Becoming Hunters

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Becoming Hunters

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013




Chapter 14

Rachel ran through the warehouse, the silver knife griped tightly in her grasp as she ran. Sam and Dean were going around, making it so they could get them from behind. If there was two they were in trouble but they could handle one.

She was meant to attract attention and be a diversion.

In other words, bait.

God she hated this, she hated being bait. She was just waiting for something to jump out of her and kill her, even though she knew she would go down fighting.

If those bitches came at her, she would kill them first.

“Sam!” She yelled, calling her friends name.

She wouldn’t let her get hurt, Sam was only two years younger but she was like the little sister she had never had.

She stopped as she saw her friend, tied to a chair next to John.

Blood caked her neck and there was a nasty wound, much like a bite mark, accompanying it.

“Jeeze.” She mumbled, running forward.

She was going to kill these bitches.

Then something ran into her and she grunted and she was thrown to the other side of the room.

She hit the wall, sliding down it with a groan.

Guess the journal forgot to mention how bloody strong they were.

“Well well, another hunter.” The women purred and she glared. It was the blonde women she had seen earlier, that meant if she had a partner it was lurking in the shadows.

She just glared, trying to get up but finding her arms and legs not really working.

She felt a small pain in her arm and looked down, wincing at the small wound that was on it.

Must have happened when it pushed her.

Her vision swam and she felt her arms shake with effort as she tried to support herself. She stood, her legs feeling like they were going to give out any moment and promptly ran into the wall.

“Oh crap.” She mumbled, holding the knife threateningly.

“So is it just you?” Rachel asked and the Blondie smirked.

God she just wanted to wipe that smirk of that ugly bitches face.

“Oh no.” She told her, another women walking out. This one had brown hair instead of blonde.

Rachel glared at her, then turned back to Sam.

Her eyes softened as she saw her friend, still asleep.

Then her friend twitched slightly and Rachel grinned.

She was trying to get out of her bindings.

“Well bitches.” Rachel said with a sigh. “I haven’t got all day so why don’t you come at me.”

Then they pounced and she braced herself.

The first one landed on her and she pierced its heart, it screaming as it became ash.

Blondie yelled in anguish and ran forward, shoving her against the wall. Rachel grunted as she put her hand to Rachels throat.

Rachel kicked but Blondie was too strong, lifting her up the wall and making it impossible for her to breathe, let alone escape.

Then someone stabbed it, her crying in pain and becoming ash. Rachel was dropped to the ground, hitting the ground with force.

“Ouch.” She groaned and looked up to see dean standing over her.

God he had the nicest eyes….

“I think you better have a nap now.” He told her softly and she complied, closing her eyes with a smile on her lips.

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