Operation Millionaire

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Isabella is not any ordinary girl...
Her life twists in every corner...
But this is the biggest twist that will ever enter her life...

Its January 19th 2009, as Isabella's parents decide to go on a holiday. Leaving her under the the care of the most unexpected person. Someone who she dislikes from top to bottom. Will she change her mind? Or will it always be cat and mouse?

Read Sangbang's FIRST novel ''Operation Millionaire'' to find out...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Operation Millionaire, Chapter 1: First Impression

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



A part of the start and MAYBE if people like it and comment, then maybe I will put the rest up on here and update on here...




Chapter 1: First Impression

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! ,That’s life for me, it’s like a clock. Everything has to be perfect,and on time it drives me crazy. It's the first day of college and I have to come an hour early. Mum doesn’t care about what time I go to school, as long as what ever I am wearing is not to 'revealing'. What can we do if she still thinks its '1967'. Now dad he’s a tough one, I can’t talk to boys or even smile at them, unless it’s extra, extra important. Like as in extra important he means when I have to answer a question in class, but trust me I don't listen what either of them say. Where are we… oh right my younger sister Evie, she is a pain! Whatever she asks for is given to her without a word, because in my words she's an angel with horns.

Okay now back to my story…

It’s about 6:00am, school starts at 7:00 and I am getting out of the limo. Oh right forgot to tell you, my parents are millionaires. It seems so easy to be the daughter of a ‘millionaire’, trust me its not. There are some ups, but there is more downs. Freedom is something you would never get, what else are you supposed to do, when you have to have bodyguards everywhere you go. BUT I got the approval not to have bodyguards at school,trust me its a once in a life time opportunity.

I wait inside the car as my driver opens my door. A gush of light sweeps in as I shield my eyes.

“Miss Jean, have a good day,” Steve answers formally, in case you don't know steve is my driver.

I step out with a thankyou, smile swept across my face. He shuts the door and gets inside, and drives off,leaving me all alone. I stare down at my denim skirt and my tank top with the words ‘La la land’ printed on it. I quickly brushed my fingers through my blonde hair loosening the knots. That’s when I notice a sign saying ‘Welcome to Victim High’, which didn't sound like the best name for a school. I sighed at the empty car park which made me shudder just at the sight. The parking signs which had graffiti all over, drooped due to the bent metal. I gaited over to the main office, as a plump looking lady walked forward. Her hair was scrunched back in a messy bun and her shirt was crumpled up,she stared at me in a rude way. Dark bags were under her eyes and her teeth were yellow. Thoughts rushed through my head; Does she have Insomnia? or Is she just like that?

“Yes, what do you want,” She asked in an abrasive tone.

“Umm…My name Jean Standford, I am new here and I have no clue where to go,” I answered slowly.

She let out a sigh of annoyance as she called out to someone. She pointed towards an old looking couch. Bits of white fluff were scattered across the couch, and springs were pulled out. I walked over to the couch in disgust as sat on the it as it squeaked.

The door knob turned, creaking open. As a tall figure stood there, his gleaming brown hair was spiked up, he wore a jeans and a collared shirt. In his hand was a mop and so it was kind of obvious he was the janitor and he was handsome but didn't seem like someone you could rely on as a cheeky grin spread across his face.


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