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Chapter 69 (v.1) - Tracking The Titan

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Submitted: February 26, 2015



Tracking The Titan:


“To Leon,” Seth announced.

“To Leon,” we repeated.

All of us then simultaneously took a sip of our Red Wine.

“This is the part I never got used to,” Colt reflected to Miranda after a mouthfull. “Having to wish a comrade goodbye for good…it never gets any easier, no matter what anyone says.”

Miranda, barely able to hold back her tears, buried her face in his chest and wept loudly...

We buried Leon right outside of the ruins of what used to be the simple, rural Town a few miles south of Diamond City. Ryan said it was where he wanted to be buried. His death was a grim reminder of just how easily those Titans could take out humans, and unfortunately, it was one of those lessons that we experienced firsthand.

We were all taking it hard…

“I…I barely knew him,” Trinity cried. “And looking back, it always seemed like he wanted to start a conversation but was too shy to carry through with it. I should have noticed.”

Possibly, the only person taking this worse than Ryan was Anna. The poor girl was almost quite literally beating herself up because she could do nothing about his injury.

“I’m so useless,” she cried to herself. “I should have jumped in at the last second, I could have saved him, why didn’t I do anything to save him?!”

“Would you cut that self-hatred shit out?” Amanda asked in an annoyed tone. “If it’s anyone’s fault, blame the so-called brilliant Scientist over there.”

Hugo looked up in surprise.

“Excuse me?!” he asked disbelievingly.

“I’m just saying, maybe you should have did a more thorough examination of our Gear. I checked over the thrusters and gas chambers and they were rustier than your wife’s uterus. Maybe if you weren’t being lazy it wouldn’t have stopped working at such a shitty time for him—

“What is your problem?” Sherona exclaimed. “Why do you keep attacking Hugo?! What has he ever done to you?!”

“It’s okay, Sherona,” said Hugo. “Obviously there’s something mentally wrong with this woman—

“Mental diagnosis from a failure of a Scientist—oh my feelings are hurt! Come over here, I’ll show you how much of a basket case I am—when I rip out your fucking throat with my teeth! Sheesh, the least the Wind Titan could have done was kill this fucking toad for us too—

“You want me to shut your mouth up for you, bitch?!” Colt threatened while slamming his fist on the table.

“I’m sick and tired of listening to you talk,” Ryan declared as he got to his feet and towered over her.

“Eh? What’s this? You gonna cry or something you big softie?!”

Ryan clenched his fists so tightly that his muscles were flexing from the sheer strain he was putting on them.

“You are so lucky that you’re a girl,” he hissed.

“None of us would think any less of you if you hit her; just knock that bitch’s lights out!” Colt pressured.

“Everyone, stop!” Anna yelled while coming in between them. “Leon wouldn’t want this! We’re all just upset at the moment and are saying things we don’t really mean. Please, stop the fighting!”

“Ha-ha, that’s my little Anna,” Amanda laughed as she threw her arm over her shoulder. “Say babe, when are we getting Married again?! You’re just too cute! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

“Tch,” Ryan breathed off as he suddenly let it go.

“Damn it, that pisses me off about her,” Colt muttered. “I hate it when she does this.”

“I think her attitude pisses everyone off,” Trinity grumbled. “I get that she’s upset, but why does she always pick on Hugo?”

“No, that’s not what he was talking about,” I said. “Whenever Amanda gets upset, she flies off the handle and tries to start shit with people so she can focus on something else instead of what’s upsetting her. It’s no excuse for the things she says, but that’s just the way she deals with things.”

Trinity sighed.

“Now that you mention it, her behavior IS a little more erratic than usual,” she replied. “God damn bitch.”


Even though we all just went through a major loss, our mission still stood firm. However, the only problem was that we were unable to find a way to lure out the Sea Titan, or even find it. The Continents were large, but the Ocean was even larger, and it was all WATER. However, over the course of several days, since there were no more Land Titans terrorizing the populace, Seth came up with yet another crazy plan for us.

In the Northern portion of the Eastern Nation, there was a Naval Port held by Diamond, called Fort Walowit. It housed all sorts of Naval Ships and Weapons. These included Submarines outfitted with the latest in Radar Technology. From what I’ve heard, the Titans seem to emit very large, very traceable sound waves. The Radars of our age can pick up movement from hundreds of miles away. Seth’s incredible idea was to have three of us infiltrate the Fort, hijack a Submarine, track down the Titan, TAG the damn thing with a tracking beacon, and follow it with an even BIGGER Ship to increase our odds of fighting it (Most Navy Ships had Radars installed, but the Security on them were INSANE, my good old ‘Swipe the Military Card’ wouldn’t work because commandeering a Ship that possessed technology not allowed for Civilians to use was NOT tolerated by outside users whatsoever. So therefore, we needed to tag it to read on a personal Radar).

We had Anti-Gravity Gear, Jets, Hover-Cars, and much more up here in the University of Natural Sciences, but apparently, a damn Sonar Radar was just TOO much to ask for!

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going inside of one of those things,” Amberlin gasped. “Why would you choose me of all people?!”

“You’re not the only one,” I grumbled. “Why is it always me?”

“You’re our best Soldier, put in the extra mile,” he said while patting my back hard.

“I think we can find you guys some old Military Uniforms,” Colt said.

“Navy Colt, not Army like what we had,” Miranda elaborated. “They’ll see through it in an instant.”

“Doesn’t the Navy wear those strange looking Suits with the overcoats?” asked Ayane.

“I have an old contact in the Navy,” Carla said. “I can get you guys some disguises.”

“Disguises again,” Trinity, who was also accompanying us, sighed. “Let’s hope this goes better than the party…”

(30 Minutes Later)

“It doesn’t fit!” Trinity screamed. “AGAIN!!!”

“Way to show off, Trinity,” Amberlin complained.

“You think your breasts are better than everyone else’s—is that it?” asked Ayane.

“Heh, those are nothing compared to mines,” Carla laughed.

“You’re barely a B Cup!” Ayane yelled.

“How do you know that?” asked Colt.

“Um…you know, from gauging them right,” Ayane replied nervously.

“Yeah Colt, you can tell a Cup size from looking,” said Miranda, who winked at Ayane to let her know she had her covered.

“So we’re gonna really go through with this?” asked Amberlin. “What’s gonna be our story anyways?”

“Okay, so here’s how it’s gonna go,” began Seth. “Lance, you’re rank is going to be the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy.”

“Only an Officer,” I grumbled

“Yes, only an Officer, you Military snob,” Seth replied. “Trinity and Amberlin, you two are going to be Seamen…or Seawomen in this case—

“Ha-ha-ha, semen,” Amberlin laughed. Trinity punched her. “Ow!”

“The official story is you guys are transferring from another Fort, Fort Ling. Stick to the story, get the Submarine, and there will be no problems…”



(Fort Walowit)

“You there—state your name!” the Sargent barked at one of the transfers.

“Sir!” the young man yelled while saluting. “Jack Grime! Petty Seaman from Fort Royale!”

“No, you are not Jack Grime here! Here, you are a speck on the Poop-Deck, where you will spend your days scrubbing with your own toothbrush!” He then knocked him on the forehead with his knuckles before moving on to the next Transfer. “You! What’s your name?!”

“U-um…um,” the young girl stammered with a fragile salute. “I-I-I…I’m—

“Shut up!” he roared while taking her by the throat. “I have heard enough. A lily liver like you has no name here! Turn around and face the row behind of you!”

“Yes sir!” she said.

“Is this really how the Military operates?” Amberlin asked fearfully.

“Keep facing forward,” I hissed out of the corner of my mouth.

“But—but, I’m after this next guy,” she gasped. "Gimme tips!"

“You—your name, now!”

“Sir, yes sir! My name is Connor-Sir! I was born in Diamond—Sir! I prefer my eggs hard boiled—Sir—

He too suffered the displeasure of getting hit in the forehead by the Sargent, and he fell down in pain.

“What are you doing down there? Get your ass on your feet and stand up like a man! When they give the order to continue assaulting the Titans, I will be sure to put the weaklings like you upfront where they’ll have no trouble killing you, for having such a pitiful display of a salute!”

“My apologies—Sir!” the young man declared as he got back up to salute.

“Oh man, oh man,” Amberlin complained.

“Just stand straight and don’t get intimidated,” I warned.

“You there! What’s your name woman?”

“My name is Amberlin Ste—shit, I mean, Amber Smith! Sir! I like Money more than anything else, Sir!”

The Sargent’s face went dark.

“Shit,” I muttered.

Her salute was all wrong. She was using her left hand first of all, and she had her palm facing OUTWARDS. The Sargent noticed this…and he was not impressed…


“Yes, Sir!” Amberlin screamed. “My apologies, Sir! Forgive this hopeless lackey!!!”

He let her go and moved on to Trinity next.

“You! Who the hell are you?!” he roared at her.

“My name is Rebecca Davidson,” she lied splendidly while pulling off a perfect salute. “I wish to give my body for the glory of the Republic, Sir!”

“Is that so? THEN WHY DON’T YOU GET CLOTHES THAT FIT THEN?!” he roared while striking her on the forehead with his knuckled. Trinity winced painfully, but didn’t falter. “This aint no beauty salon, and we don’t like you big breasted Barbie Dolls comin’ here trying to prove something about women. Promote your feministic cause elsewhere! But in the meantime, I will be more than joyful to let you join your friend with cleaning duties! AM I UNDERSTOOD?!”

“Sir, yes Sir!” Trinity yelled. “My most sincere and deepest apologies! I will write to Command first thing in morning and request a Uniform with a larger bust size!”

He turned away from her and came to me next. The moment he saw my face, he froze still….

I think he recognized me…

“Salute,” he said in a calm voice.

I did as I was told and saluted. The Sargent leaned his face in closer to mines and inspected my eyes.

“Boy, if you think you can fool me you are mistaken,” he said.

“Sir, I’m not sure what you mean,” I said.

“That perfect salute, your tip top shape, your discipline, and that look in your eyes. You’ve seen hell son, in the worst way imaginable. However, our explicit orders were to Transfer Units THAT WERE NOT VETS!!! SO I’LL ASK YOU THIS—WHY THE HELL IS LANCE BLADE IMPERSONATING AN ACTING MEMBER OF THE DIAMOND NAVY?!?!”

All of the Transfer Units widened their eyes and looked over at me.

“Now that you mention it—

“He DOES look like Lance Blade—

“Lance Blade…here—?

“Shut up!” the Sargent yelled. “Who gave you permission to speak?” Then, he turned back to me, and signaled his men to my location.

Damn it…I KNEW sending me of all people in would end up like this!

But knowing Seth, this was probably something he wanted to happen...

Before I could even prepare myself for whatever came, I felt a rifle butt strike me in the back of the head. I fell down to the ground, my vision multiplying and spinning around before me as the Sargent kneeled down. “Boy, we’re gonna have some fun with you alright. The Queen doesn’t need to know about your capture just yet does she? I look forward to breaking you. I want to see if Special Forces are as tough as they say…”


There was a sharp rapping on my cell door a few hours later before it opened, and one of the Soldiers entered with piece of bread balanced on a metal tin of water.

“Didn’t think it was routine to get fed so soon,” I said bravely.

“Don’t recognize me huh?” the female declared as she put her hands on her hips.

I paused…

They were wearing a standard issue metal helmet, but with that ridiculously small bust size that could barely contain the chest within, I knew who it was.

“What the hell are you doing here, Trin?” I hissed.

“I managed to sneak some food in from the Kitchen,” she said as she handed the food to me. “How are you feeling?”

“Well, Justine Long is an amateur compared to these guys. But it’s nothing I haven’t been trained for.”

“Psst,” someone whispered from the door. “Trinity, three minutes.”

“Thanks, Amberlin,” she replied.

“Listen, never mind all that,” I said. “The Submarine, did you find one?”

“We tried looking, but we don’t get another break until after Dinner tonight,” said Trinity. “I’m sorry.”

“Just find it!” I urged. “Communicating with you guys will be weird from in here, but I’ve got my methods.”

“You still have that radio in your teeth?” Trinity asked me.

“Of course,” I said while pointing to my mouth. “It’s right behind of the one with the Potassium Cyanide Capsule.”

“You…you have a Suicide Pill?!” Amberlin exclaimed from the door.

“Never know when you might need one, besides, I carry an Antidote Pill with me all the time too. If I ever plan to use a Suicide Pill, I just have to take that one first to negate the effects. It’ll only result in a short term state of False Death. It’s in my other tooth.”

“How many teeth did you hollow out for secret pills and radios?!” Trinity yelled.

“Only four, but my old friend Prima had Pills in ALL of her back teeth,” I said. “Anyways, did they give you a radio?”

“Yeah, we both have one,” Trinity answered.

“Good, this radio of mines can patch into your frequency, give them to me…”



Even though we didn’t want to, we had no choice but to keep up the charade in order not to compromise finding the Submarine. Cleaning duty was awful, but the good news was that Amberlin and I were assigned to the same Unit, and therefore, we were always cleaning nearby one another. After we snuck off to go and see Lance, we spent the next five hours on our knees (I know how that sounded) scrubbing the floors. Even though it wouldn’t be for long, we couldn’t help but look forward to Dinner.

“This is hopeless!” Amberlin complained.

“I know, we’ll never find the Submarine without blowing our cover if we’re just cleaning the entire time.”

“No, I’m talking about my Promotion! Sargent says that if I keep up the good cleaning I’ll get a rank up by next month—

“You idiot! Stop taking this role so seriously!”

“Keep up that attitude and you’ll swab the poop deck! You know, Trinity, instead of purposefully buying small clothes to make your monstrous breasts look even larger, you should be thinking more about your future—Kya!!! Why did you splash me?! Kyaaaa! Stop that!”

We were summoned to the Mess Hall at 7 o’ clock sharp. To be honest, Diamond didn’t treat its Soldiers too bad! For our breaks during the day, we were fed plain bread and a bottle of water, but for Dinner, they served a delicious buffet of Sushi—a classic Eastern Food Dish.

“We should try to blend in,” I advised her. “Look, I think those guys are more experienced Soldiers, they’ll know where to find the Submarines.”

“Alright, leave the talking to me, sugar tits,” Amberlin boasted.

“Whatever, I’m just glad I get to eat Sushi.”

We approached the table cautiously. They practically looked down at all the Transfer Units, and they appeared to be drinking too. Oh that’s right, after a few months serving; you got to collect Rum Rations.

“Excuse me,” Amberlin said. “Do you guys mind us sitting here with you?”

“Knock yourselves out,” one of them said.

Amberlin and I took a seat and looked nervously at one another.

“You guys are Transfer Units, right?” the same man asked us.

“Yeah, we just weren’t cut out for the Ling Fort,” I lied. “So we uh…just wanted to ask you experts a few questions.”

“No,” said one of the female Soldiers. “Fucking the guys is not allowed.”

“Trust me, she would know firsthand,” another one whispered to me, resulting in him getting struck in the head with a cup thrown by the woman he was talking about.

“We’ll keep that in mind,” I began. “But we were talking more about…other things.”

“You mean drugs?”

“Buying or selling?” Amberlin asked with a sly smile. “Gimme a rope and a burlap sack and I can sell anything for any price!"

This, in turn, caused the group to laugh.

“Ha-ha, dude, this chick is great!”

“No, no, no,” I laughed. “I’m talking about the Submarines…when do we get to see them?”

All of the Soldiers looked at each other before answering.

“Unless you’re authorized to drive them, you can’t even know where they are…although I’ve heard that the people in Squad 6 like to sneak in there to party sometimes. You know, get some booze, and take it for a spin. It’s really dangerous, but Command never seems to find out. Now, if you REALLY wanna know where the Submarines are, you can go to the main tower and it’ll stand out clear as day. I’m not saying I’ve seen it, but I’m just saying.”

“Sweet,” I said.

“But you didn’t hear it from us,” said the girl.

“Hear what from you guys?” asked Amberlin.

“Ha-ha-ha, you’re good…”


The next morning saw Amberlin and I getting up at the crack of dawn. We had breakfast, and got to work on cleaning the women’s bathroom.

“Trinity, I snuck up to the main tower last night,” Amberlin told me as we passed each other while mopping. “I know where the Submarines are!”

“Great,” I replied. “I did some more sleuthing myself. Turns out that the keys to the Submarines are in one of the Guard Stations. Can you lift it from there?”

“Easy peasy,” she boasted.

Later on, we managed to sneak more food in the Prison Cell for Lance. They were being rough on him, but he was tough. They weren’t breaking his spirit no matter what they did. We told him of our success over the radio, but it was good to discuss these things in person.

“I got in contact with Seth,” he told me while ripping the bread I brought him in half. “He told me we’ve gotta hurry. We don’t know how far out in the Ocean the Titan might be, and goodness knows we can’t get stuck all the way out there where signal is weak. Oh yeah, we’re also gonna need O2 Filters.”

“O2 Filters?” I asked.

“Yeah, another one of Hugo’s inventions. It allows the user to continuously breath underwater by converting a large portion of the Carbon Dioxide we exhale back into Oxygen. Think of it like a portable plant, since they exhale Oxygen and take in Carbon Dioxide. As long as you don’t panic and breath too fast, you can survive underwater for hours.”

“Sounds cool,” Amberlin said.

“We need it if we’re gonna tag the Sea Titan with the homing beacon,” Lance continued. He swallowed the piece of bread in his mouth before gulping back the tin of water.

“You gonna chew there, cowboy?” Amberlin asked.

“Sorry, they don’t exactly feed me much…or well. They literally give me a spoonful of watery mashed potatoes every day.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll bust you out,” Amberlin said cheerfully. “In the meantime, you just lay back and let us do all the work…”


(Crisis Lore-Anti-Gravity Gear: Fastened around the hips, Anit-Gravity Gear relies on reversing the Force of Gravity and allowing an individual to 'float' for all intents and purposes. It is equipped with rotors that help to displace the air around the user, as well as a small, combustiable Engine that provides torque. They were invented approximately ten years ago by Hugo Tech, and have become more advanced with time. Though they are useful devices, there are several crippling drawbacks that makes them dangerous to use, such as an almost constant need to refuel, frequent malfunctions, and non responsive controlling in high altitudes. They were orginally used during the Northern Skirmish, but were put out of circulation due to being too costly to supply every Soldier with. However, due to the recent War with the Titans, swift mobility was needed, and as a result, the Military is using them again...)


It took us four days to get everything together. Four days of cleaning almost every surface of the Fort. Thank God I wasn’t an official part of the Military; it would suck if I had to do this for an entire month! We got our hands on three O2 Filters, located our Submarine, stocked it up with tactically stolen Rations…and hoped that everything would turn out alright.

Amberlin and I talked with Lance over the radio, and we came up with a solid plan to go through with our Mission. Amberlin would steal one of the uniforms for the Navy Soldiers (With a helmet this time), we sneak out to the Submarines, activate the Radar, pick up on the Sea Titan, get as close to it as possible, surface the Submarine, make a dive underwater, tag it with the homing beacon, then get the hell home for some downtime before the showdown with it…

“You know, this doesn’t make any sense,” Amberlin griped as we cautiously tip toed to Lance’s prison cell. “Why didn’t we just get Aidan to fly us over the Ocean, get Hugo to make us O2 Filters, make the dive, tag the fucker, then go home to prepare properly. Why all this complicated spy crap?”

“Talk to Seth, but you’re right,” I agreed. "And better yet, why didn't we just steal the Submarine, take it back, have our Ship follow it out, and THEN fight?!"

"I guess Seth likes to keep things interesting," Amberlin sighed.

"It'll get us killed," I murmured.

I lightly rapped on Lance’s cell door and heard him stir from within.

“Is it breakfast yet?” he asked.

Slowly, I opened it up and walked in.

“It’s just us, here put these on,” I said. “We’ve got plenty of food in the Submarine.”

“Good show,” Lance said as he got dressed.

The plan was now in motion. We all made our way out to the Submarine and hopped in. However, the second we closed the cover, Lance and Amberlin started to look worried.

“It’s…smaller than I remember,” Amberlin shivered. “Oh God, it’s cramped in here!”

“Hopefully it’ll only be for a few hours,” I said while pushing the start button.

“A FEW HOURS?!” Amberlin screamed. “No! No! I can’t be in here for a few hours—

“What are you freaking out about all of a sudden?!” I yelled. "We were in here just yesterday!"

“The second you closed the lid, it seemed so much smaller!” she exclaimed. “This is…this is…wait, are we moving?”

“Yes we’re moving!” I yelled. “I wanna hurry up and get out to open Sea before they find out that Lance is missing. Lance, talk some sense into her please so I can focus on driving…Lance?”

I turned back and saw him shivering.

“I can’t do this,” he whispered. “The rocking motion from the water, the roaring of the engine, I think I’m gonna hurl! It’s way too small!”

“Are you claustrophobic?!” I exclaimed."You never told me this!"

“Yes! And prone to motion sickness too! Oh God—lemme out! I can’t take this anymore! I CAN'T BREATHE!”

So then, I had to focus on driving a Submarine way out to Sea while Lance and Amberlin scurried about trying not to induce themselves into a Panic Attack from Anxiety. Amberlin was literally running in circles like a hyperactive cat, pausing to scratch at the walls every now and again as if it would lead her to freedom.

The good news is that the Radar picked up on the Sea Titans movement after only an hour of driving.

The Submarine had a large window that we could use to rely on our sense of vision for confirmation.

“Aaaaaah!” Amberlin screamed. “We’re in the water with it! Look at the size at that thing! It could swallow us all whole and go back for seconds, a drink, AND desert!”

“Shut up!” I snapped. “And put on your diving suit, I’m taking us up.”

Once surfaced, Amberlin and Lance crawled out and changed at the top of the Submarine, uneager to stay inside a second longer than they had to. Once our diving gear was equipped, we all dived underwater and swam our way towards the Sea Titan. Unlike the other Titans, it didn’t seem to mind our presence, or…it didn’t notice us just yet. It was so large that the most we could see of it was its rear fin, the remainder of its body was lost in the dark depths of the Ocean further ahead.

“What about the Sharks?” Amberlin asked over the radio.

“That thing is several miles long and you’re worried about puny sharks?” I asked. “Lance, is the homing beacon ready?” He didn’t answer, and when he didn’t I had to look back. “Lance?”

“G-get it off of me! Hey, lemme go,” he screamed as an Octopus angrily attempted to wrap its tentacles around of him. It covered his face, and Lance continued to thrash about in order to get his sense of direction back. “I can’t see! Hey! Damn it; is this the Power of the Titan? I won’t be beaten so easily!”

“Stop goofing off!” I yelled while smacking the damn thing off of him.

“Give me another five minutes and I would have had it!” he roared at the enraged sea creature.

“The homing beacon!” I reminded him. “Hurry up, I don’t like swimming around with this thing in the water!”

Lance grumbled to himself, but still, he loaded up the spring loaded gun that held the homing beacon and took aim at the Sea Titan. He pulled the trigger, and the beacon was shot out. Attached to the end of a dart, it left behind a trail of bubbles as it planted itself into the side of the Sea Titan. It didn’t even seem to feel it, even as a small mist of blood stained the water. In just a few seconds, the homing beacon began to flash red, indicating that it was a success…

“Let’s go home,” I told the other two as I swam back up to the Submarine. “Before it notices us and gets hungry.”

“Hey, Lance, you think we really got a shot at beating this thing?” Amberlin asked him. Once again, he didn’t respond. “Lance?”

We both looked around and saw that not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE Octopuses were attacking him.

“He brought friends! He brought friends! Get them off of me! I’m allergic to Octopus!”

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