The Confessions Of Demi Penn

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Everyone in the small town of Clenta,MD knew Demi as a troble maker, even when she doesn't mean to.
Then one day in dentention(as always) something happens. she ditches at the last few minutes and shes not alone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Confessions of Demi Penn

Submitted: September 24, 2011

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Submitted: September 24, 2011



“Hello, Miss. Penn. it’s not a surprise seeing you here before 6th period.” Said Miss. Lee, with a cocky smile. It didn’t surprise me either. It was only the 5th week of school and I’ve been sent to the principle office more than 6 times.

“Hello Miss.Lee , oh and don’t call me Miss. Penn that’s mother’s name,’ I walk over to the counter where she was fileing papers. ‘And is that a new hairdo? ‘she began to smile ’you don’t look a day over 69.” Her smile quickly vanishes. She starts to rise from her seat. I still had to look down at her; she was only 4’11.

“How dare you-“

"That’s enough Sandra.” Principle Kenton interrupts her before she can even finish her sentence.’ And you Demi come with me." She disappears in to her office.

“Yeah, Sandra!” I yell to Miss. Lee. She tried to reply, but I was already inside of Principle Kenton office. The aroma of French vanilla fills the office. Principle Kentonwas looking out the window.

“Sit down Demi.” She says, still her back to me. I sit on her black leather couch, which was against the left wall that makes noises when you move. “Can you tell me why you’re in my office, again?” She finally turns around, but doesn’t sit down at her desk.

“I went to my 5th period, as always. And Mr. Walker wasn’t here today’ she nods her head.’ And the sub didn’t know what she was talking about, she said just read all day.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“It was band.”


“I try to tell her that we had a concert next week-”

“And what did she say?” she cut me off.

“She said I was talking without her permission.”

“Did you no raise your hand?”

“I don’t know!” she sighs.

"what happen next."

" I left the room and I a teacher told me to come here." A few moments pass before she said anything. But when she did say anything, it wasn’t good.

“I’m just going to give you a day of detention.”

“But I told you-“

“It’s the 2nd time you’re in here today.” Her voices sounded like she didn’t really want to deal with me right now. Who would?

“And?” I couldn't stand it that she was giving me detention for no reason at all.

“And, I have to go to a meeting.’ She starts to get papers from her desk and put them in her suit case. ‘And you’re going back to your 5th.” She gives me a pass slip to my class and my detention slip as she pushes me out the door.


As the last bell for the day rings, I don’t rush to get to detention. I bet it’s going to be only me and the teacher there, like last time. After going to my locker twice and the rest room for the third time , I finally go to room E231. I walk up a flight of stairs and take a left turn from the library, I finally get to room E231. Without being surprised I was the only student there. I take a seat next to the window. I stare out the window for a while and see people walk by it -people I don’t know. Till’ Henry walked by, my next door neighbor that I was once close with, 'till freshman year. I wave when Isaw him and he looks away to one of his friends next to him. He must have not seen me, I tell my self. Or did he just not want to wave at me so his friend wouldn’t say anything? No he must have not seen me. Or?.............

Not even 6 minutes pass and I’ve fallen asleep. I wake up from my nap when I hear the door open and close. I don’t look up and see, because I thought it would be a teacher talking with Mrs. Wilson.

“Your late ray.’’ Says Mrs. Wilson.

“I’m sorry, but the principle wanted to talk with me for a moment.” He was lying. Mrs. Kenton left hours ago.

“Take a seat.” So I wasn’t the only one for detention today. I hear him walk down my row and sits down. Push back my hair from my face and finally look up to see who this ray was. In the seat next to me sat a brunet guy i have never seen before-which is werid because i know everyone (not personaly),he was looking at the posters on the other side of the room. When he finally looks over at my, it was too late for me to put my face on my desk, so I just waited for him to look away.

“Hi” he mouthed.

“Hi” I replied.

“No talking.” Mrs. Wilson said as she stapled some papers. An hour past by and we still had 10 minutes left. Mr. Smith walks in with a pill of paper. “Daniel there’s another paper jam in print room.” He seemed stressed out.

“Did you tell Stan?” She was grading papers now.

“He left early.”

“What!?!” she storms out the door with Mr. Smith. Then she comes back in, remembering about us. “Don’t move! I’m going to get another teacher to finish detention for your 2.”She leaves the room again. I started to get my thing and start to walk to the door.

“She said she was going to get another teacher.” Said ray. I turn around.

“She going to finish the paper jam first and it’s going to be 5:10, before she thinks about us.”

“How do you know?” I can tell this is his first detention.

“That’s what happened twice last mouth.” He still doesn’t want to leave.

“Maybe that was just then.”

“Are you going to wait and find out or leave?” I could also tell he was a little of a goody two shoe. Surprising, because he didn’t look like it. More like an I do what I want look.


he stopped himself.

“Come on.” I walk a little to the seats. He began to stand up.


We leave the class room and started to walk down the D hall. We didn’t say anything to each other ,until ray broke the silence.

“I can tell it’s not your first time in detention .” i smiled at that

"so you can tell." we made a turn which would lead us to th student porch.he pushed the door open for me. ''not to be rude but-"

"you want to know what I did so bad, right?" I nodded "well, it's not hard to tell, I didn't want to change out in PE for the 10th time in 2 weeks. So old Mr.walker gave me Dentention for today and tomorrow."

"I thought it would have been something like walking out of class or even talking back but no.

"what? not bad ass enough" I laughed at that.

"well kinda, I got that on only my first year of freshman year and every once and a while"

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