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Chapter 94 (v.1) - The Final Dive

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Submitted: April 20, 2015



*Theme Of The Final Dive: Nothing Can Be Explained (2008) - by Shiro Sagisu*

*Theme Of Godship: Angel Of Doom - by Shiro Sagisu*




The Final Dive:


“My Mastery Of The Mark?” I began. “What is that?”

“It’s our greatest technique,” Amanda replied. “Well, it's only been spoken about in Legend, but you are the first person in centuries that has managed to unlock Version 2 of your Killer Instinct, so that's got to mean something.”

"You've been able to detect Atreyu's Presence even as he has Ascended, correct?" asked Ramshah.

"Y-yeah," I replied.

"Good, that means you're more than capable of catching up to him if he's not out of your sensing range," said Amanda. "Your regular Killer Instinct is supposed to be nothing but a very pale use of your Marked Powers. When you Mastered Version 1, you were able to use Version 2, and I'm sure that you're aware that it makes you less opposed to violence, as well as boost you way past Version 1's level. Mastery Of The Mark allows you fully use of your Marked Powers without destroying your Psyche in the process."

“So, how do I learn this Mastery Of The Mark?” I asked.

“You must complete another Dive, and get the answers out of Yuuko,” said Ramshah. “She is denying you access to it, and believe me when I tell you that she has deceived you, and will not be pleased to know that you’ve found that out. You and Amanda will create a Mental Link with one another, and as a result, she will not be able to kick you out your Dive.”

“But how long do we have? Atreyu’s gonna absorb the Meteor any second now!” I said.

“That’s what these are for,” Chaz explained to me, as he was in the middle of setting up small poles in the ground. “These Poles will set up a barrier completely cut off from time. In order for them to work, however, Seth will have to pour out his Power into them. It will tear away at his body, but he’s the only one here that’s strong enough to do it.”

“We must begin at once,” said Indira. “Lance, Amanda, please sit down in front of one another.”

We did as we were told, sitting cross legged in front of each other while Seth tied up strings to himself from the Poles in the ground that surrounded us. This time, I knew what I was looking for, and as a result, I Dived almost immediately.

“Lance, be extra cautious,” Ramshah warned. “Yuuko and Abelia are going to go wild with anger. They don’t what you to learn this technique…”


From the moment I Dived, I knew that something was immediately different. The once bustling night time Skyline was amidst a torrent storm of rain that had flooded the city, leaving only the tallest of Skyscrapers standing above the water. I slowly landed on top of one of them, making sure to look around for any sign of Yuuko. Suddenly, the figure of a young woman formed. She had orange hair and blue eyes similar to mines…



“Who are you?” I demanded. “Where’s Yuuko? I’ve got a bone to pick with her.”

“So, you’ve figured out that we’ve deceived you,” she said. "I told her that she should have explained this to you. If you understood, then there is no way that you'd come before us with this request."

“We? Then you must be Abelia! Is Yuuko here too? I have to talk to her!”

“Correct, but my sister will not come, Lance. You must be gone from this World,” Abelia replied. In a flash of light, the same Sword that I used as the Shroud appeared in her left hand, wielded in a reverse grip.

“Wether it's you or Yuuko, I don't give a damn,” I said. “One of you are gonna tell me about my Mastery Of The Mark!”

“Oh? And what will you do if I don’t? she asked.

I drew my Sword and ran at her.

I swung with all of my might, but Abelia easily stopped my Sword with two of her fingers. "No way!"

"I must ask, why do you seek that accursed Power?" Abelia questioned.

"I need it to protect my friends!" I yelled. "My loved ones are all counting one me! The entire World depends on this!"

“And what makes you think that is a convincing argument to me?" she scoffed. "What of the things I want to protect? What of my loved ones? Your Mastery Of The Mark will destroy the very thing I cherish!"

"I don't understand, how will it do that?!" I exclaimed. "If you'd just explain—

"Silence!" Abelia snapped while flinging me through the air. "I don't have to explain myself to you! Now, be gone!"

She extended her free palm and the World around of us shimmered...

But I did not vanish.

"Whoa, I really can't get kicked out," I said, slightly surprised. "I owe you one, Amanda."

"What?! So you've found a way to stay in your Dive, have you?"

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve," I smirked while leaping for her.



Though I made my way over to everyone else, despite my injuries, Lucifer was nowhere to be found. At the moment, most of everyone else had been properly restored.

“Trinity,” Amberlin exclaimed when I arrived.

“How is he?” I asked immediately.

Seth had strings tied to him from connected poles, and was panting heavily. Lance and Amanda were both sitting on the ground, and as I watched him, Lance’s body was being ravaged and cut up, as if by an invisible Sword.

“Seth, how much time has passed?” Ramshah asked.

“It’s been five damn hours already,” he breathed. “You said it would take at least one! What’s he doing?”

“Abelia must be putting up more of a fight than we thought,” said Chaz.

“Aw, I still don’t get it,” Colt groaned. “But maybe it’s because I’m an idiot.”

“So what do we do?” asked Miranda.

“Stay put for now,” Indira instructed. "There isn't much time left. Lance, hurry..."



How long had we been fighting?

All I know is that Abelia completely outclassed me in every way possible, and her anger didn’t help either. After knocking me down onto a roof, she followed me, looking every bit as stoic and angry as she did when we started out this battle.

“Why won’t you let me learn it?” I asked. “I know that you've lent me Power in the past, like up North, when it looked like we couldn't defeat The Sorceress. Only now that I'm thinking about it does stuff like that make sense. We've fought as one all this time, what's so different now?"

"You and I are not as one," Abelia replied. "Though I exist within you, though we are responsible for sustaining one another, we are not whole. That's why I can deny access to some of your Power. I can even supress my Sister's Power that flows through you. You think that the piece of metal in your hands is what Yuu really looks like?"

"Wait a minute," I began. "So you're the reason my Sword looks so different? I thought it was weird that it didn't look like a Katana anymore. So what's the deal?! You and her have a falling out or something?! Don't take it out on me!"

"Shut up!" she screamed while dashing forward to kick me in the gut. "You know nothing! There are those covet your gifts, those that will hurt you to get them! I must not allow this to happen!"

"You don't understand, my friends need me!" I grunted while remaining hunched over. "I can't waste time here!"

"I thought I told you that I don't care about them!"

"Ngh," I breathed as I straightened up. "Where's Yuuko?! I'm getting tired of talking to you!"

"Hmph, my Sister does not fully agree with my methods, so I will not allow her to speak with you at all," Abelia replied. "She is powerless here. My word is law! I'm the one who gets the final say!"

"What changed?!" I roared. "You sided with me over the other girl, didn't you?! There has to be a reason for that! Why are you being so hostile now?!"

(Play Theme 1 Here)

Abelia scowled and casted her arm out.

“LOOK AROUND YOU, LANCE!!! IS THIS WORLD THE REFLECTION OF ONE WHO DESERVES SUCH POWER?!” she screamed. I gasped. “Your Dive Cycle was once a bustling World full of promise, you always had such high hopes. You were ambitous, you were strong! But now look! The rain never stops! You’ve given into your sorrow and despair, and everything is sinking into the dark depths! How could you even handle the responsibility of that Power, when your Heart is so fragile?!”

“It''s because—

"Let me tell you something about myself, Lance," Abelia continue. "I hate the rain as it is. But here within you, I hate it even more. When it rains in this World, it means your heart is aching. The ache got so bad, that the World drowned within minutes. When you are not at peace, I am not at peace." She darted up to me and held her fingers against the Execution Mark on my left hand, which burnt upon contact. “I shall drag out the beast that torrents your mind so,” she said.

I screamed in agony as she applied pressure to my arm, giving birth to a monstrous flash of light. When the light cleared, a muscular and shirtless man with red hair, glowing red eyes, and a sinister row of sharp teeth that lacked lips appeared.

"Heh, it's been a while, Lance," it said.

“What are you?” I coughed as she let me go.

“Don’t ya recognize me?” he asked. “I'm that voice in the back of your head, I'm the temptation that forces you to crave bloodshed! I’m yer Killer Instinct!”

“What?! You shouldn't be here! I thought I overcame this problem!"

"Idiot," he laughed. "For as long as you'll live, you'll never be rid of my influence. I'm always there, looking for a moment of weakness in order to take over your body. You should actually thank me! You're too weak to fight without me; know how many times I've saved your life?!"

“That’s right,” Abelia added. “You’ve never seen this form with your own eyes before. This is the form you assumed in your battle with Sir Lancelot, and also when you ravaged the Diamond District seven years ago. And even when you didn't transform to look like this, the creature before you is responsible for saving your life on countless occasions. Ironic, that the being that is responsible for your saving your life is the thing that has been gnawing at your consciousness and filling you with dread. You say that you've overcome your Killer Instinct's influence, but your subconscious mind tells another story.” Abelia looked at my Killer Instinct and nodded at him, causing him to disperse into tiny fragments that flowed into her. “Because you and I are one, I too am a rightful wielder of this Killer Instinct. I will give you a fighting chance Lance, for I embody all three of the beings that give you strength. My sister Yuuko, your inherited Killer Instinct, and of course, me. You say you’ll make me teach you your Mastery? Then prove it to me! Here I come, Lance!”

(Stop Theme 1 Here If Still Playing)


The Final Dive (Part II): Betrayal And Ascension


“H-hey!” Colt yelled. “Why is Lance getting all carved up like that? And why is Amanda getting all cut up too?!”

“It’s because she’s using her Powers to keep Lance in his Dive,” Indira explained. “As a result, when Abelia injures Lance during their internal battle, she mirrors the same injuries.”

“Hey!” Seth screamed. “Ten hours now! I can’t do this much longer, it’s like I’m running a marathon while standing still!”

“It’s barely been five minutes, what does he mean ten hours?” asked Colt.

“Inside of that barrier, the strength of Seth’s Powers can help to speed time up in there, giving Lance ample time to awaken his Mastery,” said Chaz. "Think of it as a point in space that is completely seperated from everything else by temporal barriers. The flow of time, as a result, is ruptered.

"A-ah," Colt said while holding his chin. "I see!"

"Don't pretend to understand, you don't have to get it," I sighed.

Suddenly, there was a rumble from far away…

“C’mon guys,” said Amberlin, striking a pose as she did so. “Let’s go!”

“G-go where?” Miranda asked her.

She didn’t move…

“Ya got me there,” she sighed.

“I would say you should engage Atreyu, but he’s too powerful at the moment," Ramshah said. "The 5th Dimension is one Dimension removed from Godhood—

“I’m gonna go,” I declared as I stood up.

“What? Trinity, are you insane?!” Miranda screamed.

“Lance needs us to buy him just a little more time,” I said. “Are you with me or not, guys?!”

Colt sighed deeply…

“Becoming Cannon Fodder again?” he mumbled. “Well whatever, let’s get this over with.”

“That pain in the ass better buy me dinner when this is all said and done,” said Amberlin.

“Ooooh, dinner!” Miranda cheered. “He can buy me dinner too!”

“So four of us then?” I asked.

“Make it five.”

We turned to see Ryan stumbling up to his feet.

“One more time, we’ll buy time for Lance one more time!” he grunted.

I nodded at the four of them and turned to where the Meteor was heading…

“Let’s go…”



“Just under an hour,” Atreyu sighed longingly. “Can you feel it, my lady? In mere moments, you will be in the employ of The Supreme…does it stimulate your interest?”

I opened my eyes.

“What stimulates my interest is the children you neglected to finish off,” I replied. “They’re coming for you.”

“Let those fools play their little game,” he hissed.

“And when they do perish, what shall you do with the bodies?”

He turned to me with a sinister smile.

“I shall hang their corpses for all of Crisis to see. It should fill Lance with the final bit of despair to confront me on equal grounds once and for all.”

“Think nothing of it, my Lord,” I said as I turned around. “I will end their wretched existences.”

He smirked.

“Gwen,” Atreyu said.

He didn’t see what came next…

Without even having to look back, I fired my Knight Flash through his chest, piercing a hole through his heart, just like I said I would if he ever betrayed me…

(Play Theme 2 Here)

When I finally looked back at him, it was with a malice induced grimace. I could tell from the wide eyed looked of surprise that his face played as he looked down to the injury that this was certainly not what he expected of me.

“I told you, didn’t I?” I hissed. “If I found out that you ever held hostile intents towards us, I would pierce a hole through your chest. I watched those fools throw themselves at you one after another, thinking that they had a chance to defeat you, when in reality, I was your only equal on Crisis. You think that I was so daft to never realize that it was you who told the Queen to arouse us? The blood of my brothers and sisters are on your hands as much as hers!”

As my Knight Flash dispersed, Atreyu hunched over and held his blood oozing chest.

“I knew it,” he said while surprisingly managing a laugh. “I knew you only bore hatred towards me when you chose to join my ranks. It was your way of convincing me to let my guard down around you. I wanted to know how far you would let me Ascend…before you tried to take my life. But, my dear Gwen,you have grown foolish in your old age. Do you truy believe that this flesh wound will end me?”

“My dear Atreyu,” I said as I held my hand over the hole in his chest. “Ezra’s Knight Flash is far more than just swift. I, who bore no equal on this Planet, was feared not because of the art of 5,000 Swords, or the haste of my Knight Flash. Ezra’s true Power is the subtle art of microscopic degradation.” Atreyu gasped at this revelation. “I see you’re beginning to get it. Ezra has the ability to break matter down to absolute zero.”

“Gwen,” Atreyu hissed. “Damn you!”

“Turn His Existence To Nothingness,” I chanted. “Ezra!”

All around of the Birth Stone, Atreyu’s flesh broke apart into fine layers of dust, the magical force rippling through his body at once. I slowly reached forward and retrieved the Birth Stone from inside of him, watching as his body continually began to fade away. In a last ditch attempt to take me with him, he extended his hand, which prompted me to cut it off.

“G-Gwen,” he gasped.

It was funny…

This man who has caused nothing but chaos and misery, leaving behind a path of destruction and heartbreak, looked like nothing but a child deprived of his favorite toy in defeat, his face reflecting, for the first time that I’ve seen…sorrow…

Finally, the great Atreyu fell, not even leaving behind a trace of dust in his stead…

“My brothers and sisters,” I murmured as I held the Birth Stone closer to me. “At last, you can rest in peace…”

My victory, however, was short lived…

As the Meteor got within our atmosphere, there was a mighty explosion.

It looked as if Crisis itself was to be caught in the blast, but the power from the shockwave was sucked inwards to form into a single density…

“RAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Atreyu screamed.

“What?!” I exclaimed. “How can this be?!”

Whatever method he used to return, it has transformed him yet again. In the most splendid of Gold Armor he became garbed in. Instead of a single black wing, he bore six white ones, all of them angelic in form. He truly now bore the visage...of a God...

Atreyu Of The 6th Dimension.jpg

(Atreyu Of The 6th Dimension-Lord Atreyu)

“And upon the sixth day, I sprouted six wings,” I heard Atreyu recite in a radiant voice, even as he floated at low orbit. "It was then that I knew that I had become that which cannot be comprehended by man. I am the Universe. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I am the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Know now that I have become God. Thank you, Gwen," he then addressed of me. "I have won. Thanks to your interference, my Natural Ascension is complete. The Essence of the Birth Stone has already become one with me. I can create thousands of them with the very fiber of my Being. What you hold in your hand, is nothing more than a pitiful piece of stone.”

Absolute stillness overtook me as the Birth Stone lost its glow and crumbled into dust in my grasp. Atreyu then Transversed back down to Crisis, and struck me down with a diagonal slash across of my torso…

Time itself seemed to slow down as I fell backwards into death…

“If someone asked you to die for them…would you do it?”

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