Love is a Win

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In this chapter, Jennifer's friends tried to help Daniel fulfill his wish. Did it work out?

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Table manners

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



It was lunchtime at school. Jennifer ordered her lunch and went to her table. There she found all her friends crowded together.

"Sorry Jennifer!" Said Jennifer's friends. "Theres no more seats!" They pointed to the place Daniel was sitting. "Theres so many seats next to Daniel, go sit there!"

Jennifer was confused, but she walked up to Daniel's table anyways. She could hear giggles from her friends. Alot of students know that Daniel had an unrequited love for 2 years. Many had tried to give Daniel a chance to talk to her, but Daniel runs away. Rumors spread fast, and people were soon talking about how they saw Daniel and Jennifer having a conversation. Knowing that Daniel finally talked to Jennifer, Jennifer's friends thought it was a perfect oppurtunity to get them even closer. Daniel found out quick, and tried to stop the rumors. Jennifer was too spacey to realize the rumors were about her.

Daniel was reading his favorite book. He heard someone behind him and turned around. Jennifer smiled at him. "Hey Daniel, can I sit here? Daniel's heart skipped a beat. He almost dropped his book.

"Y-Yea, sure!" Replied Daniel. Why was she sitting by him?! He turned and looked for Jennifer's friends. He saw them giving him a thumbs-up sign. "They planned this..." Thought Daniel. Things got a bit akward. They sat in silence with no one else at the table.

"Umm, am I bothering you at all?" Asked Jennifer. Daniel was popular, that she knew. But, he was sitting at a table all alone."Were you waiting for anyone else?"

"No," Replied Daniel. "I usually like to sit alone, to read my book. It's hard to do at a noisy table,"

Jennifer was a bit surprised. She asked,"Don't you ever get lonely?"

"Sometimes," Replied Daniel. He then realized: he's having a normal conversation with her! Trying to hide the blush in his face, he burried his head inside his book. That made Jennifer a bit confused. Then Jennifer had an idea!

"How about I eat lunch with you every other day?" Asked Jennifer.

"W-What?!" Yelped Daniel. His heart was beating fast and he almost jumped out of his seat.

"Y-You don't want me too?" Asked Jennifer, surprised by his reaction. He must not like her if he gave that reaction...

"No, it's okay!" Yelled Daniel. He was sure the tables nearby heard him.

"It would be a good experience!" said Jennifer. "You seem a bit shy..." He blushed again, and this time Jennifer noticed. She started laughing out loud. "Great!" Said Jennifer. "I'll eat lunch by you then! Every other day, I'm going to eat lunch with my friends."

So there they sat, eating lunch together. Daniel was still blushing while chewing on his lunch. Jennifer kept glancing in his direction. "He was kinda...cute..." Thought Jennifer. Daniel was quiet, but on the inside he was really happy. He started daydreaming of how eating lunch everyday with her would be. After this day, he would be blushing out of nowhere. But it was obvious what he was thinking about: Jennifer.

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