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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Dear Jim Dear

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



Title: Dear Jim Dear (it is likely to change, but this one makes me laugh!)

Type: Short novel, most likely

Synopsis: Written in Epistulary format (a series of letters), alternating between short letters from a dog to it's master and short letters from that master to God. I don't know, I just think it would be interesting to show the similarities between our relationship with God to a dog's relationship with its master. Fun times :) The reason it says "Dear Jim Dear" as the title is because Jim Dear is what Lady, from Lady and the Tramp, thinks her master's name is (because 'Jim Dear' and 'Darling' always refer to each other in those pet names :P) But I doubt I will actually name my main character Jim Dear, because I'd rather think of something more original. The dog won't be named Spot either, for the record.


Dear Jim Dear,

Today, while we went walking (thank you for that again, by the way) you had the insolence to stop me from sniffing at a very interesting new friend in the hedge. I don't quite understand what that was all about, he seemed perfectly frightened, the poor guy, and I'm sure he could have used a nice companion. In any case, I just wish I knew what you were up to sometimes.


On second thought, I've been thinking now that I might just right a story from a person's perspective, but include random bits of what the dog is thinking, which relate strongly to the questions the main character seems to be asking God. Of course, the person will never actually get the letters from the dog. They are only supposed to tell the reader what the dog is thinking, just so you know.

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