Chapter 1: Ember's Wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The wolf in me was stirring. I could feel her slipping out and I could see her in my blue and brown eyes. My wolf eyes. The wolf, Ayla as I'd named her, came out around one person in particular. That meant that that person was most likely my mate. Good thing, you say? No. There was a huge problem. That person, my so-called “mate” was a senior girl. A senior girl who I'd be rooming with for our trip to Paris.

I was wandering around Paris aimlessly. Ayla was carefully watching my back like the wolf she was, and Corina was trotting around behind me. Corina shook her brown hair as I slipped between two buildings and cut across a courtyard. Instantly, I was stopped. I noted the large hand on my chest, preventing me from moving. I removed it from my chest as Ayla growled. I noted that the sound resonated from my throat as well. Two men were looking down at me with suspicious grins.

“Bonjour mademoiselle. Comment ca va?” They were speaking fluent french. I was glad I'd chosen that language.

“Ca va comme ci comme ca, merci. Et vous?” I was being cautiously polite.

“Ca va bien. Mais vous vu le froid, venez avec nous.” My wolf eyes widened as Ayla fought to gain control of my body. I refused to let her out, I didn't want to go wolf on these men.

“Non, merci. Je vous laisse.” The younger man grabbed my hoodie. I paused for a moment, then fought. I used only a fraction of my wolf strength, and didn't do a lot of damage. I heard Corina calling my name and went completely limp. Surprised by the extra weight, the man let go. I hopped to my feet and called for her. The older man glared at her as she slipped out of the shadows, obviously looking for me.

“Qui elle est?” I knew she didn't know french, I'd have to answer for her.

“Elle est ma copine.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her near me. She was nervous, I could feel her muscles tensed and her heart beating furiously.

“Who is that?” I was thoroughly caught up in my french, and glared at her. With my two colored eyes, this was particularly strange.

“Tais toi!” The man heard me. He grinned a little and started to reach for my shirt. I looked over at the older girl, I could see a flash of fear in her eyes. I made up my mind, I could not let him touch her.

“Corina, turn around.” She was scared, but did as I said. I finally let Ayla take control. I could feel my body shifting and changing, fur and claws growing. The men did not see the change, it took less than 30 seconds. They definitely noticed the massive silver wolf in front of them, though. My mind sat back and watched as Ayla scared the shit out of those men, literally. As soon as I, my wolf, let them up, they ran for the gates of the courtyard. I couldn't take control again, my wolf would fade and my clothes were shredded. I couldn't leave Corina though. I gently grabbed my bag and pulled out my wallet. I nosed her hand until she took the leather and opened her eyes. The scream she let out was like no other. I flicked my ears backwards and scrunched my muzzle. I pushed my nose towards the pile of shredded clothes and hoped she understood. She did. She grabbed my wolf's chin and stared at my eyes. As it clicked in her eyes, I whined.

“Oh my god. Ember? You're... you're a wolf!” I nodded. I needed clothes, so I turned her and nudged her towards the store with clothes. She couldn't understand my little whines and barks, so I tried something else.

Corina? Can you hear me? The girl gasped and panicked. I sat and wrapped my tail around my paws.

I can hear you. How, though? It wasn't important at that point. I needed clothes.

Not important, I'll explain later. I need clothes. I couldn't save my clothes and you at the same time. She nodded and walked off in that direction. I waited, curled in a ball with my nose on my tail. Finally she was back.

You need to turn around. And close your eyes. She nodded and did.

I phased back and scrambled for the clothes. I knew she could hear the shuffling and slipping of cloth over flesh. When I had changed and was dressed, I swung an arm around her shoulder.

“Well hello there, Corina. How are you?” I hoped she could hear the joking tone in my voice.

“Oh god Ember. You're a wolf?! Why don't you tell people?” I was particularly careful with this answer.

“Erm... yes. I'm a wolf. But you can't tell anyone! And I show only a few people in a few special ways. I had to show you because you had to buy me more clothes. And.... well that's for a later day.” She seemed to understand, but was cautious. A wise move when near a hungry, lovestruck wolf.

“So... if you're a wolf, will your kids be wolves?” I didn't know, in all honesty. Ayla was getting antsy again, so I removed my arm and shook my head.

“Come on, Corina. They'll be waiting for us. As we walked away, I saw the tussle spot from Ayla's eyes. It was covered in my scent, her scent, the two men's scents, and Corina's. My vision twitched back and I trotted away from the spot.

Submitted: April 08, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Saorai. All rights reserved.


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Jingle Q

No comments?? *blinks* But this is great!! I think that a little time before Ember revealed... himself???? Love the french and feel slightly better that I could understand msot of it. At least I'm not fallign back on my french! XD

Tue, December 27th, 2011 10:24pm

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