I Really Thought We Had Something

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Chapter 75 (v.1) - Reception (part 1)

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Nina's POV?
I can't explain to you exactly how i felt as the wedding ceremony went on and on. I had so many emotions going through me all at once, hell i wasn't even sure how i felt. I felt happy because mom was happy. Though, i was still unhappy, knowing that, very soon, mom was going to force me to move to Atlanta. Which means i would have to leave my whole life behind, relocate, and completely start my life new again, all for her and her now-new-husband. 
I sighed as the minister starts his speech about what they'll accomplish as a married couple. With all do respect, (but to be completely honest) it bored me to death. I didn't have an idea what he really meant by all his prolonged words, nor did it really appeal to me to figure it out. I've been to tons of weddings. It's all about trying to convince people that they'll succeed together, even knowing that more than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce now a days. I wonder if anyone is actually fazed by this kind of talk. Because i'm sure not. 
I disregarded his words and scanned the room to see if anyone else looked as bored as i felt too. I looked in front and behind me, on the left, up and down. No one stood out. Except for one specific individual. I'm sure you could guess who i was talking about. He sat there, staring up at the alter, listening to the ministers every word very carefully. He always did have a thing for weddings. That kid is such a hopeless romantic. Usually it's the girls who always fantasize about their dream weddings, right? Well not with Justin. Ever since we were about six or seven, he's been thinking of how he wants his wedding to go. Everything from the way he'll look and the qualities of his future wife to the theme the wedding and reception will go by is already planned out according to Justin. It's crazy, i know. But for some reason, i admire him for it. I wish i was that excited to get married some day. I wish i was so excited that i would already start planning for my wedding even if it is ten or fifteen years down the road. But to be truthfully honest, i'm really not excited at all to be "joined in holy matrimony" with someone. I'm dreading it actually. Like i stated before, more than half of marriages end in divorce. I guess i'm just afraid of having my heart broken.. again. I mean, what if that happens to me? Or worse, what if something like daddy's incident were to happen, permanently ending the marriage for the both of us? I would hate to have to wake up and receive the mental visual of my husband, the love of my life, crashing into a tractor-trailer truck head on, ending his life..
And with that though, i immediately started to feel water forming in my eyes. Oh no.. not the water works. Come on, Nina. Don't cry at your mother's wedding. Sprinkles and unicorns, sprinkles and unicorns. I took a deep breath and slowly and calmly let it out, calming myself down a bit. Maybe i'll try to refrain from thinking of Daddy today. At least not in a pessimistic way anyways. 
I finally tuned myself back into the whole ceremony in time to here the minister recite the whole "i now pronounce you man and wife" thing. I watched as Mom and Troy's faced both lit up as he bent down to kiss her. The crowd erupted in cheers then. Me? I stayed quiet and still. I was still caught up in my emotions. Apparently too much to be able to move a muscle. I guess i was shocked still. Shocked that this was actually happening. Shocked that another man was entering mom and mine's lives, taking over the role as "the man of the house". As much as i like Troy and all, i hope they understand that Troy will never be my father. Ever. And i will not consider him my father. He's my step-father and that's all he'll ever be. 
Moments later, mom and Troy walked down the isle together, back out into the lobby part, leaving the rest of their guests to sit here awkwardly. According to mom though, we were going to be escorted out of the church ad led to the reception building, wherever that was. That's one thing i don't know everything about at this wedding. The reception. Everything about this reception except for the cake was kept a secret from me. Which i didn't really mind. It was nice having one thing as a surprise here. 
We all sat there for a few more minutes before someone finally came in and told us which way we were headed. Everyone stood up and formed a single file line, leading back down the isle, towards the lobby. It took a minute or two for me to finally retreat back to the lobby, and when i did, as expected, mom and Troy were no where to be seen. They were probably already heading to the reception. Or maybe they haven't left now. Either way, i didn't really care. They were going to be there, it didn't really matter to me when they arrived. 
I quickly slid my coat off of the hanger by the entryway and put it on. We were then led outside and pointed in the direction of the reception, which just happened to be a cleared, narrow path through the woods. I sighed and started walking. As i did so, i immediately felt the cold sting my legs. Since i was just wearing a semi-short dress, i was freezing. It was, like, ten degrees and i was walking through the woods in a short dress. I felt my toes and fingers start to get numb next, followed by my nose. I started walking a little faster, hoping that either i would get moving enough to get my blood flowing better, hopefully keeping me more warm, or that i would get there more quicker and back into the warm. Hopefully both would occur. 
As i walked i looked around me, admiring my surroundings, taking them in possibly one last time before i'm forced to move to the south. I looked at the snow on the grown. The cloud like substance made everything look more soft. The trees, bare and white, made a comforting shield over my head from most of the snow that was now falling. Though now and then i noticed a few small snowflakes float onto my hair. I sighed and looked down at the ground as i walked. I can't believe i have to leave soon. I have to leave all of this behind. Along with my friends, family... Justin. At that thought, i almost looked behind me to see if he was anywhere near me. Not in a offensive way, just out of curiosity. But i refrained from doing so, fearing that if i did, it may seem to obvious. SO i just continued staring down at the cold, frozen ground and kept walking. After about five more minutes or so, we finally arrived at the reception. It was a small building. About the size of hotel ballroom, i'd say. 
There, waiting at the door, was my uncle. He was holding the door open for everyone as they walked in. As i approached him, he smiled kindly at me. I faked a smile back and walked to the doors. 
"Hey, Nina," he greeted me. 
"How are you?" 
"FIne, you?"
"Great, thanks."
And that was it. he turned his attention to the person behind me then and i continued walking in. I was immediately awe struck by the scenery. It was amazing. Damn, my mom really knows how to pull off a good reception. The lights in the room were dimmed, adding a purple-ish glow to the room. There were about eight or nine tables spread out around the room, leaving enough room in the middle, though, for the dancing. White lights hung down over the sides of the tables with a clear, white cloth, thing covering it. I walked around the room looking for the table with my name card on it. Yes, i know. I'm not allowed to sit with my mom and Troy on this oh so special day. They have their own table at the end of the room by the bar, of course. But whatever. I didn't really want to sit with them anyways. 
As i walked around the room, i read all the name cards. I couldn't seem to find mine. I went from table to table looking at every single one of them. My name card still couldn't be found. Mom couldn't possibly had forgotten me, had she? I continued my search until, minutes later, i finally found it. It was set on a table, not exactly in the corner of the room, but near it. I gracefully took my seat and got comfortable. I couldn't help but notice how.. gorgeous the table settings were. In the middle if the table was a candle stick with a few outgoing arms attached to it with small candles on each one. Beads hand down with each arm and red and pink roses lay underneath it. Then, sitting in front of me on the table, were neatly folded napkins, silverware, a wine glass, and a regular drinking glass for the underaged. Like me. Sigh. Just a few more years. Or maybe six. Whatever. 
I sat there for a few more minutes, waiting for whoever else was sitting with me at the table to join. Which made me wonder, who WAS i sitting with? I reached over and turned around each and every name card at the table before turning them back over to the original position.
Pattie, Molly (Oh God, no, why me?), Candy (Mom's friend), Rachel (another one of mom's friends from work), Anna (Mom's cousin), Skylar (Mom's other cousin), and.. oh no.. God, why? The last name on the table was Justin. 

Sorry it was short. Sorry if you think this part sucks. I kinda like it.. but it may be kinda bad. I started writing this right after a nap, so i was kinda out of it while i was writing. I hope i was more descriptive this time, but just incase i wasn't, the links are down there VVVV
but yeeah, whatcha think? Justin's gonna be sitting with Nina... what do you thinks gonna happen? ;) let me know and request part 75! 

oh &btw;, part 75 should be good. ;) no details. 

Sorry for the incredibly long links, just thought you guys might like a better visual of the place :P (http://www.google.com/imgres?q=purple+wedding+reception&hl=en&biw=1280&bih=652&tbm=isch&tbnid=ydsddgig_woiBM:&imgrefurl=http://www.1314studio.com/tag/luxury-wedding-reception/&docid=I6-2m1lE6awk3M&imgurl=http://www.1314studio.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/AAslideshow-2071.jpg&w=850&h=624&ei=Z8IpT5uLOYnv0gHcj_XCCg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=169&vpy=293&dur=2373&hovh=192&hovw=262&tx=153&ty=121&sig=113973198804140116808&page=10&tbnh=119&tbnw=159&start=208&ndsp=27&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:208


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