Chapter 4: Mother Nature

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Mother Nature

Isabella's P.O.V


“Hmm… so what do you want for dinner?” My mom asked as we were putting the food up in their rightful places.


“Uh… I’m not really sure. What do you feel like cooking?” I asked standing on top of the counter stacking the cereal boxes inside of the cabinet above the refrigerator.


I sat down on the counter than jumped down.


I grabbed the empty bags and started putting them all in one bag.


“Yeah… I don’t feel like cooking anything.” She said more to herself than to me.


I rolled my eyes and put the bags in her arms and snatched the keys from the counter.


I slipped my shoes back on and grabbed her wallet and made my way outside to the car.


I saw Kate pacing back and forth on her porch, she stopped as soon as she saw me.


“Hey” She smiled waving at me.


What’s with this girl and her never ending smiling?


“Hey, are you okay?” I asked placing my mother’s wallet in my pocket.


“No… I mean yes… why wouldn’t I be okay? I am more than okay, I’m great. Do I seem to be not okay? I am” She rushed out than smiled at the end.


Okay… this girl is crazier than I thought.


“I don’t know… I saw you pacing, so I figured something might have been wrong” I said shrugging.


“I… what are you up to?” She asked walking down her drive way and making her way over to me.


“I’m just going to get some takeout since my mom doesn’t feel like cooking” I said playing with the keys in my hands.


“Can I come with you?” She rushed out. “I mean… if you don’t mind” She added on quickly.


“Yeah, I don’t mind. I could really use the company. And I don’t know where I’m going” I admitted about the not knowing where to go but not the company. I didn’t need to spark up a friendship that would last a month or so.


I unlocked the car doors and we both got in.


I turned the car on and jumped when the music blared throughout the car.


“Sorry, I forgot my mom had it that loud” I apologized turning down the radio.


I slowly pulled out of the drive way only to stop and turn off the radio.


I’m forgetting something… hmm…


“Is there something wrong?” Kate asked


“I don’t think so… I just feel like I’m missing something and its bugging me.” I admitted pulling out more.


“Oh I hate forgetting stuff, it’s so annoying” She said running a shaky hand through her hair.


“Are you o… never mind” I said driving out glancing at her house.


It was packed with cars.


Ohhhh! Now I remember!


“Hey, I thought you had family over” I said stealing a glance at her.


“There’s a Chinese restaurant around the corner, turn right there” She said pointing at the corner


Trying to change the subject eh?


“Ok… you know you can’t keep doing that” I said turning where she directed.


“I… there’s this guy I like, well I’m in love with… but it’s not like he’s a normal person like me and you, so I can’t exactly go up to him…” She said.


“Wow… why can’t you? You shouldn’t let the fear of objection get the best of you. If it’s meant to be than it’ll happen, but if it doesn’t then he must be stupid. And you’re probably too good for him anyway” I said trying to give her the best advice I could.


“He isn’t someone you just walk up to and demand attention. He and his family are like celebrities here. And even if I did get the courage to go up to him, I wouldn’t get the slightest bit of close to him because of slutness of his girlfriend latched on his arm like a leach.” She sighed dropping her head on the window.


“You’re in love with a guy that already has a girlfriend?” I said stopping at a red light.


“Yeah… But I can’t help the way my heart feels. It started when I first saw him at school. I had just paid for my lunch, I turned around and smacked right into him. Of course I had to have on a white dress and chili for lunch. It spilled all over me, mainly my crotch area, making it look like Mother Nature paid me a visit for the month.” She said chuckling at the memory.


“Some got on his shirt. I remember looking at the chili covered spot on his shirt then trailing up until I got to his face and got trapped under his intense stare. He was like a complete god. Like all jokes aside… he was perfect. You could hear my heart beating furiously from miles away. I was snapped back to reality when I heard laughter erupt throughout the lunchroom. I ran out before I could embarrass myself any further.” She said looking sad


“What a romantic way to meet” I smiled trying to lighten the mood.


“Yes. So romantic” She said chuckling.


“Mother Nature and her perfect timing” I laughed


“Hey! I wasn’t even on my monthly cycle! I wouldn’t have worn the white dress if I was” She laughed


“Monthly cycle? Ha! Who says Monthly cycle?” I laughed pulling up to the Chinese restaurant.


“I do… whatever. I guess thats what I get for falling in love with a Winchester” She sighed as we got out of the car.






“Mommm! I’m back!” I yelled kicking my shoes off at the door and throwing the keys aiming for the table only for them to fall on the floor. Yeah I don’t feel like walking all the way over there to pick them up.


I glared at the keys on the floor, debating on picking them up or not to pick them up.


“Whatcha get?” my mom suddenly popped up in front of me making me yelp dropping the bag.


“Mom! Stop doing that!” I growled bending down to snatch the food up.


“Hey, not my fought you go into lala land” She said taking the bag out of my hand and making her way into the kitchen.


I stole a glance at the keys, yeah ill get them tomorrow.


I followed her into the kitchen and snatched the bag out of her hands before she could look inside.


“Hey!” She pouted like a 6 year old.


I took everything out of the bag and placed them on the table.


“I love Chinese” She said rubbing her hands together than snatched the first box and walked off with it.


“You’re welcome!” I yelled after her.


“Mhm. I paid” She yelled back sounding like she already stuffed her face.


I rolled my eyes smiling. My mom was anything but stupid.


I walked into the living room where my mom was and opened my box and shoving a mouthful in.


That feels weird.


I looked down at my box with wide eyes.


“Bella hand me the… oh no” she said placing what was supposed to be my food on the coffee table rushing over to me. I drop the box and started freaking out holding my throat.


“Mom…” I whispered still holding my neck.


I had eaten a mouthful of onions, I was allergic to onions.


She rushed around the house looking for a phone. We didn’t exactly have time to go through those boxes to find my medicine.

"Where the hell are my keys!" She yelled.

Yeah I should have picked them up.

 Karma is a bitch

She ran outside. I could hear her yelling at someone to come help her.


My vision was getting blurry, I was about to pass out.


I fell… waiting to be met by the hard wooden floor.


But instead, I fell into two muscular arms.


I shiver at the skin on skin contact.


“Th… th… thank…” I tried to speak, my throat felt as if it was being closed up.


“Shh. Save your energy” He whispered then tighten his grip on me in his arms.


He sounded familiar.


“The ambulance are on their way” my mom said as we made our way outside.


When did it get so dark?


“No, they are too slow; she’d choke on her own tongue by the time they got here. My dad’s a doctor; I only live 10 mins away. I’ll make it a 5 min drive” The stranger with the familiar deep British voice hissed rubbing circles on the side of my expose stomach with his thumb.


I couldn’t stop the delicious shiver that ran down my spine.


I guess he finally caught on to what he was doing and stopped, pulling my shirt down.


And that’s the last thing I remember.






The Strangers P.O.V




I pulled up to my father’s hospital.


Her mother insisted we go to his hospital instead of our home


I could have her healed by now


“There it is!” Her mother screams pointing at the hospital.


I slammed the breaks on the car in front of the entrance; I was at her door in no time lifting her up into my arms. Her mom ran in to get help.


“We’ll take it from here” The nurse said turning to take her from my arms.


“Like hell” I hissed then tighten my grip.


“Let her get help son” The deep demanding voice belonging to my father said.


I glared at him walking pass him.


He caught me by my shoulder


“She’ll die if you don’t let her go with them… let her get help, the right way” He whispered.


“If she isn’t better in 10 mins… I’m taking her.” I warned laying her on the bed.


“Son” he sighed


“Make it 5 mins… Go!” I hissed. Why the fuck were they still standing there.


I watched as they rushed, wheeling her off, my father right on their heels.




3 mins passed


I followed her scent all the wall to her room.


“Hey! You can’t go in there while the patient is being worked on! Get back here!” I heard someone yell grabbing my shoulder.


I turned and caught the man by his throat, looking him dead in the eyes.




“I’m going to go in there to check on Isabella, you’re going to let me. As a matter of fact, you’re going to open the got damn door for me with a fucking smile. Then you’ll leave and mind your own fucking business” I ordered then let him down to his feet.


And just like I asked, he did.


“Hey! What are you doing in here!” A nurse yelled.


“Everybody! Get the fuck out!” I hissed. “Now!” I yelled.


They all rushed out except for my father who just shook his head knowingly at me.


“You said 10 mins” He sighed


“No I said 5” I argued.


“It’s been 3” he said folding his arms.


“Look. I don’t have time for this shit; we’ll talk about this some other time. Let me just do this” I said making my way over to her side.


“What do I tell the others?” he asked sighing.


“I don’t give a shit, do what you have to” I said pulling her up into my arms.


“Son… just be careful with her. I’ll deal with her mother.” He said


I walked out of the room with her in my arms.

Down the empty hallway until I got to an exit.




Submitted: June 26, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Sacoya143. All rights reserved.


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No please continue the story it's getting good

Fri, June 27th, 2014 11:19pm


Oh thank god. I have so many ideas for this story, it would have truly been a waste to let it go

Sat, June 28th, 2014 11:55am

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