King Solomon's '13'

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Near a 3000 year old Hebrew inscription at a Mountain in New Mexico, Anthropologist Antonio Dominguez falls into a cavern finding two scrolls from King Solomon. These Scrolls indicate Earth and humanity are heading for destruction; the clock is counting down to 2012.

Antonio journeys to find and convince the woman who must help him, Amanda Messenger. Out of his element Antonio displays raw male emotion mixed with hilarious behavior. Together they must keep the Scrolls safe and discover the 13 Chosen from the 13 Tribes of Israel so the 13th Gate will open before the cataclysm.

The enemy plays a crazy psychological game with a "hit list" except the punishment is worse than death. Likewise, the science of the 13th Gate reveals the Monatomic State will save humanity and the planet. Antonio's prominent Miami family plays a vital role in circumventing the enemy.

Antonio and Amanda's relationship intertwines with the plot as they battle to achieve the Monatomic State as individuals and a couple. Their journey packed with life threatening adventure, personal drama, a smoky romance always highlighted by Antonio's unique character.

The events take them through New Mexico with travels to Las Vegas and Miami's South Beach.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - King Solomon's '13'

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Submitted: June 27, 2010



Sammy Sutton words
A Novel by
Sammy Sutton
Chapter 1
"To love would be an awfully big adventure."
J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)
Los Lunas
Antonio slid in on the sleek black leather interior of his new 2011 CTS-V-Coupe. He put on his sunshades and started the engine.
“Awesome,” he said aloud. He was driving the New Mexico scenery in style.
As an anthropologist, a SUV had always been an essential. Keeping the SUV, he was unable to resist the temptation. “Motortrend” called it “Cad-thriller”, “The most desirable Caddy in decades.” This was his first sports car. In fact, he had not had a car since he left Miami fifteen years ago. He waved to the salesman.
“See you, Dr. Dominguez,” the salesman called out.
He was taking his Raven Black Beauty out on the open road to see what she could do. They were heading out of Santa Fe down the Rio Grande to Hidden Mountain where he was hoping to organize an excavation there someday. The idea remaining in the back of his mind, planning to consider it when he was ready to stay home reducing his trips overseas.
Hidden Mountain was a magnet pulling him as if he were steel.
On his first visit to the university, he found himself at Hidden Mountain. It was home to an ancient inactive volcano with evidence scattered throughout the site as proof of an ancient Hebrew occupation. On the way up the summit, a large Decalogue stone sets with a Paleo-Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments’ Exodus twenty Version. The stone was the subject of considerable controversy over the years, now meeting with acceptance of a range dating from around 1000 BC. This would coincide with the reigns of King David and King Solomon during the only time Israel and Judea were one United Kingdom of Israel.
Another stone depicts a solar eclipse. On the east side, going up towards the summit a stone had a bearded man was praying. A few feet from the Ten Commandment inscription sat two stones were setting acting as a gateway to the summit. The summit itself shows signs of an ancient campsite or military hold, or perhaps a mining camp. On the south, end of the summit, at the highest elevation stands an inscription YHWH Eloheynu meaning "Yahweh, our mighty one". Antonio had a strong interest in the site's future.
The mid-morning sun was peaking out from behind the mountains. It was the perfect time to hit the open road in a new ride. Unable to avoid thinking of his brother José's jealousy over his new Black Raven beauty, later he would call José to brag about Raven. He was smiling at his brothers’ envy.
José was able to afford a ‘Black Raven Coupe’ of his choice. Jose' was one of Miami’s leading attorneys. Unlike himself, still single at the upper part of his forties, due to circumstance, and choice, José was the ideal husband and father.
José assuming Pop’s role, Hell, he was Pop’s clone, often José was more Pop than Pop. Not actually knowing if that were still true he had not seen or spoken to Pop, the infamous Judge, in fifteen years. Eight kids, but he was the one who was always disappointing Pop, with his “hippy” career, which at best would give him a mediocre standard of living. He was proving Pop wrong with his innovative analysis and doing damn good skill playing high stakes Poker during his time in the States. The poker play would drive Pop, the Judge over the edge.
His cell ringing it was the Poker tournament organizer, Max, interrupting his thoughts.
"Antonio, what’s up?” Max always bellowed with enthusiasm.
“Not much Max,” Antonio muttered knowing Max never waited or listened for the answer.
“Hey, I noticed you are going to have someone new playing against you this week. I am not sure how you two have missed one another. She has two years of play time. I sent you video copies of her game via email.
Antonio, she plays incognito but I have the info, if you know what I mean. You two have some common interests outside of poker. I am betting if you are not an idiot you might hit it off with her.”
“Is that right?” Antonio grunted.
 “No joke, Antonio, watch them today. Call me back,” Max, shouted.
 “Bye Max,” Antonio ended the call.
Max was a terrific person but annoying, a real pain at times. Max was the one person that knew everything about the players. Many players including him tried to keep a distinction between everyday life and poker life. Antonio had never heard a complaint about Max breaching a player’s confidence.
At last, he was approaching the ramp to get on the interstate. He looked around, “Okay Raven, the road is ours. Can you dance?” he bellowed as he ‘stomped it’.
Gasping as her sheer force threw him back in his seat he felt alive, electrified. Accelerating as the ramp gave way to the interstate, breaking her into the left turn Raven took it as if she were riding on rails.
 “Yes, Raven you dance.” They had 58 miles of the open road to Albuquerque. Not giving a damn about a ticket, the thrill would be well worth the price of the ticket.
 “Raven do you feel the need to speed?” Antonio did not consider backing down until he hit the magic century mark. At 100 mph, the other cars seemed to stand still when he was racing down the passing lane.
Near Albuquerque after waking from his trance he shook his head; time had escaped him. The Mountain was about thirty-five miles from Albuquerque.
Parking Raven near the railroad tracks, he grabbed his small pack out of her trunk. The day was too perfect not to take some time to kick around up on the summit. He crossed the rancher’s land he followed the path; it was a short hike to the Decalogue stone. The Decalogue was a crest stone weighing eighty plus tons.
Antonio made his was up the trail to the summit. A lot about this place was fascinating. The summit allowed for a clear view for miles in any direction; 365 degrees of unobstructed view. Antonio guessed the summit at 22 acres, the height at 5500 feet above sea level. Loose volcanic rock and sandy silt covering the area with much of the rock was crumbling.
Evidence suggested temporary ancient living structures were there for a significant period. Clusters scattered the area with intentional holes or dugouts.
On the east side, near the north side not far from the carved bearded man holding an offering there was a solitary glyph.
Stones surrounding one of the coined dugouts had him skeptical about the supposed use for the military. Who in the hell would the enemy be? Standing near he pondered the idea.
Turning taking a couple of steps without warning the place he was standing on gave way. Falling down into a cavern, a ledge slowed his fall. He did not get a grip quick enough to keep from rolling off the ledge; descending deeper into the old volcano. His head hit something. The stream of sunlight allowed in by the hole above was blurring.
It was a foggy place, light with a pale fog. Something flashed; an ancient man appeared in a priest's robe, the man was silent yet Antonio knew he was communicating. The man disappearing gave way to the appearance of a woman an remarkable woman. She was modern, silent yet she was communicating with him. She was beautiful he felt love for her, experiencing her love for him; her whole essence permeated him with feelings of wholeness, surrounding him with love, a passion he had never experienced. He knew her name was Amanda Messenger, but she was leaving. He wanted to scream trying but unable to make a sound. Fixated on wanting to stay with her, he felt a tug; it was a vacuum a force sending him back into Earth's reality. His head was pounding reaching up to his head he felt the blood.
He struggling to find his small pack he located a cloth he was applying pressure. With his flashlight on, he noticed his broken glasses but still functional enough to help him see to get out of the cave.
Scanning the area with the light, he saw an object fewer than a foot from his head. Reaching for it realizing there were two objects he knew they were scrolls. The old man, the woman, they knew he would find them, wait, that was a hallucination. These were real. The light was horrible he needed to get to the top with his treasure. The bleeding from his head had slowed but not stopped. The flashlight allowed an examination of the area he saw nothing. Putting the Scrolls in his pack, he felt an urgent need to escape the cavern before he lost more blood dying on the spot, never found. Looking up he was doubtful there was space enough to anchor, however, believing he could climb out hoping the rock would not crumble in on him.
Still bleeding he decided to use his belt around his head to keep the compress in place as he climbed out. Once the cloth was in place, he shined the flashlight back. Shaking his head, “Dumbass, she is not here.” The pack went on; he hoisted himself up a level to a small ledge. He was down only about fifteen feet above was a larger ledge it was within reach. Gripping he used his feet to climb his body up swinging his legs around he was struggling to reach the top of the ledge. Throwing his rope, he was now anchoring so he could climb out.
One last time he shined the light into the cavern hole. Feeling he was leaving the woman behind, damn, he must have brain damage. He gripped the rope climbing out, at the top he was securing the hole with surrounding rocks he needed to get away before he saw anyone.
Raven’s trunk popped open, laying the pack down inside the trunk checking the condition of the Scrolls, he would not investigate them until later. Checking his head noticing the bleeding stopped. The bloody shirt came off replaced by a t-shirt from the trunk.
He got into Raven, thank God, for his prescription shades his glasses damaged from the fall. The engine started. “Okay, Raven get our asses home, we have hit our ‘eureka’ moment.” Damn, the day was insane with feelings of love for a phantom woman, ancient Scrolls in the back of his new CTS. It was one hell of a day at the office.
The hour and a half home was an eternity. The woman was still haunting him the incredible feeling he experienced. She was a ghost so was the old man. The Scrolls were real making it hard to buy into the whole accident theory yet what else was there.
Taking out his phone, he dialed. “Joe, listen I need for you to get me a secure metal box, fireproof, waterproof, whatever-proof. It needs to be at least twenty-four inches by six inches, say six inches deep. I am about an hour away.”
 “Thanks Joe.”
Joe was his caretaker, his wife Maria took care of the household. They had been with him pretty much since the beginning.
Raven had to behave on the way home, now was not a opportune time to have a Trooper pulling him over he was looking the part of a Cuban street fighter. A Trooper would check his trunk confiscating the Scrolls before he even inspected them.
The woman filled his head the rest of the drive it was ridiculous the woman of his dreams was in his dreams. He let out a sadistic laugh. The phone rang.
 “Great that was quick. Hey Joe will you grab the other key to the workroom out of my desk. I am pulling in the gate we need to open the work area.”
 “Yeah, meet me out there.” Antonio whipped Raven around the circle to the back of the guesthouse excited to open the Scrolls.
 “Antonio, what happened? Did you win? Nice ride man!”
 “Joe, I am going to figure that out right now. Do you think Maria could locate a pair of glasses for me? I broke mine.”
“Sure I will go check.”
“Thanks, Joe.”
Antonio unlocked the different locks unarming the security clearing the table next to his equipment he turned on the protective lighting. The Scrolls appeared intact and undamaged. Joe walked in with his old glasses.
“Thanks Joe.”
 “No problem, Maria wants to look at your wound. She says she is fixing you something to eat.”
 “Thanks Joe, I will be inside soon, I am going to make some copies.”
 “Hey, Joe.” Antonio threw Joe the keys. He smiled, “Put Raven in the garage, please.”
Unrolling the first scroll with care, my God! Trembling, was it possible, Ancient Hebrew? He unrolled the second one wanting to make copies as soon as possible it was best to handle them as little as possible. The copies would allow him to translate them without damaging the originals. Perhaps this was the Mother-load.
Photographed, copied, he secured the precious antiques. Closing the case, thoughts of the woman were entering his mind again. This time he felt as he did during the hallucination. Her essence was a wild, incredible feeling. His eyes closed he was breathing in her essence. Where did she come from? Her eyes were mysterious, breathtaking, sparkling her arms were reaching for him. Remember her name, Amanda Messenger or damn, perhaps Amanda the Messenger; she was making him think she was waiting for him. Rubbing his head it was pounding hard. She was in his soul. Would he find her through his soul? Maybe he should go get his head examined since now he was insane.
Everything put away, taking his copies, securing the place, he locked up the workroom. He walked across the driveway and back lawn to the house. Maria ran out of the house.
 “Oh my God, Antonia, you need Doctor.”
 “Maria, I am fine, let me shower you will see the injury is much better than it looks.”
 “Antonio, it is possible to have a bump inside your head.” She felt concerned.
 “We will see after I shower.” He thought hell, not a bump; a woman is in my head. Making his way up the short flight of stairs, he stopped putting the copies and one of the keys to the workroom in his desk. In the bedroom, he threw his dirty clothes by the door and stepped back to the bathroom. The shower felt terrific, soaping down throwing back his head allowing the water to run down on him.
It did not matter how ridiculous it was, he felt this woman a feeling he felt under the area where his ribs made a triangle, his solar plexus. He needed her; the Scrolls needed her. Earlier she was telling him to feel her, love it felt intense. It must have triggered some strange reaction in his brain. If love could achieve that feeling, heroin and cocaine trafficking would collapse. No way, it had to be some somatic chemical hallucination.
Out of the shower, he dried off and dressed. The head injury was a bruised cut up looking site with a goose egg. Talking to Maria, he was calming her down. After choking down some aspirin, he asked Maria to take his food to the office. She agreed but shot him a worried look.
He chuckled. “Maria, you know I love you, I am fine. I have some work to do. Tomorrow, I have to get some new glasses since I travel to Vegas early day after tomorrow.” Hurrying to the stairs taking them two at a time he reached his office prepared to work.
Maria came with his food setting it down by him. He kissed her cheek. “Maria I am fine. It is late, you two go home. This project will have me working for hours.”
She nodded. “Antonio, call us if you have any problems.”
 “I will, thanks Maria.”
Starting to translate, he was looking down through the magnifier it jumped right out from the paper. "Unbelievable, it was King Solomon!" He opened the other scroll. Damn, this may be the real deal. King Solomon, the Scrolls had different messages from King Solomon. He began the grueling task of translating each ancient symbol working for hours his neck was killing him.
Antonio was perspiring more and more with each word translated. Translating the ancient Hebrew first, later he would arrange correct sentences. Ancient Hebrew did not always fit with modern English it was tedious work at best each of the letters also represented a number. At times, the number was the intention complicating the meaning of the author.
It was necessary to cover all of the bases sometimes that meant it needed a cross-reference in English to make the best choice in the context of the ultimate meaning.
He was taking a drink from his water bottle; his thoughts were racing as some of the substance began to emerge. The woman the messenger from his delusion flashed in his mind with every word translated.
The characters sha-mad translated in English Destroy, disturbing. They were presenting a prophetic note within the instruction. The message was not explicit it was an eerie component. She-mesh was the sun. Antonio saw that the scroll was warning of disaster originating from the sun this might cause harm, tey-vel means Earth. In the context, he decided it was a warning of a disaster to the Earth in relation to the suns renewal or rebirth.
The positive element was an answer. Hha-yeel meant a force Antonio wanted to shout aloud it was an instrument of protection. Sho-eyr translated as gate keeper; sha-ar meant gate. It was a revelation thirteenth gate with thirteen tribal gatekeepers na-hhah meant inherit. He understood the tribes were the chain of birthright or inheritance goy was the nation.
Antonio stood he began pacing, rubbing his hand over the top of his hair. Saying aloud, "The United States of America, the nation with the thirteenth gate, a home to the thirteen tribes. This was suggesting it was a womb or an umbilical cord connected with earth, Damn." He was pacing always knowing or suspecting there was something momentous at Hidden Mountain. It was a navel; the damn place was an energy orifice.
Frustrated with himself having an argument in his mind he struggled with the validity of the Scrolls' message. "Shit," he shouted. There she was again, Antonio felt as if she were telling him he needed to pay attention.
Still standing he looked down, ma-qeyn was a shield. No doubt, it was the key to creating a shield for the Earth ye-sha was rescue; be-tahh meant safety. It occurred to Antonio he did not have the luxury of anthropology or his sacred PhD to hide from the possibility that these Scrolls could save humanity. Again pacing he rubbed his head seeing her again, "Get out of my head or come help me. You are a hallucination."
He sat back down hoping his colleague at the University of Texas put a rush on the small fibers he sent to authenticate and date the Scrolls. The implications were enormous believing they were authentic. They still needed the confirmation, having seen the real thing, masterful fakes, and significantly bad fakes he learned this after working on teams in Jerusalem several times. The group encountered some compelling fakes, creations from some clever bastards; one in particular created several selling them before the experts figured it out.
With the two Scrolls, there was a lot of translating to do before completing. A problem was manifesting many of his colleagues spent their entire careers looking for this answer time was not a luxury he had, needing a quick decision. Me-lekh shlomo, are you legitimate? He asked aloud. "King Solomon, damn it, my career is at stake, were you everything they say?"
In the hallucination, an old Jewish man appeared prior to the woman, "Was that old man you Sholmo?" At least the old man should provide him with a sign, something. Glancing at his paper, he was laughing at the word ba-nah, build a Temple to save the Earth from danger. He could not forget Adam, humanity a small little thing to forget.
Hidden Mountain must be the reference on the reg-sheet or summit the structures described would open the omphalos, navel, or umbilical as it provides nourishment to na-pha, heal.
The thirteenth gate is the nexus, which opens the navel providing nourishment to heal earth. The Gatekeepers 13, one of the chosen should come from each of the tribes. Through the rest of the translation, he would learn more that much was correct.
Starting to turn his laptop off deciding instead to check his email noticing Max had sent some game copies.
He took the laptop to his bed after finishing the necessities with no clue why as exhaustion was taking over his body. Starting the video he was slamming down a half a liter of water while glancing at the video as he was gulping down the water he choked, water was spewing out of his mouth onto the bed, him, and the computer. Still choking, damn, he was hallucinating again! It was the woman in his vision! Flipping fast-forwarded, next rewinding the video back, in disbelief he started one of the others, almost scared, he fumbled for his cell. Unable to keep his eyes off her, he dialed Max. This time he spoke first.
 “Max, what is her real name?”
 “Damn it, no games tell me everything you know.”
 “Her name is Amanda Messenger.” Antonio’s heart missed a beat.
 “What do you know, Max?”
 “I do not know. What is up Antonio? Do you know her?”
 “A little," he was stretching the truth.
 “Max, I met her, I have been looking for her. You were right, I am going to...I mean will like her. Tell me what you know, between you and me. Help me Max,” he was pleading.
 “She writes and lives in the Midwest where she grows grapes for wine.”
 “Max, what does she write about?”
 “Spiritual things and Life lesson stuff.”
 “What else? Is she single? I’m guessing she is but how single?”
 “Very, does not seem to be looking,” Max, informed.
 “Max, she is awesome, is she not?”
 “She is a great lady, Antonio.”
 “Anything else?”
 “I cannot think of anything, Antonio.”
 “Max, anything, you think of anything you call.”
 “Max, when is she due in Vegas?”
 “Tomorrow afternoon.”
 “Me too, adjust my room. I am coming sooner, see you.”
He lay in his bed watching the video repeatedly, until he passed out.
Antonio opened his eyes a few hours later, called about his glasses; they would be ready for him to pick up on the way to the airport. He called a bookstore that he could stop at on the way. They promised to keep the books ready for pickup. The airline changed his flight with time he started Googling Amanda Messenger thinking, too. How in the hell was he going to get to this woman? He could not walk up and say to her, “Hi, I got a concussion and hallucinated that you love me. Do you want to go out with me? By the way, old King Solomon wants you to help save the world.”
This needed a plan, one that would work, fail proof. She was not showing up in his dreams only to disappear her ass was his.

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