I Really Thought We Had Something

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Chapter 74 (v.1) - The Wedding

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Submitted: February 04, 2012




Justin's POV?
"Justin. Justin!" Mom said, lightly shaking me, pulling me out from unconsciousness. 
I groaned. "What?" 
"Get up. It's almost eleven o'clock. We have to get ready to leave." I opened my eyes slightly to see her walking towards the door.
I sat up a little and said, "But i thought the wedding wasn't until four."
"It's not. But we still have to be there early. Get up," she said, walking out of my room. She closed my door and i heard her start down the stairs. 
Ugh. I really didn't want to get up. Even though it was almost eleven. I had only had about seven hours of sleep and was in no mood to get up now and get dressed for some wedding. I mean, don't get me wrong, i wasn't even about to think about not going to the wedding (over the course of the night, my anxiety had gotten so bad that i had woken up many times debating on whether i should back out of going to this wedding or not. But after a while, i decided that i would definitely be attending. But only because this may be the last time i get to see Nina's beautiful smile before she moves), but i just didn't understand why you have to be at a wedding so early. I mean, all you do is stand around and talk while you wait or everything to be set up and for everyone in the wedding to finish getting ready. I just don't get it. 
I groggily sat up in bed, but soon fell back down due to my sudden dizziness. I groaned again and relaxed. Maybe i'l go back to sleep for five more minutes. Then i'll quickly change into my tux. Mom will never know. 
I turned over onto my stomach, got comfortable and closed my eyes. I let myself slowly drift off to sleep until i was suddenly unconscious. 

"Justin! Justin, get up!" I felt someone shaking me. I rolled over onto my back and slowly opened my eyes. Mom was standing over me, glaring down at me. 
"Didn't i tell you to get up already?" 
I blinked and stayed silent, not wanting to say something that would piss her off even more. 
"This is the last time i'm going to tell you, Justin. Get up. There's food for you in the kitchen."
I groaned again and pulled the covers up over my face, shielding myself from the sunlight that was flooding through the curtains. Mom pulled them down again. 
"It's almost noon now. We're already late!" She said and stormed out of my room, leaving the door open this time. I yawned and sat up in bed slowly. It was already almost noon? Hmm.. maybe it would have been a good idea to set an alarm clock when i had gone back to sleep. Oh well. 
I threw the covers off of me and slowly stood up. I stretched and yawned once more before walking downstairs and into the kitchen. There, sitting on the island was a small stack of pancakes. Yum. I walked over to the silverware drawer, pulled ou a fork, and dug in. 
By the time i was done eating breakfast, it was about twelve thirty. Hey, what can i say? I eat slow when i'm really hungry. 
I took care of my dirty dishes and walked up to my room to finally start getting ready. I closed my door behind me and walked over to my closest. I slowly opened the door, revealing the suit i was being forced to wear for the day. I hated wearing tuxes. Always have, probably always will. I hate feeling formal. It makes me feel.. well, formal. I just don't like it. It's kind of uncomfortable. But whatever. I guess i'm going to have to deal for today.
I slowly undressed and slipped on the tux. Once i was done, i moved around a little in it, trying to get myself as comfortable as possible in it. An to my surprise, this tux wasn't anywhere near as uncomfortable as the other tuxes i've ever worn were. Hm. Maybe today won't be so bad after all. 
I walked out of my room, down the hall and into the bathroom to take a look at myself in the mirror. The first thing i noticed was that my hair was sticking up everywhere. It looked kind of like sex hair if you know what i mean. The kind of hairstyle that gets Nina excited. Wink, wink. But i'm sure it wouldn't be too appreciated if i show up like this to a wedding. 
I turned the faucet on and ran my hands under the water. Then i wet my hair down and styled it the way i liked it. Which of course was how i styled it everyday. Because Bieber always looks sexy as hell. Might as well look just as good at a wedding, right? 
After i was done, I looked myself over. Damn, i look good. I put my hand under my chin and winked at myself in the mirror. I moved my head around, leaning it at different angles, checking myself out, still winking. 
I was then startled by a sudden, "What are you doing?" 
I immediately stood strait and looked to the entry way to see Mom leaning up against the door frame. 
"I.. uh.." i cleared my throat. 
"Checking yourself out huh?"
I blushed. "Nah." 
Mom rolled her eyes and walked in. "You look very hansom," she said, smiling. 
"Thanks," i mumbled and awkwardly walked out, leaving her there. Wow. I just embarrassed myself in front of my mom. How sad is that? i'm so lame sometimes, i swear. 

"Justin! We need to leave! Let's go!" Mom yelled to me from downstairs. I sighed and stood up from my bed. I grabbed my phone, stuffed it in one of my pockets, and fixed my hair once more. Here we go. 
I walked out of my room and down the stairs. Mom was waiting for me by the door. She had a red dress on and her hair was curled and placed on top of her head in a bun. She had her jacket on and keys in hand, waiting for me. I hurriedly slipped on my shoes and opened the door. Mom and i walked out to her car and we got in. Mom started up the car. I said a silent prayer to myself as she pulled out of the driveway and onto the busy street. God, please let this day go well. Please. 

Nina's POV?
"I can see it in your eyes, your angry. Regret that sh-" Drake's voice awoke me from my peaceful slumber, loudly filling my ear. I jolted up in bed, my heart racing like it always did when i was awoken by my ringtone. I quickly reached over to my phone and silenced it. I picked it up and held it in my lap. I looked at the phone to see Andrew's name spread across the screen. Ugh. I pressed the green button and held the phone up to my ear. 
"Hello?" i said, groggily, my voice cracking a bit. 
"hey babe. it's been a while since we've talked."
"Mm," i replied. 
"So what's up?" he said. What's up? You have to be kidding me right now. 
"Uh.. nothing. I just woke up."
"Oh, sorry babe. Did i wake you?" he asked, sounding only a tiny bit concerned. 
"Sorry. Again." 
I didn't reply. Instead, i lay back down, resting my head softly against the pillow. I glanced up at the clock to notice that it was about eight thirty. It was around the time i would have gotten up anyways. Whatever. 
"So i actually called you to see if you'd want to hang out with me today," he said.
"Um.. i actually have a wedding to go to today."
"Oh really?" he said. He sounded like he didn't believe me.. "Who's?"
"My mom," i told him. 
"Your mom's getting married today?" 
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"We haven't talked lately." 
"Well i'm sure they've been planning it for a while now," he said, clearing becoming pissed off. 
"We haven't been dating very long, Andrew," i replied. 
"Yeah, whatever. You know, it seems like you never want to hang out with me. It's like you're either with Justin or you have something else stupid to do. Why don't you ever want to spend time with me? Is It because of what happened last time you came over? Is this what it's about?"
"Andrew, it's not that i don't want to spend time with you, it's just that-"
"Whatever, Nina. Save it," he says. And then the line went dead. He hung up on me. Great. Just great. I sighed and dropped my phone onto the floor. I stared up at my ceiling for a few seconds before finally deciding to go downstairs and to start getting ready. The last thing i wanted was to be late today. Not only would it make me more stressed out, but mom too. And she's already stressed enough. 
I walked out into the hall then down the stairs. I enter the kitchen to see mom pacing back and forth looking like a nervous wreck. She was mumbling things to herself quietly. 
"Mom? Are you okay?" I asked her, taking a seat at the table. 
"yeah, yeah, i'm fine. Just a little nervous, that's all," she said. I nodded, understanding. I don't blame her for being nervous. I'm nervous too and it's not even my wedding. I can't imagine what she's going through. 
"Where's Troy?" i asked her, abruptly. 
"He's gone. Haven't you ever heard that it's bad luck for a bride to see her groom before the wedding?" 
I looked down. I didn't think anyone actually listened to that. I thought that was all a myth.. maybe it wasn't. I don't know. 
I raise my head again and watch as mom continued pacing up and down the kitchen. 
I got up and walked over to her. "Mom, mom, calm down," i told her. "Everything's gonna be fine, don't worry about it." 
She froze. "I know, i know.. i just.." she trailed off. 
"I mean, it's not like he's going to say no or anything," i said. 
She looked at me, her eyes widening. "Oh, no. What if he says no?"
Oh God. What did i do?
She started pacing again and running her hands through her hair. 
"Mom, mom, calm down, calm down. It's going to fine. Don't worry about it!" I tried. She slowed to a stop and took a few deep breaths. 
"You're right," she exhaled. “I’m probably just overreacting,” she said. I nodded, agreeing. 
She let out one more deep breath before slapping her hands down to her sides. 
“Well,” se started, “i better go start getting ready.” I nodded and she turned around and walked away. 
“Oh, Nina?” Mom says, peeking her head around the doorway to the bathroom, looking at me. 
She smiles at me and says, “Go get dressed.” I nod again and start for the stairs. I slowly walked up to my room and over to my closet. I picked out a random outfit from American Eagle and hurried to put it on. Mom and i were planning on wedding dressed at the church instead of home. Because then, of course, we would have to go outside with our dresses on and that would not be good at all. 
Since we were going to get our hair and makeup done professionally by my aunt before the wedding, i didn’t feel the need to do anything special this morning. I grabbed a hair tie from on top of my dresser, tied my hair up in a messy bun, and walked back downstairs. Did i mention i wasn’t wearing any makeup either? It felt weird not wearing any. I felt almost naked.. Well.. my face did anyways. 
By the time i reached the kitchen again, mom was running out of the bathroom door and over to the front door. 
“Nina, we’re late! We have to leave!” She slipped on a pair of Toms and ran back into the bathroom. I twirled around, not so gracefully, and jogged back up to my room. 
I opened my closet door once again and grabbed by dress. I put the plastic cover over it like mom had reminded me earlier this week and laid it down on my bed. Then i walked over to my dresser and picked up my earring, carefully putting them in the zip pocket of the bag. Then i grabbed the bag and started back down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen to see Mom getting everything together. 
“Are you ready?” she asked me, grabbing her keys from beside the coffee pot. 
“Yup,” i said, popping my “P” a bit. 
“Okay,” she said walking over to the door. “Let’s go.” 
I walked over beside her and slipped on my Uggs. Then i opened the door and walked out, holding it for mom after me. She thanked me and we continued walking to the car. 

“Mary!” My Aunt Liz exclaimed with outstretched arms. Mom mom hugged her tight. 
“How are you?” mom asked her. 
“Fine, fine,” she replied. “How’re you? You nervous yet?” 
“Yet? I’ve been nervous since we started planning,” Mom said. They laughed and walked inside, not even acknowledging i was there. Of course. That wasn’t a surprise. I sighed and followed them into the building. 
We walked into the back room where it was all set up for mom and i. Mom took a seat in the spinny (:P) first.
“So, whatcha want done?” Aunt Liz asked her.
Mom though about it, then replied, “I don’t really know. Just do whatever you think would look good.”
“Got it,” Liz replied and got to work. 
All throughout the appointment, Mom and Aunt Liz would be casually talking about random stuff, not even glancing at me once. I felt completely ignored and unimportant. Ugh. But of course, this is nothing new with Aunt Liz. Every. Single. Time. Her and mom get together, i’m always ignored. By both of them. You’d think i would have gotten used to it by now. Obviously i haven’t. 
After what seemed like hours, but was really only about thirty minutes, Mom was finally done. With the hair at least. And i have to say, it looked gorgeous. Her brown hair was piled neatly in the back of her head in a tight bun-like thing. Little selections of hair was tucked in here and there. It looked really pretty. That’s really just about the only thing i like about Aunt Liz. her talent for styling hair. And she’s an amazing makeup artist. But yeah. That’s about it. {Mary’s hairstyle:http://www.polyvore.com/hairstyles_tumblr/thing?id=35200777}
“Nina, it’s your turn,” Mom informed me, stepping out of the chair. Just then, Aunt Liz turned around to face me.. for the first time in the last forty five minutes. She looked at me with a surprised look on her face. 
“Nina! You’re here! Where have you been this whole time? Did you just get here?” She asked me. Are you serious? I should have expected so much. 
“Um.. I’ve been right here,” i faked a smile, not wanting to seem like a brat. 
“Oh well you should’ve spoken up,” she said, cheerfully. As soon as she turned back around to face the chair, i rolled my eyes. 
“Take a seat,” she told me, her back still facing me, as always. I did as i was told and waited for her to start. She came around behind me and just stood there. 
“So, what would you like to have done, Nina? You want it up or down?” 
“Down,” i told her. Have i ever mentioned how much i hate having my hair up in a bun in public? I don’t look good with a bun. Unless it’s a messy one. Like, piled on the top of my head. But i’m pretty sure mom wouldn’t allow that at her wedding. So i just went for something simple.
“Okay, so curled, straight, crimped?” she asked. 
“Curled, please.” 
“Got it,” she replied and got started. 

About thirty minutes later she was finally done with my hair. I could tell from what was hanging in the front that it was really curly. 
“Wanna see the rest of it,” Aunt Liz asked. 
I shook my head, “Not yet.” I didn’t want to see myself until i was completely finished getting ready. I wanted it all to be a surprise, all shown at once. Not little by little. 
“NOW.. onto makeup!” Aunt Liz said, excitedly. I don’t know what it is about makeup, but every single time she has an opportunity to do someone else’s makeup she always gets, like, overly excited. It’s kinda weird. To me anyways. 

About another forty five minutes later, we were finally done with everything. I looked at mom. She looked so pretty. Like seriously. The makeup made her look a lot younger. I swear, this is the prettiest i have ever seen her. 
“Nina.. wanna go check yourself out now?” Aunt Liz asked, all smiley still. I nodded. Now that i was finally done with hair and makeup, i could finally allow myself to look in the mirror. I walked into the bathroom and slowly glanced up at myself in the mirror. All i can really say is that i was shocked. Completely shocked. It didn’t even look like me. I actually looked.. pretty. Maybe even beautiful. The smoky eye Liz gave me really brought out my eyes, along with everything else that she’d applied. My curly hair 
hang loosely down my back. i clipped my bangs back so that they were out of my face. Wow. I’m actually starting to believe everything Justin told me. How he told me that i was beautiful and gorgeous.. I don’t know if i can deny that anymore. At least not today. And i’m not saying that to sound stuck up or anything.. but it is nice finally having decent self-esteem. At least for today. {Nina’s hair: http://www.polyvore.com/long_curly_hair_tumblr/thing?id=44630695}

As soon as we were done admiring ourselves, the three of us headed over to the church to start getting ready. By this time it was about three o’clock. Meaning we only had another hour to get ready, which really wasn’t a whole lot of time if you really think about it. But i had a feeling we’d make it happen. I know we will. 
We pulled up in the church parking lot, got out, grabbed our stuff and hurried up to the church. Luckily, no one was there yet. We wouldn’t want anyone to see us before the actual ceremony. Well, at least not Mom. I guess it doesn’t really matter if people see me before anyways. It’s not like i’m in the wedding or anything. I know, i know, you’d usually think that, as her daughter, i would be in her second wedding. But i guess she and Troy decided that they weren’t going to have any kind of wedding party up there with them. That that was going to be their moment and they didn’t want anyone up there with them. Personally, i didn’t care. I didn’t really want to go up there in front of all those people anyways. But for some people, like mom’s close friend Holly, if was offensive. Some people decided to look at it the wrong way and think that they just didn’t want HER to be in their wedding. When really that wasn’t the case at all. Although, Holly can be pretty annoying. But whatever. Holly’s not important right now. 
The three of us hurried up the stair of the church, up to the choir loft We walked down a hall and entered a door. I stepped in the room first. It was wide open, not much furniture. Only a couch in the middle of the room. But it’s not like we’d need any furniture anyways. The thin carpet beneath our feet was a light green color, lightly tinted with drown due to it being so old. 
“Nina, you go get dressed while me and Liz try to put my dress on,” Mom says, pulling Liz into the other room. I sigh and laid the dress, shoes, and earrings down on the couch. I undressed fast, hoping that no one would walk in on me changing. God, that would be so embarrassing. After i was full stripped down, i slipped on the dress slowly, not wanting to move the wrong way and tear anything or ruin my hair. After it was on, i smoothed out some ruffles and wrinkles and put on silver earrings. They went perfectly with the dress and looked really good with my hairstyle, i think anyways. When i was done with those, i slipped on my pumps. I moved my ankles around in them a bit, making sure i would be able to walk in them, let alone balance myself in them. And i was luckily successful. 
“Nina? Are you done changing yet?” i heard Mom yell to me. 
“Yeah, why?” i yelled back. 
“Do you think you could go downstairs and greet everyone for me?” 
“Uh.. sure,” i said.
“Thank you.”
I slowly turned around and headed to the door, listening to the soft clicks against the carpet made by my heels. I really didn’t want to go down there and meet everyone. I didn’t want to talk to Troy’s parents because frankly i’m not too fond of them. Or Holly. Or Mom’s cousin, Linda. Ugh. Their all annoying. And then i’d have to deal with seeing Justin again. Ugh. But i guess i can’t avoid all these people all day. I might as well just get it over with. 
But before i left, i looked over my dress once more. It was gorgeous. I felt really pretty in it, actually. Though, i still can’t believe my mom picked this out. She usually doesn’t have to best taste in clothes. 
Okay, Nina, that’s enough. It’s time to face your.. fears? I guess so. I opened the door and walked down the hall until i reached the stairs. I looked down to see tons of people already filling the lobby area. Oh God. Here i go..

Justin's POV?
It was about three ten, three fifteen, when we finally arrived at the church and i was just as nervous as ever. I was shaking, my palms were sweaty. My knee bounced up and down in anxiousness. 
‘Justin, calm down. There’s nothing to be nervous about,” Mom said, reaching for her purse in the backseat. She has no idea. “Come on,” she said, “We better get in there.” 
I nodded and slowly stepped out of the car. Mom did the same and came around to my side. 
“Everything’s gonna be fine,” she reassured me. “Jeez, it’s not like it’s your wedding,” she said and started walking off towards the church. That’s true. But it is the wedding of the love of my life’s Mom. So.. that makes me somehow connected to this wedding, right? No? Dammit.
As soon as we entered the church i was immediately blown away but the scenery. There were purple lit candles everywhere, semi-dimmed lights, flowers everywhere, it looked so pretty. Almost as pretty as Nina. Oh my God, Justin. Stop it already! Whatever happened to getting over her!? Stay strong, Justin! Wow, am i seriously talking to myself right now? Man. I’m going crazy. 

Mom and i said hello to a few people, then we just stood off to the side and waited until we were allowed to finally go in. While we waited, i scanned the crowd for anyone i knew. Friends, family, mom’s friends, anyone i could talk to.. particularly Nina. I scanned over everyone, but sadly, i didn’t see her anywhere. Dammit. I was really looking forward to seeing how beautiful she’s look today. Oh well. I’m sure i’ll see her soon enough. 
All of a sudden, i feel a vibration on my leg. Shit. I forgot to leave my phone in the car. I turned away from the crowd, and mom, and grabbed my phone from my pocket and answering it before even bothering to look at the caller ID. 
“Justy, where are you?!” I sigh. Dammit. Not right now.. 
“I’m.. uh..” Just then some chick from behind me screams something to someone across the room.
“Is that a girl?!” Selena asked. 
“Wha- no, no. It’s uh..”
“You’re cheating on me again aren’t you?!” 
“What? No!” 
“Bullshit, Justin. You are. Just admit it,” she insisted. I rolled my eyes. 
“No, Selena, i’m not cheating on you. I’m at a wedding.”
“Oh really? And why wasn’t i invited?” she asked, sounding pissed off. 
“Uh.. because i wasn’t allowed to invite anyone.”
“Oh please, Justin. Everyone knows that every guest at a wedding is allowed to bring one guess with them.”
“Well, uh.. i didn’t think you’d want to come to Nina’s Mom’s wedding..” i said. 
“And why wouldn’t i?” 
“Because Nina’s going to be here..” i said, cautiously, hoping she doesn’t freak out.
“WHAT?!” shit. Too late. 
“It’s her mom’s wedding. Why wouldn’t she be?” 
She huffed into the phone, “Well why didn’t you just skip to hang with me?” she asked. 
“Because my mom wanted me to go with her,” i replied. 
“Because... uh.. it’s.. like a.. a.. a family.. celebration.. i guess you could call it.. And she doesn’t want me to miss anything that involves family.” 
“Family?! What are you talking about!?”
“Justin, Nina is not your family, okay?! Neither is her mother. I’m more important than she is, right? You should be here with me today! Not everyone else.” Just then, the line went dead. I sighed and slid my phone back in my pocket. God, i swear sometimes she’s just so controlling! Ugh. 
Then suddenly, a man stands up on what seems like a chair, and says, “Everyone, could i have your attention please?” 
As soon as everyone got quiet, the man continued with, “We would like everyone to slowly walk into the sanctuary and talk your seat. Please walk in a single file line!” 
Mom and i wait on the side lines as everyone else piles into the “single file line.” After things calmed down a bit and there was more room to move, we joined the line and slowly walked down the isle and looked for a pew to sit in. After a few moments of searching, we found one on the left hand of the room and took our seats. As mom got comfortable, i thought it would be a good idea to look around once more to try to see Nina. I scanned in front of us and in back, then to our right. Front and back. I didn’t see her. At all. I looked over the place again, still nothing. She couldn’t have not come today. Could she? No, Mary would never allow that. Would she? Nah. Well maybe she was still with her mom and everything. I turned toward the door to try to see if i could see them coming yet.. and that’s when i saw her. Holy shit. I instantly felt my heartbeat quicken and my palms get even more sweatier. She looked.. there’s no word to describe her right now. She looked.. more than just beautiful. She looked gorgeous. Amazing. The way her dress flowed down her body perfectly made her figure look amazing as well. The way her gorgeous locks swayed down her back really brought out her eyes. Ugh. I should’ve known better than to try to get over her so soon. I should’ve known she would have done with to me. And at a wedding of all places.. Ugh. I slowly unglued my eyes from her and sat back down in my seat. 
We sat there for about another fifteen minutes or so.. and then Troy walked out onto the alter. He was in a tux of course, standing there with his hand folded, hanging loosely in front of him. Minutes later the music started playing and everyone immediately quieted down. Everyone stood up and i turned around to face the back doors. They slowly opened and Mary was revealed. Wow. She looked almost as amazing as her daughter. Not in the same way of course but.. you know what i mean. I watched as she made her way down the isle, slowly with her dad by her side. You should have seen the way she looked at Troy. It was just adorable. You could tell they were in love just by the way they looked at each other. I hope my future wife looks at me like that.. My stomach then filled with butterflies as i pictured Nina walking down the isle towards me. Our wedding. Someday.. what? No, no, not someday. Never. Never? Sigh. 
Mary soon made her way to the end of isle. Her dad kissed her cheek and went to sit back down in the front row with her mom and.. Nina.. sigh. More butterflies. Ugh. Control yourself, Justin! 
I watched as Mary turned to sand in front of Troy. He took her hands in his and they mouthed ‘i love you’ to each other. 
"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of God – and in the face of this company – to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Through marriage, Troy and Mary make a commitment together to face their disappointments – embrace their dreams – realize their hopes – and accept each other’s failures. Troy and Mary will promise one another to aspire to these ideals throughout their lives together – through mutual understanding – openness – and sensitivity to each other. Do you, Troy Alexander Maxson take Mary Ann Dawson to be your wife – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?” The priest asked. 
Troy looked into Mary’s eyes and replied with a simple, “I do.” Mary smiled as the priest asked her the same. 
“Do you, Mary Ann Dawson take Troy Alexander Maxson to be your husband – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?”
Troy’s face lit up as she said the magical words he’d been waiting for, “I do.” They beamed at each other and looked into each other’s eyes. The ring bearer was called and brought forward the rings on a silk pillow. Troy grabbed one first and gently slid the ring onto Mary’s ring finger on her left hand. Then she did the same to him. They both looked back at the minister. And then he finally said it. The words we’ve all been waiting for. 
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Troy smiled huge and placed a hand under Mary’s chin, lifting it up a bit so he could place his lips on hers. They smiled throughout the kiss, making me wish it was my moment up there with my wife. They looked so happy together. I hope my wedding is just like this. Perfect. With all my friends and family here, no drama. Sigh. 

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