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Chapter 76 (v.1) - The Road To Revolution

Submitted: March 13, 2015

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Submitted: March 13, 2015



The Road To Revolution:


Out of everyone, I was finished with my training the fastest. I got through my Dive Cycle in only 5 hours, a new record according to Ramshah. He was positively flabbergasted when I woke up nonchalantly and calmly requested that I take my training to the next level.

“Th-tha-tha-that’s impossible,” he stammered.

“Clearly it isn’t,” I groaned. “I could’a gotten done a lot faster if my Sword—Moonwalker (What a lame name) wasn’t such a chatterbox. He spent 45 minutes lecturing me for not hearing him call out to me when I had no idea there was such a thing as a Spiritual Blade before today!”

“So then…if you know his name…then that means—

“I’ve got the new Sword,” I stated.

Without another word, I held my hand out and summoned the blade, the true form of Moonwalker. He was at least 5 feet in length, but lacked a guard or hilt. Its appearance was more like a giant carving knife. The upper half was black while the lower half had a steel gray shine to it.



“Impressive,” Ramshah sighed. “Usually such large Swords remarks that the wielder is a cumbersome oaf but—

He shut up after I swung upwards and knocked the roof right off, sending a vertical beam up into the heavens which parted all the clouds in the sky as it passed…

“But you must be an exception,” he concluded without missing a beat. “What technique was that?”

“Technique? All I did was swing my Sword.”

After that, it took me another three hours to complete my Training. It was quite simple…well, it was for me, but I dunno how everyone else would fare. I had to fight Ramshah, and as I battled him, I had to call upon my own inner Power which was recently released by Moonwalker and get accustomed to using it. This would work better out in the field, where I would actually have a little more control over my own Power instead of randomly firing them off in the thick of things. Three hours wasn’t much, but it was more than enough for me to get used to this new Sword, as well as discover some latent techniques I might have unlocked…

There was also another little reward that Ramshah would be giving out…

An upgraded Wardrobe. According to him, the most significant, outward representation of Power Growth is the subtle changing of your clothes as well as hair length.


Well how the hell was I supposed to know that?

My new outfit was a lot like my old one. I had the same black pants and boots, but my black top was changed from a sleeveless wool vest to one that was sleek and smooth. Just for the hell of it, I only zipped it up to my upper abdominal area.

Ladies loved a man with an exposed chest…

New Seth(1).jpg

Currently, I was waiting for everyone else to finish up with their own training. To my surprise, they all seemed to finish up at around the same time, and they came up to me to join me.

“Took you guys long enough,” I sighed.

“Boy, that was intense,” Amberlin breathed.

Her new outfit wasn’t her usual Ninja Suit. Actually, the only thing remotely ‘Ninja’ about her was the headband that she always wore. Other than that, she had blue tank top that stopped midway down to her torso, a sleeveless jacket over that, pale yellow shorts, and matching boots.

New Amberlin.jpg

“Was it?” asked Colt. “Look at all you guys, with your fancy new costumes! I didn’t learn squat!”

“Me either!” Miranda yelled.

“They did say that some of us would change more than others,” Anna told them.

New Anna(1).jpg

“You’re one to talk!” the two of them yelled.

“The two of you better back off,” said Amanda.

“And look, this bitch must have gotten in contact with her latent bitch to create an all-new form of a bitch like no other,” said Colt.

New Amanda(2).jpg

“I will cut your nuts off if I hear another word out of your mouth!” she roared.

“Huh,” Amberlin said. “Why’d you get a school girl’s outfit?”

"Yeah, nice legs, Butch," Colt grinned.

“It is not a school girl’s outfit!”

“It so totally is!” Miranda yelled.

Carla and Ayane both looked at one another and shook their heads.

“Our friends are idiots,” said Ayane.

“Yup,” Carla responded.

New Carla(1).jpg

“Hey, I don’t wanna hear any crap from the less popular lesbian couple!” Amanda snapped.

“No-no-no-no!” Ayane stammered. “Though we may appear to be a happily married couple, we really do nothing but bicker!”

“Oh drop the ruse Ayane we’re not fooling anyone,” Carla sighed.

"Wait a minute, Carla," Amberlin began. "What happened to your glasses?"

"I switched to Contacts," she revealed. "I figured that making the switch would enhance my sexy new look."

“W-w-whoa,” Miranda exclaimed when she saw Marlette emerge. “Marlette's gone dark!”

"You mean darker than usual?" Colt added.

“Shut up you two," Marlette hissed.

New Marlette.jpg

"A New Sword too?!" Colt yelled.

"Hey, what's that called?" I asked her.

Marlette flipped her Sword out and held it in front of her.

"Masamune," she answered.



“Hey!” Amberlin exclaimed. “Check Ryan out!”

Ryan was wielding a large, pointed Sword that looked like…it was a makeshift Revolver and a Sword. I had only read about those types of Swords in legends…

He actually had…

“A Gunblade?” I asked aloud.

“His name is Braver,” Ryan said.



“Oh my, that is quite the weapon,” said Rose.

“H-hey! Even Rose got a new outfit!” Miranda yelled.

“Does it not look wonderful?” Rose laughed.

New Rose.jpg

“Rose, you look so pretty!” Anna exclaimed.

“You as well!”

The two girls then proceeded to curtsy at one another.

“Well lads, what do you think?” asked Jackson as his new, black cloak that he wore over his usual outfit flowed in the wind. It had a skull and crossbones designed onto the back. “Nice, spiffy, and just Piratey enough!”

“Oh great, the Pirate got a new costume too,” Colt grumbled.

“Don’t get too upset little man; I didn’t get no outfit either,” Hunter said as he put a hand on Colt’s shoulder. “But yo! Yall check this out!” Hunters’ right arm then flashed and formulated into a mini-machine gun. “Badass right?!”

“That’s kinda cool,” said Ayane.

“Who’re we missing still?” I asked. “Lance and Trinity right?”

“Of course it would be those two,” Amberlin nodded.

“What was that Amberlin?” a voice asked all of a sudden.

We all looked around and saw Trinity emerging from Indira’s…Temple Room thing with Indira herself close by. Out of all of us, Trinity was the only one who fell under her category. After all, being given the title of “Master of the Fists,” is a little too specific for the rest of us.

“I said uh…wow! Look at you!” Amberlin then yelled.

Out of all of us, Trinity changed the most (So far at least). Her hair had grown so long that it was now down to her hips. The other thing, or should I say uh…things that changed about her was definitely her…wardrobe. She was wearing her usual white tank top…except that it looked more like some type of skimpy sports bra. It barely covered the top of her stomach! Her mini skirt was also, surprise, shorter as well.

New Trinity.jpg

“What’s with the stripperific outfit Trinity?” Amberlin proceeded to ask.

“It is NOT stripperific!” Trinity pouted. “Look, safety shorts.”

“Aaaaaah!” the girls screamed.

“Idiots, I was just joking,” Trinity huffed. “But…why didn’t any of the guys look away?”

“Come on Trinity, do you really have to ask?” Colt said while shaking his head.

“That’s it! No Dinner for you!” Miranda yelled.

“Alright people, that’s enough jokin’ around,” I declared as I got to my feet. “What the hell is taking Lance so long?”

“Oh yeah, I meant to tell you guys about him,” Indira said. “Lance’s training is running a little late, you’re gonna have to go on without him.”

We all looked around at one another.

“We’ll wait,” Trinity said.

“I’m afraid you have no more time,” said Chaz. “Observe.”

With just two of his fingers, he opened up an oval portal in the sky and gave us what appeared to be a glimpse onto Crisis. We were all treated to the scene of thousands of people out on the streets, either rioting, or kneeling before a firing squad…

It happened…

The Revolution has already begun…



I opened my eyes to be greeted to the sight of Ramshah having a drink of Tea with Kiyomi.

“That last one had quite an attitude,” Kiyomi muttered.

“She had a lot of talent though,” Ramshah said non-chalantly. “Ah, Lance, you’ve woken up at last. You missed your friends by about three hours.”

“Three hours?” I yawned. “Where did they go?”

“To Diamond, I would gather,” Kiyomi said.

“Why, what’s happening?”

“War has broken out, Lance, and if you plan to stop it, if you plan on saving your friends, then we must make this quick. I must assume that achieving a record breaking Dive Cycle duration of 75 hours must’ve bore some good fruit.”

“Believe me,” I said with a smirk. “It sure did…”

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