Love is a Win

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Race

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



It was after school. The teachers gave them permission to hold the race. Students from every grade came to watch, even the teachers. Jennifer went and sat with her friends watching the race. There were murmurs and bets on who would win. Daniel and Kevin were rested, waiting for the race to start. \"Let the best man win!\" Said Kevin. Daniel nodded at him.

The principal rose his hand and everyone fell quiet. Daniel and Kevin got in their racing positions. The principal looked to Daniel, then Kevin. \"On your mark...get set....GO!\" Then they ran off, at the speed of light.

Daniel was behind Kevin. His cold was getting to him. He felt dizzy, but he couldn't stay behind, he had to go on. He sprinted faster. He surpassed Kevin! Kevin noticed, and also sprinted. The intensity was overwhelming. They ran ahead, and fell behind, over and over. But Daniel couldn't handle it, he gradually fell behind.

Students screamed and cheered. The people voting for Daniel were screaming for him to get victory. Jennifer noticed that Daniel was falling behind. She didn't know what to do, what to say. She did know she had to do something! Jennifer stood up from her seat. Students around her stared at her and fell silent. She slowly opened her mouth.

Daniel felt a sudden rush. As If in all those screams, all those cheers, he heard Jennifer's voice scream, \"GO DANIEL!\" Daniel thought he was imagining it in his head, but it still moved him. He rapidly grew faster and was catching up to Kevin.

The two were nearing the finish line. Students held their mouths wide open. Kevin was still in the lead, but Daniel was behind coming at a fast pace. Even though he was behind, there was still a chance he could win at the speed he was going at. The crowd's screams grew louder. The intense finish was nearing. The magnificent race was ending. Daniel and Kevin, both going rapid. Kevin was very close to the finish. He though he was about to win!

Daniel surpasses him, he won the race!

The two stood there, breathing rapidly. Jennifer ran up to Daniel. \"You did it!\" She yelled, wrapping her arms around him. Daniel gave Jennifer a slight smile, hugging her back. The race was over, and Daniel had won. Students came down cheering and smiling. Kevin grinned at Daniel giving him a thumbs-up and walked away. Daniel was breathing very hard, he felt very dizzy.

Daniel fell on the ground and fainted.

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