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Chapter 28 (v.1) - War Widow

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Title: War Widow

Type: Fan fiction

Tagline: War Widow: A story of redemption


Do you remember the wars?
Thousands of lives lost. Fought for the pease of little girls missing daddy, and little boys missing brothers. For widows and orphans and amputees and devastated cities.
It's safe to say I've had a close relationship with war. Hundreds of them. All the same. And, although it's unsafe to know much more about my past, I will say this: I fought with it. And it almost won. There wasn't any chance of redeeming myself from where I'd gone. No point in denying it, no case to justify it. The fact is I was lost. But someone found me, and despite the grotesque history I'd written for myself, they inexplicably saw hope. But you can't divorce the past.
I had to kill mine.


I don't know why but I felt very inspired by the character of the Black Widow (I know, from the Marvel comics...), and I just really wanted to write something about her. This is sort of the introduction that came to me. I imagine her with this "chevalier-mal-fait" persona ("ill-made knight"), where her driving force is the knowledge that she'll never be "good enough," but that drives her both directions. I looked up some of her background on the Marvel website, but I'd definitely not endeavour to write her story without doing actual research. Unfortunately, that takes time...
I decided to call it "War Widow" because "Black Widow" just seemed too direct, and I sort of see her as being constantly at war, as an agent of Shield or an Avenger, or just with herself. And generally a war widow is the wife of someone who died in the war, of course, but it's sort of to say that she "died" in the war, metaphorically (loss of innocence, I guess you might say). Anywho... We'll see what becomes of this...

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