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Chapter 24 (v.1) - The Eastern Swamp

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Submitted: October 14, 2014




The Eastern Swamp:


(The Eastern Swamp-A Marshland that houses all sorts of mysterious creatures and wildlife. It can get rather cold on some days, with the Temperature getting as low as 33 Degrees on some days.)


“Something’s wrong,” I said.

“What is it?” Millicent asked me.

“That Hover-Mobile is smoking,” I observed. “Bring us over boy.”

The Dragon roared and turned to get closer to the Hover-Mobile.

“What’s going on Lance?” Hugo asked as he rolled down the window.

“The Hover-Mobile,” I told him. “There’s smoke coming from it.”

“Oh shit,” said Hugo. “We’ve gotta land!”

“Okay,” I replied.

The Dragon and the Mobile itself lowered down to the Swamps below.

“What’s wrong?” asked Trinity as she got out of the Hover-Mobile.

“Hold on,” said Hugo as he walked around the back. “Yup, one of the rotors are shot. Those jets must have nicked her.”

“You must be a pretty good Pilot to outmaneuver jets,” said Millicent.

“Well, I’m a Pilot, Scientist, Engineer, Technician, and a Part-Time Philosopher,” Hugo listed. “I’m a talented man.”

“Ah, of course,” said Amberlin. “You’re full of yourself!”

“Hey, shut up you!” yelled Hugo as he pointed a screw driver at her. “You and your sarcasm have been driving me insane for the past three hours!”

“Good to see that you’re getting along with everyone,” I said with a laugh.

“So Mr. Tech, what do you plan to do from here?” Millicent asked.

“Why does everyone keep calling me Mr. Tech?” Hugo exclaimed. “It’s Hugo!”

“Sorry,” Millicent said quickly.

“I wanted to head back home to my wife," Hugo continued. "What are you guys after?"

“Atreyu Moon,” I stated.

Hugo almost dropped his tool at the sound of his name. That was the impact Atreyu had on people. Before he turned…well…evil, he was the most well-known man alive. His feats and accomplishments are Legendary both in and out of the Military.

“I used to work with the guy,” Hugo stammered as he picked his tools back up. “I didn’t know you guys were after him.”

“That’s right,” I said. “Didn’t you help him back when he was…Temporarily-Discharged?”

“Correct,” Hugo responded. “Back when President Diamond’s Second-Wife was Assassinated, he was framed for the Murder, and imprisoned. I was part of the group that helped to break him out and assist him with striking back at the Corrupt Officials in the Diamond Government. Little did we know, in order to eliminate corruption in Diamond, you’d have to do nothing short of dropping a Nuke right on the Diamond Building. And even then, I’m sure there are a few snakes that would slither in and overtake Crisis again.”

“I never liked my Step-Mother,” pouted Millicent. “She used to yell at me!”

“You were probably misbehaving,” I pointed

“H-hey!” Millicent yelled.

“Yeah, I’ve heard the rumors,” said Trinity. "Many people call the day of her death, 'Diamond's Darkest Hour.' She was a Woman that everyone adored. The problem was most likely you Millicent."

"Indeed," said Lucifer. "Lady Diamond was wise beyond her years, and kinder than any person you'd ever meet."

“Okay, so I was a little rebellious in my younger years, but still, she was so mean!” stated Millicent.

“Now that I think about it,” Hunter added. “Wasn’t her name…Emily Diamond?”

“Yeah,” I answered

“They say she was killed because some suspected that she was having a secret affair with Atreyu,” Hugo revealed.

“What?!” Millicent exclaimed. “How did I not know this?”

“This information is so classified that the man who wrote up the file had to shoot himself in the head to keep it secret,” I said. “The only man who was allowed to know about it was President Diamond himself. Espionage and Black Ops aren’t as glamourous as they make it look in the movies. There’s no way you’d ever know, even if you were the President’s Daughter.”

“Well that’s just wrong!” Millicent shrieked.

“Shit!” Hugo yelled. “This is going to take me longer than I thought. Man, we’re going to be here for a while.”

“Okay, we should get camp set up,” I sighed…


The Blue Dragon curled up and settled down for a nap as we made preparations for camp. As everyone went about doing their normal routines, Hugo found a tree trunk to lie down on and lit up a cigarette from a pack he had in his Hover-Mobile.

“Um, Mr. Hugo,” said Trinity as she approached him. “Normally we divide the chores for setting up camp.”

“No need to worry about me, I set up easy,” Hugo said simply. “I can fall asleep right here.”

“Well…it would be nice if you could help out,” she replied. “Some of us would go get firewood or fetch water while others would start getting dinner together.” As she said that, the Blue Dragon exhaled a small stream of ember to light the piled firewood to instantly light it. “See? Even the Dragon does his share too.”

“I dunno what your deal is toots,” said Hugo. “Weren’t you getting along just fine without me?”

Trinity paused.

“Oh,” Trinity murmured. “I guess it’s alright since you’re new.”

“Trinity,” Millicent said from over at the fire. “I need your help with dinner.”

“Coming Millicent!”

Dinner was ready in about a half an hour. Rose found some edible mushrooms and threw it into the pot of beef stew that was simmering over the fire and Amberlin was able to pick up some natural seasonings to put in. There were a surprisingly large amount of edible plants here for it being a swamp.

“Ah,” Hugo sighed as he walked over to Millicent, who was sharing out servings into separate bowls. “Smells delicious.”

“Thank you,” Millicent smiled. “I did my best. Here you go.”

“Thanks,” said Hugo.

“Would have been ready faster if you just helped out a little,” Trinity muttered as she blew over a steaming spoonful of her stew.

“Are you still sore about that?” Hugo asked.

“Don’t worry, she’s like the Group Mom,” said Amberlin. “Every night she tells me ‘Amberlin, did you make sure to eat your vegetables?’ She nags at everyone.”

“Humph!” Trinity scoffed.

“So…anyone got a funny story to tell?” asked Millicent.

“Hmm,” began Jackson. “One time I ate this Tin of Hugo’s Anchovies out at Sea when I got stranded. That shite gave me diarrhea!”

“I invented that,” Hugo said. “Hence the name, Hugo’s Anchovies. The formula for the sauce to keep the fish fresh longer was of my design…one that I’m quite proud of.”

“Oh,” Jackson gasped. “A strange place we find ourselves.”

“Yeah,” Hugo laughed. “Bit of an awkward moment.”

“Humph,” Trinity scoffed again. “You wanna talk about awkward moments? One time during sex Lance called me Bill.”

“T-t-Trinity,” I exclaimed.

This caused everyone to laugh loudly.

“Lance, you were thinking about ploughing MEN while you were getting a piece of a lass like Trinity?” Jackson exclaimed. “Does this reveal some inner…desires of yours lad?”

“N-no!” I yelled. “I was drinking and I wasn’t myself and—

“You were in me for all of two minutes before turning over and heading to sleep,” Trinity grumbled.

“Wow,” said Amberlin. “To be honest Lance, I’m quite surprised with you.”

“I was thirteen!” I yelled. “What do you expect?!”

“If we are discussing funny stories,” Rose started. “Shall I share the time that I turned purple after eating strange berries? Father was so worried that when I eventually recovered, he declared it as a time of celebration!”

Everyone finished dinner soon afterwards and we all settled down for a good night’s rest. However, our sleep did not go uninterrupted. Around midnight, we heard the thunderous runble of large footsteps. I opened my eyes and sat up slowly, only to see a large Red Dragon slowly pit pattering towards us.


(The Red Dragon)

The Blue Dragon either heard or smelt it, and suddenly became alert. As it saw the Red Dragon, it got up. A fight looked to start up, but I scrambled to my feet and ran in between the two circling Dragons.

“Hey, hey, hey,” I said as I held my hands out. “Take it easy you two!”

“What happened?!” Trinity exclaimed as she got up.

“Another Dragon,” I explained.

“Lance, you must stop!” Rose yelled. “You should not interfere!”

“Rose, the last thing we need is for these two to level the upper half of this Continent fighting each other,” I said.

“No,” Rose said quickly. “This is their Welcoming Ritual!”

“The what?” everyone else exclaimed.

“It is customary for Dragons familiar to one another to circle each other as a form of greeting,” Rose said.

As she said that, they both did indeed look happy to see one another, and so I stepped out of the way and let them come together. In less than a second they…well, it looked like a hug a creature lacking arms would use. The two then pressed their heads together and began to rub gainst one another.

“Wow,” said Amberlin. “Looks like that’s his woman!” Suddenly, a small, Purple Dragon that couldn’t be any bigger than a House Cat appeared out of nowhere and flapped its little wings vigorously to greet his father. “And they got busy! Look at the little guy!”


(The Purple Dragon)

“Aww,” Trinity and Millicent sighed. “He’s so cute!”

The Purple Dragon circled around his father’s head a few times before cuddling closer to his him…


“My cute, brave boy is all grown up,” Millicent said as she scratched the bottom of The Blue Dragon’s chin. “Yes you are, yes you are,” she cooed.

“Lance,” said Trinity. “I wonder…could we be more like them?”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I mean if we grew some scales then maybe—

“No dummy,” she said as she punched me on the shoulder. “I mean…we could learn a thing or two from the parent Dragons. Look how happy they were to see one another. Why can’t we be more like them?”

“Trinity, I…I’m not uh…sure what to say to that,” I said.

“Ugh, you’re so terrible at love talk,” Trinity said with a roll of her eyes.

“Always have been,” I replied…

Even by noon the next day, Hugo still could not get his Hover-Mobile started, no matter how hard he tried. Because we were stuck, I decided it would be best to get Millicent better at fighting. The two of us journeyed out deeper into the Swamps. There were plenty of armed dead bodies to be found out here. It was morbid, I know, but I worried about her sometimes, so I needed her to be ready for the sticky situations we often found ourselves in.

“What’s this about Lance?” Millicent asked me as she stepped over a fallen tree trunk.

“I wanted to start teaching you how to use a Sword,” I replied. “We probably aren’t going to find anything too high caliber out here but something is better than nothing.”

“What about…this one?” Millicent asked as she bent down to a corpse.

There was a Sword wrapped in a gray cloth clutched in its skeletal clutches.

“It’s wrapped up,” I said as I stood behind of her to get a look at it. “Hey, maybe it might not be rusty!”

I reached forward and pried it from the crusty fingers of the corpse and unwrapped it. It was a Rapier with a Brown Hilt and a Silver Guard that tangled its way into the Pommel, which was Silver as well.


(Millicent's Rapier)

“It looks good,” said Millicent as she reached for the blade.

“Be careful,” I warned her as I turned it around and handed it to her.

Millicent took it and began to swing it around childishly.

“Watch it!” I exclaimed as I ducked under a swing. “You’ll take someone’s eye out!”

“So when do we start?” Millicent asked me excitedly. “I wanna fight and flip around like in those old Samurai Movies!”

“Now that takes years of practice,” I said.

"Years?!" she moaned.

"Exactly, Swords aren't toys," I stated. "One wrong move and you can end up with a nasty cut, or you can lose a few fingers."

“But…we don’t have years, I’ve gotta get better as soon as possible!”

“I know, that’s why we’re starting now,” I concluded.

“Okay,” Millicent replied.

“The thing about learning The Way Of The Sword is that you always have to keep three things in mind: Body, Mind, and Technique, BMT as I like to call it.”

“That’s one letter off from BLT,” Millicent giggled.

I paused.

“I suppose you’re right,” I said. “BMT, BLT…hmmm…I’m hungry now.”

“Shall we get lunch?” Millicent asked me.

“Yeah...wait, no no,” I said quickly. “Quit distracting me with food!”

“Oh, forgive me Senpai,” said Millicent.

“As I was saying,” I continued. “Your Body comes into play when it comes to actually swinging your Sword. To properly use a Sword, you must have Strength and Speed, all of which come from your physical body. Your Mind is equally as important. Without having any tactics, you won’t be able to think up ways to search for holes in an enemy’s defense. And finally, Technique comes into play when it comes to your form. Believe it or not, where and how you stand in a duel can drastically alter the outcome of a battle. Now, show me your stance,” I ordered as I folded my arms.

Millicent nodded, widened her feet apart, and held her Rapier with both hands right in front of her.

“How’s this?” she asked me.

I unfolded my arms and walked over to her.

“You have a firm stance,” I said. “It’s rigid and full of holes, but it’s more than I expected from someone who has no experience.”

“So…it’s a good thing?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “Now, here, a Rapier is usually held with one hand, you wouldn’t swing it with two. In fact, you wouldn't use it like a typical Sword."

“So how do I use this thing?” Millicent asked.

“Rapiers are more attuned for Thrusting,” I answered. “It’ll be kinda weird teaching you how to use it because Rapiers utilize a completely different style than a Katana. Katanas’ are better for Cutting and Slashing. Even clipping someone in the arm can possibly cleave it off. They’re incredibly deadly.”

“I don’t want this thing anymore!” Millicent yelled as she looked down at it. "It sounds boring!"

“No, don’t get discouraged, a Rapier is just as deadly as a Katana. While I’m more suited for Cutting, you seem to be the type that would grasp Thrusting quickly. With a Rapier, you can poke your enemy full of holes before they can even attack due to its speed and length. A Rapier can deliver precise stabs, and when combined with its reach, all you’d need is a single counterattack to puncture an artery or go through the throat.”

“Okay,” said Millicent. “I think I got all of that down, so what do I do with this hand?” she then asked me. “Since I’m only using this with one hand.”

“Usually, a Parrying Dagger is held in the Off-Hand to boost defense and decrease the likelihood of injury. If your enemy countered you on your unarmed side and you know you couldn’t react with your weapon in time to block, your first instinct is to block with your hand. That’s just asking to lose a couple of fingers. Unless you held your hand behind your back like what you see those fancy guys in Fencing Tournaments do, you’re likely for injury. A Parrying Dagger can not only give you another weapon to block with, but with some Dagger designs like the Trident-Dagger, you can disarm your enemy and go for the kill.”

“Should I get one?” Millicent asked me.

“Nah, I think you’ll be fine,” I said. “Okay, first I want you to defend against a strike…”


“Where have you two been?” asked Amberlin as we finally returned after a few hours. “Been uh…been rolling around in Swamp Water for a couple of hours?”

“No,” said Millicent. “Lance has been teaching me how to use a Sword.”

“If by use a Sword you mean how to jack him off, well then I’d say you’re a filthy girl,” Amberlin said.

“Oh come on,” Millicent exclaimed. “What’s so strange about two people out in the middle of nowhere spending some time together in the bushes?”

“Oh I bet you guys were spending time in the bushes,” said Amberlin. “And by bushes I mean your reproductive organs. And by your reproductive organs I mean the thing between your knees. And by the thing between your knees, I mean your Vagina. And by your Vagina I mean…well it doesn’t get any more frank than that.”

“Hugo, how’s it looking?” I asked him.

“She should by fine by tomorrow morning,” he concluded. “She isn’t gonna last much longer, I’d say she can get us to the next town at the very least, but she’s history after that.”

“What’s the next town anyways?” Hunter asked.

“I think it’s the uh…The Permafrost Station actually,” said Millicent. “It’s not exactly a ‘town’, but we can definitely stock up on supplies while we’re there, and see if we can get a Snow Mobile.”

“A Snow Mobile huh?” Hugo asked. “You got the Credits for those? They’re normally about 800,000 Credits a pop.”

“We don’t have that much to spare,” I said. “Not if we want to eat at least.”

“I need to get to an ATM, but I think I can get the Money for it,” said Hugo.

“Are you sure?” I asked him. “That would be really helpful but…I can’t ask you to give up Money like that to total strangers—

“Lance, you saved my life,” Hugo said. “Where I come from, that means you’re my friend, and friends look out for each other. I’ve been thinkin’…and I want to come with you guys. Atreyu was a close friend of mines once upon a time, and he was a good man—no…a GREAT man. The man he used to be would want me to help put an end to the monster he has become. At least that’s what I think.”

“Thanks,” I said…

And from that moment on, we gained a ninth member to our group...


~~~End Of The Eastern Nation Arc~~~


A/N: We're about 25% done with the Story now (Whaaaat?! Only 25% you say?!). Alot of good things are coming up. I know this Chapter was pretty mellow compared to the last hectic one, but things are gonna heat up again real soon! Once again, THANK YOU for reading! You have no idea how much it means to little ol' me! Just like with the last Arc Finale, I've got a few questions if you don't mind!

1. Who is your favorite character overall? (I know I asked this last time, but this time, tell me why!)

2. Is the Story interesting at all for you? Is it coming together nicely? If no, let me know what I can improve on. Heck, even if you like it, tell me what you'd want to see more of. Any and all suggestions mean that you generally want to see this Story succeed and I want to make this as good a Story as possible. This is my biggest project in the entirety of my Writing Career so I'd love some legit feedback.

3. Team Lancity (Lance and Trinity) or Team Lancent (Lance and Millicent)? And tell me why! (Note that I won't change the course of the Romance based on preferred couplings, I just ask that to see if the whole Love-Triangle Sub Plot is as engaging as I'd like it to be!)

On another note, starting in the next Arc, I'll be adding in Theme Songs that I would like you to take a listen to at the beginning. From now on, I'll be putting it up as a link that'll be seen at the beginning of the first Chapter for each new Arc. I'd like for you all to take a listen to those before you start reading it because I feel it'll help set the mood for the overall Arc, and give you an idea of what it'll be like in terms of emotion. They're all in Japanese though...he-he-he...sorry! But lighten up, they're catchy tunes! If you're uninterested and/or feel that it messes up your pace despite my best efforts, feel free to ignore 'em!


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