Love is a Win

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Daniel and Jennifer are great friends now. In this chapter, Jennifer challenges Daniel to a race.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Challenge

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



A week has passed since the lunchroom meeting.  Now, Jennifer follows Daniel around like a lost kitten.  Daniel has gotten over most of his shyness.  Though, it was naturally in his personality to be shy.  They are friends now...but Daniel's hoping there can be more than that.

\"Jennifer, Jennifer!\"  called out Jennifer's friends.  \"Youv'e been hanging around Daniel lately, right?\"  Daniel overheard their conversation.

\"Yea!\" Replied Jennifer.  \"He's alot of fun!\"  He truly was fun, he laughs alot and does jokes.  Jennifer just never saw it in him.

\"Then...\"  one of her friends whispered into her ear.  \"Do Daniel?\"

Jennifer was freaking out.  \"WHAT?!  No!  We're just friends!\"  Jennifer quietly screamed it, though some of their classmates heard it...including Daniel. He was hurt by her reply, but it couldn't be helped. Jennifer's friends saw he was listening, and started to regret asking her that question. The last bell of the day rang, so people scurried home.  Jennifer asked Daniel if he wanted to walk her home, since they live close-by. Daniel nodded, but on the inside, he was still worried about her reply.

While Jennifer and Daniel walked home together, Jennifer decided to have a little fun! \"Daniel, wanna have a race?!\" She asked, her face smiling. \"A race to my house! You know where it is, I had you walk me home before!\" Daniel blushed when she mentioned that he walked her home before, though it was true. \"Whoever wins gives the other a lunch!\"

\"But...won't it be obvious that I would win?\" Asked Daniel. Jennifer looked at him. \"Ah, I'm not saying you're slow! I-I mean...\" Daniel was feeling very embarrassed. \"What was I thinking?!\" He thought to himself.

Jennifer only smiled kindly at him. \"All that matters is that we have fun, right?\" Daniel stared wide-eyed at her. He smiled along side her. This was what made him fall in love with her in the first place: her positive, lovable personality.

Daniel smiled widely at her. \"Yea...Lets race!\"

Jennifer gazed at him. \"...?\" Something in that smile...Jennifer felt something in his heart...

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