Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 5
We arrived at a University and he parked. He put a knife in his pocket and handed me one. We walked, hand in hand, to the entrance of the dorms. We walked inside, and it was quiet. Too quiet. There was no movement. We walked upstairs and he stopped in front of a room and just stared at it.
“This is the dorm me and my best friend share.” He whispered. He knocked and I heard rustling inside. Whispers. People.
He pushed it open, slowly. A tall, handsome, buff teenager held a knife out in front of him, holding a girl behind him.
Both boys relaxed their bodies and flew forward at each other, hugging. I saw a beautiful girl standing behind them, smiling. She reminded me of Lisa in a way. Light blue eyes, perfect shaped lips, and a cute, little nose.
The boys let go of one another. Jared and the girl faced each other, just looking into each other’s eyes. “I…Uh, hi, Vicky”.
She smiled, showing her perfect, white teeth. “Hello, Jared.” He pulled her into his arms and I bit my tongue, holding back tears. Why couldn’t I be her? I wanted a love like this.
They let go of one another and she walked to Jared’s best friend. They put their arms around each other.
“Uh, there’s something we should tell you.” Jared’s face changed expressions so fast, it was unbelievable. I felt so sympathetic. I knew he felt that pit in the stomach like I did.
“Well, I have something to tell you too” Jared walked to my side, and put his arm around me. I looked at him hesitantly. What was he doing?
I felt Vicky’s eyes on me but I was scared to meet her glance. I knew my face was flushed, but I wasn’t sure if it was from being embarrassed or being angry. He was using me. He was lying to his best friend. But I couldn’t put him out there and embarrass him.
“Her name is Stephanie. You can call her Steph.” He smiled at me.
“Hi, Steph!” Vicky reached a hand out and I shook it, relentlessly.
“Steph, this is Aaron. He’s been my best friend since I could remember”.
“Hi, Steph” Aaron said, smiling.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you guys.” I said, going along with Jared’s lie. “I heard so much about you guys”.
I noticed Vicky staring at Jared’s fingers titillating my arm, running up and down it. I could see the jealously in her eyes. I heard moans approaching and panicked. I couldn’t help but hold on to Jared, feeling so safe in his arms. He kissed my head and let go of me, taking his knife out of his pocket. He walked toward the door, Aaron on his side.
“So, you guys just met? He goes to North Carolina to visit his parents for one week and comes back with a girl. How crazy. I always thought he was in love with me.” Vicky began.
 I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Yeah, I guess it was love at first sight.”
She frowned. “Well, I love Aaron. I don’t know why I just began noticing him. He’s so much better than Jared.”
I heard the sound of a knife cut through a zombie’s head and turned to see Jared kicking the head outside. “There’s a lot approaching. We need to get out of here NOW!” We all ran into the hallway and began toward the stairs. Zombies filled the staircase.
I gasped and we all looked around for an escape. “The emergency stairs are on the other side of the hallway! Go get the car and get it close to the entrance! I’ll slow the zombies down!” Jared shouted, with urgency in his voice. He threw his keys to Aaron. Him and Vicky made their way to the other side of the hallway, but I couldn’t leave Jared.
As crazy as it seemed, in that moment, I noticed how much I cared for him. I may have only known him for a few days, but he meant something to me. I had lost all that I cared for in my life; I wasn’t going to lose him too.
“Steph, what are you doing?! Go!” He shouted at me. He held a knife in front of him with one hand, and pushed me back with another. I pulled my knife out of my pocket and approached the nearest zombie.
I heard the slice and gush as I ran the knife through the zombie’s neck. The head rolled down the stairs, slowing down other zombies as they stumbled over the head.
I looked back at Jared and the way he looked at me- it made me smile. I thought, maybe, just maybe, he felt the same way about me as I did for him.
We continued to cut off as many zombie heads as we could and ran through the hallway, to the emergency staircase, hand in hand.
I felt like time was slowed down, and we were no longer running from zombies; no longer running for our lives, but instead, running through a field, just enjoying our life together. My hand fit so perfectly in his. His warmth calmed me.
We arrived at the staircase, and we ran down them as fast as our legs could take us. We got to the bottom and ran outside. Aaron and Vicky were waiting for us in Jared’s car. Jared and I jumped in the backseat, zombies right behind us. Zombies began pushing themselves against the car and Aaron drove as fast as he could, leaving the zombies behind.
I sighed in relief and rested my head on Jared’s shoulder. Sweat dripped down my face, but that didn’t seem to bother him. He wrapped his arm around me, and played with my hair until I fell asleep.

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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