The Gun Shot

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Mark Miller just saw his uncle ben and his father get killed right in front of his eyes. now he has to go to a diffrent place change his name and can not be in contact with any one that he knew in his old life ,even his mother.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Gun Shot

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



“Where moving!” says my mother while turning off her phone.
“Where what?” I say with a puzzled faced.
“Mark it’s for your safety”
“Where are we going?”
“That’s the other thing I need to tell you, where not going to the same location.”
“First I lose dad now I am losing you!”
“Honey it’s for the best!”
“When am I leaving?”
“In 2 days.”
“2 days!”
My life wasn’t like this a couple of weeks ago I was a normal kid with somewhat normal parents. No siblings, but now after I saw my father & uncle get shot & the gun men I’m a witness. Now my mother and I are under witness protection program.
It was a Friday and dad was picking me up & my uncle Ben came along.
Uncle Ben has gone through some bad things he owes some moneyto a lot of drug dealers. One they must of spot my uncle when we were leaving the school because they ran up to our car before we left and started to talk with us.
“What’s you name” said a man with a large tatoo around the side of his face.I couldn't readwhat it said.
“Ben” my uncle answered
“I told you I knew him,”the other guy that had his hand behind his back pulls out hisgun (it looked like a 22) out right to uncle’s bens face.”No where my money Ben? It had been at least past 3 months.” my uncle began to squirm in his seat.
“Whoa!' screamed my father 'put down the gun and we can talk men.”
The 2 men looked at each out and ...and began to LAUGH!
"your really funny' he then poninted at my dad' this foul ain't a man." he looked back at his partner of crime. They shared some word and he turned back to my dad.
"Come on we can--" before he could finish his last sentence,I saw my fathers body fall backon the car window.his hand which was grip on the stearing wheelslowly dropedto his sides.I wanted to say something ,do something! Show thoses men that they would have to pay. ThenI remebered they had a fully loaded gun andwouldn't mind if they wasted on me.So I sat there waiting for them to leave but they didn't.
Now the gun was pointing at my uncle.
“You got the money or not.” the gun man didn't look like he wanted to wait anymore.
“Well no but--" Right in the neck. My legs start shaking ,my hands start sweating ,my heat starts to pump blood by the mille seconded.million of questions runned through my mind.Did they see me? Are they going to kill me? OF COURSE THERE GOING TO KILL YOU !!!
Then the worst thingpossible thing that i was fearing was happening one of the gun me. "Hey, frank i think there's someone back there."
So this is how I am going to die I think to myself.
I hear sirens in the distance. The police they were here someone most of herd the gunshots.
“Let’s go!” scream one of the guys. They run in to the night no trace to be found.
I've cheated death! For now....

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