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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Blue River

Submitted: June 12, 2014

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Submitted: June 12, 2014




The Helicopter hovered to a stop in front of Mythril Town. Soldiers had already secured the Perimeter, and stood in front of the Helicopter waiting for me.

“Area Secured, Ma’am!” a Soldier said as he Saluted me.

I stepped out of the Helicopter and walked past him, with David Fulsome not too far behind of me.

“We just missed them,” he grumbled.

“It appears so,” I said. “Lance Blade,” I told myself. “He is a graver threat to the Diamond Government than I imagined. To single handedly take down the Diamond Basilisk—

“Actually, we’re hearing that President Diamond’s Daughter helped him,” a Soldier explained.

“Is that so?” I asked him strongly.

“Y-y-y-yes, Ma’am,” the Soldier stammered.

“Ma’am,” another Soldier said as he carried an Old Man out to us. “We have a Witness.”

“This here is sure an eventful day,” said the Old Man. “What can I do you Military people fer?”

“Have you seen this man?” David asked as he held up Lance’s photo.

“Oh I sure did,” said the Old Man. “The Lad is a Hero, killed the Diamond Basilisk for us.”

“The Diamond Basilisk is Property of the Diamond Government,” I told him. “Killing it is a Federal Crime. They are Criminals, not Heroes—

“Oh I’m not sure about all that, the beast was killing all them deer. Innocent little critters, don’t deserve to die—

“Regardless, sir,” I scolded. “Where were they headed?”

“Think I heard them whispering about riding Killer Salmon up the Blue River. Now I made sure to tell 'em that them there Killer Salmon aint particularly fond of people, but they’re a tough bunch so I’m sure they’ll be just fine—

“Let’s go,” I told David. “As of now, I’m placing Mythril Town under Martial Law. No one is allowed in or out without Military Consent. We’re going to end Lance Blade, then Atreyu Moon.”

"Ya'll come back now!" the Old Man yelled.

“The Blue River eh?” asked Fulsome. “The President’s Daughter always had a fascination with Killer Salmon…”


The Blue River:

The Blue River.gif

(The Blue River - The largest drainage system on the Western Continent. It flows almost entirely through the Continent. With a length of 5,000 miles, it discharges approximately 600,000 feet of water per second.)

“Oh come on, guys, please?!” Millicent pleaded for what felt like the fifteenth time.

“Millicent, I said no,” said Trinity.

“Can’t we at least go for a swim?” she asked.

“Absolutely not,” I replied. “Bad enough you want to ride a Killer Salmon, but if we go swimming in the river, then they’ll swallow us whole.”

“You guys are no fun,” Millicent complained. “Amberlin, you wanna ride the Killer Salmon, right?” she asked her.

“Hmmm,” Amberlin hummed. “Killer Salmon meat can fetch a pretty hefty price—

“Because they’re an endangered species!” Trinity stressed.

“Oh who cares?!” Amberlin exclaimed. “You can get 1,000 Credits per Pound, and they weigh like 2 Tons at least!”

“Regardless,” I said. “We’re not riding them, and no amount of begging is going to make me change my mind…”

(30 Minutes Later)

Killer Salmon.jpg

(Killer Salmon)

“Oh my God,” I screamed as the large fish swam upriver, holding its large fin. “I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner!”

“See?!” Millicent exclaimed from her own fish. “I told you it would be fun!”

So aggravated the Salmon became that they plunged beneath of the water’s surface, forcing us to let go and swim up.

“That was fun,” I gasped. “I’ll admit, it was pretty fun.”

“Hey, you wanna ride them downstream to get back to everyone else?” she asked me excitedly.

“Sure,” I replied.

Millicent waddled closer to me, and looked right up into my eyes. Slowly, she wrapped herself around of me.

“You can keep me afloat right?” she asked softly.

“Yeah,” I whispered.

Despite floating in cool water, I could feel her warm body against me; so soft, tender, and firm. For the second time, we almost kissed, but we heard running from behind of us.

“Hey guys!” Amberlin yelled from the shore. “We finally caught up!”

“Hi Amberlin,” Millicent yelled as she let go of me swiftly.

The two of us swam back to the shore and got out of the water, dripping droplets of water on the grass.

“How was it?” Trinity asked disapprovingly.

“It was a lot of fun,” I told her. “You should have joined us—

“Yeah, Trinity,” said Millicent. “It was a blast.”

“Screw that, I couldn’t kill one of those fuckers with Shuriken,” said Amberlin. “Oh man, 1,000 Credits a Pound just swam up the River and—HOLY SIX PACK! Lance, you look smexy without a shirt!”

“Amberlin,” Trinity hissed. “Lance, dry yourself off and put back on your clothes.”

“Why?” asked Millicent as she nudged my stomach. “I like seeing him without a shirt!”

“You girls,” Trinity began. “Are ridiculous!”

“Hey, yall,” yelled Hunter. “I think we better get moving!”

We looked back and saw a Helicopter in the air, coming right at us.

“Oh shit,” I whispered.

Millicent and I immediately put our clothes back on and followed everyone upstream. However, two figures leapt out of the Helicopter and landed in front of us. It was Elektra Fire, and David Fulsome.

“Having fun?” Elektra asked as she pulled on black leather gloves.

“We’re here to kill you all, and take back the President’s Daughter,” said David as he drew his Sword.

“Bring it on!” yelled Amberlin.

Elektra rushed forward, her fists clenched, but Trinity was ready for her. She seized Elektra around the waist and wrestled her to the ground, causing the two of them to tumble downhill and into the cover of trees.

“Trinity!” yelled Millicent.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “She can take care of herself, we’ve gotta deal with Fulsome first!”

“It’s been a while since we’ve crossed blades, Lance,” said David.

David dashed forward and both of our Swords connected. I swung at his head, but a quickly ducked underneath of the attack and swung back at me. I managed to block the strike, holding his blade against mines for a second before kicking him in the stomach and sending him flying backwards.

Amberlin rushed forward next, flipping and cartwheeling her way to him. She managed to fight toe-to-toe with him for a good second, and in fact, she grazed his chest with her Katana, ripping open his black shirt, leaving a red line.

Hunter then fired his pistol at him, and a bullet landed in his right shoulder, coating the air in fine red mist. Amberlin threw three shuriken that he evaded with a roll, but my next moved finished up this one-sided fight.

I leapt into the air, my Sword held over my head, and brought it down on him, gashing open his chest, and sending him flying backwards into a tree.

“Ugh,” David grunted as blood dripped onto the ground and turned the green grass scarlet red. “Can’t believe I lost this easily. Should’ve known better than to take the three of you on by myself. GUARDS!”

Diamond Soldiers dropped down from the Helicopter, and they unleashed a barrage of hundreds of bullets from their Assault Rifles at us. Hunter ducked into the trees, and I did the same, having to grab Amberlin around the waist and carry her to cover.

"You wanna piece of me?!" she taunted.

"Amberlin, shut up," I hissed.

As we remained pinned down by the bullets tearing their way through the forest, David was Air-Lifted up and away from danger, badly wounded, but still alive…



Elektra and I rolled through the grass and roots for a good ways until we hit a clearing. She and I got to our feet simultaneously and circled around each other, our fists up and ready.

“Humph,” Elektra scoffed. “You think you can take me?”

“Only one way to find out,” I muttered.

When we both stopped circling each other, a leaf from a tree spiraled down in between us. As the leaf touched the ground, we both charged at one another.

Elektra struck quickly, but I blocked the three blows she sent at me with my forearms and countered with my own combo.

However, by the first punch, she grabbed my wrist, forced it behind of my head and punched me in the stomach before sweeping me off of my feet with her leg. As soon as I hit the ground, she jumped into the air and tried to stomp on my face, but I pencil rolled to avoid impact with her high heeled boots that left an imprint in the soft ground. I spun up to my feet and managed to punch her in the jaw.

Despite the force of the blow, she recovered quickly and punched my own jaw not once, but thrice. After the third punch, I ducked under her next blow and punched her in the stomach, forcing her to keel over briefly. I then managed to land four punches across her face, but at the fifth hook I sent at her, she ducked under it and raised her fist to counter attack.

But this time, I was one step ahead of her. Before she had time to punch me, I seized her by the chest and shoved her backwards, disorienting her. I hit her two more times and had her backed up against a tree.

I sent a straight punch right at her face, but Elektra swung around the tree with her hands and came back around to kick me in the face with both of her feet.

I fell backwards, but got back to my feet to throw a punch at her as she threw a punch at me. Both of our fists connected with the other’s face, and we both stumbled backwards, our faces mangled and bloody.

Elektra was indeed a worthy opponent, and hell, I think she was a cut above me. However, words from my Master suddenly came to mind as I thought about how I would defeat her…

“Master,” I scoffed. “I’ve been training with you non-stop for six months now, I’m ready for Advanced Martial Arts Techniques!”

“No, no, no, Trinity,” said the Master. “The Basics are key to true skill in Martial Arts.”

“But I’ve already mastered the Basics,” I argued. “I practice day and night, I know the drills like the back of my hand, I’m ready to move on!”

“Oh, Trinity,” my Master sighed. “That is exactly why you must know the Basics better than Advanced Techniques. You see, someday, you will come across a fighter that is your equal, and he or she will fight you to a standstill. This is where the Basics come in handy: YOU, not your enemy, must be the one to remember the most Core and Pivotal points in Martial Arts. That way, you end the battle swiftly.”

“But Master,” I began again.

“Always remember Trinity, Break The Roots,” my Master instructed. “If your enemy has no ground to stand on, how then can they hope to stand up to you? Breaking The Roots is the very first technique I taught you, but it should be the last one your enemy sees. That way, they’ll never know you are fighting to weaken their stance, and deliver the Final Blow.”

I grumbled.

“I understand Master,” I muttered…

I opened my eyes back up and took a deep breath. At the time I was too young, too brash, to understand the weight of my Masters words. But now, I know what he was talking about.

“Who are you?” asked Elektra. “An opponent capable of making me work up a sweat is one worthy of praise.”

“I,” I began. “Am Trinity Strong, former student of the Deceased Master Zulu!”

“Very well, Trinity,” said Elektra. “I will remember you.”

Elektra ran at me, but I remained where I was. As she threw her first punch, it was as if everything slowed down. Calmly, I stepped out of the way and kicked her left knee. She wobbled and threw up her hands, expecting a punch to the face, but I gave her yet another kick to the right kneecap.

She threw another punch at me, but I caught it and struck her in the chest with an open palm, a strike that sent her backwards into a tree. With her legs messed up, she could only stand there and attempt to counter my next attack. Suddenly, a Symbol appeared on my chest, a Symbol that glowed purple.


(Trinity's V-1 Execution Symbol)

“Execution V-1,” I chanted. “Break The Roots!”

I then rushed forward as my fists were wrapped in a cloak of purple energy, and I planted both of my fists into Elektra’s chest. The force of the blow sent her flying straight through several trees, leaving a crater in the wake of her spinning body due to the sheer amount of power that was propelling her body.

Elektra came to a stop at another tree, and slid down onto the ground, spouting blood out of her mouth.

“Impossible,” Elektra sputtered as she fought her way to her feet. “Beaten by you?! Of all people?”

Suddenly, Diamond Soldiers flooded the forest and surrounded Elektra.

“A Suit got taken down?” one of them asked.

“Do you think we can take her?” another asked.

“Just shoot her,” another one boasted.

“No,” Elektra coughed as a Soldier gave her a shoulder-up. “She’s my kill.”

The Helicopter appeared overhead again, and Elektra was Air-Lifted to safety.

“We will cross fists again, Trinity Strong,” Elektra yelled down to me.

“Anytime!” I yelled back to her. “Anywhere!”

Next thing I knew, exhaustion caught up to me and I fell back onto the ground unconscious…



We recovered Trinity’s unconscious body from the forest and set her in front of the camp fire Hunter built. She started stirring after about an hour of rest, and she sat up slowly.

“Hey, you,” I said as I grabbed her shoulder. “We’re all alive.”

“Good,” she said as she pulled me into a hug.

“I’m so proud of you,” I told her.

“Thanks,” she replied. “But it showed me something.” Somehow, Trinity jumped up to her feet. She threw two punches at the air before sending a kick to top off her combo. “My Training has to resume so that I can beat Elektra again!” she yelled.

“Right,” I said. “We all have to start Training, I can’t beat Atreyu the way I am now.”

As everyone was about to continue resting from the day’s battle, we were suddenly ambushed again.

However, it wasn’t the Diamond Military this time, it was men and women armed with spears and bows who dropped down from the trees, all wearing Moccasins, and all of their weapons smiling sharply at us…

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