the haunted of a novel by a girl named Sakiya

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it's for all age's because mostly everyone loves scary stuff make sure to comment

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the haunted of a novel by a girl named Sakiya

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012



Nate: My parent's thought it would be safe for me go to a safer school. And a new town with different people!

Mom: Nate come down stairs now!

Nate: As I rushed down the stairs I seen my mom and dad packed and ready to go somewhere....

Dad: Nate my boy are you ready to go?

Nate: Um to school? It's a Saturday.

Mom: Nate we are moving away from here.

Nate: But why? (looks down)

Dad: Well Nate for one you are getting abused in school for being emo!

Nate: (looks up) There is nothing wrong with being emo.

Dad: Emo's cut you don't!

Nate: Actually I do cut! I cut everyday *lifts up sleeves to reviel fresh cuts with new fresh blood running down my arm*

Mom: Nate! I can't believe you! Why would you want to cut?! you have a wonderful family that cares about you!

Nate: Mom you guy's don't care about me you never did! you kept pushing me away when I needed your help I am emo that is who I am! I am depressed all the time so what! Nobody cares! I am better off in the ground! You and the rest of the family will be happy I am gone! It's hard making friends i am afraid i will be rejected and have new bullies to face in life i have only two friends! (turns around) Your best off leaving me behind! I don't need to keep coming with you!

Dad: *slaps Nate acrossed the face with a belt* Stupid boy! (gags Nate and ties his hands together and carries him out the door stuffing Nate in the trunk) Dear i can't stand our son!

Mom: I know dear but he is our flesh and blood.

Dad: I bet he was switched at birth.

Mom: I bet that is it dear.

Me: As they get on the road Nate wakes up in the trunk!

Nate: As I look around realizing what happened as I tried sitting up I hit my head on the ceiling of something as I realized I was in a car trunk I was completely tied up and gaged with tape acrossed my mouth as I thought my parent's didn't care about my safety I was right they don't I seen a sharp object sitting in a corner as i used it to cut my hands free of the rope and tape as I ripped the tape off my mouth I let out a low and painful cry making it light enough no one can hear it but me as i quickly untie my legs and after i was finished i sit there hopelessly in the dark as I realized the side of my face was bleeding I new who caused this to happen my abusesive dad as I felt lot's of bumps and feel it suddlenly come to a stop making me think we reached our distancetion as I was about to get up when the car trunk was open I was yanked by my hair and I hit the sidewalk hard

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