the truth within my death

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - flashbacks

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013



It took me 5 minutes to walk to school that day, luckily I had a change of clothes for emergencies in my locker as i was still in the same outfit i was dressed in on friday. I wouldn't have had todo this a few months ago but ever since i started dating Marcus Blackwood-the coolest boy in school. I stll remember the day we started going out like it was yesterday.

It started wheni was walking down the hall and bumped into him knocking all the books out of his hands.

"I'm so sorry Marcus. I should've been more carefulful!" But as we bent downto pick them up, he stared at me mesmerizised.

"Shimmer?" His answer startled me as Shimmer was the name of a girl in my favourite book, the broken seal of my heart.

"No, Lissa. But you called me Shimmer, which means you've read The Broken Seal Of My Heart!"

"Shh! Keep your voice down, I've got a reputation to keep. Oh, and by the way i can see your necklace and i know your names Shirley, you dont wanna become more of a nerd now do you." He got it right there!

" Fine, i wont tell your secret if you dont tell mine."

"Deal, now walk with me because i need to know what your doing this Friday night!" Was the coolest guy i've ever spoken to in my life really asking me out?

"Why would a cool kid like you wanna be seen with a nerd like me?" I asked throwing his comment back in his face.

"Okay then, forget friday night!" He grabbed me and placed his lips on mine. I still couldnt breathe for a few seconds, even when he released me! "Your coming to home coming with me"

I replied the second i caught my breathe. "I've never been to a homecoming.I transferred here from England last semester."

"Big, hypnotic blue eyes and long, curly blonde hair. Transferred from england, you sure your not shimmer?" I replied with a giggle and he walked me to my lesson.

Just by remembering it i forgot about the outside world and nearly walked into my other best friend Jamie. At the same time Cora walked in and almost gave me a heart attack! She was wearing complete black leather, chewing gum andwaling with the bitchiest girls around: Cheerleaders! Jamie walked up to me and startedtalking worridly. "Oh my gosh Lissa, are you okay? You never got home and you didn't call anyone. Are you-" He stopped talking when he saw Cora "What the hell happend to Cora?" I was just as suprised as he was and couldn't answer at first. Then as soon as i could speak all i could say was "Ireally dont know."

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