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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Mythril Town

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Mythril Town:


(Myhtril Town - A small, Rural Village near the Silver Mountains. Mythril Town gets by through Farming and Agriculture. Thanks to its fertile soil, it is one of the few places on Crisis where Crops grow in abundance, even during the Winter Season.)


“Ah, we’re finally here!” Trinity sighed as she stretched out her arms.

“Boy, I’m exhausted,” Amberlin said. “Let’s hit up the nearest Bar!”

“So, how long were you out there?” Millicent asked her. “In the Silver Mountains, I mean.”

“Well, I was hiding out up there looking for travelers for a few days when I ended up pissing off this pack of Leechers. I think its Mating Season, that’s why they were so touchy. I swear, they usually never have a problem with people stealing their Eggs!”

“That’s why they were so riled up,” I observed. “Why would you try to steal an Egg?”

“Do you know how much Leecher Eggs go for? Sell it to the right guy and you’re set for life!”

We walked through the gates and into Mythril Town. The people of the Village were mild mannered and easy going folks, and we were greeted almost as soon as we entered.

“You don’t see many travelers these days,” said an Old Man as we passed by him.

“Should I ask him?” I asked Trinity.

“Sure, go ahead,” she told me.

“Sir, have you seen a man with a Long Sword recently?” I asked the Old Man.

“You must be talking about that scary feller who passed through here,” said the Old Man. “Yeah, I saw him. Sure did give me the creeps though. Came through here and didn’t even stop for Old Bertha’s Pancakes at the Diner, guy is out of his mind.”

“When did you see him?” asked Millicent.

“Hmm, musta been about half a day ago. This morning actually,” the Old Man replied.

“We just missed him,” I groaned.

“Well, we might as well stay the night,” said Trinity. “Sir,” she directed back to the man. “Where is the nearest Inn?”

“If it’s an Inn yall tourists are lookin’ fer, ya can’t pass up Old Bertha’s Lodge (She’s the same lady who owns the Diner). Pay for one night and you get a free breakfast, Bertha’s World-Famous Buttermilk Pancakes. Just go right down this street and make a left and you’ll find it.”

We bid the Old Man farewell before heading towards the Inn longingly.

“There’s gotta be a Bar here somewhere,” Amberlin complained as we opened the door to Old Bertha’s Lodge and Diner.


(Old Bertha's Lodge and Diner)

As we entered, we walked up to the front desk.

“You must be Old Bertha,” said Millicent.

“Dang whipper-snappers!” Old Bertha complained. “I’m only 127 years old, sure as hell aint that old! Now what can I do ya fer?”

“A room for five,” said Trinity.

“Five?” asked Old Bertha. “Most we can accommodate in a single room is three.”

“I call a room with Lance!” Amberlin said as she hooked her arm with mines.

“Me too!” exclaimed Millicent.

"Get off," I groaned.

“None of you are rooming with him!” Trinity snapped. “One room for three and another room for two. The girls stay in one room, the boys stay in the next.”

“The hell?!” Hunter exclaimed. “A room with just me and him in it?!”

"You got a problem?" I asked.

"No," he replied nervously. "It's just, I still don't know you that well."

“That’ll be 500 Credits a Night for both of the rooms,” said Old Bertha.

Trinity pulled out five Gold Cards and handed it to Old Bertha. Old Bertha then handed her two keys, one labeled 202, and the other labeled 300.

“The two-person room is on the second floor, while the three person room is on the third floor. You kids enjoy your stay. Now, tomorrow morning, you all get a free breakfast of my Pancakes, best in town.”

“I do love me my Pancakes,” said Hunter…


An hour later saw me finishing off a Meal Bar that Trinity brought by after she went food shopping, sitting in the Air Conditioned room with Hunter flicking through the Tele-Hub. There was suddenly a knock on our door.

I looked over at Hunter, but he jerked his head to the door, letting me know he wasn’t getting it.

I sighed and got to my feet and opened the door to see Millicent standing at the door with her hands behind her back.

“Tee-hee,” she laughed.

“You’re not thinking of coming in are you?” I asked cautiously. "Don't, Trinity's already pissed at me as it is!"

“Maybe after we go out,” she said. “Come on, let’s go and see that Comedy Show together!”

I smiled at her.

“Sure,” I replied. “Hunter, I’ll be—

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Millicent?!” Trinity exclaimed suddenly.

“Drats,” Millicent said. “My distraction didn’t work!”

“Nice try, but telling me you’re going to swim in the Pool when this Inn doesn’t have one was a stupid lie! Where were you going with Lance?” she asked.

“To the Comedy Club,” she replied.

“I’m coming too,” said Trinity.

“Hell, count me in,” said Hunter as he got to his feet. "I'm bored as hell!"

“Hey, there you girls are!” said Amberlin as she came walking in our direction. “What’s this about a Comedy Club? You think they’ll have some Booze there?”

“Yes, there is,” said Trinity. “Come with us, Amberlin!”

“Hell yeah!” she yelled. “Let’s drink till ugly guys start looking hot!”

"Oooooooh, you guys are ruining my date!" Millicent exclaimed.

"WHAT DATE?!" Trinity screeched.

With that said, what was supposed to be a two person trip to the Comedy Club turned out to be a five person outing.

We arrived in the Mythril Comedy Club five minutes later, getting blasted with cigarette smoke and alcohol breath.

Mythril Comedy Club(1).jpg

(The Mythril Comedy Club)

“Table for five,” I said.

“Right this way, sir,” said the pretty young Waitress.

She led us over to a table and gave us some Menus from which we would order food from.

“Can I get you all anything to drink?” she asked.

“Get me a bottle of Champagne,” said Amberlin. “The bottle is just for me, not for these squares.”

“Uh, Lance, what are you having?” Millicent asked me.

“Just water,” I said.

“He’ll have a Beer, same with me,” Millicent said strongly.

“But, Millicent, I don’t want any—

“Get me a Beer as well,” said Trinity strongly. "You think you're winning any points? Lance and I used to drink Beer all the time!"

"Ha! Obviously, you're last years model, else he'd still be with you! I wouldn't let the nostalgia bonus fill you with any type of hope!"


“I’ll just have a glass of White Wine,” Hunter yelled over the girls. "What's up with yall?! Stop screaming and shit!"

"Hunter, you can't exactly convince someone to stop yelling when you're screaming at them to do it," I pointed out.


“Okay,” said the Waitress. “I’ll be back shortly.”

As she walked away, the main event on stage was beginning. The Mythril Brothers Hue and Shoe were a legendary duo of Comedians that were known Crisis-Wide for their inappropriate jokes and slapstick humor.

“Hey there, Hue!” said Shoe

“Hey there, Shoe!” said Hue

“My, my, my, there are some real purty ladies in the audience tonight!” said Hue.

“Sure is,” said Shoe. “Like that gal there with the big rack!” he exclaimed as he pointed over in Trinity’s direction.

She blushed as she pointed at herself, with everyone in the Club looking back at her.

“That’s right, you remind me of good cousin Rita! Oh the fun we had in that there Hay Barn!” Shoe said.

“Now, Shoe,” said Hue. “I thought you was gonna keep quiet about that summer that cousin Jerry was born!”

“That girl told me she was on the pill!” Shoe exclaimed.

Everyone laughed out loud at this.

“Here are your drinks,” said the waitress as she returned with them.

“Hey, slut,” said Amberlin. “You didn’t ice it?!”

“My apologies,” said the waitress as she bowed. “We’re all out of ice.”

“Whatever,” said Amberlin as she uncorked the bottle of Champagne. “I’m drinking straight from the bottle anyways!”

About a half an hour later, and after several drinks, the Mythril Brother’s series of bad jokes started getting more and more humorous. I don’t know what it was, but I usually would never find a man talking about having sex with a Pig very entertaining.

“Alright, now, it’s time for our Couples Skit,” Hue announced.

“And tonight’s couple is,” Shoe then announced. There was a drum roll before a spot light shined on Millicent and I. “The pink haired lady and her spiky haired boyfriend!”

“What?!” Trinity roared.

"Oh for the love of," I began.

“Oh my,” Millicent sighed.

“But he isn’t her boyfriend!” yelled Trinity. "This is all wrong! I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT!"

“You tell him, tits!” yelled Amberlin as she took another swig of her drink.

Millicent and I nervously got to our feet and went up to the stage.

“For tonight’s game,” said Shoe. “We’ll have this lovely couple play a kissing game.”

“Wait,” I began.

“Oh, Lance,” Millicent sighed. “This is perfect."

“You two ever hear of Pocky Sticks?” Hue asked as he produced a pack of them.

“I love those!” Millicent exclaimed.

“Good, then we’re gonna have you two play the Pocky Game,” said Shoe.

“Oh no,” I said. “Not this! I saw it on this one TV Show when I was a kid! Don't you have any orginal games?!”

“What happens is that you two will chew on the opposite end of the stick, and whoever breaks away first loses,” said Hue. “Is the lovely couple ready?”

“Yes, yes!” yelled Millicent.

“No no, wait,” I shrieked. "I have performance anxiety! I need to see my Agent!"

A stick was placed in between our lips, and when Shoe gave the signal, Millicent started chewing like a grass cutter while I stayed paralyzed. A part of me just wanted to break away fast, but another part of me just wanted to see how far it went—

“LANCE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Trinity roared.

Next thing I knew, Millicent’s soft lips were pressed up against mines, making everyone in the club wolf howl for us…


“These are some good ass Pancakes!” Hunter exclaimed as he dug into three of them.

“Hunter, please don’t yell so loud, those drinks left me with a terrible headache,” Amberlin moaned, a pack of ice held to her forehead. "Why doesn't this Inn come with complimentary Painkillers?"

Millicent was practically beaming as she ate, sending me smiles across the table as I tried to avoid her gaze. Trinity on the other hand was giving me the silent treatment (As I rightfully deserved, what the hell was wrong with me?), eating her pancakes silently and neatly.

When we were done with Breakfast, we headed out of the Inn and made our way towards the exit of the city. Just as we were about to head out the gates, however, we heard a shriek of terror.

We turned around and saw the same Old Man we met from yesterday running towards us.

“Help, help!” yelled the Old Man.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You tourists look like a tough bunch,” he said. “We need your help!”

“What happened?” Millicent asked him.

“It’s the Diamond Basilisk!” he exclaimed. “Lord knows why the blasted thing is roaming around on this side of the Silver Mountains, but it’s gonna kill us all! We need you!”

“How the hell did the Diamond Basilisk get on this side of the Silver Mountains?!” exclaimed Hunter.

"Why would be the better question," Trinity murmured.

“Uh, he-he-he,” Amberlin laughed nervously.

“Amberlin, what did you do?” I asked.

“I uh, might have tried to steal some of its Venom and got it all riled up,” she admitted.

“Why would you even risk it?!” Trinity exclaimed. “If it makes eye contact with you, you turn to stone!”

“Blindfold,” Amberlin said simply. “Duh!”

“What are you, nuts?!” I yelled.

“Point aside,” said Millicent. “If we’re gonna go up against this thing, we’ll need a Counter-Curse for its Stone-Glare.”

“And how do we do that?” I asked. “Do you know the Spell?”

“No, silly, it’s not a Spell you cast, the Counter-Curse will come from a Potion. Well, the real version of the Potion grants you unlimited Immunity to the Stone Glare, but that takes an entire month to brew. The version that I’ll have to make will only work for twenty minutes.”

Millicent then started pacing around.

“What are you looking for?” I asked.

“Pencil and Paper,” she replied.

“Here darlin,” said the Old Man as he handed a crumpled piece of paper and a short, snub pencil.

“Thank you,” she breathed as she pressed the paper up against a wall and scribbled away quickly. “Now, sir, I’m gonna need you to get me the items on this list and bring them to the Diner.”

She handed him the slip of paper and he looked at them.

“I’m sure the Mythril Gardens has these items,” he muttered to himself.

“GO!” Hunter roared at him.


“Oh no!” Millicent gasped as she stirred the Cauldron Pot.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I only have enough for three servings!” she exclaimed. “You have to consume exactly 10 Milliliters for it to work right—

“Yall tourists better hurry up,” the Old Man declared as he burst into the Diner. “That thing is eating up all of them deer in the fields!”

“So who’s gonna go and fight?” asked Hunter.

I thought to myself.

“Well I have to go,” I said.

“I’ll go too,” said Millicent while pouring the green liquid into individual Vials.

“Well shit, it’s my fault that the thing is terrorizing this town,” Amberlin began. “Guess I’ll have to go too.”

“So it’s us three,” I said as I took a Vial.

“Here we go,” Millicent sighed.

“Bottoms up!” Amberlin sang.

The three of us downed the liquid in one gulp and almost gagged.

“Oh gross,” I choked.

“Bleh, it tastes like vinegar fermenting in feta cheese!” yelled Amberlin.

“Okay,” Millicent coughed. “Let’s go, you guys.”

Millicent, Amberlin, and I headed out of the Town and saw the Basilisk tearing deer apart with its teeth.

“Oh my God,” Millicent exclaimed. “Look at the size of that thing!”

“That’s what she said,” Amberlin whispered.

“Amberlin, not now,” I hissed.

The Basilisk was over 50 feet tall when standing on its hind legs, and twenty feet wide. Its Scales were as thick as two feet of Steel, and it had two foot fangs and glowing white eyes. It turned to us and hissed, as if surprised that we weren’t turned to stone by the glare it was giving us.


(The Diamond Basilisk)

It crawled for me, its mouth opened, prepared to consume me, but I performed a roll to the side and evaded certain death just as it clamped its jaw shut. I brought my Sword down on its side, but as I should have known, the Scales for so thick that it deflected my strike.

The Basilisk turned around and swiped at me with its claw, but I back flipped away from its’ blow. Amberlin threw three Shuriken at the beast as it reared onto its hind legs, and they planted themselves in its fleshy underbelly, spraying the grass with black blood.

The Basilisk roared in agony as it opened its mouth and exhaled a green liquid. Amberlin cartwheeled away from the liquid, and as it splashed on the ground, it melted a hole in the grass.

“Oh man,” said Amberlin. “That was almost me!”

“Where’s Millicent?” I asked as I evaded another one of its blows.

“She disappeared,” Amberlin replied. “Maybe she was—

“I’m back!” yelled Millicent as she appeared with a Rooster in her arms.

“Where have you been?” I asked her. "What's with the chicken?! Now's not the time for dinner, we just had breakfast!"

“We're not eating it! It's her to help,” she replied to me.

Amberlin snatched the Rooster out of Millicent’s palm and held it high above her head.

“Oh great, Diamond Basilisk,” Amberlin recited. “Please accept this humble and tasty offering, in the form of a chicken—

“Gimme that!” Millicent snapped as she took the Rooster back. She then held it over head and screamed, “Be gone, Basilisk! Go back to the realms from whence you came!”

The Rooster gave out a loud caw, and the Basilisk gave an almighty hiss as it thrashed in fury, the sides of its face oozing out black blood.

“I don’t think that did job,” Amberlin said fearfully.

“Oh no,” Millicent sighed as the Rooster angrily hopped away.

“I got this,” I said.

I pulled back my left sleeve and touched the Symbol on my wrist. To the touch, it illuminated and glowed red, and my Sword was surrounded in a yellow energy field.


(Lance's V-1 Execution Symbol)

I then gripped the edges of my Sword, ran forward, jumped into the air, and brought my blade down on the Basilisks’ head, causing a large explosion that eradicated any presence of the creature, and leaving a crater as large as a house.

“Whoa,” Amberlin sighed. “Was that what I think it was?”

“I didn’t know you learned an Execution, Lance,” Millicent said in an impressed tone. “What’s it called?”

“I call it Blade Reaper,” I panted. “Took the wind out of me though, I haven’t used it in a while.”

“I haven’t mastered my Execution yet,” said Amberlin. “I heard it gets stronger with time and practice.”

“I’m only at V-1,” I replied. “I got all the way to V-5 back in my Special Forces days, but I’ve lost my step a bit over the years.”

“Guys,” I heard Trinity yell from behind of us. “You did it!”

“Yeah,” I breathed.

She pulled me into a warm hug and sighed,

“Thank goodness you’re safe.”

“Damn, that was impressive, Lance,” said Hunter. “Me and Trinity watched the whole thing from the Town.”

“I have to say though,” Trinity began. “What was with the Rooster stunt, Millicent?”

“Well, I read that the crow of a Rooster is fatal to a Basilisk,” Millicent answered. “But I guess it has to be at Dawn to completely kill it, but the Rooster Crow is still helpful in killing one.”

“How do you know all this?” Amberlin asked. “First it was the Potion, now the whole, ‘Fatal Rooster Crow,’ thingy?”

“Well, being the daughter of President Diamond gave me all the best schooling Credits could buy,” said Millicent.

We headed back to the Town afterwards, and the Towns-Folk welcomed us with opened arms.

“By golly, yall Tourists are heroes,” said the Old Man.

“How can we ever repay you?” Old Bertha asked.

“Money’s always nice,” said Amberlin.

“Amberlin,” Trinity hissed.

“Well, we aint got no money,” said the Old Man. “But I recon this here Ruby I found should be worth some Credits.”

The Old Man produced a Ruby Gemstone that glistened in the light.

“We’ll take it,” said Amberlin as she snatched it out of his palms. “My friend will pay a mint for a Ruby like this!”

“Gimme that, Amberlin,” Millicent said as she took it. “This is no ordinary Ruby, it’s a Summoning Gem!”

“Summoning Gem?” I asked. “What the hell is one doing here?”

“Some scary feller dropped it when he passed through,” said the Old Man. “It’s the same guy with the long silver hair and Sword.”

“Atreyu,” I muttered.

“Anyways, the Ruby Summoning Gem is the Gem for the Fire Spirit, Ifrit,” Millicent explained.

“He’ll pay even more for a Summoning Gem!” Amberlin exclaimed as she took it back.

“Gimme!” yelled Millicent.

“Okay, stop!” I yelled as I took it.

As my fingers grasped the Gem, there was a flash of light, and I was transported to another Dimension. I was standing amidst an ocean of flames, with a creature standing before me.

It was ten feet tall, with fiery red skin, three foot black horns, chains around its wrists and ankles, and glowing yellow eyes.


(The God Of Fire - Ifrit)

“WHO DARES TO DISTURB MY SLUMBER?!” the creature exclaimed.

“Who are you?” I asked.


“Why are you yelling?” I asked Ifrit.

He paused.

“I…DO NOT…know,” Ifrit replied. “Speak, human, why have you entered my Domain?”

“It was an accident,” I said. “I’ll gladly leave—

“You mean you have not come to request the use of my awesome power?” Ifrit asked conceitedly as he flexed his muscles.

“No, Sir,” I said. “I haven’t even drawn a Summoning Tract with you—

“IT HAS DECIDED,” Ifrit then roared. “Human, you and I will form a Summoning Tract. I only ask you summon me once a month, I am quite a busy man.”

“But I don’t—

“THE CONTRACT IS COMPLETE!” Ifrit roared again as he pressed the point of one of his long black nails to my forehead.

There was a flash of bright white light and I was suddenly transported back to the Town.

“Lance, what happened?” asked Trinity.

“I think I just signed my Soul over to the Devil…without signing anything,” I answered…

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