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Chapter 86 (v.1) - Army Of One

Submitted: April 02, 2015

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Submitted: April 02, 2015



*Theme Of The One Man Army: Sinister Shadows 2.5, by Yoko Shimomura*



Army Of One:


Everyone that I didn’t run into on the Trail To The Ravine were waiting for Seth and I inside of the cave, sporting minor injuries and scrapes from the run ins with the Robots. Amberlin, Ryan, and Trinity followed us in merely seconds afterwards.

“You okay?” Trinity asked me.

I shook my head.

“I’m fine but,” I began solemnly.

“Oh Carla,” Ayane sighed.

We were all reminded of the tragedy we witnessed not too long ago and hung our heads in both sorrow and remembrance as we once again had to come to terms with losing another friend—


It was nothing short of the very LAST thing we expected. With wide eyes, we all turned around to see Carla jogging at a brisk pace to catch up to us.

“Carla!” we all yelled.

When she caught up to us, she stopped to put her hands on her knees to catch her breath.

“You know, the only thing that hurt worse than that rubble hitting me in the head was you guys leaving me lying there! I take blows to the head all the time! How else do you think I survive my own experiments?!” she exclaimed.

I think it surprised everyone when the first person that threw themselves at Carla wasn’t Ayane…but Marlette. She literally flung herself into her arms and gave her a big hug.

“Oh, Carla, thank goodness you’re alright!” she sobbed.

“Marlette, I can feel your nipples,” Carla said with a nasty grin.

“I’m so happy that you’re alive that I can put up with your crappy lesbian jokes,” Marlette smiled.

“Well I’ll say,” Jackson began. “The lass is tougher than we gave her credit for.”

Rose let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Spirits,” she whispered.

“Oh, Carla,” Anna began with tearful eyes. “You had us so worried!”

“What are you crying about?” Amanda asked. She then made sure to turn away from everyone. “She’s alive isn’t she? No sense in c-crying over it.”

“But, Amanda, you’re crying too!” Colt yelled.

“I am NOT crying, you idiot!” she screamed.

Not saying a word, Ayane walked up to Carla, her head hung down.

“Ayane?” Carla asked.

Ayane let out a scream before stomping right on her toe hard, causing Carla to hop up and down on one foot.

“What was that for?!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t you EVER scare me like that again!” Ayane sobbed while burying her face in Carla’s chest.

“Ayane,” Carla began with a sigh.

We all thought she was going to say something romantic, but—

“Do you have my spare glasses with you? My contacts got ruined.”

Crickets…we heard nothing but crickets after she said that.

“I hate you,” Ayane grumbled as she presented Carla’s spare glasses.

“Aw, I love you too!” Carla laughed as she put her glasses on.

“What Planet does she come from?” asked Miranda. “Lack of Protein, I’m telling you. She needs to eat more meat.”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough of that!” Seth declared.

“Yeah, we gots ta keep moving!” Kotomi yelled.

We nodded.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said while leading everyone outside…



(The Great Ravine)

We all charged down the slope and went straight for the remainder of the Robot Army, some of us (Like Colt and Miranda…of course) screaming loud battle cries. However, I slid to a stop mid-way to them, causing everyone behind of me stop as well.

“What’s going on?” asked Trinity.

“What’s with ‘em?” Ryan asked.

All of the Robots ahead of us were standing still, simply looking at us, as if they were ordered not to attack just yet—

“Hey! Look up there!” Carla yelled.

She pointed up to a nearby cliff, and our eyes followed her gaze to land onto the figure of Aurora, who was sitting on the edge with her left leg crossed over her right.

“It’s Aurora!” screamed Ayane.

“Bitch deserves an Award for being a pain in the ass,” said Amanda.

“You know what, Amanda?” Trinity began. “I think for once I actually agree with you.”

Aurora opened her eyes and looked down at us.

“And who might you people be?” she asked.

“Look when she decides to have amnesia,” Hunter started. “Bitch, you done caused us enough trouble without you going on and forgetting who we are!”

“Wait, Hunter,” said Lucifer. “Something about her seems…off.”

“No,” Rose gasped. “They did not…”

“Did not what?” I asked.

“That is not Aurora!” she exclaimed. “That…that is Selene! What has Atreyu done?!”

“Oh no,” Lucifer gasped as well.

The rest of us looked on with wide eyes as Aurora…or Selene stood up.

“Oh, now I see, you’re the ones this girl has been so hopelessly pursuing,” she mused. “You’ve played your parts admirably, but I have no further use of you. As you can see, Aurora has submitted her body to my control. Her desperation has led to her own demise. Now that I have acquired a Worldly Vessel once more, I do believe that the time has come to eradicate you.”

At her side, out of a swirl of darkness came a figure dressed in a black cloak.

“Hey! It’s that guy again!” yelled Colt. “The same guy who killed the Ice Titan!”

The man ignored Colt’s outburst, but he turned to Selene in order to address her.

“It has been 2,000 years, and at last, you have found a new Vessel,” he began. “How I have waited for this day.”

“Is it done?” Selene asked him.

“As we speak, the final touches are being put in place. Though it will undoubtedly take some time, we are beings whose patience knows no bounds.”

“Seriously, who is that guy?!” I yelled. “What do you want?!”

He turned to me and smiled a nasty grin.

“Lance Blade, once again we meet,” he said. “However, I do believe we will have to put your part on hold. You are not needed…not yet.”

“That voice...Sethy!” Kotomi screamed. “That’s him!”

“Wait a minute!” Seth exclaimed. “Now I remember!”

“Remember what?” I asked.

“About time,” said the man whose name we did not yet know. “Tampering with the memories of others…has the nasty effect of altering your own…Seth Gilgamesh.”

“But Sethy stopped you!” Kotomi exclaimed.

“Huh?” asked Ayane.

“What are you up to now?!” Seth added.

“Seth, Kotomi—what the hell are you two talking about?!” I asked.

“You have not even begun…to grasp at the hedges of what it is I am planning. Indeed, you slowed me down, but as stated before…I am…a patient man.”

Seth gritted his death before drawing his Sword.

“Kick his butt Sethy!” said Kotomi.

“God damn you!” he screamed as he launched himself up at him.

The man smiled before drawing both of his Swords and clashing with Seth in mid-air. In the flash that followed, the two of them disappeared entirely…

“Let’s go!” I yelled before making a run for Selene.

However, she scoffed before Transversing away, making way for the Robots to surround us from every side.

“Move, damn it!” I yelled.

“Lance!” yelled Trinity. “We can’t let her get away!”


I glanced back at all of my friends, who all smiled at me briefly before running off to do battle. I faced forward and drew my Sword, holding it out to the side with both hands as I charged head first into the mass of opponents who did the same…


(Play Here)

Because our enemies were so large in number, it was impossible to stick together. I ended up squaring off against a large number of them alone. Standing in the center, I looked around as all of the Robots fixed their sights and focus on me.

I dashed forward and sliced a row of them in half before spinning around and launching a full circle of black energy outwards. A few came forward and attacked me with their sharpened metal clubs, but I dodged and ducked around every one of their blows. I cut off one head, dismembered another two, and because I had enough free space to move, however briefly it would last, I was able to launch a Fang Of the Moon. The crescent beam of black energy cut its way through dozens of them before exploding.

Without missing a beat, I performed a front roll to evade a barrage of gunfire, spun my Sword around into a reverse grip, and dashed forward.

“Zantetsuken!” I screamed.

I cut through at least twenty of them in one burst, and they dissolved into nothingness as a result. I continued dashing around using the same strategy, cutting down more than a hundred of them with my Zantetsuken and still they kept coming. I exhausted myself using it however, so I had to resort to ordinary attacks for a bit, at least until I could build my stamina back up. I spotted one with a mini-gun preparing to fire at me, but a burst of Quick Movement was all I needed to get behind of it.

Instead of just simply eliminating it like I originally planned, I stuck my Sword through its back and turned around in a full circle as it fired away with its gun. The powerful barrage of bullets blasted its way through a countless amount of Robots, causing them all to fall down due to malfunctions. When I had depleted my enemies own weapon, I removed my Sword before cutting it down with another swing of my blade.

From the distance, I saw one of them activate what looked like Jet Boots, and it zipped over to me. I ducked under its attack and latched myself onto it from below. With the machine now carrying me, in a single stroke, I cut through their numbers. Whatever AI Diamond used to program these Robots with didn’t seem to be very advanced, as the Robot I was hitching a ride off of was too stupid to stop flying since it allowed me to cut them down without exerting my own stamina. When at last it seemed to realize trying to buck me off mid-flight was doing more harm than good, it stopped flying and dropped down on the ground. However, this just prompted me to jump up higher into the air before diving down with my Sword pointed out.

“Diving Crash!” I yelled.

Plunging my blade into the ground, the area around of me lit up as four pillars of bright light surrounded me in a circle and raced outwards. White hot energy surged through them and steamed many into a fate of becoming singed in half. I straightened up clenched my left fist, my Execution Mark lighting up underneath of my glove.

“Light Barrage!” I chanted.

I extended my left palm and several silver orbs were summoned up from tiny flashes that occurred in front of my hand. They raced forward and struck whatever form of machinery it made contact with without mercy. After that, at last, their numbers seemed to have been whittled down to about 100 by now. Knowing that I could exert a little bit more Power than usual now. I spun Yuuko around several times before pointing her up in the air, both of my hands fastened around of the handle.

“Rising Sun!” I screamed.

From the tip of my blade, a sun colored beam erupted upwards before expanding and surrounding me in a fiery orange barrier as what would appear to be a small star burnt away all of the enemies that remained standing around me…

(Stop Here)

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