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Chapter 83 (v.1) - Amberlin's Growth

Submitted: March 31, 2015

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Submitted: March 31, 2015



*Theme Of Amberlin's Battle: A Beating Black Wing, by Takeharu Ishimoto*



Amberlin’s Growth:


“Aaaaaah!” Colt screamed when he saw the army of Robots. “Miranda, I told you that one day Robots would take over the World! And they have!”

“Good thing we prepared for this day huh?” Miranda replied.

“You two, shut up, I’m trying to think,” Seth sternly chastised.

“There’s no way we can take on all of those things, Seth,” said Amanda.

“That’s why I said I’m trying to think!”

“Think of what?!” Carla butt in next. “We would need nothing short of a Nuclear Bomb to take out that much…you wouldn’t happen to have one of those would you? Because if so, that, my good man, is a felony—

“I don’t care about committing a damn felony! I’m a criminal already…and no, I tried to get one but you’ve got to have the Military Budget of a small Country to get your hands on one of those suckers.”

“So what do we do?” Anna trembled.

“Only one thing we can do,” I said as I bravely stepped forward. Everyone tensed up as I took a deep breath, probably thinking that I was going to jump headfirst into danger, but instead I turned around and made to flee. “RUN! RUN AWAY!!!”

Ryan caught me by the collar to stop me from getting away.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he sighed.

“H-hey, lemme go!”

“Anything yet Seth?” Carla asked him.

Seth uncrossed his arms and turned to us.

“Nope,” he replied with a shrug.

“Damn it, Seth, you’ve gotta have a plan!” Colt yelled.

“Well I don’t!”

“Ryan, you’re totally wrecking my hair! Let go!” I screamed.

“Jesus, Ryan, wait until we save the World before you pull Amberlin’s hair!” Amanda scolded.

“Keep it in your pants cowboy,” Miranda added.

“What?! You are some dirty girls!” Ryan yelled. “I was just—

Suddenly, out amongst the Army, there was a poof of smoke, and a missile came flying in our direction.

“Oh…crap,” Seth muttered.

The missile struck the wall, and the section that we were standing on crumbled and collapsed onto the ground far below. We all landed awkwardly, but were otherwise alive and well.

“Well, so much for the subtle route,” Seth grunted as he shouldered a large boulder off of his back.

“Everyone, charge!” Colt yelled as he ran forward.

“Not again, Colt!” yelled Miranda. “Wait for me!”

“Anna,” Amanda began. “Let’s go.”


Seth and Ryan nodded at one another before following them.


“Let’s go Carla!”

And then I watched those two run off next.

"Come on lass, let's get them!" Jackson yelled.

“Grrr,” I grunted. “Diamond really needs to learn when to give up!”

“My sentiments exactly,” I heard a voice from behind of me agree.

I gasped and turned around to face my speaker, witnessing Callista White leaning up against a piece of rubble with her arms folded.

“You’re…Callista right?” I asked. “How’d you ever get better? I heard the Inferno Titan turned you into barbeque.”

“One of the things I owe to the Queen,” she replied. “Even if she is a stuck up brat.”

“You know, Trinity told me what you said to her, about your troops being the most valuable people to you,” I began. “How could you even watch them fight with civilians like this?”

Callista sighed and unfolded her arms.

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “Everything used to be so simple, so straight forward. Then you guys kept getting in the way, and the Queen kept getting more and more aggravated. Now I’ve learned that Atreyu has been manipulating her all this time, which in turn, means he’s been manipulating us. It’s a sad, sad irony—that the man who started all of this, is the man who was behind all that has occurred. Every…step…of the way. Truth be told, I’m not sure anyone can stop him.”

“Well…we’re still gonna try!” I argued. “You and me...we don’t have to fight!”

Callista smiled and stepped forward.

“I have my orders!” she yelled as she casted both of her arms to the side.

(Play Here)

When she did this, the two of us were surrounded by a ring of fire. I looked around frantically for some sort of quick escape, but there was none.

“I’ve come too far to just back out now!” Callista roared.

Knowing that we both were beyond words at this point, I drew my Katana and spun it around multiple times. In a flash of steel, my blade split into two, and I brandished them both in preparation of our battle.

“Fine! You asked for it!” I roared back.

Callista grunted at the sight of my two Swords before drawing her own, summoning flames all-around of its edge.

“You’re gonna BURN!” she smirked.

We exchanged a quick glance with one another before officially starting. I rushed forward faster than she could see and began unleashing a barrage of wild strikes at her. Callista did her best to keep up with me, but I was too quick for her, so even though she blocked some attacks, she suffered cuts and scrapes from both of my Katana’s.

I got around her back using Quick Movement and hit her thrice with and upwards spinning strike. She was knocked upwards, but she flipped into recovery as I came for her again. We clashed blades multiple times in the air, the fiery sparks illuminated from the bright orange flames that surrounded us. I forced her backwards with both of my Swords before somersaulting forward and slicing straight through her, thin beams of light carving her up multiple times even when I wasn’t actively attacking her.

Callista dropped onto the ground panting before turning around and launching a spinning ball of fire at me. Though I held my Katana’s in an X-Block sort of fashion, the flames singed my fingers and knocked me back a ways. I slid to a stop right in front of the wall of fire, feeling the heat melt away at my back. She dashed around my side sent me flying with a swing of her Sword. Once again, I had to try doubly hard to make sure I didn’t fall into the wall of fire. Callista plunged the point of her Sword into the ground and a shockwave of fire rippled outwards.

I leapt into the air to evade the frolicking flames and landed in the center, but Callista was then nowhere to be found. The wall of fire seemed to have grown even more intense from that last attack of hers, and I swear that it wasn’t so close to the center before.

The mystery as to Callista’s whereabouts were revealed when she burst forth from the fire and came at me, dragging a fiery line across the ground. I gasped and tried to jump out of the way, but Callista swung her Sword and the flames engulfed me.

“Farewell…Amberlin Stealth,” she smirked as she watched my body disappear within the fire…

However, I wasn’t finished just yet. With a single spin, I cleared the flames from all around me before they completely burnt me to death.

“Damn that’s, hot,” I grunted.

“Still standing?” Callista asked. “You won’t be after this!” She clenched her free fist and her body was completely surrounded by an aura of fire. “BURN!!!” Callista then went into a fit of wild strikes, swinging her Sword madly, sending balls of fire flying out in all directions as she closed in on me. I hopped around, flipping and cartwheeling out of harm’s way on multiple accounts, trying desperately not to get hit. “Had enough yet?” Callista laughed as she came to a stop. However, she didn’t stop due to fatigue, it was to prepare herself for her next attack.

She extended her arms out, and there was an explosion of fire that I just couldn’t dodge. I held both of my Swords in front of me and spin them around so fast that they looked like two propellers. They helped to reduce the amount of contact the fire had with me, but I was spinning them round and round for at least half a minute.

When the explosion finally settle down, I felt like dropping down onto the ground and giving into the pain, but my exhaustion was quelled when I noticed that Callista was nowhere to be seen once again.

Knowing that this was my chance to get a good blow in on her, I closed my eyes and focused all around to get a grasp on her Presence.

Just at the last second, I felt it pop up behind of me.

“Not falling for the same trick twice!” I yelled as I jumped to the side.

She passed right by me and I threw my left Katana at her. It sliced right through her ribs before turning around and slicing through her shoulder to land back into my clasp. Not stunned, I rushed forward and slashed her upwards. As she went hurtling up into the air, I once again spun my blades around. I brought them inwards to meet one another, and they both transformed into a giant Shuriken in a single flash of light.

By that point, Callista was falling back down to the ground due to Gravity, but I was all ready by then.

“Eat this!” I yelled. “Execution V-8,” I then chanted. “Omega Shuriken!”

(Amberlin's V-8 Execution Symbol)

My Shuriken was cloaked in an aura of blue energy as I threw it right up at her. One of the points pierced Callista’s stomach and it proceeded to carry her further up into the sky. The Shuriken then lit up and exploded, clearing out the flames from the sheer force of wind. Even though the smoke hadn’t cleared yet, you could still see that there was a strange looking vortex in the sky where Callista had been blown up.


(Stop Here)

With a snap of my fingers, my original Katana appeared in my hand again as I turned around to see the stunned looks of everyone else.

“H-hey,” I panted. “You…you take care of the Robots yet?”

However, no one replied because they were all so awestruck.

“Sh-sh-she wasn’t lying!” Ayane screamed. “When I met her she said that she had a super awesome secret technique that could rip a hole in the space time continuum! And look! She does have a super awesome secret technique that can rip a hole in the space time continuum!!!”

“Amberlin, seriously, remind me never to piss you off,” Colt muttered.

“C-come on guys,” I panted while walking forward. “We gotta…we gotta—

But I couldn’t continue, because I passed out afterwards from sheer exhaustion…

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