Love is a Win

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In the last chapter, Daniel won the race, so now Jennifer has to make a lunch for him. What does Daniel think of her cooking?

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Homemade Lunch

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



Once again in the cafeteria, Jennifer and Daniel sat by each other. The boxed lunch Jennifer made for Daniel early in the morning was in her hands . Jennifer looked at Daniel and said, \"Here you go, my homemade lunch!\" For once, both Daniel and Jennifer were embarrassed. \"Is this...too couple-like?\" They both thought.

Jennifer handed Daniel the lunch, and Daniel took the lid off the lunch. It looked...normal. There was a ham and cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets, two oranges, a bag of chips... Daniel dug deeper into the lunch. And...a chocolate pudding. For dessert? He turned to Jennifer. Jennifer looked at him like something was wrong.

\" you not like it?\" Asked Jennifer. If Jennifer had brought herself a lunch from home, it'd usually be made by her mom. She never made a lunch before. Was it bad? She usually ate those things when she brings a lunch...

Daniel laughed a bit. \"No, I like it!\" He said. He took a bite out of the ham and cheese sandwich. It was pretty decent tasting. He saw Jennifer staring at him. She was curious about how he thought of it. Did he like it? Was it bad? Daniel wanted to laugh. Did she really think of herself as a bad cook? \"'s good!\" Said Daniel. Jennifer blushed.She looked down and nibbled a bit of her lunch. \"Thank goodness it's not bad...\" Though Jennifer.

After lunch was finished, they went off to their own classes. A friend if Jennifer's came up to Jennifer. \"Hey, hey!\" She was very excited. You made Daniel a lunch today, right?\"

\"Yea...\" replied Jennifer.

\"Then..\" She started to giggle. \"Does that mean you two are a COUPLE now?\"\"

\"No! For the last time, we're just...\" Jennifer paused. Just...what? What is her relationship with Daniel now?

\"Awww, I knew it!\" Cried Jennifer's friend. \"You're still friends? What a bummer! Well, see you later!\" She walked off and joined her other friend.

\"Just..what...?\" Thought Jennifer. She didn't realize...her heart was beating rapidly.

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