Age Never Mattered

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Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Camren, One day, we will be together. I will fall in love with you, and when that day comes, it will make me the happiest man alive if you are ready for me as well.. You're beautiful, and this may seem weird now, but I promise that you will become accustomed to what we have. As long as you give me the chance. Most importantly, let me love you. Of everything I have offered you, your love is my main priority. Just as long as you love me. Just as long as you love me....
-Love, Jeff
I folded the letter shut, the way it was folded when I found it, completely appalled. Impossible. You only read about immortality in books, and watch love stories about it in movies. I'm not stupid enough to believe this, I mean, it sounds completely absurd. This obviously has to be a prank. But what if it isn't? What if this person could actually give me immortality? What if I really fall in love with this Jeff person? How does he know me, and how does he know we will fall in love? I pinched the bridge of my nose and heaved a sigh. I have read this letter over and over again, trying to make sense of it, trying to believe, and I just can't bring myself to do it. I can't. I've re-read every book that I own that deals with some kind of immortality, I've pestered Google, I've looked around for people named Jeff that live in my area... I've found nothing. Like, does this really happen to people? Some kind of supernatural creatue or whatever falls in love with you and you get a mysterious random note with them predicting your future together, and he basicly professes his love to you... Weird. Just like he said it would be. And why me anyways? I'm just Camren Henderson, seventeen, pedestrian to the maximum, 5'3, hopeless romantic, dingy, athletic trainer at school, and a senoir with decent grades.
As far as my looks go, I am half African American, 25% Caucasian, and 25% Cherokee Indian. My sandy red hair falls down my waist, so long that I have the longest hair in the school. Being the rebellious teenager I am, I got my dimples pierced a few months ago, and I absolutely love them. My eyes are big and chesnut brown with full lashes that brush my cheeks time from time. People often say that I have "bedroom eyes", and I try my best not to take that the wrong way when it's coming from a guy. I used to run track, but I stopped about two years ago due to my lack of drive to continue into another season, but atleast I'm still in pretty awesome shape. My skin is like a penut, softly roasted, almost golden brown faintly tanned.
Lucy, my bestfriend, approached me breaking my thoughts. She had on a white v-neck t-shirt with a jean vest over it. Her black baggy skinny jeans slightly sagged off of her waist, and she had on white black and red Jordan Playoffs. Her dark brown hair was cropped short, with bangs that fell over her eyes. Needless to say she's a lesbian.
"Camren, You're so caliente Mamacita love me, love me." She wanted a hug. she always said things in the weirdest way, yet you still could figure out what she wanted if you knew her well enough. I hugged her tightly and rolled my eyes as we pulled away.
"Hi Lucy. " I smiled. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned me over, her gray eyes were looking me up and down swiftly like flickering lights.
"Whats wrong?"
"Why does something have to be wrong?"
"Because it looks like you've been thinking too hard."
Damn. She always knew.
"I have." I admitted. She didn't say anything. She just hooked her arm in mine and started walking towards the double doors to the parking lot, where her black Chrysler Sebring sat. She opened my door for me, then went to her side and got it. Starting the ignition, she looked over at me and sighed.
"Whats bothering you ma?" She asked, as the car smoothly pulled off of the school's premises. The gentle humming of the cars' engine was enough to distract me from answering her question, and even my own pity. Playing happy or okay, just wasn't my thing. No point of me even trying to spare us both the discomfort because she always figured me out. Every single time. I focus my gaze to out of the window.
I just couldn't tell Lucy this, not this time. It's like trusting someone with a major part of yourself is like the scariest thing in the world to me. That's kinda what rape does to you. It gets a million times harder to love someone, or trust someone, because you developed some kind of paranoia of if you do, you're history... I was only sixteen. Innocent. Pure. And then my precious virginity is stolen from me so fast, so fast that I still can't wrap my hand around it. Maybe because it was someone I thought I loved and could trust. How can you love someone, yet not listen to a damn thing they say, especially when you're screaming it at the top of your lungs, so loud and forceful that it feels like you've swallowed glass and drank a can of coke, so you stop. You try fighting, but they're so strong, you stop. You're praying and and pleading, making pitiful bargains with God, and they're not stopping, so you stop. They've managed to give you a blackened eye, aching joints, bruises on your body the size of golf balls, a broken hymen, and hopelessness before they stop. Yunno, some point in the middle, you just get tired... You get this feeling of depressing acceptance that you just can't fight off this monster, everything hurts, and they aren't going to stop until they've had enough. The beads of sweat that flow down their forehead was something gravity didn't forget, and your repulsion is someting that definitely didn't forget to hide itself, so you hurl. They still don't stop. It's beginning to feel like they won't ever stop... The glass I mentioned earlier is so painfully excrutiating, that now you're whimpering "Please stop. It hurts, it hurts..." His grunts of pleasure hightened, and then I felt it. Me. His bodily liquids on my face, my stomach... The he grabs my face. His breath is hot and smells of liquor and is beaming right on my face.
"You are so filthy, you dirty whore. Acting as if you can't share what you've got. Why be selfish with your beauty, was that so hard? Didn't even take that long did it? Oh, you better not start crying, what if that turns me on again?" He deviously laughed and rose to his feet, leaving me there fiercely trembling. My hair was in boy scout knots, and sticking to my back. My nose ran, my body ached, my heart was gone... My virginity was gone...
The memories started becoming so vivid and overwhelming flooding me like a broken dam, that I had to grab my trash can and sit it between my legs. We were well aquainted. Thinking about the rape always released all my bad thoughts that I work so hard to conceal in the darkest part of my brain. My mouth began to salivate and invade my tongue with a grimy salty taste. My body jerked foward and then ofcourse, I threw up. Lucy pulled my hair back behind as another round of this morning breakfast spewed from my lips.
"Don't think about it." She whispered. Grabbing my backpack, she took out my small black bag that contained my teethbrushing supplies. As I brushed my teeth, I caught a glimpse of someone in the mirror that, apparently, was me, yet I just couldn't familiarize myself with the scared pained eyes staring back at me.

Usually after this happens, I use a few coping techniques therapy taught me, and things return to normal. Right now, Lucy is telling me about some girl she recently hooked up with.
"Did I mention how cute she is? I think she may be the one. Today, she's telling me some pretty important news, she says. I'm hoping we're going to be offcial. Man, I sound like such a girl." the ethusiasm in her words brought a smile on my face.
"Thats because you are. I'm so happy for you though, I can't wait to-" The sight of him made me go silent. He was tall with broad shoulders and slightly aged peach skin. His hair was short and slightly graying, but it looked good on him. He smiled at the student he was talking to, revealing perfect luminous white teeth. He dazzled me. His eyes introduced themselves to mine, causing my heart to literally skip a beat. Everything in my world stopped. I saw no one, though thousands of students were walking the halls. I heard no one, though those thousands of students were chatting away. He stood there, staring at me, just as I was staring at him. His lips spread into a smile that made me feel instantly toasty inside. As if I were remote controlled by it, I effortlessly smiled back.
All the while, we were getting closer and closer to him.
"Hey Coach Mike." Lucy greeted, fist bumping him.
"How are you today?"
"I can tell." He chuckled, and as it came to an end, his gray eyes fell on me, making me lose any words that were destined to come out of my mouth. "How about you Camren?" Something about him threw my entire mind out of its equilibrium. Lucy nudged me, and I looked over into a raised eyebrow and expectant eyes.
"I-I'm great." As if my answer was exactly what he wanted to hear, he smiled and pat me on my back.
"Excellent. That's very nice to hear. I'll see you two at practice." As he walked away, I watched. He turned around, and again gave me that smile that made me feel all warm inside, then approached a football player high fiving them.

"I can't believe you like a eighteen year old, you're like fifty dude!" Brent laughed, sitting on the edge of my desk plopping one of the life savers, I've asked him I don't know how many times, not to eat into his mouth. Sometimes, I could slap my brother as if I've never known him. Really. At times, he could be close-minded, obnoxious, and a compulsive liar. If it were possible he could die, I probaly would have been responsible for his death by now.
"You know what, screw you."
"Are you mad?" he sneered.
"There are just some things you don't throw stones at then hide your hands. If it weren't for you, I'd be my real age, a youthful nineteen year old, so the very last thing you should be doing is laughing at my age. What about how old you are? The curse got you too. You're supposed to be twenty-three and you're forty-five, you have so much room to talk." The room grew silent as he took in everything I had just said.
"You've been wanting to say that to me for the longest. Laughing at your love life had to get me to get that out of you? I know I screwed up, but I used to love someone too, and unfortunately, she ended up being the daughter of a master wizard, that we didn't even know existed, that hated my guts, and yeah, he put some shitty spell on us. I freaking apologize Jeff. I don't like it any more than you do, in fact, I probaly hate it a million times more than you do. I lost my girl... But you, some seventeen or eighteen year old girl is out there thinking about you just as much as you are thinking about her. Yeah, she may not know that you're really only twenty-five, but you have a chance. All she has to do is prove she's your match and you're twenty-five again, and not only that, you're twenty-five when you need to be, and fifty when you need to be. Lucky you. Being what we are isn't easy. Shifting is annoying and has it's downsides and it's upsides, but we're in this together. Even if we don't completely agree with each others decisons. Like this Camren girl, did you forget you're married? Remember Amy? That wife you have? And you have the audacity to get angry at my constructive criticism. Nice. You do it all the time Jeff. Start with the man in the mirror." He just told me everything I already knew. I know I'm married. I know he didn't mean for this to happen to us. I know a Shifter is a pretty annoying thing to be at times.

Shifting is an odd genetic thing thats been going on in our family for about 200 years now. It started with a great grandfather of mine. It was said that he was a spy for his village, getting information on the other villages' finances by acting as if he were one of them. This was easy for him because he knew most of their languages, acted to be nomadic, and visited them from time to time. Eventually, another villages spy spied on him and told of his secret. All the villagers got together to punish him for what he had done, so they locput him in prison and sentenced him to be executed. In the prison, he was in the cell with a beautiful woman named Schalthebel. Little did he know that her name meant shifter in German. In his journals he wrote that he felt instantly close to her, and her smile made him feel like everything was okay, even his upcoming execution. He wrote that peace was instantly brought into his life, as long as he knew that she were with him. She often called him derjenige, "The One", for she loved him, and he loved her. On the day of their execution, coincidentally on the same day, she took his hand and looked him deep into his eyes, whispered to him six special words that turned them both into a pile of dust. My grandfather recorded that it was like being frozen in time, and it was the most magnificent thing he ever witnessed, because the guards came in, saw the empty cell and went beserk. They sent out search parties that searched for them all day, and found nothing. When the night came, they escaped and went far away to get married and raise a family. When they did, he demanded that she tell him what had happened. She told him that she was a Shifter, meaning that she could take the form of anything she wanted when she needed to. She told him that she was immortal, and that she lived forever until killed which is only possible by the absence of the brain, or the soul. Without the brain, you cannnot imagine, and if you cannot imagine, you cannot shift. Then she told him that the six words she said to him also made him a shifter, and that now they'd be spending eternity together. After 100 years of marriage, life was great for them until one day, someone broke into their home. The robber demanded of them something so ironically evil. Their soul. In order to save his beloved, behind her back, he sold his soul, died instantly, and was never seen again. To this day we can not find our grandmother, but we do know that she is still living. She is very powerful in the shifting world, and possess powers no other shifter today has. 

One day we made an attempt to find her and ran into a wizard who just hated anything that acted or seemed like a threat. He instantly noticed what we were. He welcomed us into his home, seeming oddly sad. He said that someone had stolen something important from him, and from there he came up with the suggestion that we go on a mission for him. He said he'd pay and us, young and in desperate need of money at the time, agreed. He needed us to shift in to older men and spy on a teacher in a high school. As soon as we shifted, he placed a spell on us both and we've been stuck like in forty-five and 5fifty-two year old bodies for about two years now.

I lost my girlfriend that  I had been dating for the past three years, and our entire life was ruined. Later we revealed that the wizard was Brents girlfriends father, and things beween them ended. No matter how much she begged, he didn't give in. No matter how much she begged Brent not leave her. He didnt give in either.

Just like our grandmother, I know that Brent lost the love of his life, and I know he's hurt by it, though he rarely say anything about it. He ran into her about a month ago and found out that she was now lesbian. He didn't come out of the house for weeks because all the hope he had been clinging on to about getting back with her had completely shattered right before his eyes. All the dreams he had about what it would be like whenever they saw each other again went into shame. He told me that he didn't ever want me to feel that way, or go through such a thing, so he was going to do all he can to protect me from this girl that stayed on my mind like white on rice.

"Come with me to practice today." I sighed.
"What does that have to do with anything I just said?"
"I think it's time you met Camren."

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