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Chapter 91 (v.1) - The Might Of Ramshah

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Submitted: April 15, 2015



Theme Of Ramshah's Might: Strong and Strike, by Toshio Masuda



The Might Of Ramshah:


“Indira,” said Chaz as he returned to us. “Is it done?”

“It is,” she replied. “They’ve allowed us to return. However, while our Supportive Abilities will remain intact, only Ramshah is allowed to maintain his fighting Abilities. No doubt that many of them have already been cut down. We must hurry!”

“Will Gawain be alright on his own?” I asked. “The restrain it took to keep that man occupied while Lance was here was truly astounding.”

“He’ll be fine,” Chaz assured me. “However, it still pains me that we had to use Lance’s friends that way. They’re just children—


“You want us to do what?!” the one named Amanda exclaimed.

“This is short notice, I know,” Indira told her. “But the only one who can defeat Atreyu is Lance. We are prepared to arrive and help with beating him, but we implore that you all keep him alive just in case the worst comes to past. We do not belong in your Dimension, therefore, I’m unsure if even Ramshah will have what it takes to defeat Atreyu.”

“That’s crazy!” the young Ryan yelled. “We’re in this fight with him too! He can’t shoulder the responsibility alone. Lance is a tough guy, he's the toughest son of a bitch I've ever met. But what the hell makes you so positive that even if YOU guys can’t win, that he would?!”

Chaz, Indira, and I exchanged looks before I proceeded to let them know.

“His Sword, Yuuko, she has deceived him,” I revealed. “Lance has technically gotten no stronger ever since he trained with us. Have any of you wondered why it is that his Sword looks so drastically different from before? It’s because the first look of the Black Blade, as well as the second, were never Yuuko’s true forms at all. She is purposefully holding him back. He holds monstrous strength, but there are many who covets his Power…so in a way, she is protecting him by continually denying him access to his True Power.”

“But how?” Trinity asked. “If that’s true and he really hasn’t gotten stronger at all, then how could he wipe the floor with Aurora when all of us combined could barely lay a hand on her at the time? Where did all of his new moves come from?”

“That’s because Lance regained his confidence,” said Chaz. “He became more sure of himself after the Origins of his Existence were revealed during his Dive Cycle. Therefore, he has been naturally improving on his own. It should give you an idea of how insane his Potential is because he developed his strength all on his own. The rest of what he is capable of is still locked deep within him.”

“But…but why Lance?” asked Ayane.

“Yeah, what’s so special about him?” Amanda then asked. “Is he the ‘Chosen One’? Is that it?!”

“What makes him special is the people he’s connected to,” Indira told her. “Yuuko and Abelia…there is a Powerful Being that seeks the true Power of those two, and Lance’s development was stimulated by both of them. Not to mention the fact that has the Spiritual Genes of Belial, who belongs to the 11th Dimension as it is. A special case like him comes about from both his almost unquenchable desire to reach new heights, as well as sheer luck and circumstance.”

“I don’t accept this!” yelled the one named Colt.

“Me neither!” the other girl named Miranda agreed.

“Please,” I pleaded of them. “In order to give Crisis a better fighting chance…I am asking of you all…to sacrifice your lives in an attempt to keep him breathing. We will do all we can to ensure that you don’t perish…but you must be willing to do so in order for us to succeed…”



With Trinity still in my arms, I glared at Atreyu as both Carla and Amberlin fell to the ground.

“Do not despair,” he said aloud. “Your lives have all been spared. I, who have mastered the Sword, know precisely where and how deep to cut to incapacitate a being without killing them. You will all lie there on the ground, powerless to stop me, as I Ascend this Dimension entirely. And when I have reduced Crisis to dust, only then will you lives be snuffed out.”

I rested Trinity down as I felt anger like never before well up inside of me.

“You’re gonna pay,” I hissed.

“Lance,” Trinity said, trying to stop me.

“I knew I should have fought with them,” I muttered.

Not knowing how I would succeed where my friends failed, I charged at Atreyu, ready to face him one-on-one once and for when suddenly…

Someone planted themselves right in front of me…

It was Master Ramshah!

He threw of his overcoat, revealing a surprisingly muscular and heavily scarred body, showing that not only was he at the peak of physical conditioning, but that he had seen many battles in his time.

He also appeared to be much older too…

“I see that we have arrived just in time,” he said.

“Master!” I gasped.

Chaz and Indira were there as well.

"It's been ages," Chaz gasped.

"Crisis smells kinda funny since the last time we were down here," Indira added. She then looked in the sky. "HUH?! What is this?! Since when was there two Moons?!"

"What?" Chaz asked. "Goodness, it has been cut in two!"

"Can you fix the for me, Chaz," Indira sighed. "I don't feel like jumping up there and ramming both halves back together."

"And I don't feel like expending an ounce of my Magic on something that would take you seconds to accomplish."

"Don't back talk me, just do as I say!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Chaz lifted his hand towards the sky, and our Moon was rammed back into one piece.

"Now stop goofing off and heal the children," Indira than ordered as she made her way over to Trinity.


“Master Indira,” Trinity said.

“It’s alright my young pupil,” she said comfortingly. “We are here to help.”

“I don’t understand, Master Ramshah, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I am here to end Atreyu,” he answered bluntly. “Unfortunate for me to have to show my true age, but such is the price I must pay to reduce myself to the 2nd Dimension once more.”

“Ramshah Ronso,” Atreyu said with a smile. “I see the Guardians of Crisis have decided to rear their ugly heads at last.”

“Do not concern yourself with my looks, whipper-snapper!” Ramshah snapped. “Our late arrival…was to ensure we had the best method possible to destroy you.”

As he said that, the sky soon became littered with Magic Circles that rained down powerful beams of white hot energy that surrounded both him, and Atreyu. A barrier was also casted around of them, to ensure that the ensuing explosion would not expand past that point.

“Ancient Spell Number XCVII [98],” Ramshah chanted. “Eternal Oblivion.”

Eternal Oblivion.jpg

(Ancient Spell Number XCVII [98]-Eternal Oblivion)

“Ah, I see that you all were quite busy not only setting up a barrier, but prepping this Ancient Spell while your newest students were busy getting themselves slaughtered. You used them as little more than Cannon Fodder,” Atreyu pointed out.

“You are every bit as pompous as I’ve heard,” Ramshah scoffed. “Your ability to appear so calm and unintimidated by such a grand display of Power is only surpassed by your complete narcissism.”

Ramshah drew his Sword, Kiyomi, and appeared behind of Atreyu, a slash heading right for his ribcage.

“Sealing Spell Number C [100],” Atreyu chanted swiftly. “Spiritual Banishment!”

Spiritual Banishment.png

(Sealing Spell Number C [100]-Spiritual Banishment)

Before Ramshah struck him, Atreyu chanted his spell and extended his free arm backwards, summoning another Magic Circle that not only caused Kiyomi to vanish, but caused the beams of light to recede into it.

Ramshah didn’t even have the chance to grasp what had just happened before Atreyu struck him across the stomach with a mighty blow from his Sword and send him flying into a mountain…

“H-how?” Ramshah reflected as he fought his way out of the rubble. “How did he seal Kiyomi?”

“Did you think that I was not aware of your arrival?” Atreyu asked as his spell disappeared. “That I would not plan for the Guardians to appear to challenge me? I have prepared for this inevitable encounter, as I knew that these fools wouldn’t have a prayer of defeating me.”

“But no Spell in its category can ever exceed Number XCIX [99]!” roared Chaz. “Do you mean to tell me that he INVENTED a stronger version than the strongest Sealing Spell?”

“Precisely,” Atreyu said calmly. “With this Spell, not only can I seal your Sword, but I can also seal the Power released from said blade. Contrary to what you believe, I am not so conceited to think that in terms of raw Power, I could defeat you. I wouldn’t have a prayer of victory. Never the less, I can, however, take advantage of the fact that you are operating on the Binding Laws of the 2nd Dimension, and take away the Power of your Sword, whose destructive Power dwarfs my own. You have lost…Ramshah Ronso—

Next thing we know, Atreyu was struck right in the gut my Ramshah’s fist, and was sent sliding backwards.

(Play Here)

“Do not go claiming victory just yet, conceited brat,” Ramshah said. “Why is it that you think that we three have been the only Guardians of Crisis for over 2 Millennia? That’s because not a single being born in the past 2,000 Years have ever been able to surpass us. Sealing Kiyomi has only slightly inconvenienced me. Render My Flesh Impenetrable,” he chanted. “Iron-Skin!” He struck both of his fists together and the ground shattered beneath of his feet, while Atreyu smiled from afar. “Let’s go!”

He dashed at Atreyu and struck with blinding speed, forcing him to block the next punch with his Sword, which fired off sparks upon contact. Atreyu slid back some more while Ramshah followed him closely. Atreyu evaded the next blow with a Transversal that he used to get behind of him.

“Hmph,” Atreyu scoffed as he struck.

Ramshah spun around and caught his Sword with his bare palm and held it at bay.

“Transversing Dimensions? I see, that is quite the Advanced bit of Magic you have at your disposal. You are quite the lively whipper-snapper…however…” He struck Atreyu across the face and sent him flying again. “You are still nothing but a child in need of a good punishment!”

Atreyu bounced and flipped around on the ground before using his Quick Movement to get back at Ramshah. He retaliated with blindingly fast thrusts, all of which Ramshah avoid easily by arching his body away from the blade, both of their bodies becoming nothing but blurs. I lost count of the thrusts after 500…

“It appears you have some skill,” Ramshah said simply as he non-chalantly avoided all of the blows. “You strike fast and strong, your aim is true, and your form is the most perfect I have ever come up against. But as stated before…” Ramshah got behind of Atreyu and seized him around the head. “You are a child to me!”

He whipped Atreyu around a few times before launching him up high in the air. It was a sight to behold, watching Atreyu at the mercy of a man much more powerful than he was. Ramshah appeared in the sky and hung upside down in a horse stance, both of his arms retracted backwards.

“Iron Shattering Blow!”

He thrust both of his palms into Atreyu’s back, and concussive boom displaced the air around of them before Atreyu flew down and into the ground at a speed that far outpaced sound, damn near shattering my ear drums in the process.

Atreyu disappeared amidst the smoke and crumbling rocks, clearly defeated…

“Humph,” Ramshah spat. “Truly you were not all that I thought you were.”

As incredible as that was though…something was wrong…

Because when it came to Atreyu, if ANYONE was the least bit successful against him…something was ALWAYS wrong…

We heard a slow, mocking rhythm of clapping amidst the smoke, and Atreyu was revealed to be standing up, alive and well.

“Truly you are worthy of the legends,” he said. “I cannot defeat you, even with your handicaps. It is a testament to your skill. However, I would have you know, that this is still in accordance with my plan.”

Ramshah dropped from the sky right in front of Atreyu and readied himself to fight again.

“Ramble as much as you want, you whelp,” he scoffed. “For you have mere precious moments to do so.”

“Flattered as I am that you are so dedicated to ending me, I do believe that I will have to ask that you divert your attention to the sky in approximately three seconds,” Atreyu replied.

Ramshah raised his eyebrow, and in the following three seconds, his Magic Circle appeared right above us in the sky…



“What madness is this?” asked Indira.

“That’s my,” I began, but was interrupted when Kiyomi appeared back into my grasp.

“Truly you must be daft,” said Atreyu. “Your first hint should have been back when I mentioned that your Power surpassed my own. One of the many Magical Laws is that you cannot seal Power that exceeds your own for an indefinite amount of time. That was the big risk to this gamble. I was actually afraid you might have figured that out sooner and performed a Reversal to simply disperse of the Power in the Realm that it was held within.”

“Ramshah!” Indira screamed.

“I know,” I responded as I leapt up into the sky.

“Ah, very observant, Ramshah The Great,” Atreyu whispered. “You know as well as I do that your Power is so immense, that any Spell you might cast must be carefully evened out into exact parts to reduce collateral damage. What would happen, I wonder, if the Spell that you so cautiously divided up, was suddenly unleashed upon Crisis all at the same time indiscriminately? Not even dust would remain as a result—

“What madness has taken you?!” Chaz roared. “If Crisis is destroyed, you will perish as well!”

“It is a gamble I have chosen to take,” Atreyu told him. “Ramshah will either let the beam strike Crisis and end all of our lives here and now, or he will attempt a last minute reabsorption of his own Power, which at this point, is so large and untamed that it will destroy his 2nd Dimensional body in the process. We all know, that as a Guardian…the option that he is fated to take. I told you, did I not? That I planned for your arrival, and knew what I had to do in order to strike a checkmate.”

As Eternal Oblivion was unleashed down towards Crisis, I intercepted it with the tip of Kiyomi, roaring as I did so, feeling my arms crushed by its Power. I could not reabsorb all of this at once, it would end me as a result…

Instead, I took within myself approximately two-thirds of the Power I previously unleashed, extended my free palm, and directed the remainder of the beam out into space, creating a titanic explosion right above our planet.

The shockwave was so overwhelming that I was sent flying into the ground to create a meteor sized crater…



Though he was struck with such a large amount of Power, Ramshah managed to remarkably land on his feet to remain standing.

This prompted me to clap out of sheer admiration…

“Ramshah Ronso, congratulations. You truly are worthy of your title, The Great. You didn’t absorb it completely, and instead, redirected the remainder of what you couldn’t safely take back right out into space, sparing your body further harm. That…was BRILLIANT. And as a result…you have my thanks,” I commended. “My thanks…for protecting my world just a little longer.”

Though Ramshah clenched his fists in anger, all he could manage was a glare at me from over a mile deep hole in the ground, what with his charred skin and wounded body.

“C-curse you…you smug…snake,” he uttered before collapsing.

I wasted no time. I drew my Sword and stepped down to his body, holding the point right above the back of his skull.

“Ramshah Ronso,” I began. “Unlike the others, your despair does not concern me. I cannot allow you to live. You, who represent the very History of Crisis itself, will be the first step I take to carving out my Legacy. By my Sword…you will die.”

I prepared to plunge my Sword through the crown of his head, but his body disappeared via use of Quick Movement, and soon, he took my Sword arm captive with one of his hands before fastening his other around my throat.

I gasped as I saw there was a smirk on his face…

“I told you not to be conceited, brat,” he smiled. “I am not some fool that can be so easily tricked. Let us go together into Eternal Obliviation!”



Was the man truly going to use his body as a Catalyst to re-release his own Spell under the guise of another?

Not only that…I sensed that he is using his own Life Force to limit the blast radius so that it would be a single, dense explosion…

This was Magical Spell Number XCIX [99]…the strongest offensive spell in existence…

“Ultima!” he chanted.

Afterwards, there was a colossal, explosion that could be seen clearly from space…

Despite my suffering of harsh injuries; at the last possible second, I wrenched myself from his grasp and escaped as the explosion weakened his grip. Though my clothes now hung in tatters and I was actually experiencing a great deal of pain, I would live…

“I underestimated the old fart,” I murmured to myself as I landed at the top of a range of rock plateaus. “He used a counteroffensive that even I couldn’t see coming…and so quickly to boot…for once I’ve underestimated my opponent.”

However, I could not fret much longer, because I felt a Presence come over me…

I barely turned around just in time to see Lance Blade, Killer Instinct glistening, right above me, his Ragnarok already charged.

“You’re finished Atreyu!” he roared. “Ragnarok!!!”

After that, I was smothered in the attack that I didn’t have time enough to dodge...

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