Love is a Win

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There's a new transfer student! His name is Kevin, and he's been tagging around Jennifer like a lost puppy. When he makes a move, how does Daniel react?

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Rival

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013



\"Jennifer, Jennifer!\" Yelled Kevin, \"Lets go to gym together!\" Kevin is the transfer student who arrived 2 weeks ago. Ever since he arrived, he's been tagging around Jennifer. Kevin comes between Jennifer and Daniel, so they don't have a lot of chances to talk anymore. Daniel saw them walking together to gym, he felt a stab of jealousy.

When gym started, the teacher made everyone go outside. Everyone was running the mile, girls starting first. Jennifer was a bit better than average, though not the best. After the girls finished, the boys started to run. Daniel sprinted at his best, to get Jennifer to notice him. He has always been first the cross the finish, but Kevin was beside him?

\"The new transfer student is amazing!\" Shrieked the girls. \" Brown, fluffy hair makes him look so cute, kinda like a dog! He's handsome, and tall, and so far he gets A's in class! He's so cool, now he's athletic!\" He was good, he was catching up to Daniel. It was very suspenseful, who would cross the finish line first?

Jennifer overheard a group of girls having a conversation. \"Hey...who do like better? Daniel or Kevin?\" Jennifer thought about that. She liked both of them. Kevin is cute and fun, while Daniel is cool and nice. Did she really like one over the other?

\"GOAL!\" Yelled the teacher. Daniel won the race with Kevin barely behind him, almost a photo finish! After losing, Kevin still looks positive and happy, as if he really won! \"Hey, your good!\" Said Kevin. Kevin reached out his hand to shake with Daniel. \"I'm looking forward to the next race!\"

\"Ah, yes...\" Replied Daniel. He took Kevin's hand and they shook. Jennifer came running up to them feeling happy.

\"You guys are great!

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