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Chapter 42 (v.1) - The Conclusion Of A Battle Long Sought

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Submitted: November 12, 2014




*Theme Of Never Giving Up: Before My Body Is Dry, by Hiroyuki Sawano

*Theme Of The Battle's End: Recollection III, by Shiro Sagisu*



The Conclusion Of A Battle Long Sought:


The Knights Of The Round Table were so deadly, so fearsomely respected because of one reason. We were not Gods, we were not Spirits. We were simply Humans, Humans that represented the peak of what mankind could achieve, both in Mind and Body.

But there was a secret we all shared…

We are not as Powerful as we are now due to natural means. All 13 of us…were Marked. It was part of a Plan the King that we used to follow came up with, the famous King Arthur. Reaching forth into the vastness of the Cosmos, he summoned up Power far more than we could ever imagine. Shortly afterwards, The Seal Of Rah was created, as well as the branding of all 14 of us.

King Arthur, in the height of his Power as King, was once known as Sir Arthur, the man who sat on the First Seat of the round table. We were branded not in accordance to where we sat on the Round Table, but in the ranking of our Power. Neither Arthur nor Lancelot was the strongest.

No, it was someone that the two of them knew very dearly, someone that I once looked up to…and that individual was the most unlikely person to be considered the strongest Knight of all time…


“Gawain, darling, finish your food,” my Mother said to me.

“No!” I yelled. “I am not hungry, I long for battle. I wish to learn how to fight!”

My Mother exchanged looks with my Father, who got to his feet and walked around the table to me.

“Very well Son,” he said with a reassuring hand on my shoulder. “Finish your food, and I will teach you what it is to wield a blade.”

That night, Father taught me the basics of Fencing. I fared rather well against him, even though he was an Officer in the Queen’s Royal Army. I suspect he went easy on me because I was still just a child, but he said I had a knack for fighting, and those words were indeed sincere and honest.

But those were the last words my Father ever spoke to me in the calmness of a serene night…

They came for us, the robbers, the thieves, or whatever the fuck they called themselves…

Father’s Sword was still on his belt, which was slung up in our Kitchen, and he was left defenseless as the men shrouded in darkness came at my Parents in the night. I had a nightmare that fateful night, and Mother allowed me to sleep in their room.

I had to watch as my Father fell to a Sword through the chest, and my Mother slashed across the throat. The Thieves looked to me, disregarded my existence, and proceeded to rob our house of all valuables.

My Mother didn’t die from the injury to her neck.

She died because she suffocated on her own blood…

For forty-five minutes, I listened to her gargle in her own fluids, looking over at me with her twinkling silver eyes, unable to give me any last words, having to die without saying good-bye to her own son…

Two days later saw me walking out with my Fathers Sword slung over my shoulder, heading for Camelot…

“Gawain!” a girl yelled out to me. “Gawain!”

I turned around and looked at Gwen running towards me.

“Gwen,” I muttered.

“Where are you going?” she asked me.

“I’ve made up my mind,” I told her. “I’m gonna become a Knight, and I’m gonna change things around here…so that people like you and I won’t have to cry anymore.”

“But they say that it is impossible to join!” Gwen yelled. “And the journey to Camelot is dangerous on foot!”

“Then if I die, it wasn’t meant to be,” I said before turning around and walking out into the snowy morning…

“Wait, Gawain!” Gwen yelled as she ran to keep pace with me. “We travel together! I cannot imagine life without you!”



(Play Theme 1 Here)

As Lance’s blade was wrenched from my torso, I slowly fell backward.

Was this the end?

After everything I’ve been through, after all the hours I’ve spent pushing my body to the limit, I would find my death at the end of the blade of a child…

My hand lashed out and my fingers curled around Lance’s wrist so that I would stay standing.

“Everything I’ve done…in my whole life,” I panted. “Is not supposed to lead up to death by your hands Lance. I…I am the greatest Knight there ever was!”

I squeezed Lance’s wrist harder as my own Sword was plunged forward into his lower abdominal area. Wrenching it from his stomach, I kicked him and he was sent flying back to Titangel Castel. With another strike I sent at him, Lance was able to block it, despite his injuries.

They made me sick…all of them…

Looking at me like I was a waste of time, like a bump in the road they could just circle around.

I would show him…I would show them all that I am not just a waste of time, I would be the source of the greatest amount of pain they would ever experience in their miserable lives!

“Heh,” Lance laughed. “What’s the matter Gawain?! Upset that for once, someone is putting you in your place?!”

I sharpened my left bracer into a knife once again before sticking into Lance’s upper rib and breaking off the tip to leave it there. He spat up blood before stumbling back and falling to his knees.

“I don’t give a shit about all that!” I screamed at him. “You’ve never looked at me as an opponent, as a worthy adversary. No matter how much I beat you, you somehow keep thinking that you’re better than me. Well let me tell you something Lance Blade, in order to beat me, you must acknowledge that I am not a waste space, that I am not just another distraction, I am the man that will bring your life to an end because you refused to respect me as a combatant!”

I held Galatine in front of me as she glowed white.

I was going to defeat Lance Blade even if it killed me…



Gawain was able to launch a Knight Flash in the form of a long beam of light that pushed me far back and into the rubble of the sections of Titangel Castle that our battle destroyed.

“I call this Knight-Thrower!” Gawain screamed as I fought to knock the beam off course. “This is the technique that I will use to defeat you…and then Sir Lancelot! Then everyone will acknowledge me, and know that I am worthy!”

I planted both of my feet into the ground and used all of the strength I had to slice it in half, the energy dispersing into thin fragments of light.

“You want to be acknowledged, so that people won’t thing you’re just another distraction?” I asked. I looked up and glared at him. “Then get in line, because I feel the same way!”

“Knight Thrower,” Gawain yelled as he sent another one at me.

This time, I swung my Sword at the beam and stopped it before plunging forward, using my Sword to cut through the attack and get me closer to Gawain.

“Ever since that day you beat me, I’ve thought of nothing but how I would pay you back!” I roared. “I wanted to prove to you that I’m not just some other fool who couldn’t stand up to a Knight, I would make you realize that the pitiful fighter you destroyed is actually the man who would defeat you!” My hands were starting to bleed, but it didn’t stop me from pushing on through. “So I will fight, and I will beat you Gawain. Then, I’m gonna beat Lancelot. And then, I’m going after Aurora, and make her pay for what she did to Millicent. And then I’ll beat Atreyu!” My arms were getting rattled with scratches as I still fought to fight through Gawain’s attack. The only thing keeping me going now was pure strength of will. “After all this is over, after I’ve rectified my worst mistake, I’m taking ALL OF MY FRIENDS HOME WITH ME! All of their lives are riding on my shoulders!” As I said that, images of my friends flashed across my mind, giving me even more strength to overpower Sir Gawain’s greatest attack. “All of the people I love are counting on me to get them through this! So I can’t lose to you Gawain! I WONT lose!” After giving it everything I had, I sliced through to the opposite end of Gawain’s attack, right at the tip of his Sword. I watch the shocked look that his face was playing as the most impossible feat he had ever seen concluded with the next attack I sent him. "HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" I screamed as I swung my Sword and gave him a deep cut down his front; concluding with a strike that created a grand explosion, one that ended my battle with Sir Gawain once and for all...

Giant Explosion 2.gif


(Play Theme 2 Here)

The explosion from my last attack to Gawain created a crater behind of him that ran so deep, that I couldn’t even see where the sand that was drizzling in from the sides pool together at the bottom.

Gawain’s entire body glimmered red as he struggled to get out the last words in his mouth.

They say that Swordsmen of equal strength, upon crossing Sword with one another, they could read into the others emotions. I didn’t know if that was true or not, but Gawain give me the hardest battle that I ever had to fight, and the glimpse I got of the two bloodied figures lying on the ground must have meant something important.

“You…son of a…bitch,” Gawain cursed as he closed his eyes and started to fall backwards.

He was about to fall down into the crater, but I seized him by the scruff of his collar and stopped him from meeting his end in a ditch. I would respect this worthy foe with dignity.

I laid his body down to rest on the ground, his Sword still clenched tightly in his fingers.

“Gawain,” I muttered as I straightened up. “You DID leave a mark on Crisis…I’ll never forget this battle with you.”

With a final look at his body, the last remnants of my Killer Instinct wore off as I turned around and leapt across the crater to get back to Millicent. Lily ran down the stair amidst the last of the fighting and stood close behind of her, watching me grow closer and closer to them…

I came to a stop right in front of her, my head hung so low that my hair was covering my face.

“L-Lance,” Millicent began nervously. “I—

“I missed you,” I said suddenly. Millicent gasped as I raised my head up to smile at her. “I wanted to say that from the second I saw you.”

Millicent closed her eyes and smiled back at me.

“Me too!” she replied.

Next thing I knew, Lily hugged me around the middle and caused me to lose my footing.

“You dumb kid!” I yelled. “What if we fell into that crater?! I couldn’t carry you out in this condition!”

“I’m so glad Lance,” she sobbed into my chest. “I’m so glad that you’re alright.”

I smiled down at her before sighing.

“You’re actually kinda cute sometimes Lily…thanks.”

I walked her back over to Millicent, who was beaming so brightly that her face looked like it was about to burst into fireworks.

“You alright?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she responded. “You should take a minute to rest Lance.”

“You know,” I said as I began to rotate my right shoulder. “Funny thing is, I’m not so much in pain as I am just winded. I feel like I just ran a marathon.”

“Haha,” Millicent giggled. “You haven’t changed at all, have you?”

“Hmm? Why would I change?” I asked her.

“No reason.”

Until recently, I didn’t realize that the Sun was beginning to set behind of me. Despite all of the carnage and destruction, it was quite a beautiful sight to behold, watching the fire orange glow reflect across the desert sky over Titangel Castle.

Holding my hand out to Millicent, I smiled at her again before speaking.

“Let’s go…all of our friends need us.”

“Right,” she said as she took my hand.

Without another word, the two of us looked back up to the Sunset before setting off…together, this time…


***End Of The Southern Desert Landmass Arc-Part I***




End Theme: Echoes, by Universe




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