The Epitome of Perfection

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012



“Hello?” he said when he picked up.

“Peter! Thank goodness, can you come pick me up?”

“Yeah, where are you?”

“Uh…” I looked around. Nothing looked familiar. “I don’t know, actually.”

Peter sighed, “That doesn’t help me at all. I can’t come pick you up if you don’t even know where you are!”

“Damn it,” I muttered. I really didn’t recognize anything. I frowned and squinted, trying to read the sign through the heavy rain. “Uh…I think I might be close to the library.”

“Okay, stay put, I’m coming to pick you up.”

“You’re my hero!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. See you in a sec.”

“Okay, thanks, Peter.”

“No problem,” he said.

“Okay, well, bye!”


We both hung up and I leaned back against the tree, waiting for Peter.

He showed up in his beat-up car about five minutes later. I sprinted over to his car and jumped in. I glanced over at him to make sure it wasn’t Tyler, just incase. This time it was actually Peter, thank goodness.

“Hey, Peter,” I breathed.

“Hey.” He was glaring ahead and his voice sounded hard and flat.

“Um, Peter? Are you okay?”

He took a ragged breath and forced a smile. “Yeah, no, I’m totally fine.”

“Are you sure?”

He didn’t meet my eyes. “Yeah, I’m great!”

I wasn’t convinced at all that he was okay, but if he didn’t want to talk about it then that was his choice. I settled in for the ride and watched the rain storm carry on outside the car. My thoughts drifted back to Tyler. Why did he even stop in the first place? We hated each other. I knew that he knew that I hated him, so why would he stop? I knew he was probably doing it just because, or maybe he was making fun of me in some way. Who knows, it could be a bet. I didn’t know what guys were like, so I had no clue as to what his intentions were, probably bad, knowing him. I was starting to get worked up and pissed all over again, so I started thinking about something else. Ah, yes, the Homecoming dance was next Saturday. Oh joy. I didn’t know if I was even going to go. I didn’t know if I even wanted to go. I still hadn’t bought a ticket. Peter was going with his long-time crush, Celina. She was small and cute; they were perfect for each other.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Peter asked again.

“Peter! I’m fine!”

“You don’t seem fine…” he muttered to himself.

I ignored the last comment and stared out the window.

“Alex… you know if there’s anything you want to talk about, I’m all ears, okay?”

I sighed and said, “I know, Peter.”

He pulled up in front of my house.

“Thanks for the ride!” I said hopping out of the car.

“No problem! See you Alex!”

“Bye!” I shut the car door and ran up to my house.




Oh, shit I was late. Running into the school, I accidentally slammed into someone.

“Sorry, sorry!” I said, running past them. I hurried down the hall to my locker. Opening my locker, I grabbed my Lit book and slammed it shut. I went down the hall to the attendance office, getting a late pass. I fast-walked to the class, but paused outside of it. I hated entrances like this. Everyone would stop what they were doing and look up at me. I glanced down at what I was wearing. I had on my everyday skinny jeans and vans, and today I was wearing a light green V-neck. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Just as I had thought, everyone in the class stared at me. I glanced over at the teacher, who was glaring at me.

“You’re late,” he said in a flat tone.

“I know,” I said.

“Don’t have attitude with me.”

I hadn’t meant it that way. I started blushing. “I didn’t—”

“Just go sit down! You’ve already wasted enough of my class time!”

I sighed and made my way to my desk. I glanced up and accidentally made eye contact with Tyler. He smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and stared at the ground. This was going to be another bad day, I could tell.

I didn’t pay attention at all during class. I was too preoccupied thinking about the short ride that I had endured with Tyler. Why had he even picked me up? He had seen me and offered me a ride, but why? It didn’t make sense to me. It didn’t add up in my head. I puzzled over it the whole period. When the bell rang I was the first one out the door. I practically bulldozed people over trying to get to the spot where I met Peter every morning before second period. I happened to have pre calc second period, and Peter had lit. When I got there I looked around for him. I couldn’t see him. He was usually here before me. I leaned up against the wall. Where could he be? I finally saw him coming down the hall. I practically ran up to him, throwing my arms around him and hugging him tightly. He hugged me back. I closed my eyes and sighed. Peter gave the best hugs. Right now I was in a horrible mood and a hug was really what I needed. I laid my head against his chest and smiled.

He pulled away from me for a second and frowned down at me. “Are you okay?”

“I’m having the most horrible week ever.”

“Aw,” he said, pulling me back in for another hug.

I clung to him, breathing in his familiar scent. “I’m sorry I was so bitchy yesterday,” I murmured into his chest.

“Hey, don’t even worry about it.”

I pulled back from him and smiled. “Thanks for the hug, I really needed that. I need to get to class, though.”

“Yeah, me too,” he said smiling.



I walked away, smiling to myself. I stopped at my locker, opening it. I grabbed my book and shut it.

“So,” I heard someone say from behind me.

I spun around, and glared when I saw it was Tyler. He was just popping up everywhere recently, and I didn’t like it. “What do you want?”

“I was just wondering what was up with you yesterday.”


“Me? What’s wrong with me?”


“Ouch,” he said, gripping his heart.

I turned away from him and started walking down the hall.

“You know I was only trying to be nice!” he called out behind me.

Bullshit, I thought to myself.


I glanced at the clock. It was almost midnight. I tucked my hair behind my ear and squinted at the paper in front of me. This pre calc homework was killing me. I sighed and put my head down on my desk. My eyes were blurry from hours of reading and doing homework. I wasn’t cut out for this! I pushed back from my desk and collapsed on my bed. Snuggling up, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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