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Chapter 35 (v.2) - A Perfect Storm

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Submitted: November 01, 2014



A Perfect Storm:


I swung my Cutlasses wildly at Lamorak and he struggled to hold off my blows.

“How’s this?!” I boasted as I swung at him. “And this?!”

“Tch,” Lamorak grunted as he barely managed to deflect my attacks.

“Wow,” said Lance. “Jackson might really have a shot at this.”

“That guy’s a pushover!” yelled Amberlin. “Kick his ass Jackson!”

“You aint so tough!” I yelled. “Let’s finish this quick eh?!”

I jumped forward and prepared to finish him with my next attack.

“This is impossible,” Lamorak yelled. “This is…it’s…it’s…such a joke.”

As I brought both of my Cutlasses inwards towards his head, he disappeared from my sight and I felt one of his Swords slash me across the back. My leather vest took the brunt of it, but I was still bleeding a little. I spun around and sent my right Cutlass at him, but Lamorak stepped out of the way and swung upwards to slash me across the chest.

“He was playing him?!” Amberlin yelled.

“You weren’t paying much attention,” said Lucifer. “Notice that Knight didn’t move from his initial position at all.”

“Shit,” said Lance. “I should have noticed that.”

“What does it mean?” asked Trinity.

“It means that he was able to defend against Jackson’s attacks without moving,” Lucifer answered. “During a Sword Duel, it is usually encouraged that you take a step back when overwhelmed.”

“Unless, of course, you were aiming for a Counter Attack,” Lance cut in.

“Yes,” Lucifer continued. “That man did not move from his spot at all…meaning—

“He redirected Jackson’s attacks through sheer strength!” Amberlin exclaimed.

“You have no technique, no form,” said Lamorak. “How did you ever think that you could match me?”

“Well,” I grunted as I clenched my Cutlass tighter. “I’ve fought bigger louts than you.”

“Size does not matter,” Lamorak said

“Funny thing is your Mother disagrees,” I taunted.

That caused everyone on my side to laugh.

“No she would not!” Lamorak roared angrily as he pointed his Sword at me. “My Mother was a Saint!”

Good, I got under his skin!

I ran up to him, knocked his Sword out of the way with my Left Cutlass and cut him across the stomach with my Right Cutlass. Blood sprayed from his front as he staggered backwards, clenching his teeth as he did so.

“I…I can’t believe I fell for that,” Lamorak grunted. “Dirty trick.”

“I’m a Pirate,” I boasted. “These things are within our boundaries lad.”

“Dishonorable,” Lamorak said. “Let’s see you talk your way out of this!”

Lamorak dashed forward and swung his Sword at me multiple times, forcing me to block all of them as best I could. He punched me with the Hilt of his Sword which made me stumble back. Lamorak somersaulted forward and planted both of his feet into my chest, which backed me into the wall. Lamorak then began to cut me multiple times with his Swords. I think I lost track after four…or was it six? Either way, my coat was doused in blood by the end of his barrage.

He brought both of his Swords inwards towards my head, but I held both of my Cutlasses out to block them, and head-butted him in the face. I then cut him across the chest with my Left Cutlass, struck him in the knee with the Pommel of my Right Cutlass to make him hunch down, brought my own knee up to hit him in the nose, and tried to finish him with an attack to his neck, but he used his Quick Movement to get out of the way. He re-appeared a few feet away, and I wasted no time in closing the distance with him to clash blades with him once more.

“Hey, you know, this fight started out kinda one-sided, but Jackson is really holding his own out there,” said Amberlin as she watched the two of us battle.

“Lamorak is a good Swordsman,” Lucifer observed. “But he lacks diversity. Jackson may not have form, but he has a wide array of moves at his disposal. They match each other quite nicely.”

“A Perfect Storm,” said Lance.

Our blades locked for a second before we both jumped back. We both panted as we glared at one another, trying to think of a next move.

“You’re a canny one up close,” I sneered as I sheathed my Cutlasses. “How about a little Gun-Play?”

“What?” Lamorak asked.

I pulled out one the two Pistols strapped to my side and fired quickly.

The shot struck him in the chest, and blood sprayed out onto the floor.

“You wanna know what I was most feared for upon The Blue Ocean?” I asked as I spun my Pistol around my fingers. “For being the lad with the fastest draw.”

“I couldn’t even tell when you drew,” Lamorak grunted. Next thing I knew, the ground started shake. “I will tell you this, Pirate,” said Lamorak. “Even with all of your travels over The Blue Ocean…I doubt you will have seen anything that comes even close to what I’m about to show you.”

“Oh no,” Lucifer muttered.

“What is it?” asked Trinity. “What’s he about to do?”

“I dunno,” said Amberlin. “But—

“That’s a lot of Power he’s building up,” Lance finished.

“It’s like he’s pulling it out of nowhere!” Amberlin yelled.

“The most fearsome ability that the Knights Of The Round discovered is the technique of tapping into unexplored Pools of Power within the Soul,” Lucifer explained. “The Swords you see them using now aren’t even their real blades. They’re so incredibly powerful that they must constantly expend Mana to keep their true Powers masked.”

“Oh man,” said Amberlin. “This is bad.”

“Be careful Jackson,” said Trinity. “If there was ever a time to pull out an Execution, it would be now.”

Lamorak turned both of his Swords out and connected the ends together.

“Come Together,” said Lamorak. “Perun!”

There was a swirl of light that surrounded the lad for a few seconds before it dissipated, sending a shockwave out. When I saw Lamorak next, he was garbed in heavy Armor, with a brown cape, and most fearsomely, a six foot Battle Axe that was crackling with Lightning.


(The Axe Of Lamorak-Perun)

“Where the devil did the Axe come from?” I asked.

“This,” said Lamorak as he held the weapon in front of him with just one hand. “Is my True Weapon. Prepare yourself, Pirate; this will likely be your last battle.”

Lamorak brought the edge down onto the ground and sent a Shockwave of Electricity at me. I held out both of my Cutlasses to block the wave. Try as I might to fend it off, even as the sparks from the attack burnt my fingers, it was not enough. The Shockwave blew up in my face and singed my entire body before sending me up into the air. Lamorak then used Quick Movement to get behind of me, and he then swung the Axe at me, gashing my back open, and sending me towards the ground.

I rolled forward to break my fall and turned around to face him as he brought the Axe down at me. Holding both of my Cutlasses out to block his attack, the ground crumbled beneath of my feet as he overpowered me with only one hand. I couldn’t hold the attack off, and the Axe broke through my defense, slashing my down the left side of my torso. As I staggered backwards, blood streaming out of me from the front, Lamorak straightened up and slung the Axe over his shoulder.

“When a Knight calls forth his True Weapon,” Lamorak began. “We gain an immense boost in Speed, Strength, and Durability. We represent the peak of human achievement. One such as you could never match me at full Power.”

I grunted as I drew the Pistol that hadn’t been fired yet around my hip and fired it at him. Even with that giant Axe, his swing didn’t lose any speed, and he easily deflected it.

“Damn it,” I grunted.

He leapt forward at me, but I quickly whipped out one of the Pistols strapped across my chest and fired that one. Before the bullet could even reach him, Lamorak was in my face and completely unhurt.

“Didn’t I say it’s useless?!” he roared as he hit me in the face with an open palm.

I was sent flying backwards and into the wall behind of me, feeling as though I had just been crushed by a boulder. I panted heavily as my vision blurred, feeling the blood pouring from open wounds on my forehead sting my eyes.

I couldn’t beat this lad in a fair fight…

I had one shot in my Pistol left…

And I was about to collapse from my wounds…

How could I still beat this lout?

“Well,” I sighed. “I can only think of one thing.”

“Try it,” Lamorak sneered as he began to run at me.

I smirked as I ran forward to him as well. Lamorak swung his Axe forward, and I made no attempts to block the attack. The edge sunk its way in between my ribs, making me cough up blood.

“You aren’t even giving an effort anymore,” Lamorak laughed.

“That’s…where you’re wrong,” I said with a smirk.

I sunk my Cutlass into his right arm before letting go of it and holding his right wrist. With nothing to defend himself, I sent my Right Cutlass forward towards his throat. Lamorak gasped and held his left palm out to try and block it, but even with his increased durability, my Cutlass was able to pierce his hand and enter his throat.

He let go of his Axe as he took a few wobbly steps, trying to breathe as he suffocated a mouthful of his own blood.

“You…you dirty,” he gargled.

“Sorry mate,” I panted as I pulled out my last Pistol. “You just aint as cunning as me.”

Even if he was some super powerful Knight, I’m sure a bullet blasted through his skull at Point Blank would take him down. I pulled the trigger, and the last round piece of lead I had went right in between his eyes before exiting at the back of his head, chunks of blood and brain matter splattering all over the floor as Sir Lamorak breathed his last…



“Jackson, you slippery son of a bitch!” Amberlin cheered.

“Yes!” Trinity cheered as she clapped. “Yes!”

Jackson grunted as he pulled the Axe from in between his ribs.

“Oi!” he yelled. “Does someone really have to confirm that this lobcock is dead? There is a bloody hole where his brain should be!”

“Forgive me Sir,” said the short man. “Death MUST be confirmed before we declare Victory.”

“Someone just get me fucking bottle of Rum, I’ll be back on my feet in an hour…or two.” He vomited up blood before falling down to his knees. “And get me some…what do they call it…some…Whiskey too! How the devil could I forget about Whiskey?!”

“Sir Lamorak of the 6th Seat…is dead,” said the short man. “The Victory goes to Jackson Kent…the limey Pirate.”

“Hey, fuck you…you undergrown…foot fungus!”

With his latest insult out of the way, Jackson collapsed. Once again, as the women took Jackson away to the side of us for healing, the tension grew as we waited with baited breath for who would have to step into the Battle Arena.

I was happy, don’t get me wrong, but I was nervous. If even one of the Knights’ ranked 5 and above stepped forward, it would be between me and Lucifer. The thing was, I only knew #5, which was Gawain, and #1…which was obviously Lancelot. How would I know who would be the best to send out?

“I’ll go next,” said one of the other Knights as he stepped forward. “I request that the most intellectual of you comes forth!”

“Well,” Amberlin sighed as she rolled her sleeves up. “Guess that’s gotta be me.”

“Shut up you idiot,” Hugo said as she stepped forward. “It’s obviously me.”

The two of them leapt down into the Arena and squared off with one another.

“Tech is the name,” said Hugo. “Hugo Tech.”

“Knight of the 9th Seat,” said the Knight. “Sir Percival.”

Sir Percival.jpg

(Knight Of The 9th Seat-Sir Percival)

Percival didn’t have a Sword like most of the other Knights, he had a Staff.

“Hey, he doesn’t have a Sword!” Amberlin yelled. “Give him a Sword!”

“No need,” said Percival. “This is a battle…of wits.” Percival then held out his Staff before letting it go, and it hovered there. “Expand,” Percival chanted. “Caduceus…”

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