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Chapter 77 (v.1) - For Liberty

Submitted: March 20, 2015

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Submitted: March 20, 2015



*Theme Of The Chaotic Battlefield: Wild Instincts, by Lorne Balfe*



For Liberty:


(The Diamond Revolution)


(Play Here)

We dropped right into the thicket of fire and maelstrom as soon as we got to Diamond. The streets were flooded with civilians and Soldiers alike, all of them engaged in battle, dodging the frequent explosions of launched missiles and grenades.

“I’ll stay up here and provide Air Support!” Hugo yelled.

“Good, okay everyone, fall in,” said Seth. “Now look, the only way we’re gonna stop this is to get to the Diamond Building and take out Aurora.”

“What do we do to her?” asked Ryan.

“We either kill her, or force her to step down,” said Marlette. “We’ve ignored her long enough, but if she’s really sided with Atreyu, then she’s a liability that we can’t afford to leave untouched. Today is the day that Diamond will fall.”

All of us looked around and nodded at one another just as a batch of rebels came running by frantically.

“We’ll meet up with the others in Second District,” the man at the front panted. “We’re spread too thin out here.”

“We’re in Third District right?” I asked Seth.

“Yeah, let’s follow those guys to Second, our priority is to side with the rebels and help them push through to the Diamond Building,” he replied.

With that said we all turned around and followed the rebels through the gunfire. All around us was chaos. Even as I remained focused on my object I could still…I dunno, hear, the cries of the dying as people were murdered, burned alive inside of their own homes, or crushed from the rubble of explosions. Society was committing nothing short of suicide right now, because some petty individuals still found it fitting to take advantage of the situation to rob stores, and worst of all, rape the innocent and helpless.

“Hurry! We’ve little time!”

“Come on! Come on!”

“Stick together boys! And keep the pace!”

“To Second District lads!”

We passed a little girl kneeling in front of two corpses that I could only assume were here parents. A stray missile impacted the tall building in front of her, and it began to crumble down towards her—

“No!” I screamed as I deviated from everyone else.


I sprinted over to the little girl and scooped her up with one arm and got out of the way just before the rubble collapsed completely.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” I asked as I set her down.

“My mommy and daddy,” she sobbed.

“I know, but I need you to be brave for me, okay? Your mommy and daddy would want that. I need you to go and hide, find someplace safe. Can you do that for me?”

She sniffled.


“Good, now hurry! Before the Soldiers get here!”

I watched her scurry away and disappear from view in between the crowd of scrambled citizens before returning to everyone else.

“Nice job,” Seth said.

“Every life counts,” I replied.

“How did this happen?” asked Ayane.

“The better question would be why did this take so long to happen?” Carla interjected. “The people of Crisis has put up with Diamond’s abuse for far too long.”

“Hunter?” we heard someone yell out. “HUNTER!”

“And look—it’s Trinity too!”

“Hey guys!!!”

Hunter and I saw Erica, Dick, and Ratchet running up to us.

“Whoa, that’s a lot more people than you left with,” said Erica.

“The hell are yall doing here?!” Hunter exclaimed.

“Takin’ a Vacation—what do you think?! We’re here to help out the rebels!” said Dick.

“Follow us,” Ratchet said. “We hafta get to Second District!”

“I know, we were on our way there just now,” I told him.

We followed them for a couple more blocks and were led up to several rebels that were huddled in the streets, as if going over a strategic mission.

“Holy shit,” Seth sighed. “Grayson?”

The man named Grayson looked up and met Seth’s surprise tenfold.

“C-Commander Gilgamesh!!!” he exclaimed.

“No-no, I’m not a Commander anymore,” Seth said.

“Please tell me you’re on our side,” Grayson said fearfully.

“Of course, I’ve got sixteen people to lend to you,” said Seth. “What’s the situation looking like? You got a counteroffensive cooked up yet?”

“Look here,” said Grayson as he directed Seth to his blueprint. “We’re completely scattered, everyone was ordered NOT to fire unless Diamond took the first shot, but nobody knows who fired first. Everyone is either fleeing, or getting killed. I’m trying to find a way to clear a path to the Diamond Building, but we don’t have the manpower to properly launch an attack at the Military.”

“And we better hurry,” said Hunter. “We got maybe five more minutes before the Air Force shows up, and if you think it’s bad now, it’ll get worse then!”

“Wait, there’s no need to clear a path,” said Ayane as she joined their conversation. “Look, you see that building there? That’s sitting on top of Aurora’s panic room!”

“She wouldn’t go there unless the Diamond Building was breached,” said Lucifer.

“Yeah, and the rebels haven’t even made a dent in the Army’s blockade around the place,” said Colt.

“She doesn’t need to be in there,” Ayane cleared up. “Because it leads right under the Diamond Building. I know, because I’m the one who submitted the specs for its design!”

“Aw yeah! That’s convenient!” Miranda cheered.

“But there’s sure to be a hell of a lot of security down there,” said Amanda.

“We can fight them better in enclosed spaces,” said Anna. “It’ll be better than being out here where we’re severely outnumbered from every direction. But if we’re in a small, intimate environment with plenty of hiding spots—

“Then we can use Guerilla Tactics to pick them off!” yelled Ryan.

“But we’re still gonna need people out here,” I said. “The rebels can’t hold off the Army on their own without our help!”

“I will stay out here,” said Rose. “I will be able to dispose of the aerial foes that will show up soon.”

“You be careful up there lass,” said Jackson. “In fact, I can help you up in the skies with Hugo’s Aircraft.”

“I use long range attacks too, so I’ll stick with yall,” said Hunter.

“Miranda and I will help the troops out here on the ground,” said Colt.

“I will assist them,” said Lucifer. “Those two alone will be insufficient to hold off the ground troops.”

“Anna and I will too,” said Amanda.

“If you don’t mind, I want Ayane with me out here for strategic purposes,” said Grayson. “Carla as well, the three of us have a history of thinking out of sticky situations...well, you'd know all about that already, Seth.”

“Aw don’t flatter me Grayson,” Carla laughed.

“Then that just leaves me, Trinity, Marlette, Ryan, and Amberlin to storm inside and take out Aurora,” said Seth.

“We’ll help with the evacuations,” said Erica.

“Hey, you guys be careful,” I warned.

(Stop Here)



“This way your highness,” said Elektra.

“Elektra,” I grunted. “Surely this is not necessary. I do not require this escort—

“Forgive me, but this is customary in light of rebellion—

“Fall back!!!” we heard.

“What the hell?! There’s…there’s only five of them!”

A second later, the trap door that led underground blew up. Five figures emerged from underground and stood before me.

“It’s them,” Elektra hissed as she shoved me behind of her.

Trinity Strong, Seth Gilgamesh, Amberlin Stealth…and the other two whose names escaped me (A big muscular blonde one and a rather small woman who insisted on wearing the same expressionless look on her face). They were all there.

“What is it that you terrorists want?” Elektra asked.

“Terrorists?” the big blonde one asked. “Oh yeah, gotta save face. Uh…we have come to salt your lands, take your money, and rape your women.”

Trinity punched him.


“Sorry, you’re right, rape isn’t a joke,” he said shamefully.

“Aurora,” Seth said while stepping forward. “You know what this is about. Either you willfully step down and negotiate peacefully, or we let the people have their way with you; and believe me, some of them will stop at nothing to parade your head around on the end of a stick for the whole world to see.”

“Ha!” I laughed. “You don’t know half of what I am capable of! Go on, let them try! I will execute each and every one of them!”

“You know, what is it that you want?” Trinity asked me.


“Why do you do the things you do? I keep thinking about it, and it just makes no sense. You’re either bat-shit crazy, or maybe you’re just pure evil,” she continued. “In the past six months, you have caused people nothing but pain and anguish, and you have nothing to show for all the suffering you’ve caused. You’ve killed every single family member you had left, the whole World despises you, and…what have you accomplished in light of all that?”

Anger like I’ve never felt before welled up inside of me.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” I screamed. “How dare you speak to me like that you little insect?! I AM YOUR QUEEN!!!”

“You’re a hag,” Amberlin chimed in.

“WHAT?!” I screamed. “That is it! Kill them!!! No more games, no more seasoning you up for the perfect moment of humiliation! I want them dead! I want their heads lying at my feet this instant! I want it now!”

“Aw, is the little baby gonna cry?” said the insufferable little creature that crawled onto Seth’s shoulder.

“What are you fools waiting for?! End them!” I roared.

“You heard her boys,” said Elektra.

And finally, all four members of the Suits stood in front of me while I turned around and made an escape to another room…



“H-hey!” Amberlin exclaimed. “Aurora’s getting away!”

“Forget about her for now, we’ve got company,” Trinity told her.

“These guys definitely gotta go down,” said Ryan.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “They’re the ones that have been making sure that the Diamond Legacy has stayed in Power all these years, so you can sorta say that they’re responsible for everything that’s happened so far.”

“Forgive us,” said Click Wang. “But we are merely doing our jobs, and following orders. You would have done the same…you have done the same many years ago, Seth.”

“I know,” I replied. “There’s a place reserved in hell for me in consequence for the things I’ve done in service to this disgusting Government. But guess what? Hiding behind of your job and arguing that you’re following ‘orders’ is just an excuse you tell yourself to rationalize the horrible things you’ve done. At least I’ve got the balls to admit that what I’ve done was wrong, and plan to atone for them.”

“Yeah,” Trinity added. “No one pushes a button and ends thousands of lives with a smile on their face because they were just following orders. All of you are scum, and you don’t deserve to be in a position of Power.”

“Then it seems,” Ross began.

“That we have reached an impasse,” Stross finished for him.

All of us stood staring at one another, and I could swear I heard the wind blow because of how silent it became.

Then it happened…

Trinity clenched her fists and charged, screaming loudly.

She went straight for Elektra with a lunging punch. Through Elektra managed to block the blow, she certainly wasn’t expecting the strength behind of the attack, and she looked ready to have a heart attack judging by the wide eyes look on her face.

However, that didn’t last long, because even as she slid back a little, she got around Trinity’s back with Quick Movement, hooked her ankles around Trinity’s neck and launched her up into the air.

“I’ve been waiting for this!” Elektra yelled.

Trinity performed several backflips to recover from her flight and landed on the ground softly.

“Bring it on then, bitch,” she spat.

Elektra grinned and dashed forward, tackling Trinity like a full powered train and taking her straight through the walls.

“Trinity!” Amberlin yelled.

“She can take care of herself,” said Marlette. “Don’t worry.”

Ross and Stross ran up next, but Marlette and Ryan met their blades with their own.

Naturally, Clik Wang and I had some unfinished business from several years ago, so I was the only one who would be fighting him today.

“Kotomi, hang back with Amberlin,” I told her.

“Aye-aye!” Kotomi yelled.

“W-what do you mean?!” Amberlin exclaimed. “Hey! I trained super hard too!!!”

“We’ve still got Callista and the other Heads to deal with,” I yelled back at her. “You’ll get your shot soon enough.”

“Seth,” said Wang. “You know I harbor no ill will, and I have always respected you. You helped to shape Diamond into such a powerful Military Force. It’s a shame you didn’t follow your path to become someone of greater importance.”

“Shut up, Clik,” I sighed.

And all around that room, we all officially started our Final Battle with Diamond…

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