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Chapter 19 (v.1) - The Village Yin

Submitted: September 26, 2014

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Submitted: September 26, 2014




“It’s so warm,” I thought to myself. “Maybe dying isn’t so bad after all..."

“Trinity,” said a familiar voice. “Are you sure that’s the um, best way for Lance to recover?”

“I’m not too sure,” another voice said. “But it’s been forever since I’ve been this close to him."

“Why does this feel so good?” I asked myself. “It’s really soft.”

Slowly, I opened my eyes only to stare right up into a familiar pair of deep purple eyes.

“T-t-Trinity?” I stammered.

“Lance,” she exclaimed. “You’re awake!”

“What on Crisis,” I began. “ARE YOU DOING ON TOP OF ME LIKE THIS?!” I yelled.

As I looked up, I saw that she was underneath of the covers with me, her legs wrapped around my waist, and her hips pressed up against me.

“I’m keeping you warm, silly,” she laughed.

“Oh,” I sighed. “Thanks for that—

“Lance you’re so gullible sometimes it’s irritating,” Millicent yelled jealously.

“Yeah,” Amberlin.

I sat up as Trinity moved off of on top of me and to my side.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well Atreyu kicked all of our asses pretty good,” said Amberlin. “I mean, there was like no competition. Except for that creepy looking guy who popped up in the end. Who the hell was that?!”

“He was wearing The Cloak of Ancients,” said Lucifer as he suddenly appeared behind of Amberlin.

“Whoa,” she yelled. “Where’d you come from?”

“He who dons the Cloak, shall be known as: The Shroud,” Lucifer continued. “A Mythical Figure who must travel through time to correct an error he once made.”

“Are you telling me that this person is connected to one of us?” asked Millicent.

“I’m saying he’s connected to all of us,” Lucifer said. “In a sense of course.”

There was a pause, in which Hunter, Rose, and Jackson entered the room.

“About damn time you woke up!” Hunter yelled.

“Lance, are you alright?!” asked Rose.

“Been better,” I admitted. “I can’t believe we failed.”

“Lance,” Trinity began. “We did our best—

“How could I be so stupid?!” I yelled. “All this time we were chasing him and we never even had a chance! He really was too strong!”

“Don’t beat yourself up, Lance,” said Trinity.

“It’s over,” I sighed. “It’s all over—

“What’s up with you, Lance?!” Hunter yelled. “This aint you!”

“Hunter,” I said.

“I aint never met nobody who was as determined as you, and I don’t like seeing you beating yourself up like this!”

“Yeah, we’re not out of the running yet!” said Millicent. “We’ve just gotta get stronger and face Atreyu again!”

“But the problem is, we’re back to square one,” said Trinity. “We don’t know where Atreyu is going because he's after those Spiritual Pool thingies. We have no idea where to find them!”

“We are indeed stumped,” said Lucifer. “Unless—

“Unless what?” asked Jackson.

“Unless the rumor about one being in The City of Brass to the North is true,” Lucifer said.

“The City of Brass isn’t too far off,” said Amberlin. “But that’s a creepy place! They say it's taboo to travel there!"

“It is indeed,” said Lucifer. “I was once on a Mission in that area many years ago, and I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a Spiritual Pool there. It’s a hunch, but it’s all we’ve got right now.”

“But how do we beat Atreyu?” asked Trinity. “We didn’t even stand a chance against him.”

“We’ll just have to get much stronger then,” I yelled as I got to my feet. “We start training now!”

“There he is,” said Hunter. “That’s the Lance I know!”


The Village Yin:


(The Village Yin-A small Eastern Village that relies on Tourism and Agriculture. Once, it was part of a mighty Military Power, but since the end of The Great War, it has regressed significantly into a shallow shell of its former glory.)


“Where are we anyways?” I asked as we exited the Hospital.

“The Village Yin,” said Amberlin. “We’re a little walk away from my home, The Village Yang.”

“Yin and Yang,” said Millicent. “What shall we do now before we start practicing?”

“I could really go for a bite to eat,” I said as I rubbed my stomach. “But I’ve never been a big fan of Eastern Food.”

“You don’t like Eastern Food?” asked Trinity. "Seasame Chicken is my favorite!"

“I too am not very fond of it,” said Lucifer. “Only because I’ve eaten so much of it over the years.”

“Amberlin, have you ever been in this Village?” asked Millicent.

“Not much,” she admitted. “This Village and mines don’t get along very well.”

“Why?” asked Trinity.

“The Villages of Yin and Yang were once a single power, and it was called The Kanagawa Empire. It once ruled the Eastern Nation alongside of The Communism Society,” Lucifer explained. “Kanagawa fought Diamond during The Great War as part of the Eastern Powers. But with its defeat in the War, the population became divided as a result. Some wanted to pursue a more local path, with more focus on Domestic Affairs, and repairing the Nation from the War, to forget the past and build anew. Others sought more drastic measures, which included striking back at Diamond with Weapons of Mass Destruction. This marked the beginning of an Era known as The Calm War, where Diamond and the two Villages used Information and Espionage to sabotage one another. It was an age of tension and fear of Nuclear War.”

“Seems a little small to compete against Diamond doesn’t it?” asked Millicent.

“Like I said before, after the end of The Great War, these two Villages were nothing short of destroyed,” said Amberlin. “Yin and Yang were once thriving Super-Powers before Diamond took everything away from them in their quest for more power.”

“Diamond really hurt a lot of people over the years,” said Hunter.

“Forget Diamond!” I said. “First, we eat. Then, we train!”


Lucifer stood in the center of the park, his eyes closed.

“Remember,” he said. “Come at me like you intend to kill me.”

A bush rustled behind of him, and Amberlin popped out of it, her Katana held above her head.

“SNEAK ATTACK!” she screamed as she ran at him.

Lucifer easily sidestepped her strike before kicking her in the lower back.

“Again, and this time, be serious,” said Lucifer.

“You almost hit me in the butt, Lucifer,” Amberlin complained as she rubbed her lower back.

“You know, Amberlin,” Millicent started. “You’re not supposed to yell ‘sneak attack’ during a sneak attack.”

“I swear, she’s the clumsiest Ninja I’ve ever met,” said Trinity.

“Girls,” I said. “Pay attention!”

“Oh, right!” said Millicent.

“Now focus,” I said.

“But, Lance, I don’t need to do this, I’m the best Magician in our group!” Millicent stated.

“We’re helping Trinity,” I said.

"Oh, okay," Millicent replied.

“I’ve always wanted to get better at Magic,” said Trinity. "There's something...magical about it, y'know?!"

"Bad pun, Trinity," said Amberlin.

"Amberlin, focus," Lucifer commanded.

“Okay, so try to concentrate on your breathing,” I instructed. “Take air in through your nose, then out through your mouth. And then you—

“OUCH!” Amberlin screamed.

“You’re not focusing, Amberlin,” said Lucifer.

“Damn it, stop kicking me there! I’m gonna develop back problems if you keep this up!”

“Try to feel the wind through your hair,” I continued. “That’s it, now attune yourself to—

“Ow, that hurt!” Amberlin yelled again. “Alright, that’s it! You wanna tussle old man?! Hyah!”

I listened to a series of shuffles before Amberlin was thrown into the back of my head.

“You two, cut it out!” I yelled.

“Forgive me, Lance,” said Lucifer as he stood there with his arms crossed. “The child has much to learn.”

Next thing I knew, I heard a gunshot come from somewhere.

“Wow, you’ve got a good eye, lass,” Jackson complimented Rose, who had just fired one of his pistols.

“Goodness,” Rose sighed. “I have never used a device such as this before. How is it that you have learned to shoot fire from a wooden stick?”

“It’s an old wheel-lock,” Jackson boasted. “Powered by Natural Energy of course, but the buggers are only good for one shot.”

“Forget that, Rose,” said Hunter. “Mines can fire repeatedly for fifteen times before having to reload. And they’re accurate as hell too!”

“Guys, you mind keeping it down, we’re trying to concentrate,” I said. “Alright, girls…what are you two doing?”

“Wow, look at me!” yelled Trinity as she held a ball of fire in her hands.

“Sorry, Lance,” said Millicent. “I just showed her a couple of tricks.”

“But,” I began. “It took me a full week to create fire…”


“Well I can hardly say that training was productive,” I complained a few hours later.

“Oh, we’re sorry, Lance,” said Trinity.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got one more city before The City of Brass so we’ve got time to polish up on our skills to fight Atreyu again,” Millicent encouraged.

“Wait a second, I almost forgot,” I said as I dug into my pocket.

“Forgot what?” asked Amberlin.

“Lily gave me this Summoning Gem back in Sapphire Town,” I said as I pulled it out. “I’ve never got around to actually using it. I wonder if…ah!”

Like with Ifrit, there was a flash of light before I was transported to another dimension. This time, I was taken to an icy tundra, with snow whipping around me and the cold wind rippling through my clothes like a knife

“Jesus, its cold,” I shivered.

“And who might you be?” a female voice from behind of me asked.

I turned to face her. Standing at about eight feet tall, with skin so pale it looked blue, shining blue eyes, and beauty unmatched throughout the Universe, this could only be Shiva, the Goddess of Ice.


(The Goddess Ice-Shiva)

“My name is Lance, Sir…I mean, Miss,” I stammered.

“Where is Lily?” she asked. “What have you done with her?”

“Lily? She’s fine,” I said. “She gave you to me as a lucky charm.”

“I see,” said Shiva. “Then what are you waiting for?”


“The Tract, there is only one way to form a Tract with me,” Shiva explained.

“And what would that be?” I asked nervously.

Secret Ritual or something?

Shiva stepped closer to me, towering above me. It was strange having to look so far up at a woman. I barely came up to her breasts...I mean her chest.

Without warning, she swooped down and kissed me right on the lips, sending an icy cold chill all throughout my body.

“The Tract is complete,” she sighed.

“Wait,” I coughed. “That was the Tract?”

“Yes, it has been quite some time since a man has entered my domain, so I decided a kiss would be appropriate for this.”

“Oh, lucky me,” I said.

“Twice a month is your limit,” she said. “But don’t be afraid to spend the night here with me sometime, Lance.”

There was another flash of bright light and I was brought back to the Village.

“You’ll never believe what happened,” I exclaimed as I tried to rid my mouth of the icy cold frost.

“She kissed you,” Millicent and Trinity sighed with a blank look on their faces.

“How did you—?”

“You’re too easy, Lance,” said Amberlin…

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