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Chapter 16 (v.1) - The Blue Ocean

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Submitted: September 08, 2014




“All rise,” said Elektra. “Let the new President’s Inauguration begin now!”

“Thank you, Elektra,” I said as I took the stand in front of the crowd. At the moment, I was wearing a frilly white dress with split ends, with yellow Dandelions on the straps. “People of Crisis, my dear Citizens, these are troubled times we live in. Atreyu Moon has been released, several convicts have been causing trouble on the Western Continent, and to make matters worse, my own dear Father, our previous President whom we loved dearly, has been brutally murdered. But know that I am here for you. Whatever problems you all encounter, whatever struggles we must wade through, know that we do it together. From this moment forth, I will do my best to fill my Father’s shoes, and lead Crisis with a loving hand. But I’m going to need your support and love to do so. Do you all accept?”

At the end of my statement, the crowd cheered loudly as I looked over them, a smirk on my face…

Pigs were only fit to bow down at my beautiful feet after all...


The Blue Ocean:

The Blue Ocean.jpg

(The Blue Ocean-The largest body of Water on Crisis. Covering almost 100 million Square Miles, it is bounded from all directions by the Four Continents. Even to this day, all of the secrets contained within The Blue has yet to be discovered.)



“PIRATES!!!” was the first scream I heard at the crack of dawn one week later.

“Lance, don’t tickle me like that,” Trinity giggled from her bunk. “You know I don’t like it!”

"I'm not tickling you," I mumbled.

“Up, lads!” screamed Franklin as he stormed into our Cabin. “Pirates have besieged upon us!”

“I’m tired,” moaned Millicent as she put her pillow over her face. “Let someone else save the World today.”

There was the sudden crack of a Cannon, and a rumbling of the Ship, a rumbling that forced us to spring up from our slumber.

“God damn it,” Hunter scream. “I aint got the energy for this!”

“Hunter, it’s too early,” I groaned. “Stop yelling.”

“MAN, I AINT YELLING!” he roared.

“But you just yelled...again,” said Millicent.


“Alright, alright,” I complained as I got to my feet.

“Good show, now, Lucifer is already up on deck standing by. Actually, he was up there all night, it appears that the poor lad doesn’t sleep because he’s been in that same spot the entire week and not even a nod of exhaustion. Anyways, I advise you hurry, if you lot really took out the Diamond Basilisk and went up against The Mob, then I’m confident that you’ll make easy work of these louts.”

After preparing myself and grabbing my Sword, I headed above deck to see Lucifer standing on the railing of the Ship, looking out at the ever looming Pirate Ship.

“It’s a bad wind today,” said Lucifer as I stood near him. “The threat is real, and our fates in jeopardy. Are you ready for battle, Lance?”

“Unfortunately,” I sighed.

“Pirate’s Brig approaching, Capn’,” one of the crew yelled. “She’s makin' to fire!”

“All hands hit the deck!” yelled Franklin.

“Hit the speck?” Amberlin asked.

“No silly child, hit the-

“DUCK!” I roared.

Lucifer and I knelt as several black cannon balls whizzed overhead. To our luck, though it did graze several spots, none of them connected and pierced through the ship.

“Ready the Cannons, lads!” yelled Franklin. “We’ll hit her with a good Broadside while she reloads!”

“I still don’t get it,” said Amberlin. “Apparently we’re supposed to hit a duck but—

“Amberlin, stop, just stop,” said Trinity.

“What?!” Amberlin exclaimed. “I just—

“Come on, no time like the present,” said Franklin. “Make yourselves useful and pick a Cannon!”

“Aye-Sir,” said Amberlin. “I’ll keep an eye out for that duck too!”

“Child isn’t right in the head,” Franklin muttered.

I ran up to an unmanned Cannon and did my best to line a shot up in the direction of the Pirate Ship that was now turning tail and attempting to get out of range of our Cannons.

“Good, Lance,” said Franklin. “Now lads, we have to cripple her with this shot! That Brig can outpace the Alexandria, and Lord knows that they plan to ram us as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Aim true!”

“Got it!” yelled Hunter. “I did a couple of tours with the Navy myself back in the day, I know how these sons of bitches Pirates like to operate!”

“Make ready boys!” yelled Franklin. “Aim, FIRE!!!!”

I fired my Cannon in the direction I hoped best, and watch the ball of lead sore through the air towards the Pirate Ship…and miss completely, along with about another dozen shots. A few of them scraped the rear Helm, but no damage was inflicted.

“Damn these eyes!” an old Sailor cursed.

“Oh hell,” Franklin muttered.

“How do you reload this thing?” Millicent asked.

“Forget it lads,” said Franklin. “Hold down the forts, ready your weapons, and above all, prepare to meet Davy-Jones should we fail this encounter!”

“To arms!” cried one of the Marksmen as he threw Muskets at his comrades to wield. “To arms!”

“Wait,” I said as I approached Franklin as he too drew his Sword. “Why can’t we just reload and try again?!”

“In the time it’ll take us to reload, they’ll be upon us with that Brig. A Frigate can’t out sail a Brig, lest an act of God brings about a Storm. We have to prepare ourselves for them to board, and engage them in deck combat instead of fumbling with the Cannons and getting ourselves killed!”

The Brig was closing in quickly, the sharp Ram attached to the front smiling gleefully at us as it loomed ever closer to our ship.

“Brace yourselves!” yelled Franklin as he grabbed hold of a piece of a ship.

The force of the impact sent me flying onto my back sharply, causing a dull pain to ripple up my spine.

“Fuck!” I roared as I leapt up to my feet.

The Pirates wasted no time on their part.

In as short as a few seconds, at least sixteen of them leapt from their ship to ours, Cutlasses drawn, some being skilled enough to land on top of an unfortunate Sailor and ram the edge of the weapon into their face or gut.

Several of them surrounded me, and immediately got to work on trying to slay me. With my Sword in hand, I leapt into the air and somersaulted over the Pirate standing in front of me, landing behind of him. Without missing a beat, I spun around and ran my blade through his back.

His comrades didn’t take it too well.

“You’ll pay for that!!” one Pirate roared.

The two that remained charged forward fearlessly, and swung with precision. With speed only a Special Forces agent could possess, I dive rolled beneath of their swing, landed on my feet, and kicked one in the groin from behind. He staggered and grabbed his manhood as his friend spun around and thrusted the point of his Cutlass at me. Sidestepping the blow, in a single and precise Counter attack in the form of a thrust, I cut out his throat before swinging my Sword around and slicing into the stomach of the still stunned Pirate.

Trinity got surrounded by three as well, but she was able to grab one by the scruff of his collar, pirouette on her toes, and knock his friends about by using him as a bat. When finished, she threw him overboard.

Hunter fired three shots into the one that attacked him, riddling his chest with bullets.

Amberlin flipped and cartwheeled her way around the four that were swinging wildly at her before leaping high into the air and perform acrobatic twists in mid-air all the while launching shuriken. She landed behind of them just as her shuriken struck all four of them in the skull.

Millicent and Rose worked together. Six of them charged the two girls, but Millicent launched a Fire spell that singed three of them, while Rose fired three arrows back to back and took down the remaining three almost simultaneously.

As for Lucifer, he drew both of his blades, and in a single spin, took down the five that surrounded him.

“Bless my soul,” Franklin murmured. “These lads aint human!”

To our despair, however, the remaining crew of Pirates that numbered at least thirty came descending upon us, and to make matters worse, the Captain himself jumped off of his ship and into the fray.

He was wearing a long white jacket not unlike the type that you’d see old Military Officers wearing during the Colonial Ages that was slightly covered by a leather vest. His pants were dark brown and he was wearing knee high leather boots. He was armed with two Cutlasses at his side, as well as four Pistols he had strapped to his Chest-Piece. His eyes were blue, and from the looks of it, he appeared to have chin length, stringy, and untidy blonde hair that was covered by a hood.

However, the thing that made this man appear threatening were the scars on his face, scars that signified that he’d seen his fair share of deadly battles, and that the only reason he was standing here today was because he bested men whose skills were likely to be feared. Long story short, this man must’ve been an extremely skilled Swordsman.


(Jackson Kent)

“What’s this?” the man asked. “It appears that sixteen men from my hand picked crew were slaughtered in under a minute, looks like today’s plunder will be a good challenge, I like it! What say you men?!”

“Aye!” the Pirates responded.

“Well bless my tinker,” Franklin muttered. “Jackson, is that you boy?!”

The Captain looked over at Franklin, paused, and dropped his hood.

“Aye,” Jackson replied. “Bloody coincidence to run into you Franklin.”

“Wait, you two know each other?” I asked Franklin.

“This lout used to be my Cabin Boy,” said Franklin. “But a raid by Pirates sent him into the Sea and I haven’t seen him since. So I see now. That ship, and that flag, you must be the infamous Yellow-Beard!”

“Yes, Franklin,” said Jackson with a smirk. “The hopeless lout of a Cabin Boy you so readily dismissed has turned into the most profitable and notorious Pirates of them all!”

“Dismissed?!” Franklin exclaimed. “Merlin’s beard, boy, we searched for you for three days! The Alexandria could barely sail after the Raid, but we remained to search for you. Only reason we left was because of a Storm! How the devil did you survive?!”

“Funny you should ask,” Jackson joked. “But alas, I don’t plan to tell you my old Captain, I’ve more important things to attend to. Since I’m feeling generous from all this nostalgia, I’ll let the remainder of your Crew live should you give me your unconditional surrender and become my Cabin Boy! I told you I would be your Captain someday. We’ll let the rest of the cock-robins swim, and sink the Alexandria!”

“If you let us swim, Great Blue Sharks will get us,” a Sailor argued. "I reckon that aint lettin' us live!"

“Best learn to swim faster than them,” Jackson said.

“Refuse, Capn’,” said another Sailor. “We fight to the last man, we won’t abandon the Alexandria to the fate of the deeps.”

“Don’t worry lads,” said Franklin. “Only way you’ll get me to surrender is if you pry the Alexandria from my cold dead fingers!”

The crew drew their Swords in suit, prepared once again to do battle. The Pirates became nervous, particularly when they saw that me, Trinity, and the others readied ourselves to fight again.

Even Jackson looked a little worried, at least until—

“What the devil?!” roared Franklin as a pair of hands seized him from behind.

“If you don’t want this old man’s throat to gush all over the deck, all of you drop your weapons now!” yelled Amberlin as she pressed the point of her Katana up to Franklin’s throat.

“Amberlin?!” exclaimed Trinity.


“All of you, leave your Credits here too before you go swimmin' with the fishes, no need to waste precious money,” Amberlin giggled.

“I can’t believe you, Amberlin,” Millicent muttered. “I thought your were our friend?! We trusted you!”

“Sorry sweeties, but I only trust money,” said Amberlin. “I was never part of your “Save the World” party anyways-I just needed an excuse to keep the Military off my tail.”

“God damn you,” I cursed as I dropped my Sword.

“Good work, lass,” said Jackson. “I suppose we can squeeze you into the crew after this, we could use a girl with wit like yours.”

“Thanks Capn’,” said Amberlin with a wink…


“Last time I trust a Ninja,” said Trinity as our hands were bound.


“I should have seen this coming,” I said to myself. “It’s my fault guys, I should have never let her come—


“It’s alright, Lance,” said Millicent. “I hope she drowns one day for doing this to us—



This caused Hunter to scream even more.


“Oi!” said a Pirate that was busy throwing crew members overboard. “Shut that walking piece of turd up!”


“Hunter,” Rose whispered.


“Hunter,” Rose repeated.


“Hunter,” Rose said once again.

“Just ignore him when he gets like this, Rose,” said Trinity.


“SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!” Rose screeched at Hunter.

The shock of this shut Hunter up at last...

Rose, who was usually so pure hearted, so soft spoken, it was odd hearing her voice go up that many decibels…and freighting too.

“No one is filled with more rage than I am right now,” Rose said in her usual voice. “Amongst my people, Friendship bears the highest burden of honor. To so easily discard a Friendship over…over a pocket full of plastic cards…it…it is saddening. It…it fills me with such anger that I…I—

“The child,” said Lucifer. “I see, so she’s attuned to the World of the Spirits.”

“Wait that crap exists?” asked Trinity. “I mean uh, is that stuff for real?” she asked in a whisper so as not to upset Rose further.

“Yes, it is very real,” said Lucifer. “I’ve been there myself before.”

“I see,” said Millicent. “You did have a kind of funny smell to you.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lucifer chuckled. “The World of the Spirits is not of your realm, so everything about it leaves obvious signs of difference. Only people like you and Rose would be able to tell. But returning to the matter at hand, young Rose’s anger will summon forth the Spirits of those who first walked these lands to respite her Soul. Those who stay faithful to the Old Ways are said to be imbued by the protection of the Spirits. I expect we aren’t out of the running yet.”

“Now,” said Jackson as he approached us, flanked by none other than Amberlin. “Onto you lads. Diamond is offering a bloody fine price for your heads, that’s the only reason I kept you alive. Believe me, if it were up to my lovely new Quarter Master here, you would be lying at the bottom of the Blue right now.”

“Anything for you, Captain,” said Amberlin as she stroked his chest.

“Ahoy lads!” yelled Jackson. “Thar be boobies!”

“Thar be boobies!” the Pirates yelled in unison.

“Oh please,” scoffed Millicent. “Keep it in his awful bedroom, Amberlin. You’ll probably catch twenty different STD’s from him. And develop Gum Disease because everyone knows Pirates brush their teeth with Rum. Of course not before microscopic insects crawl their way into your Vagina and feast on your genitalia because his bed must be infested with them!”

“You know lass, you’re a nice mint yourself,” said Jackson. “Fear not, we’ll have fun later you and I.”

“Gross,” Millicent gagged.

“Forget her,” Amberlin cooed.

“You’re right, lass,” Jackson said. “Shall we head back to my Chambers, my little Siren?”

“Yes, but we best hurry, my Captain,” said Amberlin. “It is starting to become quite humid south of the equator!”

“Haha, a humorous lass!” Jackson celebrated. “Let us go—MOTHER OF PEARL!”

Unexplained, unannounced, Jackson’s trousers suddenly fell, bearing his Pirate Parts to dangle in the wind. Amberlin responded by kicking him between the legs before flipping back to us.

As he was stunned, she cut us all free, did a sign with her fingers, and we were suddenly transported over to the Alexandria, which was still floating.

“What the hell is going on?!” screamed Jackson.

“Simple,” Amberlin said with a wink. “I just Out-Pirated a Pirate!”


“Thanks for the Treasure too,” said Amberlin as she snapped her fingers.

All of a sudden, there were explosions that rippled throughout the deck of Jackson’s Pirate Ship, sending smoke and splinters of wood flying about.

“Amberlin,” muttered Trinity. “How did you—?”

“Lucifer, did you get Franklin?” Amberlin asked all of a sudden.

“Not a problem,” Lucifer said as he held Franklin up by his collar. “He’s safe. Although I can't help but think there was an easier way to do this.”

“Hold on, what the fuck did I miss?!” asked Hunter.

“Someone please explain,” Trinity said.

“Explaining will have to wait,” said Lucifer as he pointed to the sinking Pirate Ship. “Here comes Jackson.”

Jackson swung by a rope, leapt into the air, and landed on the deck of the Alexandria, roaring like a madman.

“My crew,” he muttered as he drew his Cutlasses. “All of them gone! You will pay for this scheme girl! You hear me?!”

“To get to her,” I said as I drew my Sword. “You’ll have to get through me. You’re the type of person who needs a good ass kicking.”

“Very well,” Jackson sneered. “A duel of honor eh? Very well lad, let’s play!”


The Blue Ocean - Part II:


Jackson and I charged at one another, starting the beginning of the battle. With the first strike, we locked blades, with him using his two Cutlasses to try and overpower me. I easily redirected the force of his push, turned my Sword around, and used the bottom of the Hilt to strike him in the nose. His face was splattered with blood as he staggered backwards, stunned, giving me the chance to slice him across the chest twice.

Jackson evaded my third attack by jumping backwards several times. In two swift movements, he both sheathed his Cutlasses as well as drew two of his four Pistols. He fired them both once, but I was easily able block the lead balls. Proving to be a quick draw expert, Jackson holstered his exhausted Pistols and drew the next set of two with such speed that I didn’t have the time to recover from cutting down those two previous bullets. Firing both Pistols, I was able to narrowly evade both shots, but one bullet got lucky and scraped a good chunk off the side of my cheek, staining the right side of my face with blood.

Though he scraped me good, he was now out of bullets. I ran forward as he resumed using his Cutlasses, and we soon found ourselves clashing blades. The speed of his strikes was impressive, and considering that he was using two Cutlasses, only a Swordsman of extreme skill could deflect and effectively counter his thrusts and slashes.

A well timed parry on my part threw him off balance a little, giving me an edge. I then took this opportunity to close in and cut the straps that were holding his leather vest in place, causing it, along with his four emptied Pistols, to fall off of him. This move, however, cost me the stagger time of Jackson’s unbalance, and he was now on the ready.

Once again we exchanged a flurry of Sword strikes and thrusts, parry’s and counters. Jackson was a skilled Swordsman, despite his clear lack of form and finesse. He fought with brutish swings and insane thrusts, but he was well versed enough to deflect strikes from someone in my caliber of Swordsmanship. From the look of fear that continued to grow on his face as we continued to battle, however, it was apparent that he was beginning to realize that he was not in my league of skill, and that he would not defeat me by outperforming me in a straight battle of technique.

Sending the edge of both Cutlasses to my face, I ducked underneath of his attack, spun around to face his back, leapt into the air, and slashed his back. My strike was cushioned mostly by the Back-Piece of his leather armor, but not only did it fall off completely, there was a gash on his back. He would most certainly be fighting with a handicap from this moment forward due to pain it would be causing him.

“Lad,” Jackson panted as he turned to face me. “What is your name?”

“Why?” I asked him back.

“On the Seas, when two men of skill engage in battle, it is customary that at the very least, one’s name is exchanged with the other to ensure that should he fall, he’ll know the name of the person who bested him in battle. So, I ask again, lad, what is your name?”

I paused before responding.

“Lance Blade,” I replied dimly.

A look of shock and surprise played on his face.

“I see,” he grunted. “An ex-Special Forces Agent eh? No wonder you’re so damn good.”

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I complimented as I spun my blade around twice. "Since we're exchanging names and all, let's hear yours."

“My name,” he replied. “Is Jackson Kent! Rejoice Lance, and let us resume the battle. May the victor of the duel sing praises of the other and tell tales of his feats!”

“Fine,” I grunted. “Guess you wanna do this the hard way huh?”

“Lance!” Millicent screamed. “It’s Rose, something’s happening!”

Though it was a foolish and amateur move to do so, I took my eyes off of Jackson looked over to Rose and saw that her eyes were shining white, and the tattoos on her shoulder were illuminated in the same manner.

“Rose, it’s okay!” yelled Trinity. “Amberlin didn’t betray us, it’s alright!”

“It’s no use,” said Lucifer. “The Spirits have already taken notice to her troubled Heart, and they’ll be coming our way soon.”

“But it’ll only take him right?” asked Hunter as he pointed to Jackson. “He’s the bad guy here!”

“No, the Spirits are neutral,” Lucifer explained. “All of us, aside from Rose, have ancestors that were directly responsible from the regressed state Crisis is in. It will view us all as potential threats because of our heritage. Even Millicent’s half Elder blood will be ignored.”

“So how do we fight it?” Jackson asked.

“We?!” Franklin exclaimed. “You aren’t part of this, boy! You murdered most of my crew by throwing them into the Blue! You have any idea what it’s like to listen to the sounds of your most loyal mean being eaten alive by Blue Sharks? I say we offer the boy up as sacrifice!”

“Won’t work,” said Lucifer. “Because of Rose’s anger, the Spirits, in turn, are all quite angry at us all.”

The boat began to rumble and the sky started turning gray as a Storm suddenly manifested. It looks like the Spirits were going to drag us down below the Blue with a Storm. To our surprise, Jackson went running right for the Helm of the Ship, as if ready to operate it.

“Old Man,” he yelled. “Quick, I need you up here! I’ll be your Helmsman for now!”

“A Plaque on you, bastard!” yelled Franklin.

“I’m not going to die from accursed Spirits,” he roared. “Not today! For now, we have to put aside our hatred for one another, and find a way to escape this Storm!”

“Madness, boy!” yelled Franklin as he walked up to the Helm. “A Storm of this caliber is clearly going to make her deadly to sail!”

“She can handle it,” said Jackson. “Alright, you, you, and you,” he continued while pointing to Hunter, Millicent, and Trinity. “I need you to climb the Ratlines and release her to Full-Sail. You,” he said as he pointed to Lucifer. “Climb up into the Crow’s Nest and look ahead to make sure we aren’t heading straight into Waterspouts. You and you,” he said as he pointed to Amberlin and I. “I need you two to do your best to keep heavy items on either side of the Ship so that they don’t shift all to one size and make her capsize easier.”

Nobody moved.

“Why should we listen to you?” asked Trinity coldly.

“What the lad says rings true,” said Franklin. “Even if he’s a git, he knows what he’s talking about. Hop to it lads! You’re not Sailors, but you have to do your best!”

Though we did it with malice, we did what we were told very quickly. Lucifer leapt up into the Crow’s Nest while Trinity, Millicent, and Hunter climbed to reach the sails. Amberlin and I on the other hand carefully shifted the crates and barrels on either sides of the deck so that the weight of the Ship would be maintained.

It started to pour in bullet sized rain drops that soaked us to the bone in seconds. The wind started to pick up, pushing up against the sails, and turning the ship in its direction.

“Half-Sail!” yelled Jackson.

“Ease her off lads!” Franklin yelled.

“Okaaaay!” yelled Millicent.

The winds then died down a little, not too much, but just enough for Jackson to cry—

“Give her as much wind as she can take! Full-Sail!”

“Arghhh,” Trinity moaned.

A few more minutes of helplessly running around to fetch items that were sliding about due to the wetness, and in no time at all, Jackson yelled—

“Bring her down! Bring her down!”

“My God!” Trinity screamed.

“Waterspout,” said Lucifer. “We’d be wise to head off to the right!”

“Noted,” said Jackson. “And while we’re at it, I want her to get as many knots as she can take! Full-Sail!”

“Do you know how hard it is to open and close the sails?!” Millicent screamed.

“Yes, I do, but it’s much harder drowning, believe me you,” Jackson replied.

“Look out!” yelled Lucifer.

Out of nowhere, a large, craggly stone emerged from below the surface of the water in the path of the Alexandria. Due to impressive quick thinking on his part, Jackson jerked the Wheel to the right, narrowly evading a collision, but leaving a deep scratch on the side of the Alexandria.

“We might want to avoid those blasted rocks in the future,” Franklin cursed.

“At ease Old Man,” said Jackson. “Do you not remember when we sailed out of one of the Blue Storms? This is child’s play compared to her!”

“Don’t try to win me over with nostalgia,” said Franklin. “But yes, I remember quite well.”

“Spouts!” yelled Lucifer. “Two of them, and they’re heading right for us!”

“Where the devil do they keep appearing from?” asked Franklin.

“BIG WAVE!” yelled Amberlin. “BIG WAVE!!!”

“Son of Mary,” Jackson roared.

As two sixty foot water spouts loomed ever closer to us, a massive tidal wave formed ahead, shrouding us in its shadow.

“Oh no,” Franklin muttered. “Lads, it’s been a pleasure, but we can’t outsmart the Spirits it seems.”

“Oh yes we can,” roared Jackson. “Franklin, take the Helm!”

“What in God’s name are you doing, boy?!” Franklin exclaimed as he took the Helm while Jackson ran down to the deck.

“You two, throw down the anchors!” he yelled.

“What are you—nuts?!” Amberlin exclaimed.

“Very much so,” Jackson admitted. “You throw down the anchor over there, I’ll throw this one down over here!”

“We’re gonna die anyways, you may as well listen to the boy, lass,” said Franklin.

“Old Man, whatever you do, steer straight into that wave,” Jackson ordered.

“Have you gone mad, boy?!” Franklin roared. “Oh what’s the point—fine!”

Jackson threw down his anchor while Amberlin and I threw down our own.

The Alexandria approached the tidal wave with no fear, the two spouts attempting to drag her in both directions. Though it tore off chunks of wood on either side, the equal force of their strength allowed the ship to pass through without getting pulled in one direction. That’s when it happened. That’s when we sailed up the tidal wave as it attempted to crush us.

“Come on!” yelled Jackson. “COME ON!!!”

We all stood in silence as The Alexandria was soared over to the top of the wave in one piece, disbelieving the craziness we survived this time…


The rain stopped, the clouds parted, the winds died down, and the sea returned to the tranquil calmness she once held. With the rays of the sun stinging at the droplets of water on our flesh and clothing, it was a treat just to breath in the smell of the salts in the air.

“Ha-ha-ha,” Jackson laughed as he lay flat on his back on the deck. “Ha.”

“Returning to the matter at hand,” said Franklin as he walked up to Jackson. “I ought to shoot you where you lay!”

“I say we tie him up and dangle his feet in the water,” began Trinity. “Let the Sharks tear chunks out of his toes.”

“I hear Blue Piranha’s are particularly nasty this time of year,” said Millicent. “Maybe free dinner would be right up their alley!"

“Guys,” I began. “He saved our lives—

“No!” Trinity snapped. “Don’t start with that again, Lance!”

“I’m with Trinity,” said Millicent. “Amberlin was fine way back then. Was her plan needlessly complicated? Yeah, but she's proved to be a valuable person. But this guy ia a cold blooded murderer. Pirates are all the same, he’ll back stab us when the time is right!"

“I never said he was coming with us!” I yelled. “But the least we can do is let him live!”

“Hell naw!” screamed Hunter.

“Do you know what he was planning to do to you guys?” asked Amberlin. “He was going to rape Trinity, Millicent, and Rose, and have you, Hunter, and Lucifer tortured for the amusement of his crew—

“Now hold on,” said Jackson. “I never said any of that! Even if I'm a Pirate I'm not that much of Git!”

“Point aside, Crisis is better off without people like you, even if you did save us,” said Trinity.

“Everyone,” a weak voice mumbled.

We all looked around to see Rose standing up weakly.

“Rose,” said Millicent as she rushed to her side. “It’s okay, everything’s alright now!”

“Amberlin is still on our side?” she asked.

“He-he,” Amberlin laughed nervously. “Sorry, I just had to think of a way to let the Pirates drop their guard.”

"Like I said, needlessly complicated," Millicent added.

“You cheeky lass,” said Jackson. “But I am impressed, not everyone can outsmart Captain Kent!”

“Shush, Cabin Boy!” yelled Amberlin.

“Have you decided what to do with this man?” Rose asked.

“No, but we’d like your input,” said Trinity. “We were just thinking about feeding him to the Sharks, what would you like to do?”

“No,” Rose said as she shook her head. “You don’t understand, we must let him live!”

“What?!” everyone exclaimed.

“The Spirits were testing him,” said Rose. “It was to see if he could learn to help others, and he passed.”

“I thought that Storm was 'The Wrath of the Spirits' because of Amberlin,” Trinity said in a somewhat mocking tone.

“It was a little bit of both,” said Lucifer. “I suppose I just forget to mention it in the heat of the moment.”

“God, that makes no sense!” yelled Millicent.

“I too believe that we must let him live,” Lucifer continued.

“No, he takes a swim!” yelled Trinity.

“Argh,” Jackson groaned. “I can’t die here, not until I meet him again can I rest.”

“Who?” I asked Jackson as I knelt down next to him.

“Eclipse,” he said while closing his eyes.

“Eclipse?” I repeated. “You mean Atreyu.”

“What?” Trinity exclaimed.

“I was adrift for days after the Pirate Raid,” Jackson recounted. “With naught but a piece of plank that kept me afloat, and a salt water soaked mouthful of bread, I floated the Blue like a ghost, just waiting for either hunger and thirst to kill me, or just throwing myself to the Sharks. And then he came, dressed in the finest of clothes. Told his men to hoist me up and give me a warm meal and a place to sleep. For two weeks I traveled with him, and he taught me many things. How to properly hold a Sword, how to aim a pistol. He said I had a knack for marksmanship. That man saved my life, and it is my ambition to see him once again. As soon as we dropped anchor in Port Royale, he gave me a handful of Credits and told me to pursue my dreams…and that one day, I’d become someone great.”

“So you’re saying we should feel sorry for you because a monster like Atreyu saved your life?” Trinity spat.

“Let him speak!” I snapped.

“I told myself I’d make a name for myself. That I’d become the most notorious man on the Blue, and that someday, Eclipse would hear of my exploits, and he’d know that after all this time, I’ve never forgotten about the greatest act of kindness anyone had ever shown me.”

Everyone was lost for words at this point...

“You have a good heart,” Lucifer said. “It is your mind that has been poisoned. Piracy is hardly something to exploit in order to show someone gratitude. There are other ways to express your thanks.”

“Then what do you suggest, sir?” Jackson asked him.

“You fight for something worth living for,” I said. “I’m not a man with the cleanest of histories myself. I’ve done many things that will wake me up in the middle of the night till the day I die, but I’m still alive. If a man like me can live, if I still have the right to wake up every morning and see the ones I love all around me in spite of everything I’ve done, then who am I to take that away from a man in a position I was once in?”

“You,” said Jackson. “Who are you? You're almost exactly like he was!”

“I’m just a man trying to right a wrong that could possibly destroy the world,” I replied. “That’s why I want to give you the chance to see Atreyu one last time—

“Lance,” Trinity began.

“My current mission is to kill him,” I said blankly. “He is a man that needs to be stopped. If there was ever a way for you to thank him for being the kind man he once was, show him by helping me to stop him from killing any more innocent people, to prove that you have not forgotten that even he once had the capacity to care for others.”

“Lance Blade,” said Jackson. “You remind me of him a little. The way you carry yourself, that undeniable sense of honor…yes, you are indeed a man worthy of your Legend.”

“Beautiful words, Lance,” said Lucifer.

“Indeed, I could not imagine that you had such a good heart,” said Rose.

“I don’t approve,” said Trinity.

“Me neither,” said Millicent.

“And I don’t care,” I said. I stood up and gave Jackson a hand. “If you’d join us, I’d be happy to have you. You can become something great if you applied yourself in the right direction.”

Jackson smiled up at me, but it wasn’t the smartass grin he usually liked to wear, it was a legit smile of thanks.

“Thanks mate,” he said as he grabbed my hand…



“An excellent Speech your Presidency,” Sapphire Soft said to me. “Your Father and I were in the middle of contracting an agreement of allowing Accounting and Finances to recieve extra funding for our newest Project called—

“I don’t care,” I grumbled as I tore the Dandelions from my dress. “Leafer, bring me a bottle of Wine, and a clean cup, I need a drink.”

“As you wish,” said Palmer.

“Ms. President, Ms. President,” Justine Long said. “The Division of Justice needs more funding for—

“Justine!” Elektra snapped. “The President is tired, back off and leave her alone!”

“Thank you, Elektra,” I sighed.

“But,” Justine began. “I’m scheduled for a Hearing next week!”

“What part of I don’t care don’t you understand?” I yelled.

There was a pause.

“Your father was nothing like this,” Justine muttered.

“My father?” I laughed. “MY FATHER?! You’re right, Daddy wasn’t anything like this. He tried to use old fashioned Politics to rule the World, using Money and Blackmail, Bribes and Espionage. Not me, no, I am different. Hence forth, I am no longer the President of Diamond. No, no, I…I am Queen Diamond. I am the Queen of Crisis, and all knees will bow before me. I will rule this World with an iron-fist, and cut down all who stand in my way. This includes you all in here. Any hesitation, any doubts, if I even suspect that you are going to betray me, then I’m going to string you up for all of Crisis to see. You all are nothing but the Old Fools left behind by my Father’s Legacy, and there is nothing stopping me from eliminating you from my Royal Court, remember that. Know this! To submit is to subjigate! To contradict is fact! These are the truths of this world! Live by these words, you insolent humans!” As I finished, everyone looked at me, not daring to say anything for fear of being killed on the spot. “Well?!” I snapped. “What are you waiting for?”

“I’m here to serve, my Queen,” said Elektra as she got on her knees and bowed. “The Suits are at your Command, your Excellency.”

“Good,” I said with a smile. “The Suits have always been the only Unit in Daddy’s Cabinet that I approved of, especially you, Elektra. You all have earned your place in the New World.”

The other Heads could do nothing as they all got to their knees and bowed to me, all except for-

"I refuse," David Fulsome said suddenly. "Your Father had vision, he had passion. He knew what he wanted from Crisis. But you are just a spoiled brat! The Military will not be a part of your so called 'New World'!"

Elektra was on her feet in seconds, but I raised a hand to stop her from engaging him.

I then proceeded to put my hands behind my back and close my eyes, walking up to Fulsome as I did so.

"Tell me, Mr. Fulsome," I began. "Does a hungry man beg for food because he is hungry? Does a sick man beg for medicine because he is sick?"

"What is-?"

"Answer the question!" I screamed.

"Yes!" he yelled back. "Yes to both scenarios!"

"You are incorrect," I said simply. "A Hungry Man begs for food because he is starving. A Sick Man begs for medicine because he is dying."

"And what does this prove?" he challeneged.

"It proves that you are begging me to rule this World in a way you see fit," I said. "Perhaps if you were born into my family this would be a very different story, but alas, you are nothing but a pathetic man with ambition deeper than your dedication. So how do you expect me to respond to this act of Treason?"

"What Treason?!" Fulsome exclaimed. "For merely expressing my opinion-?"

"Be silent, the Queen speaks," I ordered.

"I do not accept you as Queen!" Fulsome roared. "And all of you are fools for following her!"

I turned around and walked over to the fireplace, running my fingers along the Fire-Pit Poker that was sheathed in front of it.

"I see," I said finally.

Without warning, I pulled out the Poker and rammed the sharp, curved edge into the side of Fulsome's cranium, splattering blood onto my face. He screamed in agony as I forced him down to his knees.

"Please!" he begged. "Please stop!"

"Ha ha ha," I laughed as I wrenched it from his head, the Poker oozing thick chunks of scarlet flesh.

I struck him in the head again, and again, and again, listening to him wail and cry as more and more of his skull was dented in by the sharp point.

And I laughed, laughed manically as I reduced his once vibrant face into a churn of messy red flesh and exposed brain matter.

When finished, I dropped the Poker onto the floor and steadily walked back to my desk, my feet wobbling from the Adrenaline. Killing him made me feel so powerful, so alive, so in control, so good!  Unable to help myself, I picked up a bottle of Wine, uncorked it with my bare hands, and threw it down my throat, spilling bits of it on myself as I did so.

I threw the bottle against the wall before turning to face the stunned faces of the Heads.

"Would anyone else care to defy The Queen?" I asked with a malicious smile...


~~~End Of The Western Continent Arc~~~


(A/N: I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has made it this far in the story. If you're reading this, you are officially awesome in my book! Anyways, guess what? We're only 16% through with the Story! Brace yourselves because it's going to be a long and epic ride. There are more Villains to meet, more Friends to make, and more Battles to be fought. So if I can just have a wee bit more of your time, I'd like to ask a couple of questions if you don't mind...)

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