A New Kind Of Mindless Behavior Love Story

A New Kind Of Mindless Behavior Love Story

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Mindless Bwhavior Love Story!
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Mindless Bwhavior Love Story!

Chapter32 (v.1) - *tears for safari and princeton*

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2012



a day without safari and princeton :(





*back at mb house*

prod:so what do we do now

roc:(to the girls)do yall have yalls bags*the bell hopper comes in*carrying bags*

bh:(bell hopper)little amount of girls large amount of bags with clothing inside of it

bre:thats us(smiles a lil trying to hide her pain)

roc:we doon't have to act like everythings ok you know bre:well i am going to cuz everything is not ok i mean if you want me to rip your head off than ill do tht with anger

cree:DONT TOUCH HIM......i mean thats mean bre:aawwwww but its not time for that love thing right now

ray:so i am not gettin none tonight-trying to lighten up the mood-

bre:*gives him the evil eyes*

ray:well thats a no

mia:yall for real need to calm down now prod put in a movie and we going to watch it and laugh and have fun........ok


*prod puts in don't be a menace to the south central(blah blah blah but its a halarious movie]*

bre:hahah good movie

mia:i told you

ray:i never laughed so hard in my life

roc:i know right

cree:*mumbles*what the fuck

roc:why you mad lighten up a lil

cree:why am i always so mad???? well yall should be asken yourselfs why yall actin like dum asses acting like everything is ok......safari and princeton is in the hospital and were over here bouts to kill eachother and dianna aaliyah and shaquasia. like uuuhhhhh and now were just forgeting aout them.everythings horrible*runs out the door*

mia:look what you did roc it all your fault

roc:my fault???....... how is it my fault

bre:just shut up and go find her



roc:damn yall mean somtimes*goes to find cree*

prod:you dont have to yell at my bro like that

bre:well he was bein a pussy

prod:how was he bein a pussy

ray:exactly i swear there is no damn nice girls in this world

bre:damn right(oooohhhh hell NAW)

ray:i didn't mean you babe*tries to kiss bre but she moves away*whats wrong

bre:i'm not your babe anymore i'm going home

mia:me 2*the girls go up stairs and get there bags prod:see you ruin it for the all of us

ray:man shut up*upstairs*

mia:i'm not going home to sob over them

bre:me niether.....*thinks*...how bout we have a sleep over at my house

mia:deal*they walk past prod and ray and go to bre's house*

at bre's house*

bm:(bre's mom)what are yall doing here i thought yall were going on tour

bre:we thought so too turns out thosse boys are bitches

bm:so are yall havin a sleep over here wheres cree mia:roc is finding her

bm:finding her why did she leave nevermind don't wanna know


bm:and weres safari

*bre and mia get teary eyed*

mia:shes shes shes

bre:IN THE HOSPITAL*they start crying so hard it feel like its pouring rain then they go upstairs to bre's room*

with ray and prod and roc at the beach*

ray:so what happend

roc:she didnt want to talk to me so i left her ass

ray:my man*they fist pump*some chicks walk past*

prod:are yall thinkin what i'm thinkin*boys call the girls over*

ray:hey sexy whats yalls names

?????-its deana,aaliyah,shaqasia didnt we meet before.................................................................................................................................................dun dun dun,........hahahahh clifff hanger lol

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