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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 88 (v.1) - Prelude To The Final Battle

Submitted: April 12, 2015

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Submitted: April 12, 2015



Arc Theme: Ranbu No Melody, by Sid


*Theme Of The Horrible Beginning: Tables Have Turned, by Shiro Sagisu*



~~~The Final Moon Arc~~~


Prelude To The Final Battle:


“How’s Lance?” I asked Chaz.

“Well,” he replied. “He’s stabilized, but getting sucked in by Selene’s Guardian shattered the majority of his bones.”

“Will it take long for him to recover?” asked Carla. “We’ve got maybe a couple of hours before that giant meteor gets inside of our Atmosphere, and when that happens, Atreyu will be right there waiting for it—

“What about Seth?” asked Amberlin. “And Lucifer?”

“We’re gonna have to make do without them,” said Amanda. “Somehow, and it doesn’t help that Lance is gonna be out of the picture for the majority of the fight. We’ve lost the three best damn trump cards we had.”

The only place where we could run to was back to the Den Of Masters. Lance collapsed almost as soon as Atreyu disappeared…and the rest was history. It’s only been five hours since then, and with every minute that ticked by, it was another minute closer to our fated, final battle…

But with Lance incapacited, Lucifer indisposed, and Seth running around God knows where, our already crippling disadvantage had been handicapped to astronomical levels.

“Give him two hours and he’ll be able to function,” Chaz reassured me. “Your other friends however…not so much. Hunter, Rose, and Jackson unfortunately won’t be joining you all. Using Holy is a sure fire way to tax the body, on top of the fact that young Rose was already in terrible shape when she casted it, this almost guarantees that she is in quite a lot of agony at the moment.”

Everyone became silent.

“So…what do we do?” asked Miranda. “Can we…really win?”

“We’ve gotta try don’t we?” Colt added. “If we don’t stop Atreyu…well, I don’t know what happens because he hasn’t exactly been clear on his plans. Jeez, couldn’t he have been an ordinary bad guy and explain all of his evil deeds from the get go?”

“The worst thing about Atreyu isn’t his Power,” began Marlette. “It’s the fact that he’s a undeniably brilliant tactician. At every turn, our attempts to stop him have done nothing but advance his plans further. He’s thought of every move miles ahead of us, and when he needed time to pursue other objectives, he would throw insurmountable distractions at us, like the Knights, and our latest fight with Diamond.”

We all went silent again…

“How does this happen?” Anna whispered. “Why is this happening?”



I lay there with a bloody, mangled body, feeling my life ebb away by the seconds, knowing it’ll only be a matter of time before I finally passed away. My body was destroyed in all but Spirit due to that wretched Goddess…

However, my despair was cut short when I saw a glowing pair of pale feet appear before me…

“Millie?” I muttered as I looked at her face, which was so radiant with light that I could barely recognize her. “Ah…have you come to gloat?”

“I really should just leave you here,” she contemplated. “All of this happened because of you…but…you’re my family.”

“Forgive me, Millie,” I said quite honestly. “I despise you but…your death was not something that I wanted to happen.”

Millie closed her eyes and kneeled down to me.

“I know…”



The Valley Of The Forsaken.jpg

(The Valley Of The Forsaken)

The Valley Of The Forsaken was Atreyu’s battlefield of choice because that was the exact location of where the Titan’s Meteor would be landing. We were still a few moments shy of the Meteor getting within range for Atreyu to absorb it, for even he could not breathe in space. However, I am sure that Lance and his cohorts would be here to engage us any minute now…

On paper, Lance’s side should have had the advantage, because they had the numbers to their group, much like we once did during our clash in the Southern Desert. However, I was the strongest Knight there was, and Atreyu was a man that matched me more or less. We two alone had no equal on this Planet, though the presence of Sir Erec would indeed relieve the burden off of us.

“Atreyu,” I began. “I have yet to ask you this…but…why do you seek Ascension? What does Godhood hold for you that the Power you wield now lacks?”

His eyes were closed and he was smiling, but upon my questioning, he opened them and turned to me.

"Men are weak," he said. "Powerful as I am, I can still be considered mortal. I can still be considered weak. I have grown tired of agony, of being bound to this life by pain and suffering. If you want to change things, if you want to rid yourself of something as base as the Human Heart; then you must become the God of this World. I shall remake Crisis, the Universe even, into my own image. the sole purpose of my Creation."

I scoffed.

“A surprising attempt to be noble…given the things you’ve done,” I replied.

He chuckled.

“Oh I know all too well enough the things that I have done,” he laughed. “We must be willing to test the extent of how far we are willing to go for our objectives…don’t you agree, my Lady?”

I closed my eyes and bowed my head, but responded no further…

However…they had already arrived by then…



Only ten of us were present. We ten were the only ones that stood between absolute obliviation, and an attempt to live to see the next day. It was all starting here…

This was it…

This is the beginning of the end…

Either an end to Atreyu…or an end to Crisis…

“You were much more numerous in number last I saw,” Atreyu began. “As if your odds weren’t bleak enough, now you seek to challenge me with ten combatants. Your bravery and admiration would be impressive...had it not been so foolish.”

“You should know better than anyone else never to underestimate an opponent,” said Marlette.

“Atreyu,” Colt began. “C’mon man, do we really need to do this? Remember how much we all looked up to you?”

“Yeah,” Miranda added. “You were our hero! We don’t have to fight, it doesn’t have to be like this.”

“It’s no use,” I told them. “We’ve tried to talk this maniac down countless times. He never listens, his mind is made up.”

“He has back up too,” said Ryan. “As if him alone wasn’t trouble enough.”

“One of them is Lady Gwen,” said Carla.

“You mean the strongest Knight?” Ayane shivered. “Oh no, what made her side with him?”

“I think we did,” said Amberlin. “We kinda wrecked them up remember?”

“Who cares, she’s just some worthless bitch isn’t she?” said Amanda.

“A-Amanda,” Anna stammered. “Don’t talk so mean right in front of them.”

“Are you kidding me right now?!” she exclaimed.

“Truly, if you have time to spare bickering, then you must have a solid strategy to defeat me,” Atreyu remarked. “Or are you dysfunctional fools really all there is that stands in my way?” We all grunted. “Carla, Ayane, Miranda, Colt, Ryan, Anna, Amanda, Marlette…you all are not worthy to stand before me. Ever since the day I became enlightened, you eight, along with Lance and Seth…your fates were already determined. Your fates…are to die by my Sword.”

The eight of them began to scowl angrily, and with the looks prevalent on their faces, they discarded any attempts to talk Atreyu out of his schemes. I don’t know what went down a few years ago, but it was obvious that his betrayal was something that DEVASTATED each and every one of them on a personal level, and the sting that it carried affected them to this day.

Filled with an untold amount of rage, Ayane suddenly charged right at him.

“Ayane, wait!” I called to her. “We agreed we’d go in together!”

She screamed as she drew her Sword, coming closer and closer to Atreyu, who remained unmoving.

“Why?!” she cried. “Why would you turn your back on your friends—?!”

We were all struck dumb with shock when a long, thin beam of white light pierced through Ayane’s stomach with wicked speed. She coughed up blood as she was stopped right in her tracks before falling backwards in what appeared to be slow motion.

As the beam thinned out, it was revealed to have been an attack casted not by Atreyu, but Lady Gwen…

“I would say she should think twice before charging in like a fool next time,” the woman said coldly. “But that one is finished.”

“AYANE!!!” Carla howled in a panic.

(Play Here)

She dashed forward and caught Ayane's falling body just before it hit the ground, cradling her body. Blood drenched Carla’s fingers as scarlet red bodily fluids escaped through her fingertips to pool on the ground at a frighteningly large rate.

“C-Carla,” Ayane whimpered. “I’m…sorry. I just couldn’t…control myself.”

“Shhh, don’t speak,” Carla whispered as she pressed her forehead against Ayane’s. “Damn it…how can I help you, Ayane.”

“Oh shit!” Colt screamed. “She was our only healer! How the hell do we even put up a fight now?!”

“What a cheap shot!” Amberlin roared angrily.

“I did not approve of the Duels back in the Southern Desert,” Lady Gwen explained. “Believe me when I tell you, when I see a weakness to exploit, I do not hesitate to snuff it out. Leave yourselves open like that and you will meet the same swift end like your foolish friend.”

“Don’t talk about her like that!” Marlette hissed.

“Guys, we’ve gotta keep it together,” I tried reasoning.

“Keep out of this, my Lady,” said Atreyu as he drew his Sword. “They will provide a remarkable method of killing time. If they attack you, however, destroy them.”

“As you wish,” she sighed.

I expected things to be bleak, I expected this to be the hardest thing we would ever have to do…

But this was insane…

Ayane was snuffed out like a candle light…

This was certainly not how we expected things to start out.

© Copyright 2020 S.R.B. Gray. All rights reserved.


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