberlin, I hated enclosed spaces. Not to mention the restricted freedom of not being able to walk around very much made me really anxious for some reason.

Lucifer, though he was welcomed into our group because of his likeability, he still hasn’t given an explanation to how it is he can read minds, or what it is he knows what Atreyu is after and how he even knows such obscure information in the first place.

Every time I attempt to approach him on the subject, however, all he would tell me is, 'Only when the time is right will I reveal to you everything you want to know.'

Now, why on Crisis did the only man who knew what it is I needed to know have to talk in riddles?

“I think I’m a bit hungry,” said Millicent. “What about you Trinity?”

“I’m hungry too,” Trinity replied. “I’m sick of eating Fish and Crackers all the time. Let’s go, Millicent, I think you and I need some girl time.”

“Hey, Trinity!”

Trinity took Millicent by the arm and dragged her off the Ship and into the city.

“Did you do something to piss them off?” asked Hunter.

“Yup,” I replied.

“Hmm, I have to get some shopping done,” Rose speculated. “I wonder if this town has any of the Natural Herbs for my monthly dose of Elder Tea?”

“Wait, Rose,” I said as she ventured forth from the Ship. “I’ll go with you, you could get lost.”

“Thank you, Lance,” Rose replied. “Now tell me, I have seen this in the previous cities we were in. When a man and a woman are traveling together, are we not supposed to link arms like this?” she asked as she hooked her right arm to my left.

“Well not really,” I said honestly. “But I wouldn’t want us to get seperated, so go ahead.”

“I see,” Rose sighed.

Rose and I walked through the streets for about ten minutes to find the nearest General Store. The two of us entered and went straight to a window that looked like it was where we would order, but a voice suddenly said,

“Orders are taken at the counter.”

“O-okay,” I replied.


That voice sounded oddly familiar.

I went up to the counter with Rose, and was shocked to see Amberlin, still wearing her bikini, standing behind the counter.

“A-Amberlin?” I stammered. “When did you get here?”

“It’s great isn’t it? I got a part time job!” she exclaimed. “I made sure to tell the guy in charge that I was only here for a day, but he didn’t care. I'm getting 20,000 Credits for working today!”

“But I thought you were swimming!” I yelled.

“He picked me up in the harbor and said he needed a young, saucy girl to light up his store!” Amberlin said. “I’m only gonna be here for like ten minutes or so, he paid me upfront. I'm gonna bail in a couple of minutes, I’ll catch up with you guys at the beach soon!” She giggled wickedly before hopping up in her spot. “Oh yeah, what did you guys need?!”

“Just these Herbs,” said Rose as she laid them on the counter. “How much is it?”

“2,500 Credits,” said Amberlin.

“Oh no,” Rose sighed. “I only have 20 Credits!”

“Sorry, honey, no Credits, no Herbs,” said Amberlin.

“These Herbs are not 2,500 Credits, you liar,” I yelled. “Quit trying to haggle Rose like that! Don't take advantage of the fact that she doesn't know any better!”

“Oh lay off, Lance, I was just joking,” Amberlin pouted. “It’s really 500 Credits, Rose. Hey, don’t look at me that way, that’s the real price!”

“Don’t worry, Rose,” I said as I pulled out my wallet to pay up the required Credits. “I’ll cover for you.”

“Thank you, Lance,” said Rose with a bow. “I will be sure to ask the Spirits to bring you good fortune for this charitable act of kindness.”

After paying for the Herbs and bidding Amberlin goodbye, we headed out the door, not realizing that Amberlin slipped the money into the crevices of her bikini top...

Outside, we met the Manager, who was in the middle of fixing up a sign that said: Now hiring beautiful babes.

“Oh, are you the owner?” asked Rose. “You hired our friend!”

“Who? Sophia? Yeah, that girl has been raking in customers and it’s only been ten minutes!"

"Sophia?" I muttered.

Oh boy...

"She has inspired me to only hire the Goddesses of the Sea! They'll show off their luscious breasts and round bottoms to customers who will spend their money just to gaze upon them!”

Yeah, Amberlin was playing this guy like a violin…



“Millicent, I needed to talk to you,” I said with a sigh.

“About Lance?” she asked.

"Well, sort of," I said honestly. "I want to know how you feel about him."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you like him, or do you...l-love him?"

Millicent scratched her cheek nervously.

"Hmmm, a little bit of both," she laughed.

"I'm being serious," I said.

"Look, Trinity," said Millicent. "I can't really be in love with Lance, I've only known him for a couple of weeks. That's why I'm trying to get to know him better. Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?"

"Because," I started. "I miss him, and everything we used to be. I miss falling asleep with him holding me in his arms, I miss watching the light dance behind of his eyes every time he looked at me. Lance means the entire World to me, and I've decided that I want to spend my entire life with him."

Millicent was silent for a moment.

"Oh man," she sighed. "This is pretty awkward. But you know, I'm kind of jealous of you, Trinity."

"Why?" I asked her.

"You've known him all his life, you know everything about him. You kind of have the edge because you know what he likes. I want to know everything about him, but I know that'll take a lot of time because he can be so secretive. I dunno, I mean, I'm not so naive to think that I already love him, but I'm also not shallow enough to believe that there isn't more than just physical attraction between us. Argh! You see? Now I'm just talking in circles!"

"Millicent," I said.

"Hey, cheer up, just because we like the same guy, it doesn't change that you're my good friend!"

"Idiot," I mumbled. "You're being so nice that it's making me even more jealous."

"Oh come on," Millicent laughed. "If every girl ended a friendship over a guy, none of us would have friends!"



Rose and I met Trinity and Millicent down at the beach about thirty minutes later, and they were already in their bikinis. Millicent was wearing a pink, two piece bikini, and Trinity was wearing a black one piece.

“Lance! Rose! Over here!” Trinity yelled.

“Hello!” Rose called.

“What are you two waiting for?” asked Millicent. “Let’s swim!”

“Right!” I replied.

“Amberlin’s super sexy belly flop!” Amberlin screamed as she charged past us. She got to the water, leapt in the air, and belly flopped onto the water. She hit the water with a loud thud, floated for a few seconds, before finally sinking slowly. “Ouch!!!!” She declared when she popped back up.

“Come on Lance,” said Millicent as she tugged at my arm. “I wanna see how long you can hold your breath.”

“No, Lance can’t hold his breath,” said Trinity. “He can carry us both though!”

“Oh, how about we have a cock-fight?” asked Millicent. "Where's Hunter?"

“C-c-c-cock-fight?!” I exclaimed. “But you’re a girl! And you're bringing Hunter into this, too?! We can’t have a—

Trinity punched me in the back of the head before I could finish.

“Not a literal cock-fight, you idiot,” she grumbled.

“But you know, I’d like to see Lance drop his pants sometime,” Amberlin teased from the water.

“He’s not too stellar below the waist to be honest,” said Trinity as she folded her arms.

“Trinity!” I yelled.

“Sorry, Lance,” Trinity said simply. “You have no butt, it’s like a brick wall back there.”

“Oh,” I sighed. “I thought you were talking about my—

This time Millicent punched me in the back of the head to shut me up.

“You’re an idiot,” Millicent sighed.

“So what are we waiting for?” asked Rose as she began tugging at her shirt. “Let us swim!”

“Rose,” began Trinity. “Do you have a swimming—ROSE, NO!!!”

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled.

“Holy apricots!” yelled Amberlin from the water.

“You can’t do that here, Rose,” said Millicent as she pulled her shirt back down. “This isn't a nude beach! Hey, where's your bra?"

“Bra?” Rose asked. “What is a bra?"

“You’ve been traveling with us all this time and you haven’t been wearing a bra?!” Trinity asked. "Hmm, no wonder your nipples kept poking through your top."

“What is this bra you speak of?” asked Rose. “Is it another article of clothing that I must wear?"

"Yes," said Millicent. "That and a bikini for swimming."

“Lance?” Trinity asked as she got a look at my face. “Are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something?”

“Nice tits,” I muttered.

Next thing I knew, I had two fists that struck me in the face…

About a half an hour later, the girls returned with Rose's proper swimming wear.

“At last!” yelled Rose as she came sprinting towards the water in a brown swimsuit. “I can swim!”

“Hey, Hunter, where’s Lucifer?” Trinity asked him.

“He said he don’t like too much sunlight, something about burning easily. He just stayed in the ship.”

“Lance! Piggy back ride!” Millicent yelled as she jumped on my back.

“Okay, up we go!” I grunted as I walked towards the water.

“Wait!” yelled Trinity. “I won’t be outdone by you, Millicent! Give me a reverse piggy back ride!”

As she said that, Trinity jumped on me from the front and hung on me from around the neck.

“Oh man,” I groaned. “Why does this always happen to me?”

“Because you make it too easy,” Amberlin laughed...


That night, we all had dinner outside. Lucifer joined us after the sun went down.

"Ah," Amberlin sighed. "It's been a while since we've all got together like this."

"Yeah," said Millicent.

"Lucifer," I began. "Is now a good time to tell us what you know? Everyone's together, so it'd be best if they all heard."

"Indeed," Lucifer said. "First and foremost, I must be honest with you. Atreyu Moon, the man that you are after, is my son."

I don't think everyone at the table could have had a more dramatic reaction to the news. Hell, Amberlin fell out of her chair at the sound of the news.

"What?!" I exclaimed. "Your son?"

"Though he was not concieved through normal means, he is indeed my own flesh and blood," said Lucifer. "His incredible strength, his almost limitless power, they are all the results of Human Engineering."

"I heard about that!" yelled Hunter.

"Me too," I said. "Illegal experiments that dealt with using the DNA of several noteworthy members of the Military, as well as It."

"It?" asked Millicent. "You know, my dad kept saying something about that when they caught me back in Diamond."

"What's It?" asked Trinity.

"Some type of Orb that is the source of unimaginable power," I said.

"Wait, this It," began Rose. "It sounds very much like the Birth Stone!"

"The what?" asked Amberlin.

"The child speaks true," said Lucifer. "The Birth Stone is the most significant source of Atreyu's power. Using the DNA of myself, my then current lover, and several other famous Military figures, a Diamond scientist known as Jackson Olt used the knowledge within the Birth Stone to aid in the fabrication of a fertilized egg. Imbued within was a being that surpassed all of our understandings."

"So can anyone tell me what this Birth Stone does?" asked Millicent.

"The Birth Stone," said Rose. "Was once a source of worship for my ancestors. It is said to be the very item that created Crisis in the first place, hence the name."

"I see you are quite knowledgable about Ancient Artifacts," said Lucifer.

"It is customary to know these things amongst my people," said Rose.

"So Atreyu was created by this thing?" Amberlin asked. "Creepy!"

"Indeed, it is," Lucifer agreed. "Atreyu Moon was created for one reason, and one reason only, secure Diamond's status as a Global Superpower. He far exceeds what any normal man could ever achieve."

"And now he has his hands on the Birth Stone?" I asked. "Surprising," I admitted. "Knowing him, this planet should have been reduced to rubble by now."

"The good news is he cannot use it," said Lucifer. "He first needs the Black Scroll."

"Wait, why does he need this Scroll to use it when some dumb Scientist could use it all willy nilly?!" asked Hunter.

"A better description to have used would have been, he cannot use it in the way he needs to right now. As powerful as the Birth Stone is, at the moment, it is only at 25% of its maximum power. Creating someone as powerful as Atreyu is only a quarter of its true power."

"Oh my God," Trinity whispered.

"The Black Scroll contains the location of the three remaining Spiritual Pools on Crisis where the power of the Birth Stone was stored long ago."

"Do you know where the Black Scroll is?" I asked.

"In the Underwater Temple, in the middle of the Black Lake," said Lucifer.

"Hey! I know that place!" yelled Amberlin. "But everyone avoids the Black Lake like the plaque, they say its cursed!"

"It is simply the Spirits protecting the Black Scroll," said Rose smartly. "I have heard many stories of the Black Scroll, but to think that there was a way to extract it..."

"It's settled then!" I yelled as I got to my feet. "Our destination is The Black Lake in the Eastern Nation! We'll cut off Atreyu there, and stop him before he finds the Black Sroll!"


Trinity and I headed back to the shop to pick up on some well needed items to for the continuation of our Journey in the morning. As we entered, however, we saw that the store had been stripped clean of all of its items.

“What happened here?” I asked.

“That girl!” the Owner yelled. “She stole all of my items, all of my money, everything to my name!”

“Oh God,” I sighed.

“All I have left are a couple of Potions and some Ether,” said the Owner. “I knew it was too good to be true. God damn girl played me like a violin and cut my strings!”

Even so, Trinity and I purchased his remaining items before heading back to the Alexandria.

It was the least we could do to provide him with some starting capital...

“Amberlin,” Trinity yelled when we got back to the ship. “How could you do that to—?”

“Three cheers for Amberlin!” yelled a Crewmate. “The lass with the swiftest fingers in all of Crisis! Hip-hip!”

“Hooray!” roared the Crew.




“Boo!” yelled Trinity. “Amberlin, you’re a Thief! And you need to return those items!”

“What’s that?” Amberlin asked.

“I said—

“Yeah, that’s right, I’ve got seven containers of Whale Oil here. But I’m not taking anything below 100,000 Credits. Oh, hold on, I’ve got another call coming in. (Beep) Reno! Buddy! How’s my favorite Smuggler doing? Yup, I’ve got some new shipments of Elixir for you! I’ve got three crates of the stuff! I’ll only accept 500,000 Credits for the package, Elixir is hard to come by these days! Hang on, I’ve got another call. (Beep) Is that you Alice? What’s that? You need some more Jinten Herbs for your Teashop? Well I’ve got a box full of them! How does a stellar price of 30,000 Credits sound?”

“Amberlin, you need to return these items, you can’t make a profit off of someone else’s hard work!” Trinity scolded.

“Here,” Amberlin said simply as she tossed Trinity a pack of Credits.

“What’s this?” Trinity asked. “A-Amberlin?!” she exclaimed. “There’s 600,000 Credits here!”

“Yeah, I figured we’d be running low on funds for our Journey, so that’s your cut!” said Amberlin. "What's that? No, no, NO! Tell the son of a bitch that my cut of the profits is 60% like we agreed upon! Don't make me send my boys down there to rough him up!

“Oh my,” Trinity. “I can buy that new mini-skirt I’ve had my eye on! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, I can even buy matching heels for it too! Tee-hee, I can’t wait!" she cheered. "I mean uh, ahem, I don’t condone of thievery, but I’ll let it slide this time.”

"Trin, isn't that a bit hypocritical?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

She didn't even protest...

"Just a tad," Trinity admitted...

© Copyright 2020 S.R.B. Gray. All rights reserved.


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