Circle 15 (chapter 1)

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Cameron gets a visit from an old friend from her pass, and he brings something with her, something she can't tell anyone else...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Circle 15 (chapter 1)

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012



I try not to hesitate but how was I suppose to no? There was a creaking sound coming from downstairs...Mom had left only two hours ago to the airport...Gretchen had only left minutes after, thinking I was old enough to take the night alone.

"Your fifteen years old, not months," she had joked, "you can call if you hear anything," she chuckled as she walked out, but not before kissing me on my forehead and grabbing her car keys.

Yeah, I was old enough, why couldn't I just walk out and see what was down's not like it was a robber down there...was there? I need to stop freaking myself out, for all know the creaking sound could have been my imagination.

Creak, there goes the sound again, it wasn't my ears playing tricks on me...there was something down there. It could have been a raccoon who had snuckin' in and was just ramming on random stuff...or it could be that robber,  I was too afraid to look and see. Even with my own power I knew a bullet would still rip though my body like any other persons would.

You have too, I tell myself, you can't just wuss out! 

"Yeah," I try to pump myself up with more lies.

I mange to grab an umbrella before I did anything else.

"Calm down," I tell myself, "it's just a creak..." I slowly let  my bedroom door close behind me. I take in a sharp breath as I take steps closer and closer to the living room, were I was guessing the culprit was. I turn the corner. I squint into the dark room, the first thing I noticed that there was nothing moving, nothing at all, which is always a good thing

"Hello?" there was no response.

Suddenly the lamp that stood next to couch clicks on behind me, I spin around...I hold my breath... there's no one there.


"It's not raining," says a voice extremely close. I try to find the source of the voice, but how? From what I could see, there was no one here...

"Do you give up?" The voice was male and familiar...but I could put my finger on the face the voice belonged to. "Cameron?"

"Wait," the name had just came to me.

"What, have you figured me out yet?"

"Leon?" But it could be!

And the moment I said his name, he appears in front of me as if he was a liquid, slowly forming into his full form.

I lung at him, what had it been since I last saw him, a year, two? I pull away just as fast as I had hugged him.

"I understand if your mad-" I smacked him across the face.

"Calling wouldn't have hurt," I cross my hands over my chest.

Leon Frinston had been my childhood friend, he was my next door neighbor since I was in kindergarten, we were the greatest  of friends...well until he just up and disappeared last year, he said it was a family thing but everyone in the Wizard community knew it was something else...he just didn't seem like himself before he left, there were no jokes, no smiles, it was like he was trying to close himself off from the world. And then he just

"You know a hello wouldn't have killed you....that would have been nice," he grinned his killer smile.

"Hello," I don't give him time to say anything after me because I rush to question. "Where'd you go I-"

"The Vortex," I didn't say anything else, I was too stunned to say anything after said that one word. "I know what you're thinking, 'what could the Vortex have-"

"You're stupid! You're stupid ! You're STUPID!!!!" I sign in frustration,  "Did I tell you that enough?"

"Cameron," he says in a surprisingly calm voice, "they know lots of information, information Circle 15 could never give me."

"Like what!?" I scream.

"Like what happen to my parents!" He yells back. He takes in a deep breath, "I know they hate wizards and all, and anyone who as powers but-"

"How can there even be a but in that sentence!" I was on the verge of tears, "their evil, all they want is your powers...nothing else," I crook the last part.

"Cameron," he shacks his head, "their not ALL bad-"


"Can you let me finish?" he takes my silence as a yes. "They didn't tell me the whole story," he begins to smile, "but what they told me was enough to help them out-"

"With what exactly?"

 A shadow crosses over his face, but only for a moment, "That's top secret stuff Cameron."

"Then what did they tell you."

"It's not what they told me," he puts his hand in his pocket, "it's what they showed me, well gave me really."

I step back, I knew Leon wouldn't kill me, but the Leon I knew would have never run to a secret evil group of people who seek out only one thing and one thing only, global supernatural extinction. 

"What was it?"

"This," he pulls out a cloth wrapped around some triangular shape. He starts to unwrap it, but than he stops, "You have to promise that you won't tell anyone you saw this."

"I promise."

"Pinky promise?"


"Come on," he urges. He brings up his hand with his pinky finger extended towards me.


"Just do it."

I roll my eyes and link my pinky with his.

"I Pinky Promise," we say at the same time.

"Alright so," I nod over to the cloth.


 Thats all i have please comment on what you think, and thank you for reading

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