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Chapter 89 (v.2) - Ryan's Battle

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Submitted: April 13, 2015



*Theme Of Ryan's Battle-Part 1: Guitar III, by Shiro Sagisu*

*Theme Of Ryan's Battle-Part 2: SD2_83, by Shiro Sagisu*



Ryan's Battle:


The air was still as we all squared off with Atreyu. None of us wanted to make the first move in case our offense would give him the chance to cut us down with blinding speed…but on the other hand, if he made the first move, it was all over for us…

“Screw it, I’m going in!” Ryan yelled as he was the next to charge forward.

“Ryan, wait!” screamed Anna.

Just like Ayane, he ran for Atreyu. However, unlike Ayane, he disappeared with Quick Movement. Instead of attacking Atreyu, he directed his course to the second Knight that was standing next to Lady Gwen. She remained unfazed, however, even as Ryan tackled him a far ways off in the distance, taking their battle elsewhere.

“What’s he doing?” asked Colt.

“Smart man,” said Amanda. “He’s at least easing the burden off of fighting that guy later.”

“You’ve gotta love that muscular hunk of meat,” said Miranda.

“Shouldn’t someone go back him up?” I asked.

“Don’t worry,” Marlette smiled. “Ryan is not a man to be taken lightly.”

That wasn’t what concerned me though…

I looked over at Lady Gwen, and she still remained as stoic as ever, despite Ryan wrestling her only other subordinate off in the distance.

“Fight like a Warrior, Sir Erec,” she said aloud…



When we were a good ways out from everyone else, I shoved the Knight back with my shoulder, but he slid to a stop relatively quickly.

“Well now,” he sighed while dusting himself off. “A challenge is it? There must have been a better way for you to request a Duel with me instead of resorting to brute force.”

“Sorry,” I replied. “I don’t do that crap. Where I come from, if you wanna take someone out, you just go ahead and beat their ass silly.”

“Do not kid yourself,” he chattered back. “If you honestly sought to eliminate me the quickest way possible, why resort to the grandiose set up? Why did you not, say, go for my throat immediately?”

“How stupid do you think I look?” I asked. He opened his mouth to make a smart-ass reply, but that just prompted me to continue. “You know what? Don’t answer that question, you prick. Why the hell would I kill you dead right next to the psycho Lady-Knight who took a pot shot at Ayane when she least expected it?”

“A graceful reply,” the Knight laughed while pointing at me. “You don’t miss a thing. Lady Gwen would not take to my death too well, so at the very least, giving me a fighting chance will prolong your already shortened life. However, I am a Knight, and we are not ones to be trifled with in combat. Based off of that short exchange, I have already measured and calculated your Power Level. As you are now, I’d say you’re around the strength of our former 5th Seat, Sir Gawain—who was really Rank #4 amongst our numbers.”

“Oh? And what’s your Rank?” I asked.

“Oh, excuse my rudeness, I did not introduce myself. I am Sir Erec. I sit on the 8th Seat but I am, in reality, Rank #6. Now you must reciprocate the introduction…who are you?”

“I’m Ryan Bacht,” I answered. “And I guess I would be…let’s see, I think Lance and Seth are tied so they’re number one…then Lucifer…I think Marlette, Amberlin, and Trinity are hovering the same level too…then that would mean I’m Rank 4 in our group…huh…what a coincidence.”

“A graceful coincidence,” said Sir Erec. “However…do despair…I am a special case among the Knights.”

“Are you now?”

“Lady Gwen herself has trained me in preparation for this final battle,” he explained. “Thus, my full strength as of now is equivalent to…Sir Gawain! A more graceful matching could not have been made in Heaven.”

I sighed as I held my Sword over my shoulder.

“Can we get this over with now?”

He smirked.

“As you wish it…so it shall be…”

He made the first move at me with a wide swing of his Sword, but with a one-handed swing of my own, I easily swiped his Sword away. He ducked under my following strike and spun around to respond with an attack of his own, but I held his Sword at bay with the flat end of my own.

Erec grunted in frustration as I shoved him backwards and into a cluster of large stone formations. As he passed through them, they crumbled down into boulder sized rubble that kicked up a large clouds of dust. I caught up to him using Quick Movement, and with a final two handed swing of my Sword, I knocked him back into the ground easily.

Sir Erec staggered to his feet, panting heavily.

“You know, you said yourself that you were gonna come at me with strength equivalent of my own,” I began. “But if what I heard from Lucifer is true, from what I gathered, you’re no stronger than the weakest Knight.”

To my surprise, Erec grinned at me and pointed again.

“A graceful observation,” he laughed. “That exchange just now was a test, a test to see how far I would need to be pushed in order to defeat you.”

“You’re talking about releasing your True Sword right?” I asked.

“An ungraceful answer,” he replied. “On my Gauntlet is four prongs. These prongs seal my own raw Power. Using the Knights Of The Round Table as a means to measure my Strength, I am no more Powerful than Rank #13 at the moment…however…”

Sir Erec unclipped one of the prongs on his Gauntlet, and the result was a light blast of air. I gasped as he came at me again…



We felt the rumbles from Ryan’s fight getting more and more violent even from where we were. Atreyu had made no attempt to come at us yet, which led to everyone standing around and staring…

“Are we gonna stand here with our dicks in our hands or are we gonna kill this son of a bitch?” Amanda roared.

“Do not be so hasty to die Amanda,” Atreyu mocked. “Let us watch this battle and observe the results. I for one am in quite the mood for mild entertainment.”

“He’s just stalling!” yelled Colt. “He’s probably just saying that to kill time for when the Meteor gets here!”

“We should get the jump on him when his back his turned,” said Amberlin.

“Oh by all means, do not subject yourselves to stand around doing nothing. If you wish, go for my throat, or my heart. Try to cut out my eyes even. With your pitiful skills, I can parry all of the blows with ease while focusing on the fight.”

“This guy really is a prick,” Amberlin muttered.

“Amberlin,” I whispered to her.


“When I give the signal…we’ll attack from every direction at once…”



When he came at me, I blocked his attack, but the force his strike made my Sword quiver a bit.

“What?” I gasped. “He got stronger?”

“How was that?” Sir Erec asked me as he darted backwards. “That was strength equivalent to Rank #10!” He then unclipped another prong and dashed at me even faster than before. “This is Rank #7!” Though his Strength and speed were in fact much greater than before, I was still able to block and shove him away as if he were a feather.

“Quit screwing with me!” I roared angrily.

He remained unfazed, however. In fact, he kept smiling as he unclipped the third prong, unleashing a blast of air unlike any that he gave off before. “Behold,” he said. “The Power of Rank #4…YOUR Power…”

(Play Theme 1 Here)

The explosion that followed his next attack was absurd, given his Rank. A dust cloud that could scale mountains grew up in the sky as I slid backwards from the shockwave it generated.

“Can you feel it, I wonder?” Sir Erec mused as he stepped forth from the dust cloud. “This…is the Presence of Rank #4.” He used Quick Movement to appear overhead, and he came at me with a lunging strike. “This is the speed and strength of #4!” he laughed as I was forced to block. His strength had risen so tremendously that I could now barely hold him off. “And best of all…all of this is your Power. Relish and rejoice in the fact that I have purposefully handicapped myself to give you a fair fight.” With just a little bit more pressure, he cut through my defense, leaving behind a scrape on my right shoulder. I grunted from the pain, but had to keep on guard because he was coming at me again. With lightning speed, he completely overwhelmed me with his attacks, switching from thrusts to slashes with near perfect timing. All I could do was keep stepping back as I barely managed to stave them all off with blocks. “Well?” Sir Erec giggled in between his combos. “How’s this? And this? And that?”

He laughed madly as he exerted a little more power into one of his thrusts. By just tapping the flat side of my Sword with the tip of his own, I was sent flying backwards, listening to his cackling grow fainter and fainter. I clenched my teeth and flipped around as I approached a large stone column. With my feet planted on the side, I propelled myself forward, destroying it in the process, and leapt at Sir Erec in a gigantic lunge. I roared as I swung my Sword with both hands at him, but all he had to do to was simply hold his Sword out with one hand to completely overpower me, smiling triumphantly. However, his smile turned into a gasp when I used Quick Movement to get around his back. He turned his head just in time to see me sliding low on the ground, my Sword just about to cleave off both of his feet from the ankle down.

Erec managed to perform a mid-air cartwheel in order to avoid possible decapitation, and I grunted in fury as I went sliding further away across the ground. I slid to a stop and went at him as he came at me. We met somewhere along the middle of our assault, and we clashed blades repeatedly. The two of us darted around using Quick Movement repeatedly, with him easily sidestepping or deflecting my attacks and myself barely managing to block his swings. After another useless offensive blow on my part, Sir Erec showed me just how much faster he was than I was. He fazed right past me and I felt my back get sliced open by his Sword, blood spewing out in great big drops.

In a panic, I jumped away before he chose to follow up with another attack. Instead, as I glanced over my shoulder, I saw him in the middle of charging a purple Knight Flash, the smug grin still etched on his face. All I could do was block as it raced towards me, smothering everything for miles in smoke…


I stood up in the center of where the explosion originated from, my tank top tattered and bloody at this point, my entire body covered in scrapes and bruises. My chest inflated and deflated with each heavy breath I took. Erec appeared above me and struck me over the back of the head with the butt of his Sword as I remained hunched over, before striking me with a powerful kick that sent me flying. Once again, he started laughing as my body went flipping away. I disappeared from view and came at him from behind, but he reached back with his free hand without even LOOKING and caught my striking arm by the wrist to stop my counterattack right in its tracks.

“Ha-ha-ha!” he laughed as he increased the pressure around of my wrist in order to keep a better hold on me. “Is that all you have?!”

He spun me around and launched me towards a large stone hill. It shattered with my collision, and I soon found myself buried under car sized pieces of rubble. Though I managed to shoulder them all off from on top of me, I did not help to ease the heavy amount of pain and exhaustion that I was feeling.

“This is not at all what I pictured this battle to turn out to be,” said Sir Erec. “Didn’t you state that you were the 4th Strongest in your group?”

“You jackass,” I grunted. “That doesn’t mean I’m matched with your former 4th strongest.”

“I see,” Erec replied. “What an ungraceful turn of events. Then that means,” he continued as he held his Sword upwards. “I have no more use for you. Fill me with Strength,” Sir Erec then chanted. “Obsidian!”

After the rumbling and the flash of light that followed, Sir Erec’s Sword and Armor had changed. He also seemed to have gained the use of a shield as well, since it was strapped onto his left forearm. No doubt that would make getting through his defenses even more of a pain…


(The Sword Of Erec-Obsidian)

“So that’s your true Sword huh?” I asked.

“A graceful response,” he laughed. “I see you are well versed in our methods my friend.”

I scoffed as I dug into my pocket and threw three black balls at him. He held his shield in front of him to block them just before noticing that they were rigged to explode. They blew up in his face, temporarily incapacitating him.

I dashed around of the smoke and held my Sword forward with both of my hands.

“Binding Shot!” I screamed.

More than a dozen solid yellow beams of electrical energy were fired from the tip of my blade at Sir Erec. Though he turned around just in time to witness my attack, even he wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way in time. About six or so pierced him through the arms and legs and he went flying into the side of a stone mountain, bound by the projectiles of my Spell.

“What an ungraceful trick!” he roared.

“Would you stop with the graceful this, ungraceful that, bullshit?!” I screamed as I leapt up at him. “It’s over—you loud mouthed bastard!”

“Don’t underestimate me!” he screamed.

Sir Erec managed to free his Sword arm from my Binding Spell, and he swung it in my direction. A clean wave of purple Energy came flying at me, discouraging me from performing the finishing blow as I was forced to get out of the way. I watched as the wave carved a line in the ground before blowing up several nearby mountains.

“Was that a Knight Flash?” I asked aloud. “Don’t tell me those get beefed up too?!”

“Do you truly think it wise to leave your back turned to me?!” I heard Sir Erec cackled.

I was reminded of my amateurish mistake when I had to frantically turn around and see Sir Erec flying at me. I ducked under his attack and swung forward, but he put his Shield to good use and caused my blade to clang off of hit. Though he struck again, I jumped backwards to open up the distance…

Only this time it was a bad idea, because his new Knight Flash appeared to be a move he was quite fond of. He hastily swung his Sword at the air, unleashing a barrage of them at me. I was forced to cut them down and dodge when I could. Whatever form of Energy made them up, they were liquid like to the touch. I couldn’t hold them off forever, and only a few of them needed to hit me before I was completely overwhelmed. They didn’t explode, however, the stuck to me and formed a circular barrier that completely trapped me. I had no choice but to hold my hands over my head as I suddenly felt the air beginning to get sucked out of me.

“What do you think?” I heard Sir Erec boast. “Obsidian loves to suffocate his victims, so one of his special abilities is to suck the oxygen clean out of my opponent’s body, trapping them in an environment devoid of air! You have seconds at most before you collapse, and I’ll blow your remains to pieces. A truly ungraceful way to die, Ryan Bacht!”

I was sweating like a marathon runner as my air continued to run out.

Maybe this was it for me…

Maybe this was how it all ended…

I opened my eyes up one last time, finding it difficult to do so because I was becoming light headed. However, it was just long enough to see the necklace that I kept hidden under my shirt dangle into view.

“D…Dayna,” I grunted with the little air I had left…


“R-Ryan,” Dayna said weakly as I remained by her bedside. “You don’t have to…you don’t have to stay here with me.”

She let out a weak cough as I took her hand.

“I’ll never leave!” I protested. “I will always protect you, Dayna!”

“Oh, Ryan,” she began. “What have I done to deserve someone as wonderful as you?”

She then entered a serious fit of coughing which ended with her spitting up blood.

“Dayna!” I exclaimed.

“Oh dear,” she sniffled. “Ryan, my medicine is on the counter over there…could I ask you to get it for me.”

“Of course,” I replied.

However, after I got her medicine, I heard a terrible slam, and I turned around to see that she had fallen out of bed, unconscious.



“We still don’t know what her condition is,” her Father explained to me. “We are poor, and the Doctors all turn us away because we don’t have the Credits to pay for a full diagnosis. She grows sicklier and weaker as the days go by. How…how can the World turn a blind eye to my daughter’s sickness?!”

“Don’t worry,” I reassured him. “I asked my Boss to give me extra shifts at the Mines. I’ll get together the Credits for Dayna to get the best treatment possible.”

“Ryan,” he gasped. “I…I am so sorry…so sorry that we have nothing to offer you except for our thanks. You tend to Dayna day and night, and when you aren’t with her, you are working more hours than most men ever could at only 15 years old.”

“No repayment is necessary,” I said. “As long as…as long as we can make Dayna well again…”


As the days went by, I still couldn’t get enough Credits for her treatment alone. However, her Father caught a big break at work, and the two of us managed to start her medical treatment. We discovered that Dayna had a rare disease that weakened her immune system and made her susceptible to other deadly viruses that a normal person could fight off. It also saps her strength and made it difficult for her to breathe. Another side effect is that it broke down the muscles present in her body…starting with her legs…

She couldn’t walk anymore because of it…

There was also nothing much that could be done about it because it was a genetic disease…

Her own Mother passed away at 30 from a totally different matter, but she never revealed that she had it…

The sickness has the tendency to skip generations as the Doctor said…

The only bit of good news is that we could manage her symptoms and extend her life…

She wouldn’t expected to live past twenty five…even with the best medicine available…

“Ryan,” she said to me one morning. “I would like you to have this.”

She presented to me a necklace that was in the shape of a lion.

The Heart Of The Lion.jpg

(The Heart Of The Lion)

“What is it?” I asked.

“The Heart Of The Lion,” she coughed. “It was my grandfather’s, he wore it into battle during the Great War. He died during then, but they say his courage was unmatched, and that he passed away protecting his comrades. Ryan, you are the bravest person I have ever met…and…I know this is extremely selfish of me but…I want you to remain by my side forever,” she concluded as she began crying.

“Don’t cry, Dayna,” I said as I hugged her…


“We’re under attack!” Dayna’s Father declared as he burst in the house.


“Those things that assaulted Diamond a few days ago, they’ve made their way South and are tearing our Village apart!”

“My brother,” I began. “Did you see Leon?”

“I got him to safety but Dayna…we have to hurry up and get out of—

He was stopped mid-sentence because a blade was run through his chest from behind. I gasped as his lifeless corpse slid forward in death, revealing a man with white gloves and a slasher smile playing on his face.

I frantically turned around and made for Dayna’s room, shutting the door and locking it tight.

“Ryan?” asked Dayna. “What’s going on?”

“Dayna,” I gasped. “We’re gonna have to go outside alright?! Whatever happens, I’ll protect you!”

“But Ryan, what—

The door was violently kicked open and I was sent crashing to the floor. I looked up at the man, prepared to engage him, but the way he looked stopped me dead in my tracks. Up close, I could see the stains of blood from both Dayna’s Father, and the countless people he probably killed before. And the deathly grin he was wearing…

He instilled fear into me…fear that made me freeze…

His cold, black eyes found their way over to Dayna, and he ignored me as he went straight for her…

“Ryan,” she began. “What’s happening?”

I didn’t answer, and the man got closer to her.


Closer still…

“Ryan?!” she sobbed.

So close now that he could cut her throat, and still, I didn’t respond or attempt to fight back.

He raised his Sword high up into the air, and I could see it gleam from the reflection of Dayna’s eyes, but a Soldier suddenly ran in and took aim.

“GET DOWN!!!” he roared at Dayna.

She covered her face as he barraged the man with bullets from behind, the hot lead piercing through him and grounding him.

“Quick, get in there!” he commanded his Partner, who came charging in with his Sword. “Remember, it’s the head! The head has to come COMPLETELY off—


After the Army Of The Marked Ones desecrated my home town, Dayna was moved to a Hospital in Diamond, and I went to visit her when I got the chance.

“Dayna,” I said as I walked in.

“Ryan,” she cried happily when she saw me.

“You were wrong,” I declared suddenly.


“You were wrong about me!” I sobbed. “I’m a coward! I’m a weakling! Back then, I was so scared that I couldn’t even move!”

“But Ryan, I understand—

“No,” I gasped. “I couldn’t protect you, Dayna…what would your Father say if he were still alive?”

Dayna became silent…until—

“Ryan,” she began with tears in her eyes. “Please…don’t say that you’re leaving.”

“I’m going to the Military,” I said. “I’ll come back…I’ll only come back when I’ve truly become brave…only then…only then can I protect you…”


Even as my oxygen continued to decrease, I at least had just enough for one more phrase of words.

“Lend me your Courage…Braver,” I chanted.

My blade flashed before blowing up the sphere that Sir Erec trapped me inside of.

“What?!” he exclaimed. “Impossible!”

He then gasped as the smoke cleared and revealed me standing there.

Instead of one Gunblade in my hands…I had two.

(Braver Dual Wield)

This…was MY True Sword…

“So…that’s your True Sword?” asked Erec. “It seems that you’ve undergone training from Master Ramshah as well.”

“It is,” I began. “My True Sword is a Dual Wield. Don’t follow misconception…my Gunblade doesn’t function like a regular one does.”

“Ha!” Sir Erec laughed. “An ungraceful warning! I will have you know that I have faced many a Gunblade wielder in my time, two of them hardly matter! There are no tricks that I haven’t already seen!”

Erec charged me while screaming, prompting me to sigh.

“I warned you,” I muttered.

(Play Theme 2 Here)

I flipped around the Sword in my right hand and THREW it at him, the blade spinning around faster than a saw blade. That was exactly the last thing that the Knight was expecting because the wide eyed look that his face played as he barely dodged it indicated as such. He lost the front portion of his mask, however, and the realization that my Sword could easily cut through his Armor dawned on him as I charged. I sliced him through before turning around and catching my right blade.

“What kind of reckless fighting style is that?!” Sir Erec criticized.

“Not reckless,” I corrected. “Brave.”

“Is that so?” he replied. “Taking a chance by throwing your Sword and catching it without looking is BRAVE to you?!” He cackled before undoing his final prong, giving way for another powerful gust of air. “I lied,” he screamed. “At my strongest, I’m more powerful than Sir Jangen!!! I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN SIR LANCELOT HIMSELF!”

“Prove it,” I said before throwing the Sword in my right hand again.

Sir Erec jumped out of the way before dashing towards me. I easily held him bay and shoved him backwards just in time for my other Sword to cut through him.

Though he was dripping with blood, Erec launched another barrage of his Knight flash, but I fired a beam of energy with my left blade that cut through and struck the Knight with a grand explosion. It cratered the ground deeply, and he was lying on all fours at the pit of it, coughing and panting.

“You can’t get a good read on him…can you?” I asked from the top.

Sir Erec glared up at me.

“Braver’s fighting style is to arm me with two blades and use one of them as a boomerang. You never know which direction he’ll come from, even if you dodge. It fills you with fear, whether or not you’d like to admit it. Braver feeds off of that fear, and he turns it into my courage. My courage gives me strength.”

To my mild surprise, Sir Erec was giggling again.

“Me? Afraid? HA! You are an ungraceful fool if you think I fear you!” he argued.

“I know,” I replied. “That’s what makes you a coward.”


“He who does not embrace the fear that holds him…will forever be known as a cowardly fool,” I recited. “That’s one of the things Atreyu taught me. Only by taking the simple step of admitting that you’re afraid…only then can you truly gain courage. You can’t be brave…if you don’t know what it is that scares you. How then could you ever embrace that fear and rise above it?”

Sir Erec clenched his Sword tighter before abandoning his shield and charging up the crater at me.


“Idiot,” I whispered.

I used Quick Movement to dodge his charge, which he did so with such blind fury that he continued until he was higher up in the air. This just gave me the chance to use my ultimate attack without damaging the Valley. In a flash, both of my Swords disappeared before transforming into a giant cannon that I readied with one hand.

“Ultima Execution,” I chanted. “Braver Cannon.”

The cannon gathered white particles of energy at its mouth for just a few seconds as Sir Erec turned around.

“What is that thing?” he shivered.

“Good,” I began. “Now your expressing your fear…but it’s a little too late for you to be brave.”

He screamed fearfully as I launched the white ball of energy at him with unimaginable speed, striking him with a grand explosion that lit up the sky many miles outwards.

“Stronger than Sir Lancelot?” I scoffed to myself as Brave returned to his default form. “You weren’t even close. The only man that can ever claim that honor…is my friend Lance.”

As the dust settled in the sky I turned around and made to leave the scene of the battle just as there was yet another explosion, but this time, over in the direction where everyone else was.

“Damn it,” I grunted as the ground rumbled. “What the hell’s going on over there?!”

Then I heard it…

A loud scream of fury…

Everyone had officially started fighting Atreyu from the sound of it…

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