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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Lance vs. Lancelot

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Submitted: December 12, 2014



Lance vs. Lancelot:


When the dust settled, there was a scratch on my cheek. Blood dripped from Lancelot’s sword as he maintained his poise.

“Damn, he nicked me,” I muttered.

“What’s wrong, Lance?” Lancelot asked me. “You should have evaded that one easily. Am I perhaps moving too fast for you?”

“Nah, I gave you that one,” I joked. “It was so painfully slow I had no choice but to get hit a little so that I didn’t hurt your feelings.”

To my surprise, he smirked.

“If that one was easy, then a skilled swordsman such as yourself should have no problem with me taking things up a few notches.”

Lancelot disappeared from view and came at me from the side. I flipped my katana around once and blocked his blow, but just barely. The strength behind of his strikes were almost overbearing, as if I were trying to stop a heavy vehicle at full speed with a flimsy pipe. He came at me with inhuman speed and precision, but I was able to keep up with him somewhat. I was even able to throw in a few attacks of my own at him.

As he dropped the sharp edge of his sword down, I had to backflip out of the way. He struck the ground so hard that it cratered. Despite his intimidating attack, he left himself wide open for a counterattack. Holding my sword above my head, I swung it forward, and launched a Moon Fang at him.

Lancelot lazily deflected it with a swing of his sword and dissipated it into small black shards. Still in the air, I planted both of my feet on a pillar and launched myself back in his direction. Though I swung at him with all my might, Sir Lancelot was able to easily block the blow while holding his sword with only one hand. In fact, he was able to shove me away with easily. I slid on the ground and he came at me again. Lancelot swung once but I took a step back to dodge it.

“Brace yourself, there’s more,” Lancelot warned.

He then proceeded to send multiple thrusts my way. They were all impossible to block, so the best that I could do was evade it. Lancelot’s speed was incredible, so incredible that his sword was becoming a blur.

“It’s alright,” I thought to myself. “He’s fast, but I can still keep up with him.” With this many strikes that he was sending at me, he was going get sloppy on at least one of them. All I had to do was look and wait…wait until I saw a chance to strike back at him. “There!” He switched from a thrust to right slash, and I caught every moment of it. I swiftly caught Lancelot’s wrist with my left hand and stopped his attack right in its tracks. Sir Lancelot widened his eyes in shock as I smiled. “I can see your movements, Lancelot.”

I raised my sword and dragged the cutting edge down his chest. The wind pressure from my strike knocked down a few pillars, but Sir Lancelot’s armor only cracked and shattered in the center, exposing his mid chest and his upper abdominal area. As soon as he composed himself, Lancelot backed away from me.

“So, I see you’ve struck me,” he sighed as he wiped the small trickle of blood from his chest.

“Damn,” I muttered. “Just barely nicked you huh? That armor of yours sure is tough. Oh well, at least I can keep up with you a lot better now. Last time I fought you, it was like I was shadow-boxing. I couldn’t keep track of your movements, couldn’t respond to your attacks, and I couldn’t even tell what type of form you were using. But now I…I dunno, maybe it’s because I’ve been here fightin’ you guys for so long I’ve gotten used to the way you fight. Or maybe you’ve just gotten kinda soft.”

Upon hearing the words leave my mouth, Lancelot dropped the point of his sword onto the floor and cratered the ground.

“Perhaps you are right, Lance Blade. Perhaps I have, as you put it, ‘gotten soft’,” Lancelot hissed. “Or perhaps I am indeed going much too easy on you and my decision to hold back has made you foolishly arrogant. You think you’ve got me figured out? Think you’ve cornered me? I have years on you, boy. I have stood before a thousand men and each one of them were superior to you in every way imaginable.”

The amount of power he was steaming off was overbearing, but at least I was able to get him rattled off a bit.

“Looks like I got under your skin a little,” I smirked.

“You have done more than get under my skin, boy,” he said.

With speed I never thought could be achieved, he dashed up to me and struck swiftly. I blocked it, but I was sent flying, sliding along with my shoes grinding into the ground.

“Damn it!” I thought. “That much power from one blow?”

Lancelot got around my back, but I was ready for him.

“I aint falling for that old trick,” I declared as I looked back. However, before I could even turn around completely, Lancelot had already dashed around my back again. “No way, how fast is this guy?!”

Even though I was reactive enough to turn around, I could not block the attack, and Sir Lancelot sliced me across the chest. I instinctively took a step back to decrease the damage dealt to me, but it didn’t stop him from giving me a scrape.

“Lance!” Millicent yelled. “Are you alright?!”

I stopped for a moment, panting heavily. It was a small wound, but it was a deep one, and I was bleeding profusely.

“I’m fine,” I breathed. “I’m just a bit winded, that’s all.”

“Winded?” asked Lancelot. “Do you think you’re getting a break?!”

“Don’t worry,” I grinned. “I've got more than enough breath in my lungs to take you."

At this point, Lancelot was becoming so annoyed with my sarcasm that he said nothing else. He came at me again, but this time, it was me that used quick movement. I got around his back and swung, but he dodged it easily.

Lancelot then swung upwards and knocked my sword off balance. My arm flung back, and I was left wide open for a seriously lethal blow. Lancelot took the chance to thrust his sword through my right shoulder. I was able to remove the blade from my shoulder and I swung back at him, but Lancelot dodged again before striking me across the face with roundhouse.

I tripped and rolled across the floor before jumping back up to my feet, Lancelot hot on my heels. I jumped out of the way of his next attack, flipped around and landed on another pillar.

“My turn!” I screamed as I jumped at him.

As if mirroring the exchange we had earlier, I began to swing wildly at him. But he didn’t dodge the attacks, he blocked them. Every single one of them. Though I roared and struck at him with all my strength, Lancelot was making child’s play out of me, deflecting each and every one of my attacks with poise and stature.

I raised my katana above my head and dropped it down on him. Though Lancelot blocked it, the wind pressure from our clash started to get out of hand. It got so bad that Millicent was forced to shield her face.

This started raising some concern on my part. This place was too small and cluttered for us to fight without getting Millicent hurt—

“Lance I’m fine!” she yelled suddenly, which caused me to look over at her. “Stop worrying about me, I’ll be alright. This is going to be the hardest fight you’ve fought so far, so you’ve got to give it all you’ve got. Don’t hold back just because you’re afraid I might get hurt!”

“Millicent,” I sighed.

However, I gasped a second later because the wall caved in next to her, and a large figure burst through.

“LANCELOT!!!” a loud and intimidating voice roared.

Lancelot looked away from me and towards the man or…the beast that burst in.

“Sir Jangen,” Lancelot said lazily. “You’ve woken up at last.”

“Pretty damn rude of you guys not to wake me up with you, you know I take a little while to get up and moving,” the man said.

“You were not needed,” Lancelot said. “Nor are you needed now, just go back to sleep—

“Aw come on,” Jangen pleaded. “I’ve been itchin’ to crush someone for centuries…eh?” he said as he saw Millicent on the ground next to him. “Whose this bitch? Can I kill her?”

“Kill her and your head will roll,” Lancelot told him. “She is the sister to our new Queen.”

“Damn,” Jangen groaned. “Any rules about having a little fun with her then? This one’s a looker—

“You get away from her!” I screamed as I tried to run around Lancelot. I got past him, but he used quick movement to stand before me once again. “Get outta my way!”

“No,” Lancelot said flatly.

“Move it!”

“Make me, boy,” Lancelot taunted.

Sir Jangen was a very tall and broad man. He was at least ten feet tall, and he was so large that he could probably fit Millicent’s petite frame in his palm. He was also wearing black armor.

As if a ten foot pervert wasn’t enough, from the darkness behind of Millicent, the figure of a battered and bruised female knight with a rapier emerged. She suddenly put Millicent in a headlock and pressed it against her neck.

“Found you,” she hissed.

“What is it now?” I asked.

“Trinity Strong,” the female Knight panted. “I’ll kill you!”

“I’m not Trinity,” Millicent gasped.

“That isn’t Trinity!” I screamed in agreement. "Let go of her!"

I hated to put Trinity under the bus and send this half-dead, axe crazy woman after her, but there were just too many people gunning for Millicent at the moment.

“Lady Elizabeth?” asked Jangen. “The hell happened to you?”

“Sir Jangen, you’re awake?” Elizabeth asked.

“Let go of me!” Millicent screamed.

“Get your hands off of her!” someone else suddenly screamed. “That’s my kill!”

Now another woman came in, looking to get at Millicent as well.

“Who is this slut?” asked Jangen.

Elizabeth threw Millicent on the ground and stepped up to the girl.

“Chastity, who do you think you are talking to me like that?” Elizabeth asked her.

“I don’t care what seat you sit on! That girl she…she’s responsible for Melanie dying!” Chastity yelled. “They couldn’t save her, so now she’s gone. And it’s because of her!”

“That wasn’t my fault!” Millicent screamed. “You two attacked me! Sir Gawain wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t hurting me!”

“Sir Gawain was smacking around some bitches?” asked Jangen. “Damn, I miss all the good stuff!”

“He will receive the proper punishment when this skirmish is taken care of,” said Lancelot.

“No point,” said Lady Gwen. “Sir Gawain is dead as well.”

“Sir Gawain is dead?” Jangen asked. “He was an idiot, but I sort of liked the guy. Had a nice sense of humor.”

“I did not know Gawain died,” Lancelot said. “Then who struck down Sir Constantine? I assumed it was one of them.”

“It was one man,” Lady Gwen said. “I thought I sensed an extremely powerful Presence here skulking around, but with all the power clashes occurring here, it was hard to keep track of, even if it was extremely large.”

Oh great, now someone else was here.

Could it have been the Shroud? Was he watching over me again?

Or maybe…


What if it was Atreyu looking for the Spiritual Pool? And worse yet, what if the Spiritual Pool was right here in Titangel Castle. That would mean we were sitting right on top of the damn thing for all this time and we could have gotten to it all along!

“Listen, I don’t care about all that!” I roared, desperate to end the conflict. All of the knights looked at me. “Have your tea party some other time! Just leave Millicent alone!”

“Who is that one?” asked Jangen. “Say, Lancelot, swap with me! He looks plenty strong!”

“Unnecessary,” Lancelot sighed. “Even if he’s powerful, you, the Black Knight, are not needed for this.”

“The Black Knight?” Millicent asked.

“Yes,” Lancelot replied. “From the beginning of time, everyone needs a person willing to take the dirtiest jobs. To do the wet works. That is his role. He is the unofficial fourteenth member of the Round Table.”

So perplexed that I became that Sir Lancelot saw the chance to smack me away with a swing of his sword.

“Now, about this little one,” said Jangen as he stooped down to Millicent.

He reached his large hand out to pick her up, but there was a sudden flash of steel, and next thing I knew, there was the dripping of blood from his palm.

“Get away from her, I’m the one whose gonna kill her,” Chastity yelled.

“Huh?” asked Jangen. “You’re a dirty little whore aren’t you? Hidin’ away that weird lookin’ sword in that skimpy dress!”

“No one knows what she took away from me,” Chastity hissed while turning around to face Millicent. “So I’ll be the one to kill her.”

Next, there was another flash of steel, and Chastity was stabbed through the shoulder by Elizabeth.

“How dare you raise your blade to a knight?!” Elizabeth roared.

I got up to my feet and brushed the crumbled rocks from off of me. Lancelot was hot on my heels, but I was able to launch three Moon Fangs at him back to back at him. While occupied with taking on three V-2 Executions (Which even for him, would prove difficult), I dashed up right past him to get to Millicent, but Sir Lancelot once again had to destructively show me up.

With his bare left hand, Lancelot blocked all three attacks, and pointed his Sword at me, readying a dark red Knight Flash. Without even having to look in my direction he timed his attack so perfectly that I got hit by it, leaving Millicent to continue dealing with the group of Knights.

“You,” Elizabeth hissed at Millicent as she took her by the neck. “You come with me, I need you as leverage. I’ll kill Trinity Strong for what she did to me!”

“I said let go of her!” Chastity screamed as she charged once again.

This time, Jangen could not be stopped. He scooped her up with one hand and put pressure on her body.

“You’re really pissin’ me off,” he roared.

“Stop it, stop it all of you!” yelled Millicent.

“Silence!” yelled Elizabeth as she grabbed Millicent by the head. “Bait has no right to talk!”

I had to once again get back up to my feet, but this time, I felt a trickle of blood falling down the side of my face. I was really getting’ banged up by this guy.

Sir Jangen continued to crush Chastity, but I didn’t care about her at all. What was concerning me was the fact that Lady Elizabeth was dragging Millicent by the hair towards the door.

“Millicent,” I yelled. “Just hang on, I’ll save you!”

Sir Lancelot appeared in front of me by using quick movement.

“No you won’t,” he said flatly.

Lancelot then struck at me once again.

I don’t think we could have been in a stickier situation. No matter how I struggled, I just couldn’t fight Lancelot with my full strength if I was worrying about Millicent getting hurt. I couldn’t do this by myself…

The answer to my prayers came in the form of blurred speed. Faster than the blink of an eye, Elizabeth’s arm around Millicent was removed, and Jangen was sliced up at least half a dozen times. A figure appeared before me, her katana held out to the side, her long dark hair rustling. She opened her eyes and I soon found myself looking into that nostalgic ruby twinkle that it had.

The next words that I uttered came out in a stutter.



The Northern Skirmish was a dreadful war that I served in about seven years ago, when I was still in the Army. The main series of events that made up that war happened right after I graduated from Boot Camp. I was in Graduating Squad 247, which numbered to about 106 Trainees. When graduating Military Boot Camp, the people who scored 95% and above were considered Honor Grads. For Graduating Squad 247, out of all 106 Cadets, only 10 of us made the appropriate scores to be Honor Grads. The Top Grad in Squad 247, the only person to score a perfect 100% in the history of the Diamond Military was Marlette Rosalia. I scored a 98%, and I was number two in our Squad.

Marlette was one the most skilled fighters I had ever seen in my life. I befriended her shortly after the Fall of the Yule District. While on the road after I left Diamond at the age of 14 to join the Military, I met her in between the Silver Mountains and Mythril Town, kinda at the same spot where I met Amberlin. From there, we were close friends, and afterwards, we became lovers.

It was strange, but being in a relationship where the two of you made a commitment to watch each other’s back for the enemy is one of the most heartbreaking as well as rewarding experiences a guy could ever ask for. That girl and I had a very long history of close calls from the battles up north.

Me, her, and my other good friend Ayane...

“Lance,” she said as she got to her feet. “It has…been so long.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “I know.”

"M-my scarf," she said timidly. "You're still wearing it!"

"Yeah," I said. "But I had to fasten it around my waist. Recently I've been going through too many shirts and didn't want to risk it getting damaged. Anyways, enough about me, look at you!" I exclaimed. "My goodness, you're even more beautiful than I remember! Look at how much your curves have set in!"

"Lance, now is not the time!" Marlette yelled nervously.

She was blushing, but we couldn’t give each other a proper greeting because Lady Elizabeth suddenly screamed out. Her arm was removed after all…

“I’ll kill you, you bitch!” she yelled at Marlette.

“Lance,” Marlette told me. “I’ll take care of those two, so don’t worry about your friend. Just focus on Sir Lancelot.”

“Marlette, wait—

“Don’t worry Lance,” she reassured me. “You’re not the only one whose picked up a few new moves since the Northern Skirmish.”

Lady Elizabeth, though she only had her right arm, she charged fearlessly at Marlette. Marlette started with a running start and jumped in the air. She then made a spin dash towards Elizabeth and cut her up from every single direction. In less than a single second, Marlette’s opponent was sliced more than fifty times. Needless to say, there was a lot of blood.

Jangen dropped Chastity in surprise. Marlette spared her no sympathy, even if she was in the enemy’s clutches. She got cut across the neck several times. Instant death for her.

“Huh, you’re a quick little thing,” he said as he clenched his fist and readied himself to fight. “I should warn you, I don’t have an official seat, but I'm in between Rank 2 and 3. I’m stronger than Gareth, but only slightly below Sir Lancelot. You think you can stand up to me?”

Marlette straightened up and flicked Lady Elizabeth’s blood off of her sword.

“I’m more than enough for you,” she said with a straight face.

Jangen used quick movement to get up to her, his arm extending down at her in a punch.

“No way,” Millicent gasped. “How can he be so big yet fast?”

But no matter how fast he was, I’ve rarely seen anyone move faster than Marlette. Her speed was on par with Atreyu’s, that is how fast she can move.

Marlette dashed out of the way and started to move around Jangen so fast that no less than a dozen afterimages were dancing around of him.

“What’s wrong?” Marlette asked as she kept running around. “Confused? And I can still go a little faster.”

“Quit scampering around ya little insect!” yelled Jangen as he fruitlessly tried to catch her.

As he reached out to try and grab an image that looked like her, she appeared right over Jangen's outstretched hand and performed another spin dash up his arm. She carved up his left hand in a single scrape, cut him across the chest, the legs, and the back, from every direction. From the outside, it looked like he was being cut by multiple swords at once. And she was so fast that the man could do nothing about it. Before he could even think, Marlette would have already made a thousand moves.

She slid to stop a ways back from him. Jangen got cut up more times than Lady Elizabeth, but he was still standing.

“Still standing?” Marlette asked aloud. “You’re a very durable man, and fast for your size. However,” she continued as she straightened up and pointed her Sword at him. “There’s not a man alive that can ever protect themselves from my blade. Execution V-4,” Marlette then chanted. “Severing Wind!”

She gripped her katana with both hands as it glowed white before swinging it upwards. The wind from her Sword was so powerful and under her control that it was formulated into a tornado that spun towards Sir Jangen faster than a bullet. When ensnared within the tornado, Sir Jangen was once again prey to an uncountable amount of cuts. Knowing this wouldn’t end him, Marlette used Quick Movement to get above the bloody tornado and pointed her sword downwards.

“Execution V-5,” she chanted. “White Flare!”

A white ball of energy gathered at the tip of her Sword and launched itself down at Jangen. The ground blew up, and her attack was so powerful that it broke through several feet of pure stone, and sent Sir Jangen falling down into a hole…


Marlette landed right in front of the hole on one knee.

“Incredible,” Millicent gasped. “Two high-tier Executions back to back.”

“Yeah, she’s a monster,” I smiled. “Good job, Marlette—

“Lance!” Marlette suddenly yelled. “Stop gawking and finish your objective!”


“You can stop holding back now,” she told me. “I know you were scared of somehow harming this girl if you fought with your full strength, so you’ve been suppressing yourself. It’s okay now, I’ll protect her.”

Sir Lancelot, for once, had a shocked look on his face.

“Such speed,” he muttered. “To defeat Lady Elizabeth and the Black Knight back to back…she will be troublesome in the future.”

I got up to my feet and faced Lancelot.

“Sir,” said Lady Gwen. “Shall I take care of this one?”

“No,” Sir Lancelot replied. “At least not yet, that one is dangerous. If she will not pursue a fight with you, leave her be for now.”

Marlette zipped right in front of Millicent, her sword at the ready, just in case one of them tried to make a move on her.

“Marlette,” I began as I slowly pulled back my left sleeve. “Stay there, I’m gonna go all out this time. If the wind gets too strong, then I want you to shield her with your body. Please keep her safe.”

Marlette gave me a small little smile.

“I will.”

I clenched my left fist, and my Execution Mark then lit up.

“Sorry for the wait, Lancelot,” I said as the ground began to rumble. “You’ve been dying to see it - my Killer Instinct.”

I closed my eyes before opening them, making my eyes turn a very deep blue, much deeper than the last two times I used it. The winds kicked up and rustled the air around us, and the ceiling and walls began to crack and crumble.

Before Lancelot even knew what was going on, I dashed up to him and swung. Though he blocked it, he couldn’t match the power in my arm; not with his own arm, or even his sword. After trying to stave off the attack, Lancelot’s sword cracked inwards halfway through.

He widened his eyes in shock as I retracted my blade and used Blade Reaper to swing downwards. Sir Lancelot back flipped high into the air to dodge it, but my attack was so powerful that the entire side of the room that we were in erupted in an explosion. Since we were several stories high, the ground crumbled away, and Lancelot and I soon found ourselves outside and in the air, falling towards the distant, sandy ground.

This did not stop him from pointing his sword at me and blasting a Knight Flash. It struck me, and the air expanded outwards with a destructive explosive boom, covering me in smoke. Lancelot was once again shocked by my display of power because I was able to completely negate the damage to myself by holding the flat end of my Sword out in a block.

“Impossible,” he muttered to himself. “So it’s come to this.”

He back flipped through the air, landed on a tower, and launched himself in a completely different direction. I used my feet to slide down the side of the main castle to slow my fall before using the torque to push me off after him.

“Where do you think you’re going, Lancelot?!” I roared.

We jumped along the sides of Titangel Castle. I never realized it before, but Titangel was several hundred miles long from the look of it. How far we traveled, I would never know, but I do know that a portion of the castle seemed to reside in the large desert mountains. Lancelot led me to the summit of a nearby  mountain, where a strange pillar resided, a pillar that he landed on top of.

The Southern Desert Mountainous Region(1

(The Mountainous Region)

“Where are we?” I asked aloud as I landed on the sandy Mountain ground. “Is this the mountainous region?”

“Correct,” said Lancelot. “Titangel Castle is one of the oldest structures on Crisis. Did you know it was erected almost three thousand years ago? By the Lunar Goddess herself?”

I gritted my teeth.

“And what do you know about her?” I asked him.

Lancelot didn’t reply, and instead, looked up to the moon. Now that I realized it, it was night time in the desert, and there was a full moon shining right above us.

“It is a beautiful moon tonight,” Lancelot sighed. “Lance Blade, you are an admirable fighter, strong and skilled. There is a reason I have brought you all the way out here. Within the walls of Titangel Castle, I have forbidden the Top 5 Knights from using their True Swords. The reason why is that it threatens the castle's very foundation. We have very important pieces of Crisis history here that must be preserved, and as you can see, when a Knight uses their True Sword, it has the tendency of tearing apart miles worth of land. I have brought you here,” he continued as he flipped his Sword upside down and planted it into the Pillar. “To witness your end. Weep…Arondight.”

Clouds above his head suddenly gathered together into a circular formation, leaving a small hole right above of Lancelot. Monstrous booms of thunder rumbled in the distance as lightning danced across the sky. There was a crackle of energy at the center of the hole in the clouds, and a lightning bolt erupted and zig zagged towards Lancelot. As he was struck by the lightning, Lancelot was forced down to one knee while holding the hilt of his sword, as he was being knighted. There was an explosion, and the pillar shattered. Whence this explosion occurred, rain soon followed, falling in thick and heavy clumps. I stood my ground fearlessly, watching the light dance around of Sir Lancelot as the rain struck my unmoving body.

Despite the heavy start, the lights suddenly stopped and faded away, showing Lancelot’s True Sword and armor. His armor was light and silver, but there were markings all over. His sword changed from a simple longsword, to a human length great-sword. He slowly raised up from his knee, onto his feet, drops of rain striking his armor in large pelts. I soon realized that the rain was black…

The Sword Of Lancelot.jpg

(The Sword Of Lancelot - Arondight)

“Ready yourself,” Lancelot said. This caused me to assume my battle stance, with both of my hands held around my katana. “Keep a calm mind, clear your thoughts of fear, remember everything you have learned in battle, expect the unexpected. Retreat and you will fail, act rash and you will compromise your form. Hesitate…and you will die.”

What came next, not even Atreyu prepared me for. Lancelot, moving at a speed that was even faster than Marlette’s was, came at me from above with a swing to my head. Though I moved out of the way slightly, the power of his attack was so great that he eradicated several mountains by the shockwave generated from it. It created a chain explosion that rippled across the land for several miles.

He appeared behind of me as I fell to my knees, a deep gash running from the bridge of my nose right under my eye to the edge of my cheek, thick strings of blood dripping down the right side of my face.

“W-what was that?” I muttered fearfully. “I could barely see it! HOW FAST IS THIS GUY?!"

“You react almost instinctively,” Lancelot praised. I looked back at him with my wide eyes. “Had your Killer Instinct not assisted you with reading an opponent’s movements and appropriately evading them, then in that single movement I would have cleaved your skull right in half. That being said, I'm  still slightly impressed. It's not everyday that someone can evade Arondight's warm-up swung. Rejoice, Lance, for you are swift enough to evade my slowest attack.”

This was impossible. If that was just his warm up, then just what in the hell was he truly capable of?!

I could only look back at Lancelot as he stood like a statue, looking at me as the rain poured all around us.

How on Crisis could I beat this guy?!


To be continued...

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