Love is a Win

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Daniel and Jennifer are about to race. Who will be the victor?

Chapter 8 (v.1) - On Your Mark

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



\"I'll start the race!\" Said Jennifer. \"On your mark...get set...GO!\"

And so they ran, giving it their all. Knowing Jennifer would be slower then him, he slowed down a little. Let her believe she had a chance! Though, he wasn't going to let her win, he was never a good cook. \"Also...\" Daniel blushed as he thought. \"It would be eat her cooking,\".

Once in a while, Jennifer thought she had caught up to him, but every time, he would sprint away from her. It upset her, he was taller than her, so she could only see his back. Something about him...she couldn't help but chase after that boy's back.

Daniel looked behind him, only to see Jennifer breathless behind him. Seeing a different side of her made his heart flutter. Jennifer was trying so hard to catch up to him, which made Daniel feel guilty for being so fast.

But sooner or later, the race had to race. Of course, Daniel won the race. Jennifer caught up to Daniel, but it took a while. Jennifer looked like she was about to collapse of exhaustion. \"Oh, are you okay?!\" Asked Daniel, worried.

Jennifer stood there, hands on her knees, breathing heavily. Daniel looked down at her, while Jennifer couldn't look up at him. Was she...mad? They both stood there, Daniel didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Jennifer looked up. \"Nice race!\" Said Jennifer. Seeing her positive attitude and smile, even after a loss, made Daniel feel something in his heart.

\"As promised, I'll make you a lunch tomorrow!\" Jennifer smiled. \"It'll taste great!\" Daniel looked away, he felt a blush coming. Jennifer noticed, but thought he was embarrassed because he won. Feeling awkward, Jennifer asked, \"Hey, how come you don't join the track and field team?\" Day was almost ending, the wind of spring blew their hair over their faces.

They stood there while the wind blew their exhausted bodies. Daniel thought it was a strange question, but after careful thinking, Daniel replied, \"I don't need a team... to judge my way of running...\" Jennifer looked at him, confused. Daniel smiled and carried on, \"I don't want to run to be judged, I run because I want to. I run... for a special reason.\"

Jennifer felt...weird. \"Well...I'll see you tomorrow!\" Jennifer walked into her house and shut the door. She couldn't help but think... Did Daniel's reply...make him

Daniel stood there and watched as Jennifer walked in. When she closed the door, Daniel smiled and slowly walked home. Little did she know...the reason that he loves to reminds him of the first day they met. Daniel felt a cloth brush his arm, only to see the handkerchief hanging from his bag. Daniel unwrapped it from his backpack and held it in his hands. \"What would she make for me at lunch..?\" Thought Daniel, grinning a little.

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