Spooktastic! Sadie J Halloween Script:')

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Sadie's life gets turned upside down when she meets the cold ones in a dark alleyway!

Hope you like it!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Spooktastic! Sadie J Halloween Script:')

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Scene 1- The night before Halloween- Sadie, Dede and Kit are in the Y helping miss V set up for the Halloween party. Dede is organizing the pumpkins mathematically, Kit is knee deep in Halloween costumes, trying on practically all of them and Sadie, well. Sadie's not really doing anything, she's just sat in a booth pretending to be a vampire/werewolf- basically she's just annoying EVERYBODY.

Sadie puts on a cape and pretends to be a vampire.
Sadie: (In a vampire voice) BY DAY..just a really cool girl.. BY NIGHT....DRACULAAAAAAAAA!..fear meeeeee!
Dede: (annoyed) Sadie..

Dede: You know we'd get this done a lot quicker if you and kit did something USEFUL!
Kit: (Lost in a costume box) TOOOOO BUSY!
Sadie: I'll do something useful! I'll make this the best Halloween party the Y has ever had! (Sadie reaches for a banner and climbs the step ladder to put it up)
Dede: Be careful! That ladder's not safe!
Sadie: Woah! (Falls)
Sadie: but.. I didn't
Miss V: NOW.

Sadie sighs and walks out upset. It is pitch black outside and Sadie gets scared.
Sadie: What am I going to do now? I can't go home, Danny is sleeping at Jake's house and Keith and Dad are out buying matching costumes! (Starts to whimper) It's cold and dark and I'm pretty sure that was a rat on my foot just then!
(Sadie walks for a while) Suddenly, something brushes past her. It is ice cold and dressed all in black so Sadie can hardly see it.
Sadie: Hello?..Hello..?
A voice replies. So quiet only Sadie can hear, the voice repeats and gets closer and closer to Sadie.
Voice: (whisper) Stay still (moves closer and voice gets louder) stay still (moves closer and gets even louder stay still (really close now, the voice whispers in Sadie's ear) stay still.
Voice: Such a pretty little thing aren't you? Would be a shame to go to waste.. but, seen as your friends don't want you.. I might as well..
Sadie: (more scared than she's ever been) (stutters) W-w-what are y-y-you going to do to m-m-me?
Voice: (Laughs) That's for me to know and you to find out Sadie dear...
Sadie: y-y-you can'y hurt me! m-m-my dad.. he'l c-c-come and find y-y-you and and... (gets interrupted) 
Voice: Hush now Sadie. (Light shines on the voice. Sadie sees who this is. His skin is pale white and ice cold, the lines on his face shone like tiny diamonds in the light.. he opened his mouth to laugh and Sadie saw what she had feared. Fangs. Perfect white. Deadly.
Sadie Screamed and tried to get away but the vampire grip holds her still, he opened his mouth, his eyes glistened, he moved closer to Sadie and his teeth sunk into her neck. Sadie screamed louder than she ever had before, her whole body froze. The blood was seeping out of her body, the venom had entered. Her entire body was now as icy white as the vampires.The vampire threw Sadie's half vampire body into the bush next to them and let the venom do its work. He left, leaving without a trace. Nobody would ever know what happened.

Morning came and Sadie opened her blood red eyes. She struggled and to her amazement, sprung up out of the bushes. This was unlike anything she had felt before. She stared at her marble skin glinting in the sunlight, she gazed at her reflection in the puddle next to her, she knew what she was. She was a vampire.

Scene 2- Reborn.
Sadie: Great. What the fizzypop do I do now? I know! I'll go find Kit and Deeds! They'll understand.. I hope..
 Sadie finds kit and Dede.
Sadie: Deeds! Kit! you have to help me! This man, he stopped me on the way home and..

Dede and Kit take on look at sadie and scream and run.

Sadie: Great. Now I can't even talk to my friends! Being a vampire sucks..
She walks to the Y. As soon as miss V takes one look at her, she grabs her and pulls her into a booth.
Miss V: (Whispers) MISS JENKINS! You can't come in here! It's not safe for.. your kind..
Sadie: What are you talking about? Of course it's safe!
Miss V: Believe me.. I know about ..Your kind and the..the people here don't like.. your kind.... Your kind don't fit in here!
Sadie: Firstly: WHAT PEOPLE and second: STOP SAYING YOUR KIND?!
Miss V: MISS JENKINS! I insist you leave now! It's not safe.. THEY are coming!
Sadie: Who are THEY?
The door opens and Keith,Steve and Roger enter in vampire hunting gear.
Sadie: WHO? that's just my dad, Keith and Roger!
Miss V: HIDE!
Miss V ducks under the table and Keith and Steve march up to sadie. Grab her and carry her off.
Sadie: Um.. dad..what are you carrying me for... I can walk you know!

Next Scene: Sadie, Steve, Keith and Roger are in some kind of vampire cave. There's vampire equipment everywhere.. Sadie is confused.. really confused!

Sadie: Um dad.. what happened to the living room?
Steve: No time for that Sass.. I know what you are... and Keith, Roger and I... we exterminate your kind.. they are not welcome here...
Sadie: What are you talking about?
Steve: Keith... it's time to give sadie.. the song..
Keith: The song?..OH THE SONG!
Steve and Keith sing some song about vampire hunters
Keith: You see sadie, You can't be here like this.. we got rid of all the other vampires and it's time to get rid of you..
Sadie: (slightly scared) what?
Steve: Just a stake through the heart, It will be quick and painless.. 
Keith: (Raises stake) (evil laugh)
Sadie screams and the stake enters her heart.
Vampire Sadie is no more..

the end....

Happy Halloween!

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