Snatched and used

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You will see

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Snatched and used

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



"What's vibrating?" I asked.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe your phone." Lucy responded with a sense of sarcasm.

Replying with a hint of the wow-I-feel-dumb tone "Shut up I knew that."

Lucy and I are sitting on the couch. Lexi turns the tv to 'America's Next Top Model' and plops down on the couch next to us. Then asks "Hey Baylee, what did that message say earlier anyways?"

I shyly say "Oh it was just Tyler."

Lucy decides her opinion is need and adds "Just Tyler? No I disagree. He's not 'Just Tyler'. You talk about him all the time. There is absolutely no way you just said 'Just Tyler' "

Embarrassed I reply with " Yeah. Your point?"

Lexi pops up with an idea "You should tell him how you feel."

Laughingly I say "Yeah why don't I just jump out in front of a car too."

"Let's go on a walk." adds Lucy.


The three of us were walking down the street. We continue our conversation about Tyler. We start towered the swings when we see a white van with no back windows. Lucy jokingly says "You should tell Tyler while you have a chance."

"Fine I'll tell him. But I bet you it gonna backfire."

We sit on the swings. I shoot Tyler a text that reads ' Hey Tyler, my friends have been bugging me to tell you something lately so here it is. I like you. ' his reply goes ' Hey Baylee, I'm sorry, but I like someone else. Don't get me wrong we're friends and that's why I'm being honest with you.' So him and i start talking.

The white van pulls into the parking lot and sits still. The three of us, scared, start walking towards the road. The man inside van gets out an starts walking in our direction. We fasten up our pace, so does he. We start to run, leaving him in the dust. Lexi looks over. I can see the terror in her eye. Lucy yells "He's gaining on us". We all look behind, just has he tackles all three of us the the ground.

There's a second man. The driver. He slams on his breaks. Almost hitting Lucy.

"I tell you three what, my name will never be revealed. You will be mine. You are all beautiful. Do has you're told and this will be a pleasant time." his voice sends chills down my spine. He shoves us in the van.

Lexi begins to speak in fear "why are wehere?"

His reply is as simple as a killer can make it. "shut the hell up no more questions"

I interrupt him "Who the hell do you think you are. Don't speak to my friend like that andanswer her damn question."

He reaches out "okay I'll answer". He slaps me in the face. "You are here because I have chosen you"

The three of us start complaining of our thirst, so he hands what appears to be water.

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