I Really Thought We Had Something

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Chapter 72 (v.1) - The Invitation

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012




Nina's POV?
I was so relieved when the bell finally rung at the end of the day, you have no idea. Today was just like yesterday and the day before. More bullying and teasing. More rummors being spread. More whispering and pointing fingers. Today was just horrible. And to add to all of that, my friends ignored me. All of them. They were all mad at me for "making Justin leave." Well, except for Sarah. She was actually willing to hang out with me all day. Which was nice. I was beginning to feel lonely. Hanging out with her today also brought us a lot closer as friends. I learned a lot about her, she learned a lot about me. Earlier today she had actually asked me to come over after school tomorrow. I wasn't sure if i should or not, but i agreed to anyways. She said Ryan was going to be stopping by at some point to so it shouldn't be so bad. 

*Later that night*
"Aw, that's cute," i said to myself whilst looking at a picture of a kitten in a tea cup.
I was on a roll. I've reblogged seventy two pictures in five minutes. I'm so cool. 
My blogging was then interrupted by a three soft knocks on the door. 
"Dinner," i heard Troy yell to me. 
"Be right down," i replied and reblogged a few more pictures before i shut my laptop, hopped off my bed and headed downstairs. 
I slowly walked into the kitchen, still tired from today, to see Mom and Troy sucking face by the stove, her arms wrapped around his neck, his arms wrapped around her waist. Ugh. Gross. I pretended to gag and took a seat at the table. Mom and Troy giggles through the kiss and slowly pulled away. He pulled her into a hug and she looked over at me, smiling. I had to admit, they did look pretty cute. ut it still disgusts me seeing my mother act this way. Ugh. She eventually pulls out of his arms and takes a seat at the table with me. Troy walked over to the stove and made mom and i both a plate and laid it down in front of us. We both thanked him as he sat down across from us in his seat and started eating. 
"Well, the planning is completely done. We've got everything we need," Mom said. Oh God, please don't make her start with this again. I swear, ever since a few days ago she has NOT shut up about the wedding. She's acting like it's her first wedding she's ever had. Has she forgotten about Daddy?...
Troy smiled at her. "I still can't believer we're getting married on Sunday," he said, placing his hand on top of hers. 
"I know. I can't wait," she giggled. I rolled my eyes and continued eating, trying to ignore they. Sadly, they were pretty hard to ignore. With their constant flirting and giggling, i could barely concentrate on eating. But i eventually finished. I took care of my dishes and turned to face mom and Troy again. 
"Hey Mom?" i said. She turned to me, finally removing her eyes from her fiancé. 
"Can i go to Sarah's after school tomorrow?" i asked her, kindly. 
She looked back over at Troy with love struck eyes. "Mhm," she replied, giggling. With that, i quickly turned around and walked upstairs. I didn't want them to see me puke. 
I walked back up to my room and over to my dresser. I unplugged my phone from it's charger and wrote a quick text to Sarah. 
'Hey, my mom said i could come over tomorrow.'
'cool,' she replied, 'see you tomorrow.'
i didn't text back. Instead, i sat back down on my bed and went back to Tumblr. 

Justin's POV?
Just as i had suspected, the "chemistry lesson" seemed like it lasted for days, when really it only lasted or a few hours. We didn't really get anything done. And i really didn't learn anything. Actually, throughout the whole lesson she was constantly trying to put her hands on me. Whether it was on my legs or my arms or even my face. I don't know what the hell is wrong with that girl. Maybe i should introduce her to Selena. Then i'm sure she'll never want to flirt with me again. I'm sure of it. That's of course what happened to Nina.. 
I shook my head, trying to get Nina out of my mind. She's out of my life.. (sadly).. and i'm out of hers. I guess my only option now is to forget about her.. or try to at least. But i have a feeling that's impossible. Why even try. There's not way in hell i could forget her, ever. She was my first love. That's not something you forget easily. I guess i could try to try to get over her, i guess. Try. I could try. Even though i know i most likely won't succeed. But i can try. I can try. 

It was about one o'clock when mom finally returned home from Mary's. Of course, Mara was long gone by then. Although it wasn't too easy getting her to leave. She kept trying to come up with excuses as to why she should stay for a little while longer. Of course all her excuses were totally lame and she eventually left. 
Mom walked through the door with her peacoat jacket on, her sunglasses, and her Ugg boots (ugh) carrying some mail. She flipped through the mail, reading over them quickly. 
"Hey," she said, taking her jacket off. "How was your lesson with Mara?" she asked me. 
"It was.. fine.. interesting," i said. She ignored me and walked into the kitchen still looking over the mail. Well then. I decided i'd follow her into the kitchen to see what the hell was so important that she had to ignore me. I walked in to see her leaning over the island, holding a piece of paper in her hands. It was barely bent, you could tell it had been folded three times in order for it to fit into the envelope. I walked over to her and looked at it over her shoulder. 

~We joyously invite you, Pattie Mallette and Justin Bieber, to celebrate with us, 
Mary Dawson and Troy Maxson, 
as we exchange wedding vows on Sunday, January twenty sixth, two thousand twelve.~

What? I was invited to Mary and Troy's wedding? Why me? Nina didn't tell her mom about us? I'm sure Nina wouldn't want me to be there.. But i'm also sure my mom will make me go. Which would mean i could see Nina again. But i'm ALSO sure it will be pretty awkward. I mean, i haven't really talked to Nina in a few days.. and i have a feeling that we're not going to talk anymore at all. Meaning that the wedding will be the first time we see each other since all this drama went down. It's gonna be so weird. Although, maybe it won't be that bad. I mean, it IS a wedding. So Nina will be dressed up right? And most likely she'll do something special with her hair and everything and try to look even more beautiful than usual. At least i'll get to see that. But that may make me want her even more. Dammit. I just can't win in this situation. Maybe i'll get lucky and mom will understand what i'm going through and she'll let me stay home.. but probably not.

*the next day* [sorry for all the skipping :x ]
Nina's POV?
The final bell rang off at two ten and i was officially allowed to leave. Well, kinda. I had to wait for Sarah. Since i'm going over to her house and all. She doesn't have her license yet, so she usually takes the bus. So we figured that we just leave in my car today. And that's what we were doing. 
I walked out to my locker and grabbed all my stuff that i needed. I had tons of homework tonight and i honestly didn't feel like doing any of it. But when do i? 
I put everything in my bag and closed my locker. I walked down the hall, around some corners, until i finally reached Sarah's locker. I stood back out of the way, letting everyone walk by me, and waited for Sarah to finish gathering her stuff. 
After a few minutes, she was finally done. She walked over to me and greeted me with a cheerful, "Hey!" 
"Hey," i replied, "ready to go?" 
"Yup!" She said and slung her bag over her shoulder. With that, we both started walking back down the halls towards the lobby. We walked out of the building and into the parking lot, over to my car. We both put our stuff in the backseats and got in. I started the car and started pulling out of the parking lot on to the road. 
"Turn left up here," Sarah said, pointing at a stop light. I nodded and did as she said. I followed the rest of her directions until, after about fifteen or twenty minutes, we finally 
reached her "house". It was actually a trailer. And it looked old. Really old. The door out front was all rusted and so were the sides of the house. There were orangish stains running down the side of the house from the hop, signifying that they don't take very good care of their environment. 
"Come on," Sarah said, stepping out of the car, smiling. Oh jeez. God, please be with me. 
(No offense to Sarah by the way :P)

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