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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Superheros

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



Title: The Superheros?

Type: Novel probably

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Action

Outline: There are superheros on the police force - so secret are the other identities, we don't even recognize it. One of them, we'll call him Stan for now, can read every thought on your mind. But he'd never tell you. He just works the lie-detector machine, reading not only the instrument but also your mind. Then there is also Jimmy, who has the gift of time travel. He is, so they think, their number one man, "never let's a criminal go." What they don't realize is that, when they do get away, Jim just goes back and tries again, until he gets the sequence right. In fact, he sometimes lets the guy go for weeks before thinking of a great way to catch him. To add to this duo, we have Lacey, who is empowered with the gift of teleportation. Only of herself, of course. Her powers are unfortunately limited to use only when she cannot be seen and only to places where no one is looking. Of course, after transporting she can easily walk out into the open. The final fourth to make the team work is Egbert, a shapeshifter, who can morph his body into any other human form. Let's watch together how this team of secret supers catch their crime lords daily until, eventually, the crime in their big city is non existant and they are nearly out of a job. How will they make a living now?

The answer to "how will they make a living now?" is that Egbert the shapeshifter will become the double-minded boss of a crime ring, organizing his minion's tasks to be interupted by someone from the police. Basically, he will be a double agent, still working for the police, but setting up perfect crimes so that he will actually have a job to do!

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