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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Five Minutes

Submitted: December 08, 2014

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Submitted: December 08, 2014



Arc Theme: Velonica, by Aqua Timez





~~~The Southern Desert Landmass Arc-Part II~~~


Five Minutes:


Through the smoke and billowing flames, I stood there with half my tank top hanging by tatters, my right arm held forward in defense; the lack of pain and the sizzling black appearance of my flesh bearing as horrifying proof that my limb was now lost to me.

“Wow,” Elizabeth sighed. “You took such little damage from that, but I’m sure that you probably can’t use that arm anymore.”

“Damn it,” I whispered.

I raised my left fist to attack, to defend myself, whichever one came first. But Elizabeth was simply too quick for me, and in one final spurt of Quick Movement, she was in front of me burying the sharpened tip of her Rapier into my now softened chest. The thin piece of steel exited my body through my upper back, causing my body become dull and lifeless as mere seconds slugged on for what felt like years.

“To be honest, I’m very disappointed in you, Trinity Strong.”

Elizabeth twisted her weapon around inside of me and wrenched it out, carrying syrup thick streams of blood out along with it.

Finally at my limits and utterly defenseless, I fell to my knees before collapsing cheek-first onto the cold, hard, concrete floor.

“A shame,” Elizabeth complained. “And I was looking forward to a little exercise before Lunch.”

I heard her turn around, heard the clicking of her Leather Boots against the ground, heard the scraping of her Rapier’s tip along what little remained of the walls as I drifted away into the last sleep that rendered the concept of time utterly meaningless…

“Get up!” I heard a sharp voice ring out. “Get-Up!”

Time came to a halt, making everything that once moved about stand still.

“Master,” I coughed in a weak little voice. “Is that you?”

“Trinity,” the voice said softly. “Have you forgotten what I have taught you? Remember child, even if I am gone from this life—

“I can always come to you whenever I’m in need of guidance,” I finished.

Closing my eyes willfully this time, I felt the world shift and change around me, taking my Spirit somewhere where all the occurrences of the Universe could never impact…


My eyes opened to reveal to me a strange New World, one that consisted of nothing but a choppy ocean ravaged by the pounding of a terrible Rain Storm.

“Where am I?” I asked aloud.

“Ah, so you’ve finally opened your heart to me.”

With my skin turning pale white as snow, I turned around to see the almost holographic image of my Master Zulu.

(Master Zulu)

“Master,” I gasped.

“Hello Trinity,” Master greeted with a smile. “You have grown quite beautiful.”

“Where are we Master? How can I see you, how is it that I can speak to you? Is this…is this where I go to when I die?”

“Ho,” Master laughed. “This is a place where all of Time is meaningless, where only those who have mastered their body and spirit can enter. This…is the Outside.”

As if nothing ever changed, as if I wasn’t panging with sorrow over his untimely death, I found myself bowing on my knees, my fist facing downwards.

“Master, please,” I pleaded. “I need your Wisdom! I need your Strength!”

“My Dear Trinity, you have suffered a great deal. Your already fragile Heart has been shattered and reconstructed far too many times to count. But there is still a great deal of Love there…yes, you were always so loving to those closest to you…ah…Ho!” Master laughed once again. “Lance Blade still resides in the deepest portions of Affection. He has such a large place in your Heart…but I sense this has caused more harm than good I’m afraid. The poor boy is confused…he does not know what he wants yet out of life, out of those around him. He simply follows instinct…much like…Atreyu. Yes, yes, I can see that the two are more alike than they wish to imagine.”

“Lance is nothing like him!” I found myself yelling. “Atreyu is a monster, but Lance is kind, and loving and he…I’ve never met anyone so caring in my life.”

“Trinity, you must know, that a terrible darkness surrounds the child,” Master explained. “This is not of his own doing, but within him is a Power long thought to have been eradicated. All of us wire-walk on the brink of corruption, and for some, the rope is thinner for them than it is for others. It only takes the right change in the wind, just one bad day to push some over the edge, and into the Abyss of absolute Bloodlust.”

“Master, please,” I pleaded with him. “I just need you to—

“Ho!” he laughed over me. “Have you forgotten my Number 1 Rule? Listening—

“Is the loudest form of talking,” I recited shamefully as I hung my head back into the bowing position. “Forgive my outburst Master.”

“Good, good child, we are nearly there. Trinity, you must learn to look into yourself. Everyone holds the Power to go beyond their limits, all it takes is the courage to stare into the face of the Unknown and plunge yourself at it. Go, my greatest Apprentice…use it.”

“Master,” I exclaimed. “You mean…I can use it now?!”

“My Permission is granted…I know, I know you have been refusing to use it since I forbade the use of it…but you are entangled in a battle far more dangerous than before. Just remember…5 Minutes.”

“5 Minutes,” I repeated back to him…


Elizabeth walked away, humming the tune to some song as she completely disregarded our battle. That all changed, however, when she sensed that I had gotten to my feet.

“Sorry Elizabeth,” I told her. “I’ve been holding back this entire time with you.”

“Impossible…you had no pulse,” she exasperated.

A fist was grinded against the left side of her face. It was so powerful that the flesh on her face wrinkled up before she was sent catapulting against the wall in a shroud of dust and stone.

“Are you ready Elizabeth? We’re gonna finish this right here…right now…”



My abdomen pulsed painfully as a fresh squirt of blood dripped down my front.

“Lance, oh my God, you need a Healing Session right now,” said Millicent.

“It’s no problem,” I grunted. “I need to help Trinity and the others—

I stopped dead in my track as I felt a presence come over more. Becoming fearful with worry, I took Millicent by the arm with my free hand and put her behind of me as I turned around to face the threat.

To my absolute surprise, it was Sir Gawain, standing there panting, blood dripping from him as he struggled to remain upright.

“Don’t fucking write me off yet bitch,” he panted.

“Gawain, the fight is over, you’ve lost—

He did not listen to me, and instead, leapt towards me in a blind rage. Though I was injured, Gawain was in an even weaker state. With just my bare left hand, I grabbed him around the wrist of his striking arm and held his Sword at bay.

“You think that just because I fall down that you win?” Gawain asked. “What part of a Fight To The Death don’t you comprehend? You fight…and to win…your opponent dies!”

I ran my knee into the pit of his stomach and forced him down to his knees.

“Gawain, you lost. You have to get over it,” I told him. “I’m not going to kill a man just because he wants that to be the end of a fight. You cling to whatever life you have left, and live…stop having a death wish. And if that's too much for you, then I will fight you however many times you want. Whatever it is that you're shouldering that made you this way, I'll take it all on myself.”

“I’ll never forgive you,” Gawain grunted. “You bastard.”

Next thing I knew, Gawain was wrenched from my gasp by the power of a kick to his injured right kidney. He was sent rolling into the sand as I could do nothing but watch that his attacker was another one of the Knights…

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