The Choosen Path of Sherlie and Flowsy.

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It's a story about a girl who overcomes her depression and loneliness through an unexpected incident which she always wanted to happen.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Choosen Path of Sherlie and Flowsy.

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



Chapter 1 -A Strange Dream

Company, it's a thing which everyone wants. A company that someone
gives us throughout our life. It's not about any 'life partner' thing. It's about
a thing which everyone is familiar with – FRIEND! These are the persons
in our life like a support to a curly, improper, wobbling climber. Earth
remains in the universe without any support but supports life. Even these
persons support life in us.
Friend, friend, friend. I don't have any! The person I always urged for, the
person about whom I always thought to meet, someone waitng near a red
carpet of life for their 'Superstar'. So, my superstar was missing out of the
It's such a monotonous thing to be away from home too. I was a way
different from others, a way quite different, physically. Braces on my teeth,
which always made me uncomfortable to talk to someone. My eyes
seemed as if they are about to pop out of the sockets. I hated my face, but
still loved myself.
“Look at that scary halloween witch”, a girl said while passing my way.
Though she was not looking at me it was really meant for me in the way
she said those words. I just wanted to run away from here and felt hitting
my head to something utterly hard. But I got habituated to such differently
arranged, same meaning carrying sentences. I generally had simple chores.
Everyday the same things repeated in one or other way. As usually I used
to wake up at 6:00, had a shower, made my breakfast and getting ready for
the classes. The place where I study was far away from home so, I decided
to live here in an apartment, all alone.
English, was the class I enjoyed much than any other subjects. It was like a
group of people hanging out. The difference between picnic and our
english class was that the former one is outdoors and the latter was
indoors. Unfortunately, we had it just twice a week.
It was really happy to be at home. It is always fun to be with my sisters.
Melanie just waits by the door when I am about to visit home. She is the
only person in this good old world with whom I freely discuss all those
worldy things. It is as if our minds are just a reflection on mirror. When it
comes to Sandy, she's just a little freak. Her temper is really unbearable
and in addition to that she is my sweet, little, cute 10 year old sister. They
are just quite opposite in every aspect and I was an average of both of
them as if I'm the one made to deal with them in a balanced way.
I like imagining things. I often dreamt with my eyes opened about things
which will never happen and these imagination often led to supernatural
dreams. Of course, not nightmares but something purely magical. I often
dreamt things like I was in a garden searching for something and finding
out that I was in an extraordinary garden full of fairies in every flower that
bloomed to it's full beauty and sometimes I dreamt that I was a witch
wandering all over the world to get some creepy things to prepare some
kind of pale green boiling potion in a big cauldron. I always thought if
atleast any one of them would come true, but no. I knew that thinking such
a thing come true would be really silly. I thought it so that the big round
thing inside my skull would be relaxed but last night . . . .the dream I had,
made me completely gloomy.
I have never dreamt such a thing till now in my life. I dreamt that ,' I was
at my home wandering over here and there. . . .
“Sherlie”, mum called “could you please help me out placing your books
in the shelves. You are really ignorant about your books”, she said
furiously waving her hand towards the completely scattered army of
books. “ I will look after it. You can leave it to me”, I said because she was
looking very angry and that thing always makes me restless. I just looked
at the emerald ring in my middle finger, which mum presented it to me on
my 13th birthday. It relaxed my mind whenever I am nervous.
Just then Daddy stepped in with his heavy bag full of some papers. I
hurried to lighten the weight from his hand.
“ Woah!” it felt pretty much heavy today “ what's in it? Did you bring
anything for us ?”, I asked wryly.
“It's none of your buisness! Just put it in it's place and get back to your
work”, and he turned his back towards me, loosened his watch and laid
down on the sofa, which was facing the big black TV just placed in front
of the wall.
I went back to his cabin, which was just a few steps away from the hall
extremely right to the sofa. I leaned over the table to keep it as inside as
possible, as I did it a few strands of my hair got tangled to the big fat bag's
zipper. I struggled hard to remove it without disturbing any of his papers.
But, “oh!”, I moaned.
Something highly beautiful glass globe was glittering in the bag. I couldn't
understand why and from where he brought it from? I decided to ask dad
and as I turned to do so, somebody was pulling me away from my destiny.
When I looked back no on was there!
Again I tried to move but I couldn't. As I looked down I noticed that a
sparkly circle was forming and it was circling beneath me with an omnious
speed. I suddenly let the ball drop. As soon as I dropped, it got completely
dissolved in that white shiny circle making bubbling and popping sounds.
I was very much scared.
“MOM! DAD!”, I shouted “ help me out! There's some freaking thing out
I called and called but no one came. I was being pulled away into that
hole, which was slowly getting dark in color. I tried to reach the floor as I
sank into that thing upto my neck. But it was of no use, just a few sparks I
got in my hands.
I felt as if someone was squeezing all the oxygen out of me. There was no
one to help me, not even my own parents. I waitted but no one came. After
a while I saw someone standing a few inches away from me. But the face
was not at all visible.
I yelled back to that person “help me!”
After a short period of time I was out of that damn hole. The white sparks
around me were fading away. But still I was not able to see that person's
face clearly.
“Who are you?” I asked “why did you save me?, where did you come
from?”, why is your face not visible?” I asked that person a continuous
stream of questions.
“A friend” he said and faded away along with those sparks.
I suddenly noticed 'My Friend.'
I was almost shocked and that woke me up from my strangest dream. I was
in my apartment already getting late for my classes. It was the strangest
dream I had about having a friend. To me it was partially a sweet dream
and partially a nightmare.
I hurried back to my class staggering all the way imagining of having a
friend. I was restless the whole day. Many times I've heard that dreams
dreamt early morning come true! Could it be really true?
Am I going to find my star in the galaxy. I decided to brag about it, when I
will get my whom shall I brag about, I have no one!
I waited and waited but nothing happened.
“No!” I screamed out loud as the clock ticked 12:00 when it was dark
outside. The day was finished and.......... and I didn't get my friend.
Tears rolled down my cheeks. I will never get that person in my life.
Slowly, those sobs faded into sleep.
The next day I woke up before the alarm could scream. That thought didn't
let me sleep properly. My life is lonely, monotonous and incomplete.
Nothing is going to happen. I have to lead this life by myself, I thought
and hurried to have a bath and followed the same routine and hurried back
to class.
Well, all the classes were not boring as I thought it to be. Yesterday all my
interest was squeezed by last night's dream. After finishing the classes I
headed for my apartment. I had lots of assignments to be completed, I
finished them one by one then relaxed on my bet to get some rest. That
thought provoked me again. I just wanted to remove it out of my head, I
tried to think of something non- magical, something natural but I couldn't
afford to. So, I took a sheet of paper from my bag and thought of
something to write a poem on. I laid my head on the pillow, angled my leg
and started thinking about a theme to write a poem on.
First, I thought about 'Life'. But to me however it was boring so, then I
shifted to some other topics but they didn't look interesting.
The next day I opened my eyes, slightly rubbing. But “oh!” everything was
blank infront of me.
“Where am I now?” I screamed. After getting my view cleared I noticed
that I was staring at a window looking at the sky. At first I was surprised
thinking that I landed in some alien place. I got ready for my class,
yanking everything.

Chapter 2 - Unbelievable

I entered the class. I was not late at all. But everyone was already present
for the class. I got in and opened my books. It was strange! Everyone was
staring at me like I got something attractive for their eyes.
“I didn't do anything or I brought anything to turn everyone's eyes today,
did I?” I thought.
Everyone was murmuring about something to their neighbour. But I didn't
care enought to bother about what they were talking about. They might be
planning how to make fun of me today. What else could that be?
After a couple of minutes our chemistry class started. I grabbed my
attention from those staring students and shifted it towards the subject.
About half-an-hour or so passed I didn't feel stressed today. I was looking
at the board blankly.
Suddenly, I felt something moving under my desk. I checked but no one
and nothing was there. Maybe that was my imagination. I looked back to
the formula which Mr. Thompson was writing on the board. The formula
was long enough to be a pattern on a full-length scarf!
I felt the twitch again. This time my expression almost changed but I was
able to control it before Mr. Thompson could notice my confusingly
molded face.
“Strange” I almost mouthed that clear enough to be heard by Mr.
He was a person in his 50's with balding head. He was really strict.
Everyone was attentive in his class.
“Sherlie Woods!” he called my name and I stood up “May I know what is
strange here?”
“” I shuddered not knowing what to tell “I.....I...meant to
say that....that the formula looks a bit different from the other ones.” I
explained almost with a trembling voice.
“Now, don't repeat such alarms in my class and keep your expression still
while I am teaching, sit down” he ordered.
I got the edge of the desk holding tightly with the tip of my fingers and sat
down in my seat.
So, he noticed my weird expressions. Well, anyone could get anyone's
attention with a face like mine, scary enough to be a scarecrow in the
I sat down, now not changin my expression to the tickling under my desk.
Slowly, those soft movements now really became 'strange.' It increased
further. It might be the wind flowing from the window.
I felt like some sort of hole was forming under my feet as I felt hollow
around my desk. It was just like my dream. My lips wanted to stretch in
reaction to mouth the word 'Friend' but they fell back to their place
remembering Mr. Thompson's warning.
I tried hard to concentrate on my lessons but the tickling continued. I was
strong enough to neglect it.
Slowly, I noticed that my chair was being pulled by something hollow. I
looked around........nothing! No one was there. But still my chair was being
pulled and that to not in any horizontal direction. It was being pulled
downward. Where there must be a solid floor, was hollow now.
“Help!” I yelled loud enough to shatter a thin glass into pieces “Somebody
Everyone in my classroom were just standing in their places with their
eyes bulged out like mine. I was being dragged into the ground with an
extraordinary gravitational force. It happened all of a sudden that I barely
had the time to notice that enormous light was coming out of it.
“Wait” I shouted. All this is happening now is similar a bit to my dream. Is
my dream really coming true! Or it is a nightmare coming true?
Is MY FRIEND going to come and save me. I drifted away from my
thoughts. I shouted and shouted expecting that person to come and rescue
me. I tried to catch hold of the desk in front of me. I held it hard enought.
It was like all the things were falling down from a plane. My chair fell
down in that opening as it was dragged by that enormous force. It was like
I was hanging from a cliff holding onto the hill's jutted rocks.
It was of no use hoping for the friend to come. My hands were losing grip
over the desk. All the desks and my classmates were fading. Slowly, the
light coming out of the hole was making me unable to see anything. The
pressure squashed all the energy out of me. I felt really unconscious and
felt like death was an inch away from me. Slowly, everything was turning
dark inspite of that white light. My eyes were getting closed, like my mum
sang the lullaby to me. I just calmly wanted to close my eyes and accept
the oncoming end of my life. It was like I was being pushed into an
Anaconda's stomach squeezing and breaking the bones and.........and
was just........painful!
My eyes opened, I was somewhere else. I was on something soft.
Everthing around me was blue. I rubbed my eyes to notice that I was on a
soft, skyblue, feathery warm bed.
The ends were stitched with beautiful net like laces. The pillow was a
perfect match for that bed, stuffed enough to raise it upto a height of
double of my pillows in my room.
Wait! Am I dead?
Where could be such nice things like this? Of course in heaven.
After taking my eyes off the perfect bed I noticed that the room was not
less beautiful than this thing I was sleeping on.

It had a perfect combination of white and blue. The room was
whitewashed. Rays of sky blue scattered here and there from the corners of
the wall and faded away in the middle of the wall. On the right of the bed
there was a window , big enough for a person like me to escape through it.
It was covered with golden satin curtains, folded in a perfect Y- shape. It
also had white laces , to the tip of the curtains. The desk beside me had a
vase with exotic rose flowers. The deep red roses' color made the white
room look more beautiful becoming the center of attraction.
The vase was very much critical to define it's structure. Somewhat it
looked like a hand holding those bunch of flowers and it also looked like
sea waves gushing around those flowers. The waves were of white and sky
Whoever made it. He loves flying in the sky. Everything was blue,blue,
blue. Thank god! He didn't leave the roof open!
Wait! Something I didn't notice very much close to me. I more in my red tight long skirt and white blouse. I was
in something different, something beautiful.
I was in a knee length flawless frock in light shade of brown, the sleeves of
it were just a few centimeter long, braced with pearls. The waist of the
frock was wound with a green, silk- satin ribbon tied on my waist into a
beautiful X.
Wow, this was a dress which I've nver seen in any mall or shopping centre.
It was nearly the color of my skintone. It perfectly matched with my sandy
“So, you are awake little girl”, a voice echoed in the room.
Little girl! I am not a little girl. I am a grown up, a grown up aged 19.
Nearly to the end of my teens!
“Where am I? Is it heaven or anything else?” I asked standing infront of
her “ may I know who you are Ms.........” I trailed off as I didn't know what
her name was?
I was just worried, unable to understand what to do. I just took a glimpse
of my emarald ring, which made me relax a bit. The situations where I
used to be nervous was different from this present situation.
“You are safe, there is nothing you need to scare about. You will come to
know it later” she replied to my perplexed consciences “as for your kind
information I am Ms. Michelle Simpson, your caretaker.”
What does she mean, 'I'm your cartaker' I have a family of my own out
there in my world. Why do I need a caretaker?
She started moving towards me in a humble way so that I won't be scared
of this new place. I wanted to take a step back but it would be like hurting
their honors.
Why am I being paid honors? I don't know her!
She put her hand around my waist, to which I flinched. She waved her
hand to direct me to some place she was planning me to take.
“May I know Ms........Ms. Simpson, where are we headed to?” I asked
trembling from head to toe.
“You will come to know it, dear. We are taking you to the place you want
to go, there you will be aware of everything, the reason of your very
presence here. By the way, will you stop shivering! There is nothing
wrong. You are safe here as I said before” she replied.
How am I supposed to trust a stranger in a stranger place. Even I was not
sure whether I was kidnapped or just landed out of nowhere. The thought
of being kidnapped gave me chills.

Chapter 3 – The Truth.

The way through which we were leading to was really awesome! It just
grabbed my whole attention.
The white washed wall was as smooth as petals of tulip. Wavy and curvy
climber like lines were traced at the boundaries of the wall with a glittering
gold color. Those curvy patterns bulged out of the walls like the words in
“Braille Script”
The ceiling was high enough to construct a four – storey apartment. The
way looked narrowing at the end as it was too long. I did a rough counting,
totally 10 pillars supporting on either sides.
A total of 20 guards wearing heavy silver shields stood stiff and straight
near each pillar. Is anyone inside those shields or it was empty. No
movement at all. Each of them stood still.
“Wait” I yelled sheepishly and it echoed in that big palace, which made the
guards jerk a little.
“I am not dead yet” I asked michelle.
“Of course not. I have been telling you a hundred times that you are safe.”
So, where am I right now? Is it an underground? Or any secret hiding place
for some supernatural beings or is it any movie set? I turned all around to
look at the palace but there was no hint of any hiding cameras or anything
like that. It was just.........perfect. It was so simple yet so intricate. I didn't
know where I was!
Michelle was about to laugh but she resisted with just a smile on her face
and that made her look more beautiful. I was very much distracted by the
whole surroundings that I barely noticed her.
She looked like a woman in her early 30s.She was wearing a white gown,
which was longer than mine and was touching the floor. It was much fluffy
than mine. Her sleeves reached her wrists almost covering her palms. Her
pale blonde skin was clearly transperent through the sleeves, which was
hanging at the end like a thick wave of fog flowing in the invisible air.
Her hair was tied into a bun and some strands of hair coming out and
covering partially her pink cheeks and her marvellous, dazzling black eyes.
The smile really made her look much younger than me!!!
“What?” I asked in midst of my description of thoughts as she was staring
and smiling at me.
“You look so pretty with your expression full of questions” she replied
pulling one of the corner of her lips.
Me, pretty? How could that be? If I were pretty then why I was waiting for
any friend ? No one likes me due to my face, my glasses, my braces, my
curly strangled hair, my wobbly words, which no one wants to listen
except my family. They are the only persons I have in my life.
Both of us headed to a big silver door, standing five meters high with
something boldly written all over the door. It must be somekind of
unknown language. Maybe spanish, french or Italian – I had no idea!
Whatever it was, beautifully bordered with golden twines.
It looked something relegious . As soon as we reached the door it looked
as if it is going to fall on me.
She wisphered something and then I heard the sound of something
cracking. When I noticed carefully nothing was breaking or anything like
that. It was the big door opening.
“Where is the button to open this door?” I asked to clear my doubt how the
door opened without anyone pushing it. Was it magical?
“Oh! dear” she laughed pulling one of her strand back to her ear “it's not
what you think. There are many things which are going to take you by
surprise! Just be patient, honey”
It felt really weird when she called me 'Honey'. I didn't know her! She
talks to me as if she knows me from ages.
“Are we going to meet someone?” I questioned her with my eyes glittering
with surprise. Suddenly, It felt all the fear was gone. The way she talked
made me feel comfortable.
She didn't reply. I took it as a 'yes'
“If it is so then whom we are going to meet?” I whispered.
She didn't reply even this time. But moved a bit faster than before. I too
copied her to see where she or we were headed to.
Now, we were walking on a big red carpet, which lead to a big golden
throne standing a meter high from the carpet. Five broad steps lead from
the edge of the carpet to the throne.
The throne looked as if it was completely made of some sort of gold. But it
emitted lots of beautiful sparkling rays. Quite odd. Different from the gold
I have ever seen.
“I have brought her, your highness” Michelle said to someone. But I could
see no one there.
“You can leave, Michelle and thanks for your kind help” the unknown
invisible voice replied.
Michelle bowed her head to some angle with her right hand on her
abdomen and then she rose back to her original form gracefully and turned
her back towards me to leave the room now two of her hands still fixed on
her stomach.
'Hmm.........very much dignified ' I thought mockingly.
I was excited as well as scared now. Another stranger! The shivering
started again as Michelle left.
“Welcome back Sherlie” the unknown voice echoed.
How did she know my name? Everyone knows everything about me and
it's only me who is not aware of anything here.
“I........I'm........I'm sorry to ask but may I know who you are?” I asked as
politely as possible.
A woman with utterly white, absolutely blue large gown appeared behind
the golden throne. Is she a ghost! A chill went on my nerve. But this place
was beautiful.
My, my! She looked completely starking. Or you could say she was really
a perfect Ms. Universe. The fear was gone. Such a beautiful person can't
be a ghost. So, silly of me.
The pearled Tiara on her head made her beauty more impressive with her
diamond jewelled hands. Where am I? In a land of beauty? If it is so, then
what am I doing here?
She motioned with her hands to come to her. I didn't understand what to
do? I don't have any other option. Running would be a foolish thing to do
now. I just stepped forward with slow trembling steps.
She was pretty. Then what was I scared of?
She held out her hand when I was a step away from the throne. As soon as
she caught hold of my hand all the fear inside me was gone! What was
“I know you are scared being here. You are here for a special purpose. For
something you should have known long ago” she held my hand as if I were
everything to her, like she was praying all the time to meet me. I actually
didn't understand what did she mean to say?
“My name is Herina” she introduced herself to me like she was some
kindergarten studnet and I am her teacher “ and you are here to.......” she
trailed off.
Her expression was completely unrecognizable.
“I know the thing which I am going to tell you will disturb you a bit but
this is the truth” she continued.
“What do you mean?” I asked
“It's your past I am going to tell you about. But this is what you are made
for.” she explained grabbing my shoulders.
“ Almost 70 years ago there lived a happy couple – Celina Amarel and
Derek Amarel. After a couple of years of their marriage a pretty baby girl
was born to them. She was named 'Flowsy' by her mother. Their life was
full of surplus enjoyment until............” again she trailed off.
I did not understand why she started all this story all of a sudden.
“I can't explain” she whispered as she sat on the throne “ but somehow you
should know”
She stood up from the throne, held both her hands up in the air, swerved
them in a flawless movement as if she was making some pattern in the air.
Within a few seconds a white light appeared out of thin air, like the one
which pulled me into this particular place.
As the light was floating above her head the reflection of her jewellery
almost made me blind. She pulled me towards her with one of her hands
still controlling the light with the other hand.
After a short span of time the light sparked from her head, which made me
close my eyes.
The next moment I was no more in that gorgeous place. The place where I
was standing looked completely natural and dazzling.
It was a grassland!
It looked somewhat familiar to me! A lake nearby was still even though the
wind ruffled the heavy trees' leaves. Strange!
I took a step ahead to look into the lake whether the thing in it was really
water or not.
“What!” I shrieked when I saw my image in the still water.
Herina walked swiftly towards me. “What happened to me? How could
that be? What you have done to me” I complained.
She just smiled to my agonized expression. “It's you.”
“Make it clear” I said rather furiously “I want to know why I am here and
what did you do to me?”
“This is you” she said pointing me “there is a lot apart from this which
might surprise you.”
How could this ever happen? It was not scary but new to me. I had no
more braces, my teeth were perfect, no glasses and I could see clearly
without them, my hair was no longer bushy and crawly. It was as smooth
as satin.
My black silky hair was long enough to reach my knees and they were
clipped together before they reached my knees flawlessly. It was a
drastical change!
“Haven't you noticed these changes before? Your were completely changed
the moment you entered our palace because this is you – before you left
this place.”
I never thought that such a thing would happen in my life. This place is
really distracting me to see even myself.
“So, what do you wanted to show me?” I asked her without my voice
trembling “ is it about the thing you were depressed till now?
“Yes” she said with a deep regret in her voice “there” she said pointing
something glimmering high on the rocky mountains. A huge palace was
visible just at the edge of the mountains. It was completely white in color
with glittering nature.
She caught my hand and said “Time to go.”
Within a flash we were exactly infront of the palace, which was just a
speck a few seconds before.
I still couldn't believe it. The thing about which I always dreamt about is
actually coming true! What the good thing in this world did I do to
somebody, which is giving me back this pleasure?
We entered the marvellous palace within a flash of time which I did not
expect so suddenly. It looked familiar. The guards, which till now were in
Herina's palace were present here too. They didn't seem to notice us like
we were invisible to them.
“We are not visible to them?” I asked Herina in a surprising tone.
“No, we are not visible anyone of them” she smiled slyly.
We stepped in further. It was just same as Herina's palace except instead of
a single throne there were two in red and golden decoration with a big
chandelior hanging in the middle of the palace.
“Is this your........?”
“ palace” she finished.
The place was calm and silent until it was suppressed by soft chuckles of a
little baby.
She was running away from someone laughing like anything. She showed
herself from the gigantic white pillar. She was just 2- 3 years old.
Something was noticeable in her. She had the same blue eyes and black
A young lady was running behind her with slow steps. She was also
laughing and as she ran she grabbed that baby girl and gave her a warm
tight hug and kissed on her fluffy cheeks .
“Celina!” a voice called out behind us “ I do have some rights on my
daughter. Am I supposed to be with her not?” the young man asked
“Oh, come on Derek. We were just playing hide and seek” she said to that
blonde, tall young gentleman, who looked like her husband. He smiled at
“Here you go” she said and handed that teeny creature to her father.
The surroundings were slowly fading now and everything was becoming
dark. Everything around us went pitch black. She turned to me.
“This was Celina's family 70 years ago, a happy suite life. But it was no
longer happy” she turned her back to me “ As the time passed by
everything changed.” she finished.
“Here we go – 10 years after what you just saw” She flickered her hand
and the same royal surroundings started to appear again but it looked
completely different now. The calm and sunny weather was no more
soothing. It was all dark with everyone hurrying over here and there.
“Celina, over here” Derek called out standing nearby a group of soldiers,
who were wearing the silvers shields to protect them. She hurried to him
and both of them joined the troop of soldiers. As soon as they ducked
under the temporary roof of shields rain of arrows started showering
towards them but the soldiers rose their shields to protect Celina and
She screened the area around her only to find her daughter missing.
“Flowsy” Celina screamed in horror forcing the soldiers to make way for
her. But they didn't let her go.
“Wait........ wait...... wait Celina, I'll go and get her” he said and waved his
hand, a shield of solid ice formed around those soldiers and he made one
for himself.
We followed him. He went upstairs and flew the door open. The pink
curtained little bed was torn, everything was thrown here and there.
Something outrageous happpened here.
Derek's face was horrorstruck like mine. Then suddenly, someone laughed
with cruelty in his gruesome voice.
A stout man appeared from the big wardrobe beside the bed. He was
wearing a murky hat with a dress like the ones which were worn by kings
in 19th or 20th century. His gleaming face showed like he must be the one
who ransacked this whole room. He was holding a two-sided sword
beneath which was the neck of a girl aged around 12. Tears rolled down
her cheeks, her eyes were full of horror looking with all her hoped towards
“Daddy” she cried “I want to come to you” and moved a step ahead to go
to her father. But the man with the sword yanked her toward him.
“Please! Don't” Derek pleaded as he looked at her daughter “ If you wan't
revenge then I'm here. But please leave my daughter.”
“Ha...ha...ha” he laughed like an animal “ so I am gonna listen to your
daddy, little girl?” he whispered in her ear.
Another man, slightly resembling this stout man came into the room
laughing much hard than this man.
He was circling Derek like a lion about to charge on his prey.
“So, we are supposed to leave your daughter and kill you instead of her?”
the other person said “and you think we are going to follow your
ORDERS!”he shouted as he circled Derek.
“No! Rooney. It's not an order. It's a request. Please! Ask your brother to
leave my daughter” Derek pleaded kneeling beside that terrible person
with his sword thrown beside him showing Derek's defeat.
“Aah! Daddy!” Flowsy cried as Geramy pulled her hair with tremondous
force to cause much pain even to a person like Derek.
“Please! Rooney ask your brother not to hurt her!” I will give you
whatever you want” he requested with all the plead left in his body.
“Daddy!” she screamed out again. Loud enough to break through the castle
and that Celina must have heard it.
“Flowsy!” she cried “ My daughter” and hurdled from the soldiers to enter
the castle.
“No, your highness. we won't let you go!” one of the soldiers said
blocking her way “King Derek said to protect you. I'm sorry” he said and
took her into the protection of the soldiers.
Rooney was now holding his sword close enough to her neck. One squeeze
enough to rip her throat.
“No! Don't do that” Derek pleaded again “ take whatever you want but
don't hurt her.”
“Of course ! We will take what we are here for but only after some
entertainment.” a cruel smile spread on Rooney's face.
“Help me, Daddy!” she yelled as Geramy twitched her hand.
Anger rose in Derek's eyes. He was like 'no more pleading now'.He waved
his hand in a harsh movement and sharp icicle appeared out of nowhere
and “snap.”
“No!” Rooney cried aloud and knelt down before Geramy's beheaded
body. Flowsy hurried to his daddy and tugged her head into her daddy's
waist with horrified eyes. He caressed her hair and took her out of that
bloody room and went back to the troop of soldiers where her mother was
crying for her.
As soon as she came into her view she hurried to her and gave her little
girl a tight hug.
Three of them fled away from that place in a cart with all the soldiers
surrounding them for protection. The surroundings again started fading
even before the cart would become a speck.
“Did Rooney ever tried to hurt Derek's family again? Why he didn't fight
back?” I asked Herina.
“You will know about it .That is what I am goint to show you.You'll see,
we are going next five years ahead” Herina said as the surroundings were
taking a new form again.
Another flash of light and we were at the sameplace but it looked much
better than 5 years back. But also there was someone who wasn't supposed
to be there.
“You thought you could easily get away. If you think so, then you are
wrong.I've come to take my revenge for what you did to my brother. You
thought you could get rid of me so easily?” Rooney said in a harsh voice.
“Last time you fought me because I wanted those souls. But I don't
consider it as a crime. Ok, let us consider that was not correct. But now
I've come to avenge my brother's death whose only reason was you and
your stupid daughter.”
I searched all around but she was nowhere to be seen.
“What are you supposed to do now without any army with you? What your
brother did was a crime and he deserved for what he did.” Derek replied to
his vengeful sentence.
“Then take this” rooney said while waving his hands in air like Herina did
before entering to this non- real world.
“I curse you and your family that your daughter won't be able to fulfill the
purpose she was born for. You won't be able to die and you won't be able
to live and you will never be able to meet your daughter again. You and
your family will never be able to fulfil the reason you were born for” and
flash. A dark red colored light came from his hand.
“No!” I heard a girl scream. I saw someone running running towards
Derek and Celina, who looked like they were knocked down to the ground
by some enormous force. I could see a young girl running towards them.
Wait a minute. She looked........she, looked
absolutely like me!
The same blue eyes, long silky black hair and flawless beauty.
Then the red light partially striked her and poof! Everything vanished after
Then there were no fadings and appearings of surroundings after a while.
We were back in Herina's palace, back to normal.
“I think now you understand why you are here” Herina said looking deeply
into my eyes like she wanted me to say something. But what should I say I
just stood there staring at her.
“You have to do what you are brought here for” she said still looking at
“You said I should do what I have been brought here for” I asked “ can you
tell me what I have to do?” this place was driving me crazy.
“Curse” she said smoothly “the curse that partially striked you and made
you like that and you are here because it striked you partially not
completely. If it struck you completely then you would have been dead like
your parents. But we recognized you, we even tried to meet you through
your dreams but the curse was strong enough to resist us all. All of us”
“This....” I stuttered to ask her “ this cannot be possible. If I am present
here – right now I cannot be there in the past. That is not possible!”
“I knew you would ask” she said in a despaired voice.
“I am waiting then” I said hunching my shoulders.
“You were sent to future because of that curse” she said with a shivering
voice “Derek was the ruler of The Land of Souls. He was supposed to
protect the souls until the proper merger of these souls would come.”
“So, that person didn't come?” I asked curiously.
“No, she did. But this tragedy happened before she could fulfill her task”
“Who was that person?” I asked
“It was Celina! That is why you were fetched here, fetched here to fufill
the incomplete task!”
I didn't know what to say. I just looked at her hoping she would proceed by
saying something else but she didn't.
“Geramy wanted these souls to gain power and be the ruler of this fiscule
world but he couldn't. Derek didn't know he would be killed in this
attempt. Only our family among all the fiscules is immortal. ”
“Then Why did Celina and Derek died?”
“What do you think Rooney was doing in those five years?” I looked at her
“he learned Dark Magic and with it he returned back to avenge his
brother's death.”
“Okay. But why these souls are to be merged?” I questioned her.
“Because, they are not safe here, not in this world. They are destinied to be
in a place where it will be safe far away from all this impure world. They
are not supposed to be here on earth. Once merged they will reach the
heavens.” she said simply shrugging her shoulders.
“When Rooney tried to control the souls and overpower those souls, the
shield around them was broken and they all scattered to some unknown
place.” she finished.
“So, you cannot absorb the powers of this souls directly from them?”
“So, I am a part of this history?”
“Yes. Now, atleast you know why you are here and what is your purpose
here.”This was the reason I was brought here. I have to bring those souls
together. But.........
“But, where do these souls dwell? Do you know where they are? And do I
have to merge these souls?”
“Well, the answer is completely a 'no' to all your questions! You have to
find them and then the merging – leave it to me. You just do your part and
the rest is my responsibility.” She confronted
“If you don't mind would please come with me?” she asked politely.


We were now heading to some other place this time and it looked
somewhat different from the other parts of this castle.
The odor that filled the place was really delicious. I understood where we
were headed to. We entered a big hall past through a door which was
smaller when compared to the doors I passed till now. It flew open as
Herina murmured something under her breath.
A few feet away from the place where we stood lay a big long dining table
remarkably decorated. A long white satin table cloth was laid on the table
and nearly 24 long chairs were placed around the table.
“Is it always like this? I mean do you always have your dinner this way?” I
asked with my bewildered eyes. It seemed that I've started liking her. She
has been very polite to me from the moment I met her. But some part in
my head said 'She is a stranger'
“No” she laughed “it's only for you. It is all because you have returned,
returned right where you belong” almost tears of joy coming out of her
“Accept it” she said directing me to the table beside the head table “ the
chair has been waiting for you from 70 years”
Suddenly Michelle appeared from the door, she stood beside Herina for a
while, pulled the chair and offered me to sit.
“Oh! No need of this Mrs. Williams. I can handle it” I said putting my
hand on her shoulder.
“Please! I must have told you before. Please, do call me Michelle, your
highness” she finished with her melodious voice.
“Well, I will if you call me Sherlie rather than 'your highness'” I said
smirking at her. Michelle lit the candles standing high on the red
candlesticks and stood beside me.
  “ Why are you not eating with us?”I asked.
She looked at Herina. “If you want me to then I will.”
“Of course!”I said. She sat on the chair beside me.
After we finished Herina came to me to take me back to my room, the
room where I woke up to find myself in a whole new world.
“Here you go sweetheart, get some sleep. See you in the morning” she
patted my cheek and left the room. She left me all alone. Now the fear
rushed back to me.
But this time it was not due to this place or these people. What worried me
was my family - My parents, Melanie, Sandy. What is happening? What
am I supposed to do now? Shall I return back to my family or stay here
helping Herina? How am I going back to home? I felt like a cloud of fear
and emotions was hovering over my head.
I got completely perplexed. So, I had better thought to lay down on the bed
It is ridicule! We come to know how much we love a person only when we
are seperated from them.
What will mum think when she will come to know this? What will happen
when dad will come to know that I am no longer their daughter! No, it's
not! I am their daughter. Once this thing is finished I will ask Herina to
send me back to the real world where I belong.
I wanted to cry, cry aloud to make myself feel better. I had all I wanted, I
got rid of my not-so-good appearance and that doesn't matter to me now.
All I wanted to be was with my family. For the first time in my life I felt
all my fears and worries approaching me though I didn't see the sunset,
which always made me feel sad!
I also wanted to help Herina and I felt like I was stepping into two boats at
the same time.
The golden rays which the sun was radiating through the blue curtains
woke me up. I didn't know what the time was. I felt I woke up much too
late. I yanked the sheets off and hurried to the room where I met Herina
yesterday. To my surprise the big door was open. She was already there
sitting on her throne. She smiled as I burst into the great huge hall.
“Am I late” I asked a bit worried.
“No, you are not. Actually you are early” she stood up “ I forgot to tell you
one thing”
“And how is that?It's afternoon if I'm not wrong.”
“This place is not same as yours” she paused for a while “it is always day
I was shocked.
“You mean it is never dark here?” I asked.
“Then how do you maintain everything here?”
“It will take a long time to make you understand. Sometime when
everything is over.”
I hated when she said that. Why don't they tell me everything?
“What happened sherlie?” she said looking at my angry expression “Is
there something you wish to know?”
“No. Nothing” I lied.
“Don't worry about your family out there. Of course they are your parents
but your other parents' work is yet to be fulfilled. Do you understand what
I am saying?”
I did not want to understand what she was saying. I strongly wanted to
help her and also wanted to go home.
“I know at the end you will come to meet your destiny. The purpose you
are born for shall be completed and remember it's not a task or kind of help
you are doing to me.”
But it was a kind of help to me!
“So, tell me what I have to do now? Where do we start?” I asked.
“But you ought to take some rest”
“What are you talking? I woke up just now and you are asking me to take
“Don't pretend Sherlie. I know you are worried about your parents. It will
all be fine.” she confronted.
“No. I don't want to waste my time for unnecessary things. What if I am
vanished out of here suddenly. You had better tell me what to do.

Chapter 5 – The source of this powers

“Sherlie, I know you are curious but first you have to know where you are
headed to, right?” she said raising her brow.
It was so stupid of me! I was behaving like an Idiot, actually I felt like an
Idiot. She was right. I need some rest – mentally.
“Oh!........ I am sorry. So, what I have to do now?” I said clearing the lump
in my throat of that stupid behaviour.
“Will you wait here till I return back?” she asked
“Ok. Where are you going?”
“You will see.” she said and took out a silver ball which was the size of a
cricket ball. She threw it on the ground and abruptly it changed into a 6
feet cuboid glass with silver bordering on the edges. One of it's sides
opened like a door. It stood there like an elevator cut out from a building.
Yet it was beautiful.
These new surprising things would kill me, I thought.
“What is this?”
“It is called Fisculature. You can go anywhere you choose. See you in a
minute.” she said as she stepped into that thing and after the door closed it
slowly started melting in the air and a few seconds later it was gone, like it
was evaporated in the air!
I went to her throne. It was really big when I observed it closely. I went
behind it to see if there was any secret passage. Otherwise how come she
appeared from here out of nowhere.
I heard a ruffling sound and turned back to see two 'fisculatures'. A young
girl nearly about my age stepped out of the other fisculature. She was not
wearing anything royal. She was as simple as any other girl I have ever
seen. She was wearing an untidy knee length shorts and a muddy pair of
sport shoes. She was wet from head to toe, water dripping from her blonde
pony, her black eyes scanning me. One thing I wanted to tell her - “ You
look really pretty!” but I did not know who she was.
“Mom! come?” her face looked as if she was
standing in the sun and got her face scorched.
“Sherlie, this is my daughter – Caroline and Carie this is Sherlie” she
smiled as Caroline looked at me with her shocking expressions.
“When did this happen? We have been trying to reach her from a long
“Maybe it was our luck this time that we got her.”
“But you said we have got to wait for a long time for this to come.”
“Caroline Cole” she said in a cold voice “ If you notice already 70 years
have been passed. How many decades do you want to spend waiting for
the thing that has to be accomplished?” she replied with a tinge of
mocking anger in her face.
“So, you have found out the souls?” she asked curiously. “No, dear. Not so
quick, I am still working on it.
“Maybe Sherlie knows” Caroline said
I did not know what to reply. This was completely new for me. I don't even
know where this place is located and she wants to ask me! How would I
know that?
“No......I mean I haven't even heard about it!”
“Oh, Carie. She knows nothing about us. Her memory about this place is
“You don't know where these souls are?” I flinched when I said the word
'soul' It just reminded me of ghosts and other things.
“But still there is one thing that will be helpful.” she said looking at us
wide eyed.
“When did you find that out?” Caroline asked.
“What do you think Carie I have been doing all these years?” she said
“what did you find, mother?”
“There are only few of our kind and I also met them and that to after
revisiting numerous times!”
“You can visit them millions of times in these years, isn't it?” I asked
looking at Carie my hands widespread.
They stared at me and that made me feel ' Did I say something wrong?'
“What! All you have to do is to step into this..........Fissy.......”
“Fisculature” Caroline corrected.
“...yes..this thing and you will be there in no time.” I finished.
“It's not easy as you see, sherlie. Yes, it's easy to get back in a few minutes
– only in your world but visiting the grounds of a fiscule is not easy.”
“Sorry for being stupid.” I said narrowing my eyes.
“You are not being stupid. It's just that you don't know much about this
world.” Carie confronted me.
“So, I was telling that......” Herina continued “ I visited them and they told
me something about 'Blue Forest.' She whispered the last two words.
“Do we simply have to go through this fisculature?” I asked.
“No. Any fisculature wouldn't work to reach there. It's Forbidden.” she
warned wide eyed.
“But, mother you didn't mention about this forest to me.” Carie asked.
“Even I didn't know until I met them a few months back and you are
always busy in the human world. When did I get to tell you about this?”
“So, how do we reach there? It's Forbidden, no Fisculature can reach there
and I think you have no idea where it is.” I pointed out.
“They said that wherever the place might be. We cannot find it until and
unless it chooses it's visitor.”
“You mean that the forest itself decideds who should visit it.” Carie asked
her mother “that can't be.”
“That's what they said” she shrugged.
“Then why it didn't let you or them go there?” Carie asked.
“It chooses only specific people who are supposed to be there.” She said
looking at me with a glint of happiness on her face. “ all we have to do is
to wait.”
“Ok. Mother can I take her now?” Caroline asked me as soon as she
caught my hand like she has heard these words a hundred times and
wanted it to pass quickly.
“Alright” she said twitching her lips.
She hurled me into the open, outside that marvellous castle. It looked
much bigger from outside. It was the same castle where Derek and Celina
used to live.She loosened my hand and started wandering here and there.
It had a vast garden, it looked much like an orchard. About 15 to 20 meters
away from where I was standing stood a giant black gate with some
unreadable inscriptions written on it, which I couldn't understand.
“Hey, Caroline.” I called her.
“What does this mean?” I said pointing at the gate “Let's go and see.”
“It's of no use going near and seeing it.” she replied monotonously twirling
something in her hand. It looked like a stone.
“Because, even I don't know what those inscriptions mean!” she replied “ I
want to show you something.”
Curiously, she hurried me to a pond. I stared looking at the blue water still
and calm.“What are you waiting for?Come on, jump” she said eagerly.
“What?” I asked shockingly “ I'm sorry but I can't swim.”
“You don't have to” she said
“No,no, no, no...” before I could say another 'no' she pushed me into the
Suddenly, I noticed that I was not sinking and I was not standing on the
floor beneath the water. I was......floating in midst of water and still water
did not enter my lungs. I could breathe.
“Come here” she said as she dived into the water.
It was a strange feeling floating like this. I too dived and it was not
difficult breathing in there. It was just like breathing on land.
It was really amazing inside. It looked colorful with the corals, much like a
sea from inside.
“How is it possible, Caroline?”
“Call me Carie. Caroline makes me feel old. Well, mother enchanted it
when I was 6 or so. So that I don't get bored as I could not go to the human
world at that time.” bubbles came out of her mouth as she spoke.
“You mean there is no one other than Michelle, Herina and you?” I asked
“No” she said as she swam through an arch of coral “ it's just three of us.”
“This is what I wanted to show you” she said pointing at a heap of what
looked like pebbles “ aren't they beautiful?”
I swam closer to have a look at her wonderful collection. They were of all
kinds – from white, purple, green every color. “Why do you keep it here?”
“Because mother doesn't like these. She says it is stupid to collect stones”
“No. It isn't. They are wonderful.” I said as took a creamy green stone in
my hand.
“How can your mother do this. I mean, fis....fiscules have only the powers
of their source, don't they?”
“Yes, it is. But she said our family is special. So, that explains it I guess?”
We swam together in that typical pond and I told her about my parents and
myself. It was very calm here until Michelle called us.
We rose to the surface to find ourselves..........dry! Carie smiled looking at
me as I smiled looking at myself for not being wet. It was still daylight.
“Your mother is waiting for you at the dinner” she said to Carie “you'd
better hurry up.”
Carie gave me her hand to get out of that sea like pool and Michelle led us
to the dining hall. It was still sunshine. I forgot that it is never dark here.
Herina was waiting for us sitting in the head chair in front of the big table
with many delicacies and the usual candles on the golden candlesticks.
We made ourselves to the chairs. Michelle left the room after we sat on our
“Did you like it?” Carie asked curiously “ the pond. I was dying to show it
to someone.”
“Oh! Yes, of course” I replied. Why I shouldn't like it? I have been waiting
for such things to happen and finally they are!
“Mother.......Michelle” she said looking behind her. As soon as Herina
looked behind her Carie sneaked a bowl of cherries from the table and hid
it beneath the table.
“Where?” Herina asked.
“No. I didn't mean Michelle was standing there. I
mean........Michelle........Mich....elle won't come back. She has got some
work to do. So, can I escort Sherlie to her room?”
“Sure.” she smiled.
I stood up panicking. “Just walk in front of me” she whispered to me and I
walked like a statue until we were out of sight.
I was normal again and that act made me feel stupid.
“You should have asked” I suggested “ you were sneaking in your own
“Mother would never allow me to eat these many. Want some?” she
offered me the bowl.
“Thanks” I said. As I could not resist I took handful of cherries. After all
they were my favorites.
“Here you are” she said as we reached to my room. See you in the
morning. I have to finish this up before mother finds me out – Red
Handed......literally” she giggled.
I was back in the room which completely changed my life. That typical
vase lay there with white Gerberas in

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